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Hetero Female Dominant, 37,  Innsbruck, Austria
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Men are born to serve ,
I am born to rule them.


Too many slaves , not enough queens...

Slave needs to be ready for real life D/S relationship, not interested in doing sessions.
Not interested in online training - I HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE TO TRAIN YOU ON CAM - DON'T ASK ME TO ADD YOU ON MSN
,YAHOO or similar chat programs!!! If you fantasize having your ass spanked,fucked or being called names, go look for a professional mistress. Than go home to your wife.
This is about power exchange - nothing more/nothing less.
You are NOT in any position of telling me what activities YOU enjoy , as this is a subject I WILL DECIDE. Your desires and aspirations are ABSOLUTELY UNSIGNIFICANT TO ME from the moment I choose YOU to submit to me. And I assure you, I am EXTREMELY selective whom I will grant my time and my attention.


Send an application for slavery in english with FACE PHOTO.NO NAKED PICS allowed.Applications without pics will NOT BE CONSIDERED!

If you consider relocation, you need to be in position to support yourself - I am not paying a dime for your sorry ass. Don't consider me a sponsor.

Skills demanded : cleaning, cooking, massage , driver

Keeping in mind the amount of mail I receive , in order to grab my attention you will need to try harder that just send me a couple of words.
Include your astrological sign, hobbies and interests and any personal info you decide represents you.











 Dominant Female



 5' 7"






Actively Seeking:

Sub / Slave Male

 Lives For:



 You massaging me for hours



 Female Sovereignty

 Alternative Music

 Hip Hop Music

 Industrial Music

 New Wave

 Snowboarding (Expert)



 Fine Dining




 Horseback Riding (Beginner)

 Wind Surfing (Beginner)

 You begging

 Blindfolding you

 You worshiping my body

 Disciplining you with a cane


 You doing all of the housework

 Wearing masks

 Sensation Play

 Deciding what you wear

 Outdoor Bondage

 You worshiping me in stockings

 Puzzle Games

 Role Playing Games

 Web Surfing

 Alternative Medicine


 Body Art






 Paranormal Phenomena



 Lifestyle BDSM

 Electronica / EDM

 New Age Music

 Skiing (Beginner)







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Journal Entries:
3/27/2009 10:24:56 PM
Credits for this text go to Mistress X

1) the main consideration is that everything that is bad in this world
is done by men: wars, poverty, killing, robberies, dishonesty,
unfairness, while the few good and beautiful things in this world are
made by women. Women are smarter, more intelligent, more fair,
more honest, more beautiful , more caring ...... everything about
women is better. End the fact that this world is so bad is due to the
fact that women have very little power and all the decisions and the
power is kept by men whose stupidy is huge!

2) men can be divided in two categories.
A small number men are submissive and accept and are fully aware
of the fact that they are inferior to women and that their life only
has a sense and is useful if they obey and serve women in all their
needs. Although all men are wuite stupid these few men are the
less stupid. But the most ridicolous thing is that many men are
those that are so stupid that they think they are equal to women or
even superior ! those silly men don't even understand that women
can easily use them in any case and make them do everything that
they really want and in addition women are so smart that they let
men think that they are indipendent and they decide what they
want to do. With their beauty and sex appeal women can
manipulate men as little muppets

3) of course if we want this world to be better is time to bring all
men to the right place as total slaves of women. With the
appropriate training even the most stupid men should be forced to
accept their inferior position. The development of men submission
will be of great help to all humankind but mainly to men that at the
end under the control of women will stop to destroy this world and
will start to work to make it a better world for everybody.
Probably in some case this training will require some brutal
punishment and control over the most disobedient male but atfer
the correct natural order will be estabilished men will stop to
struggle and since they are children they will learn and accept the
total submission to women.

4) apparently we live in a democratic world but if we look carefully
there are no traces of democracy. All the important management
and political positions are occupied by men ! and although women
are slightly more numerous than men only few women have access
to governement position and in any case often in positions of very
little importance. A real democratic world could be created only if
we give the right of vote and the possibility to be elected only to the
more intelligent people, i.e. only to women ! do we offer the right of
vote to our dogs or apes ? of course not because they are not
intelligent enough, then why should men be allowed to vote or to be
elected when men have often shown to be definitely more stupid
than dogs or apes ?
So in a real democratic world only women should have the right to
vote and only women should be elected in the parlament and in any
other public and private management and administrative position.
As all women should be then be employed in the management of
the society and of business company, men will be forced and be
allowed to do only basic manual, humble and servile jobs.

5) the same problem is present with schools, now mainly only men
have access to the most important , expensive and professional
school, with what result ? that after many years of study they are
still stupid and incompetent as when they started the only thing
that they really learn is how to be more arrogant ! For this reason
only women should be allowed to have a good education and
develop their knowledge, their cultural and artistic sides.
For men should be created specific simple schools (for their small
brain) where men will learn to do the most simple and basic
manual work. This would be even more useful to the global
economy becuause these types of jobs can be learnt in few years
and boys will be sent to work hard when they are not men yet and
this will produce more wealth and a better future life for women.
Rest time, entertainment, games and fun that are all very important
to develop the intelligence in children should only be reserved to
girls because in any case there's not way to improve the
intelligence of a man.

6) the most dramatic changes to make this a better world are in
any case required only the organisation of the family and in the
relationship between men and women. First of all let's consider the
present situation. Men are all unfaithful and this is more ridicolous
if we consider that with their small and often useless cock they
don't even manage to sexually satisfy and please one single
women, and then they fool around most of the time to try to have
sex with other women ! this is totally unbearable.
Moreover we should consider even the natural aspect of this world,
women have a beautiful and amazing body, their body can give
birth to living beings, their body can sustain life with the milk of
their breasts, women are multiorgasmic and can receive pleasure
for hours and hours. On the contrary there's nothing good in a man
body, it's not as beautiful, cannot produce or sustain life, a man
cock manage to remain hard for few minuts and most of the time is
only good for pissing. After few minuts of unsatisfactory sex a man
usually fall a sleep for several hours and then his productivity level
is strongly decreased. Moreover the male body is weak, naturally
made to submit and be controlled. Even a young little girl with a
strong kick on a male balls can bring him on his knees and can
force him to obey without esitation !
For all these reasons the traditional relationship between men and
women is never good but it could be transformed very easily in a
perfect relationship with some simple changes.
Considering that a single man will never be able to satisfy a woman
the perfect family should be made only by one woman and several
slave-husbands, the more powerful and dominant women will have
need of more slaves and they will create an harem of husbands.
The slave-husbands will have to work hard to make enough money
to sustain well their Mistress and to allow her to satisfy any time of
desires. Of course all the money that the slave-husband will make
will have to be give to the Mistress that is the only one able to
administer money. The slave-husband besides working at least 12
hours per day will have to take care of everything in the house,
cleaning, cooking, washing the clothes, hironing, gardening, and
the Mistress house should always be perfect in any moment of the
day or of the night. Slave husband will have to be kept in total
chastity so they will devote all their energies to the their job and to
the care of their Mistress and owner.
Of course besides having several slave-husband the Mistress have
the right to have as many lovers as she wants because the slave-
husband only live to make her Mistress happy and will never object
to anything that the Mistress want or desire.
The Mistress has of course full ownership over the slave-husband
and if she's not satisfied with any of them or she just get fed up
with them sha can freely sold them or pass it to other women.
Of course slave men have no right to choose their Mistress and
owner but can only be chosen by a woman.
A Mistress will develop her sexual life as she likes more, it's quite
possible for example for a Mistress to be bisexual or lesbian and
she will never have sexual contact with her slave-husband.
At the same time a Mistress can chose to transform one or more
slave-husbands in living dildos for her pleasure but of course men
should not be allowed to have pleasure because they will never
deserved to be pleased by their Mistress.

With this simple family and social organisation the world will
become much better.

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