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Me love anal sex

Love to suck cock

Love a good cum facial

Love to dress as a woman

Love to service a hard cock

I am five feet five inches tall

130lbs petite

Shaved from head to toe

100% submissive and bottom

No STDs 100% clean

Not into pain car sex kids scat or WS CBT

Would like a poy household only if there are more doms them subs


Must – must be 100% clean no STDs

must be over five feet six inches tall.

Be over 160lbs can be somewhat over weight

Have a dominate personality

Have a place to play

Love fucking ass

Must have a hard cock

Loves me all dressed up as a woman for him

Bonus- can cum more than once at a time

Has a collar leash and restraints

Likes to call me humiliating names such as ‘slut, cunt, and whore’

Wants me shaved for his enjoyment, likes to feel a shaved ass and legs

Have friends who will use me when he sees fit

Like to role play


Has snake bite kit for my nipples

Like to buy stilettos for me to wear (woman 8)

Super Bonus

Likes to rim my ass

Has lots of money not to give me but to buy me things to wears for him.

Has a cottage or apartment where we can go and play and no one will bother us

Can afford to take us away once a year where I can be dressed all the time for him.

Sometimes likes to kiss and make love gently

Wants to always touch my ass

Has a photographer while we make love

Will hire me in his office and have me dress for him every day.

Can get hormone pills for me to take for him

Has a collar for me to wear that reads ‘submissive cunt’

I am in dieing need for a man to contact me. want me to visit you there maybe a way. i can be everything sluty thing you have ever thought of or be the girl in your bed you always wanted. just contact me pleaseeeeeeee!

found out that i am a submissive sex slave who knew. my job is to satisfy a real man

I am finding that no one wants to meet. Im real looking for a real man who loves to use a hot little ass like mine.
after watching some porno i find myself even more in need of a man who loves to make love over and over. i cant wait to find mr right who will use me and have me dress in what he provides me. ANYONE INTERESTED?
i love to write storys of things i wish would happen to me heres one...

After a few emails we finally meet and you have me dress in a sexy tight black mini dress. under it i wear a lacy push up bra, lacy panties, garter belt and fish net stockings with stilettos. As i come out of the room i dressed in  you order me to act like your girl friend who is horny all the time and love to be fucked for long periods of time. (true)

I let out a squeel and run to you, we kiss and i you lift up my dress and grab hold of both my ass cheeks and you spread them apart forcing one of your fingers inside my tight hole. I moan as i start to undo your pants and take hold of your hrad cock. little do i know you are a nymphomaniac and little do you know so am I! mmmm let the game begin
Been away from the game for a while but back with a vengence