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Hetero Male Dominant, 30,  Belfast, United Kingdom
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Me, I am what I am, a freak by any standard, I have not yet found a crowd I fit into. I am an experienced and pretty aggressive dom, but interested in all forms of sex. I am an aries, passionate, firey and very horny. I can be romantic, thoughtful and considerate, but make sure you state what your after. Don't expect me to be all nicey nicey when I am nailing your tits to my coffee table.

At the moment I am playing pretty hard core with public play. I have been asked about my interest in public play, yes I really have... "p.s. You mention 'public play' in Your profile.. may i ask if that takes part at a local club or?" on here so I will elaborate here too. If your a true exhibitionist, like the idea of getting caught by the right people or just watched in the pub, cinema, taxi, bus etc, then we would probably get on fine. I won't play often in places I frequent too much, as I probably like them and don't want to get barred... I may take you out for a nice dinner and half way through tell you to go the toilet sit on the sink with your legs open and wait for me, Can you do that? Could you walk out disheveled, sweating and dripping of cum?
Can you feel yourself getting hot just thinking about the people who could walk in and see you?
I have a partner (do not read too much into this) but she's not into the same sorts of extreme things as I am, and it's not a lie when I say shes not just okay with me looking for someone but actively encourages it. It's not love and I shall tell you now I will never love you. I promised my heart to one other a long time ago, she is no longer here but I don't break my promises. You may expect to be cared for, tortured, tired, marked, bitten, beaten and humiliated. But never violated and always within the law. The definition of a relationship is something with an emotional tie, this cannot be so in a glorified fuck buddy status.

I can not find what I am after through any conventional means. I make whips have lots of experience using them, play with hojojitsu, not just shibari I like combining the two forms infact.
I am a business man, dreamer, entrepreneur and a wanderer. I expect you to be financially secure. And preferably in a field of business specialising in something.
Have experience with temp scarification, extreme needle play and would like to find someone to share this with again, I miss it. I work with blades a lot, the cut throat, balisong, katana and of course no camping trip would be missing an axe sharp enough to shave with.
There is the possibility of joining threesomes but that is not my primary objective. I have several friends I can introduce here. However any sub I take in will be expected to service my dom/domme friends at any time of my choosing.
I will not be posting many pictures if any,
The pictures I currently have up are of. A statue in my living room which I have bound in the classic though a little boring karada, my katana, a favourite poster of mine representing one of my hobbies a favourite knot finishing of mine mainly for decorative purposes.
If you are interested I would rather it be for my personality not a judgmental opinion based on a picture. I am partial to looks myself however but pure raw sexual energy and personality are considerably more important.
My additional hobbies include, firepoi and staff, painting in the japanese fashion (sumi-e) Martial arts studies, reading science fiction and leather, metal and woodwork.
Though I am considered by some as attractive, I have very long hair nealry three feet, semi athletic body (I used to have an 8pack but these days my concerns are for my new business venture.) Often wear black and go to considerable effort to look as I do. Which is clean shaven and practical.
I know exactly who I am, what I want and what I need. I look, depending on who you ask up to ten years younger than I am....I shave with a cut throat, face, balls, cock, and you if your stupid enough to have a bush between your legs i'll take that too. I don't mind a bit of patterning but I wanna see my toys. I have a beautiful nine month old almost pure black moggy called musashi, he suits his name. If you don't know who that is do a little research into the arts of war. For those of you too lazy, violent, playful keeps to himself and independent to a degree.
I like waking to the sound of you gagging balls deep on my cock. And don't even suggest that it's hard to deep throat, I took up a challenge to learn how to deep throat myself and it took no more than an hour. Practice is for those with no determination. Do not mistake this as weakness. I expect you to be able to handle anything I can handle, both physically and mentally.
I am extremely stubborn, don't ever try to give me an ultimatum, don't ever expect me to change my principles, which are complicated but pure and simple. And do not ever fucking lie to me.
I am a somewhat spiritual person with an interest in several areas, including energies, and I can feel a couple fucking in public from 50 feet away. I have researched this briefly and the words orgone energy appear. not too sure what to make of it but there you go.
Get in touch if you just wanna good fuck buddy, or more fetish inclined relationship. Ideally perhaps a one week on one week off 24/7 would be nice. Everybody needs time to heal. And time for their own personal interests, I can understand this. I discovered that I am looking for a long term relationship as long as it fits who I am.












 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 5' 9"

 140 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

 Lives For:

 Camping (Expert)


 Spanking you (Expert)

 Beading (Expert)



 Swinging (Expert)


 Antique Shows

 Martial Arts

 Anal Play (Expert)

 Blindfolding you (Expert)

 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play (Expert)

 Canes and Crops (Expert)


 You wearing my collar (Expert)

 Erotic touch (Expert)

 Fire Play (Expert)

 Gas Masks


 Modern Primitivism

 Sensation Play (Expert)

 Outdoor Bondage

 Sensory Play

 Puzzle Games

 Science Fiction







 Tattoos (Beginner)

 Astronomy (Beginner)

 Psychology (Beginner)


 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)


 Alternative Music

 Classical Music


 Art Galleries









 G-spot Service



 Maid / Butler Service

 Role Playing


 Horror Movies

 Alternative Medicine

 Body Art








 Eighties Music

 Folk Music

 Heavy Metal Music

 Punk Rock Music

 Rock Music





 Kick Boxing




 EMO Music


 Curious About:

 Archaeology (Beginner)




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