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DISCLAIMERS Since many have asked, I simply can not relocate at this time, so 247 is largely out of the realm of possibility. Travel is another matter.

Also, I am currently pre-transition. I consider myself genderfluid at this time, but only desire to explore sex and BDSM as a submissive girl.

Hi, Im Claire. Ive been into BDSM since I was little, and always had submissive fantasies. And, in these fantasies, I was a girl, not a boy. I experimented with self-bondage, and when I got older I finally started to explore my feminine side. Eventually it got irreversibly linked, and I decided I only wanted to explore sex as a submissive girl.

I originally considered myself straight, however as I wanted to become ultimately submissive, I realized Id have to accept being dominated by men as well. I started to actively train myself by watching trans porn exclusively. It sounds super tacky, but it really did change my perception. I now enjoy cock more than anything.

And as far as BDSM and kink goes, Im into almost everything. Heavy bondage, rubber doll, pony play, behavior modification, strict punishment and discipline including spanking, whipping, flogging, caning sensory deprivation, mummification, cock and ball torture, insertions, gokkun and bukkake, verbal humiliation, etc. Im a bondage pain slut, so Im looking for someone who doesnt mind making me cry.

Heads up! I am thinking of updating this profile to be more current...might be going dark for a while in the next few days!