Vertical Line


Hearken back to a time where those craving subjugation know their place, seeking freedom and fulfillment in complete servitude. A 247 TPE home to learn, serve, and give themselves completely is offered.

Captivate the mind, ensnare the soul, and subjugate the body.

I am The Druid, a Master who has been in the lifestyle for 25 years. I am One with Nature, her Magicks, her Tendencies, and the Circle of Life.

After I captivate your mind, I want your soul. I want you completely. The body is a plaything for my amusement and fun.

I am starting a poly commune in Western NC. The ethos of the commune is Service, Structure, and Discipline through ordered training.

To be considered for the commune, you must be 18+ and bisexual (at least) slave looking for a home and Master who will not only train you, but also provide you with a safe space and home. All who are accepted into the commune as Acolytes will be assigned tasks and be trained as such by me. This is not a harem, but all who are accepted will serve, in all capacities.

If you think you have what it takes, you probably do not, but you will once I train you and bend you to my will and desires.