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Hetero Female Submissive, 50,  Hopkinsville, Kentucky
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Older sub. BBW female. *shrugs* Born smart NOT pretty. If you are a picture hound or seek a bondage model, i'm not the one. There are plenty of cute females running around online and your time would be better spent chatting them up. i'm very good at what i do. i just don't look good doing it. Sorry. Not much else to say. Twenty years experience. If you want to know something, feel free to ask. Well wishes in your search. (7/17/2012)










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Journal Entries:
8/16/2012 8:35:49 PM
It's storming here - a wonderful late summer storm with lots of lightning and thunder. It would have made the perfect backdrop for some seriously erotic fun. Oh well...

7/17/2012 3:55:27 PM
It may be time to edit the profile and leave it alone. It would seem that what i seek is unrealistic. It would also be the case that i am becoming less and less willing to settle for whatever; thereby, creating the perfect impasse from which no pleasure will arise. Being accepting of others seems to be a bit outdated as well. C'est la vie.

7/14/2012 6:14:49 AM
Wow, reading journals this morning. Looks like Friday the 13th sent lots of folks into a tizzy. Lots of people crying foul, calling out fakes, accusing others of deception. It's a busy day in the neighborhood on CM. lol

7/8/2012 10:56:14 AM
In a bit of a crappy mood today. Sexual frustration does that to me. My tolerance for idiots, mistakenly elevated opinions of self-importance and foolish jack-assery, in general, is a bit on the low side.

7/7/2012 4:39:50 PM
Browsing and whistling an old tune.......... Another Saturday night and i ain't got nobody.....

7/7/2012 4:48:41 AM
i'm sitting here this morning pondering whether or not male subs have a better track record when it comes to making it to meetings than male Dominants. In light of recent experiences, i'm just curious really. i see all of the rants people post in their journals and i'm not ranting at all. This also isn't some exercise in self-pitying, attention-seeking behavior. i am genuinely curious about real meetings. Do male subs make plans and actually show up, or are they like the Dominants in my area and suddenly unavailable when the day rolls around to get together? It's a shame cybering does nothing for me. Plenty of guys are able to manage that kind of interaction. How is it that a female submissive, like me, has the fortitude to manage real life play when others, particularly men who identify themselves as being dominant, are more comfortable in a hypothetical world? Just wondering...

7/4/2012 5:42:52 PM
Well, in early tonight. The fireworks at the fair are cancelled because of burn conditions. :( This is the first time I can remember this being the case. Normally, if the fireworks cancel, it's because they are rained out. That hasn't happened in a few years either. Oh well....

7/4/2012 7:21:57 AM
American Independence Day. The Fourth of July. Today, we celebrate the birth of our nation. We are all of 236 years old. With all of our flaws, we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. With our politics, wars, disagreements, and mistakes, we are a nation that believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all men and women. We are built on the belief that all men, and women, are created equal and are deserving of respect. We are not perfect and, like the people of our nation, neither are our leaders, but we are well founded and well intended at our most common denominator. Happy Birthday America!!! Long may our flag wave!!

6/28/2012 6:23:47 PM
In an unending quest to maintain balance in my little piece of the world, i seem to have begun a personal policy of "respond in kind - basically". i didn't decide it ahead of time. It just spontaneously manifested. Basically, if someone sends me a decent, well-worded, well-constructed email, i have a tendency to respond in kind. If someone sends me a sentence fragment that requires a linguist for clarification, i pretty much respond in kind. Finally, if someone dashes off a two word email command, i ignore it - basically. Have fun and enjoy your evening everyone. :)

6/22/2012 8:02:43 PM
Looking around at pics tonight. Some absolutely beautiful men just mutilated beyond belief have pics posted. i realize that some want to be marked that way, it just makes me sad to think what happened to create that kind of wish for permanent disfigurement. To each his own and i know that. It just makes me feel bad.

6/20/2012 10:21:06 AM
i think "50 Shades of Grey" should have been about all of the negotiation necessary finding a suitable partner for whatever someone has in mind. We negotiate everything - limits, times, availability, expectations, goals, etc. Why is it so difficult to read a profile and then determine whether or not there is a good match? There is such a vast amount of "gray area" to cover when talking to someone. You would think it would be simple. Are you married? Yes or no. Are you within 100 miles? Yes or no. Etc, etc, etc. Then, once you get through all those it's a crap shoot basically - an overwhelming endeavor the likes of which would seemingly exhaust Hercules. i won't even get into the idea that all of this is based on the premise that the two people involved in the discussion are both doing so honestly. It vexes me so these last few weeks. Who would have thought it would be so difficult to find someone to fuck around with? i can't imagine trying to find someone to actually commit to on a long term basis. i believe i'll put away my soapbox now and go shop online or look at porn or something fun.

6/19/2012 3:55:50 AM
Had an opportunity last night to play around alone which is something i rarely do. After a hot shower and shaving, i got out a smaller plug, lubed it, and patiently inserted it. i haven't done any anal "training" or play in years so it required a couple of tries before i was able to tolerate it. i tied a crotch rope so the plug would remain in place and then i added some breast bondage just for fun. i was able to sleep off and on after i got used to everything. i was able to keep the plug in and ropes on until about 5am. i was surprised i managed it for a little over 4 and a half hours. Not bad for an "old sub" playing at "old tricks." Ah well, i posted a couple of the pics on my profile just for fun. :)

6/18/2012 1:41:05 PM
i believe it might be easier to just go buy a new vibrator. Maybe i can just forget how much i enjoy actual bondage and in-person fun and just focus on getting myself off. At some point, wonderful conversation without any physical interaction just drains energy that could be better spent doing something else. i'm not sure why some men, and i'm guessing women as well, who really should list themselves as "online only" don't just say that upfront and enjoy themselves that way rather than work so diligently to interest someone only to suddenly become scarce when things progress to the point that a meeting could take place. There is something to be said for knowing what you want along with what you will and won't do. If someonone is just into the fantasy / cyber side of things, there are all kinds of people who will play along. For those of us who do enjoy spending time engaged in more personal interaction and activities, typing isn't the only thing we like to do with our hands and, at some point, we want to be able to get together with someone compatible to do the things we have been typing about. Anything less is just a disappointment. Just sayin'.

6/16/2012 3:18:44 PM
Took a Saturday nap and had amazing, wicked, naughty dreams. Those are the very best kind. lol

6/15/2012 8:06:25 PM
Hmmm, interesting that my journal entries offering information on a man who will not stop harassing me have been deleted. He is a problem and polite requests to get him to stop have been ignored as have the public pleas i made in the journal entries. He is a problem for women on this site and obviously intends to continue since he wanted the journal entries removed and then texted me again today despite polite efforts to dissuade him. ***************Ladies, do not ever call or text this man, who has listed his location as Indianapolis after having it as Western Kentucky although his phone number has remained the same. Be safe and be smart. He keeps your phone number and then harasses you months and months later after you turn him down. Do not send pictures to him or meet him anywhere. Based on his current behavior with texting and efforts to keep anyone from knowing about the harassment, he would also use any personal information he had to harass you later. He cannot take "no" for an aswer. Please feel free to email if you need additional information like his user name. Good luck and be safe.

6/14/2012 6:52:12 PM
It has been brought to my attention recently that i did not include that i am single in my profile. i am a very content single female. :)

6/9/2012 6:02:27 AM
You have to love collarme. This morning, i read a wonderful email from a cute, young Irish Dom. It was well worded and very nice. The next email from a different Dom here in the US literally said "nice looking cunt". lol i love the diversity and and differing approaches on this site. There really is someone here for everyone if you choose to view things from a positive perspective.

6/8/2012 11:20:09 AM
It's finally Friday. The last day of the work week. Soon, i can go home and relax. :)

6/6/2012 5:57:50 PM
Thank you. That concludes the public service announcements and i appreciate your patience. Have a good evening.

6/6/2012 5:07:43 PM
Just by way of explanation to a couple of "gentlemen" who recently emailed and for general future reference.... i am polite and try to respond to the emails i receive. i try to answer any reasonable questions and i do appreciate the vast majority of comments i get. i will even respond with a respectful "no thank you" if i believe you are too far away or i don't believe we have much in common. With that said, i do not feel obligated to respond at all to an email that is a paragraph or more regarding the fact that you need / want / expect to have your cock sucked for an extended amount of time or the idea that you are the greatest Dominant in the world and i should be glad you took the time to type me a line or two to that effect - paticularly if you are 600 or more miles away. Really, i appreciate the thought, but i would settle for a decent play partner who enjoys himself and has a sense of humor anyday over the world's great Dominant who may or may not be able to get it up without a 3 hour blow job. Thank you and well wishes to all this fine evening.

6/4/2012 8:10:00 PM
Really unusual day today. An honest to goodness wash of good and bad. It's not often that i finish the day pretty much exactly the way it started.

5/30/2012 8:01:42 PM
Had a little time to myself this evening. :) Took the last 3 pics a few minutes ago and decided to add them to the profile.

5/28/2012 5:48:08 AM
i was browsing around the photos this morning and there are some truly amazing male subs - beautiful bodies, well groomed hair, interesting poses. i have always loved to look at and appreciate the male form. Classic Greek and Roman statues started the fascination for me. It must have been the curiosity about what was behind those leaves that started it all. i believe there is a certain grace in the male body that isn't found in females. That's not to say that there are not plenty of beautiful women roaming around CM. i just have an affinity for men and, this morning, the male subs were well represented. There must be some wonderfully lucky Dommes out there somewhere. Best wishes in your searches one and all.

5/26/2012 6:48:38 PM
Tinkering around with my profile settings a bit and found the "Block all chat requests" link. I didn't even know that was possible. I checked the little box because chatting really isn't something I do, in general. Apologies in advance to anyone offended. I am fine working with emails unless something progresses to the point that I am comfortable chatting.

5/26/2012 12:56:59 PM
By way of an update, the meeting with GangBangMaster1 took place as scheduled last night. He is a wonderful Master whose preferences run toward a more sadistic approach and he is seeking a slave who is capable of fulfilling those needs and desires. We were a good match intellectually and with regard to experience and most activities but i was only looking for a play partner for infrequent meetings. He was very clear from the beginning about what he wanted and we discussed everything thoroughly for weeks leading up to last night. I learned quite a bit from him during the course of the evening. He is very talented and had no problem getting the physical response he wanted from my body during various activities. He was also wise enough and experienced enough to know that i was struggling too much with some of the things he wanted, and he did not push things beyond what i was able to handle. Without having or using a safe word, he knew when to stop and move on to other things. We also did not engage in sex during the meeting and every activity was done safely. As a result of the night spent together, we now know that i am not a suitable candidate to wear his collar. The evening taught me a lot. First and foremost being that i am really only interested in being a submissive play partner. With all due respect to those who seek and live 24/7 lifestyle relationships, i am not anything more than a play partner who enjoys being submissive for kink and sex, albeit not vanilla sex. Vanilla sex doesn't really amuse or interest me in the least. i want and need the intensity and erotic backdrop of BDSM to enjoy sex. Not everyone gets that or wants that kind of sexual activity. Next on lessons learned, one of the reasons that the meeting with GangBangMaster1 did not turn into a horror story is that neither of us jumped into anything about the meeting. We did spend weeks clearly and honestly communicating about everything involved. We spent countless hours asking and answering questions and expressing ourselves in emails, IM and on the phone. Each of us knew what the other was comfortable with and concerned about and, with all that in mind, we agreed to meet at a time and place where both of us were able to take our time and feel safe. We also agreed that the night was to get to know each other physically in the real world with the purpose of exploring things further. There were no promises of more than just seeing where we both were and investigating the possibility of going further. The last lesson from the evening is that it is okay for things not to work out between two people. Meetings do not have to end in a collar to be interesting and well worth the time spent getting to know the other person. Me not being a suitable slave candidate for him doesn't mean he is any less a Master or that me being a submissive play partner is necessarily a bad thing. It's all about what works between and for the individuals involved. It's supposed to be fulfilling and enjoyable and not everyone is a good match for everyone else. Much can be learned simply by being respectful and honest, even when it isn't all agreeable. Many well wishes to all in whatever journey they choose to make in this life.

5/23/2012 5:21:27 PM
After weeks of long conversations about expectations, rules, techniques, concerns, limits, and philosophies, this one accepted an offer of consideration from GangBangMaster1 because he has proven himself to be exactly who and what he says he is. He is a talented, experienced Master who is willing to consider training this one to become a slave capable of serving his purpose, pleasing him in all ways he wishes, and entertaining him as he sees fit. The first meeting is scheduled for the weekend and he spent the last two hours discussing what he wanted this one to pack. He then assigned this one to post the information about the contents of the bag here in a journal entry. This one will have a bright yellow tote bag to carry to the meeting that contains the following items: black leather wrist and ankle cuffs with padlocks, a black leather collar with a padlock, keys, a silver chain leash, a silver chain y-clamp, an o-ring gag, a black leather mouth stuffer gag, a black satin blindfold, a black spandex hood, lube, latex gloves, an inflatable dildo, an anal vibrator, a small butt plug, a large butt plug, an extra-large dildo, narrower green cord, varying lengths of white cotton rope, a TENS unit, and a cupping set. This one will also pick up duct tape and baby oil gel for the meeting. In addition, he will be bringing items from his collection for use as he sees fit. If all goes well and he is pleased, this one will be collared and become his personal property for training and use as he pleases as his slave. This one is very happy to have this opportunity to meet and serve him. This one hopes to do well for him and become his property.

5/20/2012 11:08:22 PM
I was asleep earlier and powerful thunder crashing nearby woke me. Now, I can't seem to get back to sleep. It is as if the thunder and downpour that followed called to me and washed me down a dark, thorn-covered path of doubts and uncertainty. Old wounds are uncovered as the flesh gives way to the jagged edges of the unknown. Old thoughts and emotions taunt from a distance threatening to join forces to overcome progress. Old crumbling walls creak and moan as they draw strength from the storm and begin to replenish themselves under the night sky. Somewhere in the distance, there is a refuge. Still dark, but safe and as powerful as the storm sweeping the lost one down the path of past experience. A Master in this dark world makes his home just off the storm's path. His words draw the slave who dwells within the damaged shell of being that is tossed about in the chaos. Would that his touch and his words extend beyond the storm this night.

5/11/2012 4:50:14 AM
Currently unavailable due to being under consideration by GangBangMaster1. Well wishes to all.

5/6/2012 10:51:57 AM
A little bit of downtime - finally. I believe a Sunday nap might make it onto the agenda today. Hopefully, there will be wantonly wicked dreams of ropes and gags and nakedness. Dreams of a powerful Dominant male enthusiastically using me to satisfy and entertain himself properly would make for a decent afternoon. :) Would that it were so in the waking realm.

4/28/2012 7:11:02 AM
It's been quite a rollercoaster ride the last few weeks. It's odd how everything sorts itself out at times. Unexpected events and things string themselves together one after another and time moves right along.

4/10/2012 9:17:57 AM
I just looked at my inbox and there are several emails and I do appreciate each of them; however, I don't want to assume an interest that may not have continued after weeks of no response from me. With that in mind, I will just start fresh from today and go from here. Well wishes to all.

4/10/2012 9:08:52 AM
Well, finally back after a couple of very busy months. Lots that needed sorting. I guess I'll see how things go from here.

1/28/2012 8:02:28 AM
Well, it's finally Saturday!! I don't have to concern myself with work today. After hustling for the last few weeks, everything is finally caught up and completed - until Monday when a new project or meeting or situation comes up. This would be a fine day to get away to some little out of the way place to enjoy some really intense, aggressive, erotic fun. Alas, that's not going to happen, but I guess I can fantasize about it in my free time. lol

1/24/2012 8:33:43 PM
Work is such a job lately. I seem to have an abundance of things to do and a shortage of hours in which to do them. Stress is becoming a familiar blanket to cover up with each night. If only helpful elves were real.

1/12/2012 7:18:38 PM
Well, it's snowing again. It just makes me wish I that I were in the middle of a nice, long session - naked, bound, gagged and fucked hard repeatedly til we were both exhausted. *sigh* Snow just does something to me. ;)

1/11/2012 9:21:14 PM
The last two weeks have reminded me that being tied up with work is not nearly as much fun as being tied up with some really nice rope. :-/

1/7/2012 10:03:15 PM
I've finally made it to the end of an incredibly hectic week. I thought about writing another entry in the story today but I don't seem to be properly focused on it. Writing is always so much easier when I am merely describing what I already have in mind. Today, I enjoyed some wonderful email discussions about the nature of submission and Dominance. I believe that I need a bit of "hands on" intensity or some super erotic dreams to pony up more excitement for the storyline. :)

12/31/2011 9:00:03 PM
Ahhh, the new year approaches. 2011 has been a genuinely odd year. My hope is that 2012 is a year of optimism and positive change for myself and others around me. I hope that people decide that respect, honesty, dependability and authenticity are fashionable again, because fashion seems to make just about anything desirable - at least for a time. I hope that everyone gains some maturity as should happen to all of us as time passes. Sadly, not everyone believes that character should develop faster than physical characteristics. Of course, that's only my opinion and I don't ever expect another adult to react in any particular way to an opinion. I would say this though and do hope that anyone reading understands that it is only my two cents. Perhaps, the disappointment and dissatisfaction that many seem to voice regularly on this site is a product of too many people asking more of others than they are willing to offer of themselves. Somehow, we seem to have decided to accept and reward the very qualities that make someone dreadfully average - selfishness, greed, and general deception. Have we become so jaded as a group in general that everything and everyone is suspect? Can we not just enjoy one another honestly without expecting everything and everyone to be what we want rather than who and what they truly are? If someone wants total devotion from a submissive, perhaps they should offer genuine devotion to the submissive. Perhaps if someone wants a Dominant's complete attention, they should offer complete attention to the Dominant. If someone only wants to play, then let them and accept that it is for the purpose of fun and pleasure. Not everyone is a good match for everyone else. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with either person. Isn't that the way it should be? If it were a one-kink-fits-all world, then the world truly would be a dull place. With all due respect, Happy New Year everyone.

12/28/2011 9:12:12 AM
She tensed when he outlined her pussy lips with a lazy, slick index finger. The blue glove was a vibrant contrast to her pale pink flesh as he trailed lube around her slit. Satisfied that the area was covered in gel, he added more to his gloved hand. Without a word, he parted her labia and began probing her with two sturdy latex-covered fingers. He tickled her internally and his fingers twitched and plunged along her pink walls. He heard her small gasps and sighs as she relaxed her open legs just slightly. He patiently worked until he noted the walls of her pussy trembling. Sensing her increased arousal, he withdrew two fingers slightly only to add a third before working back inside her. She tensed as he stretched her flesh and probed deeper. The pleasurable sensations that had relaxed her were replaced by increasing discomfort and pressure. She winced and tugged at the ropes trying to close her legs. He sawed in and out at a slow steady pace, extending his fingers to their full length each time. He began twisting his hand and turning his fingers as he pushed the flesh open. She began to whimper and tremble but her body responded and her juices mixed with the lube covering his fingers. He pushed harder into her and her back arched. When he felt her pussy relax between contractions, he cupped his knuckles and added his pinkie to his efforts. She moaned and gasped as he forced her flesh to stretch around all four of his fingers. She twisted and squirmed as he worked around inside her. Her eyes widened inside the hood she still wore and she bit down on the gag as he relentlessly shoved half his hand into her. She felt panic build with each thrust he made. She began to beg as he opened her more than she had ever experienced. Her body stretched and strained but began to yield to him. She cried when he told her to calm down and stop fighting. He pulled his hand out of her and smiled when her cum flowed. He rubbed his knuckles and the back of his hand in the pooling fluid between her legs. Folding his thumb into the palm of his hand and cupping his fingers around it as much as possible, he began to work his hand into her. She screamed and begged as he pushed further inside. Her thighs quivered and he leaned forward to increase the pressure between her legs. He worked on her and she felt as if he would split her in two. She whimpered and begged as he withdrew and began again. "It's going to fit slut. Spread your legs and take it. Take a deep breath and bear down," he directed as he started to push his hand inside. She panicked and shook her head violently against the increasing pressure and pain. "Do it cunt," he threatened through clenched teeth as he slapped her inside thigh with his free hand. He felt her tense briefly then open firmly as she tried to follow his command. Steadying himself, he twisted his hand a quarter turn and then pushed all the way into her pussy. He closed his hand and delighted in her convulsing around his fist. He exhaled slowly and smiled as she struggled to adjust to him. She cried and screamed in pain while he held still and watched her closely. Her breasts heaved as she tried to swallow the panic and she sobbed. He waited as the fullness inside her threatened to overwhelm her. He rubbed her thigh and shushed her. He told her to calm down and he began to coach her through it. He talked in a calm, steady voice telling her to relax and breathe. He hushed her and directed her to focus on peace and the sound of his voice. She shook and trembled while she fought back her panic. He stroked her gently and talked to her while she settled down with his fist inside her. When she regained her senses, he told her to relax and embrace the pain and pressure. She struggled to control herself as he moved his fist inside her. Warmth began to ovetake her panic as she adjusted to his movements. Her breathing evened out and her hips took up his rhythm. She writhed and twisted like a snake responding to the snake charmer. She gasped and moaned as he played her like a musical instrument. Using his fist to direct her dance, she gyrated and whimpered as she came repeatedly with each flick of his wrist and twitch of his finger. Exhausting her completely, he opened his fist and carefully withdrew from her. He smirked when she came one last time in the palm of his hand. Her body went limp as she finally lost consiousness. He untied her legs and positioned her to lie on her side in the middle of the bed. He released her hands from behind her back but she made no move to strike out at him. He left her lying there as he discarded the latex glove and washed up quickly in the bathroom. He returned to the chair beside the bed and watched her breathing steadily.

12/25/2011 2:00:32 PM
Hello and merry Christmas to those who are reading the story posted in the journal. To answer a frequently asked question about it, the story is a fantasy based on various real-life activities and experiences. It is not inspired by any single event but rather put together with a narrative used to move the action along in a somewhat logical progression. I appreciate the comments I have received and hope you enjoy it and continue to follow along as the story continues. Many well wishes to all.

12/25/2011 1:04:24 PM
Her rest period was all too brief and ended with him kneeling in front of her face. He removed the metal holding her jaws open and replaced it with his semi-hard cock. Scooting closer and placing his hand on the back of her head, he directed her to suck him properly. Exhausted yet strangely calm, she carressed his flesh with her lips and tongue. She carefully manuvered her mouth into position and sucked him for several minutes until he swelled inside her. Her head bobbed along the lengthening shaft as he grew to his full girth. He exhaled deeply as she worked diligently to bring him to climax. He watched her and grinned as she began to struggle to accomodate him. He began thrusting forward a little further each time until his cock was opening her throat. He held her head still and face fucked her powerfully as she choked on his cock with each forceful stroke. She cried as he pushed further inside her and the head lodged deep in her throat. His warm cum slid down her throat and he smiled as his consticted cock pumped his load into her. She did as instructed and cleaned him off with her tongue as he held his deflated cock inside her mouth. When he was satisfied, he pulled his cock from her mouth. She gasped and swallowed air as she tried to recover from his oral assault. He allowed her a moment to relax her jaws and compose herself. He startled her when he stuffed a washcloth into her mouth and held it there with a bandana tied tightly around her head. She screamed and tried to curse him but only garbled sounds escaped her. She bit down on the gag and shook her head frantically in a vain attempt to loosen it. She felt his weight on her when he rolled her facedown on the bed and straddled her waist. Quickly, he tied rope around each of her thighs at the tops of her legs. Then, being careful the keep each leg bent, he attached each of her ankles to the newly added ropes. When she was secured, he rolled her over on her back and pulled her around toward the side of the bed. He pulled each of her knees open toward opposite ends of the bed and used more rope to ensure her pussy was completely exposed just inches from the edge of the bed. He left her squirming and pulling on her bonds with her hands still behind her back as he prepared for his next activity. He moved a comfortable chair over to the side of the bed centered between her open thighs. He pulled a blue, heavy latex glove and some lube from his rape kit and placed them on the nightstand to the right of his chair. He sauntered to the bathroom and smiled at himself in the mirror as he washed his hands. He hummed and whistled as he took his seat and stretched the glove over his large hand. He chuckled and said, "And you thought my cock was big." He hummed a little louder as he smeared lube on the glove and scooted to the edge of his seat. She squealed and flinched when his bare hand came to rest on the inside of her spread thigh.

12/23/2011 2:24:45 AM
Dear Santa: I figured I would send one more letter before you pack up your sleigh and get on with the business of Christmas. I don't really want or need anymore "stuff" for Christmas so please feel free to unpack any boxes for me and relabel them for someone else. If you could, I'd appreciate it if any additional disappointment that's mine could be passed along to anyone else too. It seems I am full at the moment and I have quite enough to do me for awhile. Thanks and have a safe trip. Maybe next year Santa.

12/22/2011 7:32:59 AM
She strained against her bonds without success. Unable to swallow or close her mouth, drool trickled out in small strings and her jaws ached around the metal intrusion of the o-ring. Amused, he watched her struggle for a few minutes before placing a hand at the back of her head. He knelt at her side and pushed her face down on the mattress. Leaning forward slightly, he reached between her legs. He felt the dampness and warmth of her swollen flesh. She squealed when he slid two fingers inside her pussy. He moved in and out slowly as she squirmed in front of him. He went deeper each time and noticed when her muffled screams were replaced by gentle sobbing. Turning his hand slightly, he found her clit with his thumb. His thumb made tiny circles while his fingers wiggled lazily inside her. Her juices seeped out as he worked on her. She panted and whimpered as his thumb sent shivers through her core. He increased the pressure on her clit and her hips rocked against his hand. She sighed and her voice raised an octave. Warmth spread through her and a moan slid from her throat. The first orgasm came in small waves centered at his thumb. He pinched her nub lightly and tugged. She yelped and fluid soaked his hand. Her legs quivered and her breathing was ragged as he coaxed another orgasm from her. He removed his fingers from her wet slit and and began slapping her clit as she bucked harder against him. She squeezed her legs together and came in his hand. Her pussy quivered and her body trembled while he slapped her cunt harder each time. She moaned and cried but her legs opened wider for him and her back arched. When she tried to stop him by turning her hips slightly, he stopped briefly and rolled her bowed body onto his thighs. Her moans were louder and drool ran down the side of her face. Moving his hand from between her legs, he reached around in front of her and cupped her smooth mound. Her legs opened farther and he watched as she writhed in his lap. He shoved his fingers back inside her and roughly fucked her clasping snatch. He delighted in her gasps and moans as she convulsed with another orgasm. "Enough," he pronounced as he withdrew his hand from her. He cradled her hooded skull in his lap and slid his dripping fingers in her open mouth. "Lick them clean," he directed in a low, confident voice. She snaked her tongue around his fingers and lapped at her cum. She retched a few times in revulsion at tasting herself on his hand but she could not deny the skill with which he had driven her. When he was satisfied with her effort, he left her lying on her side, still hogtied. She was thankful the hood concealed the blush burning her face red.

12/19/2011 3:15:34 PM
He untied her from the ottoman, and she cried but made no move to stand. She sobbed silently as he stood over her with a pair of scissors. Without releasing her hands or removing the leather cuffs around her limbs, he worked methodically to cut away the shirt and fishnets she wore. She put up no resistance as he pulled the scraps of material from her to reveal her naked body. "Good girl. Three holes in two hours. Not bad," he remarked. He grabbed her arm and helped her stand on unsteady feet. She couldn't look at him and she blushed. He told her to lie down on the bed and he slapped her ass when she hestitated. She yelped and made her way to the bed. He told her to lie face down in the middle of the bed. She turned her face toward the wall when he sat down next to her. She ignored him as he trailed his fingers lightly down her back and then over the red handprints on her ass. He had humiliated, degraded, and used her viciously and she just wanted him to leave. He continued talking while she continued hoping someone would knock on her door or call or notice something. She tensed when he leaned down close to her back and told her to be good. His hands were at the gag at the back of her head loosening the leather strap. "Is it over?" she wondered but hope was fleeting as he removed the gag and put his strong hand around her throat. Terrified, she remained still and quiet. Still holding the front of her throat, he covered her head with a pillowcase. She jerked and struggled and he squeezed her throat. "Stop it. This part won't hurt unless you make me hurt you," he cautioned. She realized there was a hole in the cotton material where her mouth and nose were so she could breathe. As she forced her body to relax, he released his grip on her throat. She lay there shaking as he got off the bed. Returning to her side, he quickly tore several long strips from a roll of duct tape. Working smoothly, he began securing the pillowcase. One strip gathered it closed under her chin and around her neck. Another long strip darkened the material around her eyes. A few strips laterally gave the makeshift hood shape. He positioned and repositioned her head on the bed until he had covered her to his satisfaction. Soon, only the area at her mouth and nose were discernable in the spreading gray. He worked until the pillowcase formed a flexible gray shell around her head. She cooperated completely to keep the peace and he had made sure to leave enough room that she could breathe. While she was unable to see or remove it, he had not inflicted additional pain while he fashioned the caccoon around her head in the durable tape. He finished his project and smiled when he completed it. She was unaware of the final piece of the puzzle until he held her nose closed causing her to open her mouth. He quickly slid a metal o-ring into her mouth and rotated it behind her teeth causing her jaws to open. Panicked she tried to spit it out and she shook her head violently. Garbled protests poured out of her mouth but the o-ring stayed. He fastened the straps behind her head and listened with a satisfied grin on his face as she gasped and whimpered. When she started thrashing around on the bed trying to dislodge the gag, he pinned her down and secured her ankles to her wrists behind her back, bending her knees and hogtying her. Tears soaked the material next to her eyes inside the hood and her screams spread through the mattress, unnoticed by anyone outside the room that was quickly becoming a private torture chamber.

12/18/2011 12:27:45 PM
In a few minutes, he returned from the bathroom. "See. Right were I left you," he chided. "Okay, now that we're starting to understand each other, we can move on to intermediate level." He grabbed more rope fom his bag and sat down on the bed next to her. He smiled at her and explained that he was going to tie her hands behind her back and she was going to do everything he said so he didn't have to do anything about it. When her hands were secure, he released her breasts and massaged the rope creases in the soft skin. He instructed her to sit on the side of the bed when he released her ankles. the plug in her ass sent a throbbing reminder when she sat up for the first time since being taped in place. She gasped and grimaced when her feet touched the floor and he helped her stand. He coaxed her over to an upholstered ottoman sitting in front of a matching chair in the corner of the room. "On your knees, bend over and stretch out on it," he directed. She glared at him but did as she was told. Her back ached and she felt her heartbeat in her ass as she struggled to her knees and laid her body across the oversized footrest. He lashed her torso to the ottoman with the rope he had in hand. Her swollen breasts were mashed beneath her as he tightened the ropes around her body. Finally, he tied her knees to each footsrest leg, opening her own legs uncomfortably wide. Without warning, he snatched the duct tape from her exposed ass and turned the plug slightly before removing it completely. She screamed and bit down on the gag silencing her protests. Tears welled in her eyes and splashed to the floor underneath her as she realized his intent. He knelt behind her and traced her cheeks and hips with his hands. He reached between her legs and smiled when he felt the moist heat centered there. She jerked when he smeared cold lube around her puckered entrance followed by sliding two slick fingers inside her. She sobbed and shook her head from side to side. She tugged and pulled on her ropes in a desperate attempt to escape. He squared his hips to match hers and tapped her greased bud with the tip of his erection. When she squirmed even more, he swatted her across the ass with his large hand and told her to be still. Sobs racked her body as he increased the pressure on her tight ring until the head popped inside her. using his hands to steady himself on her hips, he scooted closer to her and kissed her back lightly. "Do yourself a favor and take a deep breath and calm down. It won't be bad for you if you can relax your muscles. Otherwise, this is gonna hurt like hell, bitch." His instructions fell on deaf ears as she continued to cry and shake with her flesh stretched around the head of his cock. "Okay, suit youself," he warned. With one steady stroke, he impaled her. She gasped and squealed. Involuntary tremors shot through her bound limbs and she trembled uncontrolably. When he bottomed out in her ass he waited briefly as her channel expanded to accomodate his invasion. Feeling her body quake subside slightly, he withdrew to the fat tip of his cock and lunged forward again. She grunted and sobbed as he repeatedly stretched her ass open with his cock. With each forceful thrust, her breath escaped involuntarily and she struggled to accept his flesh. He took her strength one stroke at a time and her juices began to seep from her pussy. "Yeah, there you go. Take it all cunt," he encouraged as he settled into a steady rhythm. He fucked her harder as he continued and her cum trailed down the insides of her thighs. She chewed on her gag and grunted when his balls slapped her clit. An orgasm built deep deep in her belly finally exploded, splashing her nectar all over his balls and down his legs. He fucked her with shorter strokes until she had cum four times. Moaning and whimpering with each orgasm, he smacked her ass leaving large handprints covering her backside. Returning to longer, deeper thrusts, her muscles contracted tightly around his cock causing his balls to swell and tighten. With one final push, he pumped his seed deep in her ass and she felt the warm fluid emptied into her. Exhausted, she didn't move when he withdrew and cum leaked out of her gaping, pulsing asshole.

12/15/2011 5:52:09 AM
"Please. Don't do this. I won't tell anyone. Just untie me and go," she pleaded. "Darlin, I will untie you.... in the morning after I have fucked you all night," he calmly replied. "Right now, you're going to suck my cock and you're going to do it right. Do you understand me slut?" He gave her hair a quick yank to help her focus. Tears ran down her cheeks and she recoiled when he wiped them off her face with the tip of his cock. "Bitch, get busy," he warned and pointed his dick at her mouth. She cried and opened her mouth slightly. He laughed and yanked her hair again. Sobbing, her lips circled the tip and she began lightly sucking. He reached over with his free hand and pinched her sore nipple and twisted until she gasped and he shoved his cock further into her mouth. "Do it right cunt. No more talk. Suck it. No teeth or you can't even imagine what's going to happen to you." Frightened, she gasped and closed her lips around his massive shaft. Covering her teeth with her lips, she suctioned his cock while she snaked her tongue around his flesh. He pulled her head forward and shoved in two more inches. "That's only five cunt. You got three more to take," he coached as he stared at her mouth. Her head bobbed as she worked on him. She sucked and licked trying to appease her captor. His cock began to come to life. She tensed at the swelling and he inched forward inside her mouth again. She tried to pull her head back as the tip reached the back of her throat. He felt the soft wetness against his head and took a deep breath. "Yeah, relax and take it all slut. Keep going," he directed. He began to slow fuck her face and bang her a little harder with each stroke. She struggled and panic built inside her as he took control of the pace while holding her head still by her hair. She coughed and wretched as he shoved his flesh down her throat. He forced his cock all the way in one powerful stroke and held it there while she screamed and choked. "Breathe bitch. Calm down. Breathe," he ordered. She fought off the panic and trembled while he waited for her to regain her composure. She gurgled and whimpered around his swollen cock. She gasped and settled down while he watched but remained imbedded in her throat. When he was satisfied with her breathing, he pulled out and repeated the deep stroke holding it in her throat each time. "Good girl," he encouraged as she gagged less and less with his throbbing rod all the way in. He face fucked her deeply and increased his rhythm and force. After several minutes, his balls tightened and he pumped hot cum down her throat. She sputtered and gagged as she choked. She cried when he told her to lick him clean but she followed his direction. "Hmmm, 25 minutes. You'll get better before I'm done," he smirked. She stared at the ceiling and cried when he put the black leather gag back in her mouth. He disappeared into the bathroom and she heard the water running as she tasted the last few remnants of his cum still in her mouth.

12/13/2011 4:34:39 AM
She gasped and screamed when he stretched out and shoved his man meat deep inside her pussy. She jerked and convulsed against her bonds, straining and twisting as he pulled almost out only to push all the way back inside her. Her body tensed as he began to slow fuck her with long strokes. He tugged on the chain connecting her nipples and clit causing her to squeal. She burned with each thrust and her ass clenched involuntarily around the plug. He picked up his assault on her body and she was horrified when her body began to tremble and respond. "Come on bitch. Fuck me slut," he demanded. "You wet bitch. Fuck. Me." He hammered into her and warmth built inside her. Her muscles tensed around his cock and she grunted with his rhythmic pounding. Her thighs quivered as she neared orgasm. He called her a slut, a cunt, and whore as he fucked her mercilessly. Her juices gushed out as soaked the bed, and she strained with he orgasm he wrung from her struggling flesh. "Yeah. Cum for me cunt," he demanded when his own orgasm swelled his cock. He let out a guttural growl and came deep inside her. He laid down on her as he pumped his seed into her clenching pussy. He dripped cum on her open legs when he crawled off of her. He removed her clamps and she cried loudly when the pain coursed through her body. He patted her nipples and clit to restore blood flow. Finally, he repositioned himself on the bed with his semi-hard cock inches from her face. "Time for supper bitch," he said as he reached around her head to unfasten her gag. "No, please. No," she begged weakly. He traced her lips with the tip of his damp cock. "Open wide cunt," he smirked and wrapped his hand in the hair on the top of her head.

12/10/2011 7:42:58 AM
He grinned happily and said, "Nice. The cunt has a shaved pussy. I like that. They get so puffy and swollen when they're used hard and stretched." She whimpered and blushed as he patted her bare mound. She instinctively tried to close her legs and squirmed helplessly under his powerful gaze. "Let's see those tits," he said as he unfastened the two buttons that stood between her and complete exposure. He sat down next to her on the bed and pulled her shirt open revealing two DD tits with nice, big nipples that hardened in response to the sudden change in temp. She winced when he pinched her nipples and tugged. She stared at the ceiling as he got up and slipped out of his shirt. He walked away only to return and sit between her open legs. She heard a snap and watched as he coated what looked like a small cock with clear gel. She flinched and tensed as she felt the bed give underneath her butt and he used his hand to spread her cheeks. She jerked when the cold gel touched her tight opening and she squealed when he pushed the tiny cock against her clenched asshole. She jerked and whimpered as he pushed the head against the tight flesh until it gave way and he slid all four inches inside her. Then he used his hand to close her cheeks over the base and duct taped them closed securing the plug snuggly in place. She cried as she felt her heartbeat pounding in her invaded ass. "The cunt is almost ready," he noted as he straddled her waist and began unwinding a coil of rope. He hung the rope behind the back of her neck and began weaving the rope around her heaving breasts. He talked about the fact that big tits required some rope so they stood up straight and worked until the base of each breast was wrapped individually and her nipples pointed straight at the ceiling. When he was satisfied with her bound breasts her climbed over her and off of the bed. "Just one more thing," he added as he held up a silver chain with 3 rubber-tipped tweezers on the ends. He reached between her legs and she yelped and begged in vain as he tugged on her clit and closed the clamp on the tender flesh. She began trembling and sobbing as we pinched each nipple and decorated them with the other two clamps. The cold chain connecting the clamps snaked across her stomach and he gave it a gentle tug to insure all three ends were secure. She cried and tried to beg him to stop but her mouth was full of leather and speech was impossible. Then the sound of his zipper caused her to freeze and turn her head in his direction. Suddenly, her aching body was forgotten at the site of his 8" erection. She had never seen such a big cock and she shook visibly and pulled against her bonds as he stood at the foot of the bed stroking himself to rock hardness. He climbed onto his knees and laid down on her. She screamed silently as he positioned the head of his rod at her only empty hole.

12/9/2011 6:58:32 PM
She glared at him as he began speaking to her very calmly. "So how is your visit home going so far? I am really glad you made it for.... What was it? A wedding? Yes, you said a wedding in the elevator on the way up. Now, come over here and have a seat," he said as he pointed to the hotel bed. When she hesitated, he snapped his fingers and snarled, "Now bitch." Frightened, she eased over and sat on the edge of the bed next to where he stood. He grabbed her ankles and turned her so she was completely on the bed and then motioned for her to scoot over. She reluctantly edged over to the center of the bed and she tensed visibly when he told her to lie down. Silent tears fell down the sides of her face and she stared at the ceiling. He rummaged around in his bag and returned to the bed with more rope. He hummed happily as he tied her ankles together and then her knees. Her jaw was beginning to ache from being gagged and her head began to ache with the realization that he was in no hurry. She watched as he took out her cell phone and searched through her text messages. Finding her earlier diascussions with her friend, e talked aloud as he typed. He responded saying she had a terrible headache and was going to have to sleep rather than go out and saying she would call before lunch the next day. When the friend replied with understanding and well wishes, he shut the phone off and put it in the desk drawer. He reterieved more rope from his bag and busied himself attaching lengths of rope underneath the bed. He straddled her knees and untied her ankles long enough to wrap them in leather cuffs and secure each ankle to rope on each side of the foot of the bed. After removing the rope from her knees, he moved around to her shoulders. Wrapping his hand in her hair, he pulled her into a sitting position and cuffed and secured each wrist individually to the sides of the bed before untying her original bonds. Standing up, he methodically pulled one wrist to the side and secured it and repeated the procedure with the other wrist so her arms were stretched out to the sides forcing her to lie down on her back. "This is my favorite part," he smirked as he leaned over and grabbed her nearest ankle. He yanked quickly pulling her leg sideways. Pinning her foot to the bed, he took up the slack in the rope and tied a new knot holding her leg in place. He sauntered to the other side of the bed and repeated his technique, spreading her legs wide and revealing her lace-covered crotch. Two quick snips with his scissors and he yanked the scrap material off her shaved pussy. Muffled sobs filled the air around them as she struggled against her restraints.

12/9/2011 5:58:09 PM
She was getting dressed to go out when she heard the light rapping on the door. She checked her watch and thought it was odd that her best friend was early. Wearing her black lace panties and fishnet stockings, she threw on an oversized shirt and rushed to the door as the rapping became a full-fledged knock. "Give me a second. I can't answer the door naked," she yelled as she behind the door and opened it. "Yes you can," he responded as he shut the door forcefully. She was stunned and off-balance when he grabbed her. Quickly shoving her to the floor, he pounced on her. Face down on the floor, she struggled underneath him as he stuffed a rag in her mouth stifling her desperate cries for help. Straddling her waist, he wrestled her wrists behind her back and secured them with rope from a bag he had hastily dropped nearby. Standing over her and breathing heavily, he smiled and said, "Yep. This is gonna be a lot of fun. Well for me, at least. Do what you're told and you will be fine." He grabbed her arm and helped her up. Standing behind her, he warned her about screaming and then took the rag out of her mouth. She stood there trembling as his hands traced her ample hips. She was afraid to look when she heard him rustling around behind her. Before she could react to his sudden movement, he reached around her and stuffed a black leather gag into her mouth and secured tightly behind her head. He laughed and said something about not trusting her to keep quiet. The drumming of the cell phone vibrating on the nightstand startled her. She instinctively lunged forward hoping to get help. He caught her wrists and yanked her backward. He snatched up the cell phone and dropped it in his pocket as he faced her for the first time. She stared in disbelief as the man from the earlier elevator ride winked back at her.

12/8/2011 6:06:54 AM
Dear Santa, For Christmas, I would like small and medium butt plugs, an enema set, a shiny silver y-clamp for my nipples and clit, lots of rope for body harnesses and breast bondage, a comfortable gag that's breathable but muffles whimpering and screaming, lube, and duct tape. Finally and most importantly, a Dominant who enjoys using those things and more on a naked, struggling, helpless girl. If you could work that out, you can cum down more than the chimney. :)

12/7/2011 11:52:44 AM
It snowed this morning. There is something about snow that I love. It always makes me think about sex. Really intense, aggressive, kinky sex is my absolute favorite indoor sport. :) I hope Santa gives my name to some creative, available local Dominant so we can have a nice, private "play date" full of toys and fun activities only the naughtiest of boys and girls enjoy. Now that would make for a very merry Christmas indeed!!

11/24/2011 4:32:19 AM
Ahh, Thanksgiving. :) All across America, turkeys and hams are being stripped, cleaned out, tied, fisted, stuffed, butter basted and eaten. *sigh* It's good to be meat. :)

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