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Hetero Male Slave, 26,  California
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thedaybefore - photo 1

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This is the day before. It's the day before i meet the one that i will serve, the one that i will become property to. This is the day before my life changes, the day before i can help to change your life, the day before everything resets. Tomorrow i can and will become the slave to that right person, to the one where destiny leads me towards. Now i know it might not be quite that quick but one day it will be the day before that tomorrow, and i cannot wait. i may be young but i am neither stupid nor playing, it's too easy to think that with age everything comes, too easy to think that someone young cannot somehow know what they are or be serious. Well that might be the case for some but not for me - i have an old head on young shoulders - i am not just an age! i am educated, intelligent (well people seem to think i am), imaginative, empathetic and hard working. i'm also quick to learn and dedicated, i don't slip in and out of ideas and needs i am what i am and know what i am. i am very submissive, make that very very. So i've played all those sub games, tried all those kink scenes, but i'm left unfulfilled, i am more and need more. What i am is a slave in waiting and what i want is to be the one that makes your needs and dreams come true, to be that slave you deserve. i am open minded and open hearted so please if you are interested why not let's at least talk and see. Until tomorrow.











 Male Slave


 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

 Lives For:

 Mental Bondage

 Being allowed to be obedient to you


 Being allowed to beg you for things

 Being allowed to worship your body

 You tying me up

 You disciplining me with a cane

 You controlling my male parts


 You punishing my gentials

 Being allowed to be your servant

 Being allowed to worship your feet

 Being humiliated by you

 Being allowed to give you massages

 You deciding when I'm allowed to have an orgasm

 You treating me like your butler

 Being allowed to service you orally

 Being spanked by you


 Curious About:




 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Sensory Play



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Journal Entries:
7/7/2012 4:42:24 AM

How far do i have to bend?  Right down, stretching the muscles in my legs, back and arms,  i am pulled hard forward.  My ankles already tied frimly in place mean i am anchored an unable to escape, quickly she ties my wrists in place too, i am positively frozen in time and space.

In case you were in any doubt this is not even vaguely comfortable, in fact it's hard, my bodys aches even before my real punishment begins.  She wants to emphasise what is happening to me, so every step is designed to make me suffer and make me realize what power and control she has over me. 

She steps back to admire my helpless naked body, pulled over the small rack so as to leave my legs and arms spread and my ass sitting high and vulnerable in the air.  A small slap across my butt gives a slight stingy recall of what is about to happen to me, it's playful but i know it's also to test out just how taught my ass is for her punishment, and the sound and the feel leaves no doubt it's taught as it should be.

There is no chatter from her today.  Sometimes she likes to tease and play with me and mess with my senses but today is methodical almost business like, i know she'll be enjoying it but the key today is no hint of pleasure for me, today she wants me to suffer and i will.

A hesitation no more and the first stroke bites burning into my ass, the cane feels like it is burning a line across my flesh.  She has deliberately made the first one hard and cutting, she wants me to know fear, to know it will shake me deep inside how many more will be to come.  The second, third and fourth follow in quick succession, no pause for dramatic effect, just simple hard punishment.  Despite myself and so early on i am wincing in pain, my breathing is quickly labored.

Stroke follows stroke until i am grunting out loud as each one lands, the pain causing the air to flow out from me and the sounds of a man in pain, by sixteen i am helplessly trying to rock and wriggle, as though i believe i can avoid her anger, as tough i doubt her complete control over me.

She pauses around twenty, the sweat is breaking out over my body as fear and pain mingle to create a human reaction.  My butt feels like a mass of fire, she traces a finger along the welts that have begun to form, a satisfaction in her power and in her ability to use me as she will.  We both knew there was no denying her but this just re-enforces the self evident, her word is everything, her command is as though from a God, i am her property.  But in a few short moments my punishment will continue and i'll learn that lesson that is carved in my very being - she is my alpha and my omega - my north and my south - my Owner.



7/7/2012 3:04:39 AM

Execerpt from a guide to chastity control:  My hopeful destiny -


It is almost universally held by women who seriously practice chastity for their male that initial enforcement of chastity should be at least three months of continuous wear without relief after you go through the break in period of getting a device that fits. Preventing him from having an orgasm for three month period may seem a bit harsh but it is paramount to your success as it allows his body and mind to adjust to the lack of masturbation and sexual pleasure as desired. Enforcing the first three month period will allow him to get in to the proper frame of mind and make him understand your desire and your commitment and your determination to his being chaste; it will also give you the chance to develop the strength to say "no". He should be made aware of the time frame immediately upon his being secured in his device, this allows for a clear understanding of the initial commitment of time. If he is at all uncooperative during this first three months, you should add additional time to his lock up.

7/7/2012 12:44:57 AM



So here i stand, naked before you for the first time, exposed and vulnerable, i can sense your power, sense those yearnings throbbing through your body.  This must be what the lamb feels like standing exposed before the wolf, a cold nervous shudder runs through my being, but despite it there is also undeniable excitement, a thrill to be in this play before you.

Your smile is more like a glow, your eyes taking in every inch of me, there is no doubt about hidden messages here, no uncertainty as to what you feel, your hunger is there for anyone to see, that sense of the inner Domme now unleashed and her her territory.  Now there is a truth, there is the very self evident, this is your world that i now stand naked in, this is your creation, what is and will be is all within your control.  Now for the first time i am really eneloped, now standing here i am immersed and at your mercy.  This is not make believe this is creation, your creation, and you will make me your slave your property.

This is the moment that all those words and thoughts come into being, the moment of fission that makes this slavery and your Onwership real.  This is physics and chemistry, yet somehow it's the most ancient of magic as well.  This is life as it is meant to be, this is life as will be.  Man stands exposed and at your mercy, you are my huntress, my victor, my owner, my alpha, my goddess and you fill my senses until there is nothing but you.

So her i stand at the very first time - nothing has happened as such but our worlds have collided and our lives are changed - i am your slave your property.

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