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I am considering and accepting one natural born female sub with strong submissive and maso traits. you should crave being totally dominated, pain, training and pleasing. When it starts to become uncomfortable and you would like to struggle and pause it, your true submission starts there and beyond. Brats and punch bags are totally not interesting and quite boring. This is not about kink and fetishes, but about the sub with a burning desire to become my slave. Its about what it takes to achieve that.
Acceptance. Commitment. Courage. Training.

I am a natural born Dominant, Italo French with more than 25 years of experience.
I did not discover my nature after an existence dictated by vanilla schemes I have always had this nature since childhood, even before knowing this world and its terminology. I have cultivated this nature before starting to live it in everyday life.
Active in the Master slave Lifestyle and in the BDSM scene internationally since 1998.

What it means to be a good slave? you have to want to please Someone else than you, you want to please Him, not the other way around.

Honor your commitment, if you say i am gonna do ..., do it.

If you are classifying yourself as a submissive, fucking act like it, be submissive.

Put the trust in your Master, knowing that He is in charge.
Wanting control that is not what a submissive is
you do what you are told.
Dont just say you are not comfortable with this because it is not what you want you commit yourself to be a submissive, follow through.

Whatever you do, reflects on your Master and you want your Master to be proud of you.

Submissiveness is a characteristic that is at the core of many but few can embrace the degree of surrender required to live as a slave.

I am seeing on here 99% of desperate vanilla trying to fish a partner since they cannot in daily life for obvious reasons.

Saturday night fantasies and some fetish and kinks have nothing to do with the Lifestyle.