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Pan Male Switch, 21,  Orlando, Florida
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New to the lifestyle, and trying still trying to learn the ropes (literally and figuratively). I'm not really sure what I am looking for right now, but I do know that I would like to try being in a 24/7 relationship with a mistress above me and a submissive of any gender underneath me. I'm still trying to learn what my interests are, but I am willing to try anything once or twice. If you are someone looking for a skinny well built frat boy, you need to look elsewhere. I am a bigger gentleman, but, due to a semi-consistent regiment of fencing and other sword play, I'm not entirely out of shape. I'm a renny and a nerd and I'm proud of both.












 Male Switch



 6' 1"

 350 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive female

Switch Women

Switch Male

Female Led Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Archaeology (Expert)

 Intellectual Discourse (Expert)


 Fine Dining (Expert)

 Going to the Opera (Expert)



 Musical Theater

 Renaissance Faires

 Scuba Diving

 Bondage (Beginner)

 Role Playing Games (Expert)

 Science Fiction (Expert)

 Web Surfing (Expert)






 Coffee Shops




 Martial Arts


 Tai-Chi (Beginner)

 Yachting (Beginner)

 Anal Play (Beginner)

 Body Worship (Beginner)

 Local BDSM Community

 Being Massaged (Beginner)

 Shibari (Beginner)

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)

 Suspension Bondage (Beginner)

 Theatrical Scenes (Beginner)

 Wax Play (Beginner)

 Card Games


 Horror Movies



 Libertarian Politics











 Feng Shui





 Latter-day Saints

 Modern Paganism




 Curious About:

 Bar Hopping (Beginner)

 Clubbing (Beginner)

 Raves (Beginner)

 SCA (Beginner)

 Electrical Play (Beginner)

 Genital Punishment (Beginner)

 Gags (Beginner)

 Humiliation (Beginner)

 Mental Bondage (Beginner)

 Orgasm Control (Beginner)

 Rituals (Beginner)

 Role Playing (Beginner)

 Spanking (Beginner)

 Whips (Beginner)




 Alternative Medicine

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