Things to know about me

1. I have a very snarky sarcastic sense of humor. If this is not something you like or you do not understand sarcasm please save us both the trouble and look elsewhere.

2. I do not lie and do not abide people who lie. I also do not feel ashamed of who I am or what I like so I very often will say exactly whats on my mind to the point that it shocks people of milder temperament. )

3. I suffer from social anxiety and ptsd and I am a fairly strong empath. So at the first sign of disrespect or rudeness I will no longer communicate with you. I have been around the block of trying to find a sub online a number of times and have lost any tolerance for the crap.

4. I am a fairly smart book worm. While I do not mind the company of a man that is not mensa quality Ill be honest and say Im very unlikely to respond to someone that does not have a passing command of the English language. I dont mean that in the way of second language speakers but more in the at least attempt to use proper grammar (aint nobody perfect).

5. I am polyamorous. I am in two committed relationships and another fwb relationships with one of my partners partners. --If I get to know you Ill be happy to draw you a diagram. ) I am looking for one male submissive to develop a lasting IRL relationship with.

Lets all be honest and admit we have a preferred type and those are the people we are more likely to talk to. It would be rude to keep you in the dark of very obvious ination that might explain why I was slow to respond to you. so...

The more of the following criteria you fit the more likely I will engage in a conversation with you to see if we are a better match.

1. You are between 25 and 40 (this is +-3years depending on other criteria)

2. You are submissive but confident.

3. You are masculine (sorry sissy boys)

4. You are ok with a period of online interaction before meeting in person.

5. You can craft a well thought out introductory message. Dont just spout out what you think a mistress wants to hear.. Tell me why I should connect with you as a person.

6. You live in (or are willing to relocate) to central North Carolina.

4/2/2024 4:03:23 PM

My profile is certainly in need of an update. I'll try to message all my recent interests in the next few days before I update and it disappears into the CS approval land for awhile.

1/24/2023 8:08:50 AM

Just a heads up, I'm only on here a couple of times a year.  My apologies if you dont get a response for a significant amount of time.  You increase your chances of a response greatly if your message is not the run of the mill standard "look at me" style or if you have written lines for me (see earlier journal entry). 

1/24/2023 8:08:35 AM

I would love to find a sub that doesn't mind line writing like Oh, that probably sounds like an ad or something -didn't mean it that way. Please disregard if you aren't truly interested. :) My screenname on there is the same as this minus the numbers.

9/19/2016 9:18:07 PM
Haven't been on here in, oh about six months, because.. reasons. Anyway, hoping to find some helpful info in the messages boards and talk to old friends.
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