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TameCat - photo 1
TameCat - photo 2

A stray cat (pictured) for Captors who enjoy sexually high-strung felines!

While captive, this animal will position his body for invasive handling to please its Captor(s) any physical attention forces this cat to bare his reactions helplessly for his Captor(s) enjoyment, from purring while being fondled to flexing and caterwauling under beatings to mewling when enduring milkings.

Docile while being muzzled or strapped to bondage furniture, this cat is fearful once restrained, startling whenever his unprotected body is touched. While the feline is too fragile for impact play, his bare buttocks may be whipped with a strap or belt.

This naked and bare-pawed stray loves the outdoors and being around large dogs and horses.

Following pollution poisoning in 2018, this animal is striving to get healthy and start night sessions on Long Island.

Always 100 discreet and happy to talk with anyone living anywhere!

Top 10 Results from

100 Pet
100 Primal Prey
100 Rope bunny
100 Submissive
99 Slave
95 Degradee
94 Masochist
93 Experimentalist
80 Exhibitionist
67 Non-monogamist


Muzzle 14 in.
Neck 15 in.
Girth 38 in.
Flanks 28 in.
Rump 38 in.
Wrists 7.5 in.
Ankles 9.5 in.

At Shoulder 29 in.
At Rump 26 in.
To Chest 23.5 in.
To Abdomen 18.5 in.
To Anus 21.5 in.

Neck to Flank 18 in.
Hind Paw to Muzzle 60 in.
Stretched Taught Ankle to Wrist 84 in.