Vertical Line


Come on in, relax, this will only take a minute ...ahem...
"Master with the following:"

No criminal background
No history of abuse
No anger issues
No diseases
No health problems
No drug or alcohol problems
No bad relationships that I am still coping with
No time for daily 4 hour chat sessions
No need to isolate you, read your mail, or keep you from others
No need to make you a pimp to find me other subs
No need to make you feel bad or inadequate to make me feel good about myself
Inability to juggle ...but is willing to learn
No ability to speak Swahili..and no interest

well most are still here, that is good...continue please

"Is NOT seeking:"

To be your fantasy "ONE" who never errors, instinctively knows your moods, feelings and arrousal state at all times.
To be your emotional crutch
To be your next bad relationship you rushed into
To provide financial stability for you
To provide fodder to whine about in online chat rooms
To be served by a pink pajama kajira of the noble house of fru fru
To give you a "collar of consideration" (grow up and get your head out of chat rooms)
To be your LDR that you start packing to move to the minute I answer your email
To have your first picture to me be your breasts or vagina. (Not that I dislike either, just find conversation with either pretty boring and one-sided)
Elvis impersonators
The criminally insane (if only clinically insane, we can "just be friends")
Ones who fill their profiles with poems and nothing else (since the one who they seek will instantly recognize them as worthy from their flowery prose)

(Well that lost many of you, those who are left please continue)

"Instead looks for:"

Sense of humor
A sense of self worth
Ability to form an opinion and think for yourself
And, if you are a a limber, cross dressing Eskimo amputee with a snake and gummi bear fetish, you are ...not what I seek but would cool to talk to you.

(Oh if you have made it this far, you might as well stay to find out the rest...

"Can offer:"

A healthy body and relatively intact mind
Sense of humor
Confidence without arrogance
Balance between strictness and compassion
The ability to look at the entire person

(Is glad you are still gets better, please continue.)


If you are hung up on your looks in either direction, don't expect me to be. I will not treat you any differently nor with any more respect either way.

I do not have a problem with you not being a size 3, but please be healthy enough to not have health issues or activity restrictions just because of your weight.

"Expect more from life"

I am healthy and active. I spend my free time hiking, camping, reading, watching TV, and with friends.
I could stand to lose 15lbs. I have a picture available on request.

I look early 30's and of all things still get carded occasionally. I am not going to nor do I desire to pass myself off as a 20 something.

I may not "understand you" no matter how old you are. I have a protective and caring nature but have no desire to be addressed as "daddy". I will push those limits you want to be pushed and respect those you do not.

Maturity can come at any age, depending on adversity and the desire to grow. Of course so can those who have given up living. I have met those who have given up on life at every age group. I myself do not plan on going gently into that goodnight.

(and now for the will be short)

I am into many things in the lifestyle and am definitely considered an "edge player". But very few things I have done do I NEED. I have done many things, and as most things of intense nature should be, they were done slowly and with someone who trusted me and was also interested in exploring them.

So don't be afraid of my list of interests nor expect them either. I am as safe a player as the activity can handle. (and yes, there are things that are NOT safe no matter how they are done)

(You hung on this long....see it through)
"The rest"

I am active and in the local BDSM community. I attend munches, play parties (be it private or public), and local workshops as both a spectator and as a presenter.
I have found a close group of trusted friends in the local community and I enjoy their company be it BDSM related , concerts, dinner, or watching football.

I do not live online but can be engaged in conversation in the evenings.

Those who are curious about any part of the lifestyle, the local community, or my profile are free to contact me. I will do my best to answer to the best of my knowledge as well as provide links to that which I am not familiar with .
My knowledge of wombat shaving is severely limited, but since I like knowledge feel free to contact me with any pointers should I find a wombat that is in need of a shave.

I would also highly encourage everyone to find local groups and attend some munches. It is a better forum for finding real people than here.

And a comment on this site...You get what you pay for. If you don't have the time to sort through the chaff to find the wheat consider a pay site, but I truly believe you will get less than you pay for then.
This site is fine for what it is.

"A little philosophy"

One has to understand and see into and sometimes through another's words to what they want in their hearts. Many hide from even themselves what they truly want. They will never find what they want unless they learn to to trust themselves and the person they are with.

There is a karmic justice that you only get from a relationship what you are willing to put in. Slowly put trust and love in a relationship and you may get it back. Put neither in and you will never get either back. It is a risk worth taking fully, or not at all.

"And the ending"

Am I seeking? I will always welcome those who want to become friends and discuss further with those that are curious for more.
Am I a desperate basket case making unreasonable demands from the confines of my mothers basement armed with only pictures of my penis?, but if you are looking for this type just stay online long enough and you will get lucky.

(I hope you have enjoyed the profile, please wait till the scroll comes to a complete stop before hitting the REPLY button.
thank you, come again...
thank you, come again...
thank you, come again...


(Your still here?
The profiles over....stop smiling and reply already!!!)

I don't get profiles with a suggestive picture but no words. They probably get swarms of emails. Probably not the highest quality of emails but emails none the less. But I also amuse myself thinking that the profiles are fake, and that those swarming towards an exposed set of breasts keep them off those who take the time to write about themselves. So maybe I do get the purpose of these profiles after all. Carry on, nothing left to see here.
Many have asked "Why no posted pic?" "Are you hideously deformed from an industrial accident involving rabid wolverines on acid?"(Actually nobody has asked that part)

While I could stand to lose 15lbs , I am not ugly, deformed, nor hygenically challenged. I do though work in a professional position with public exposure.

As interesting as it would be to find this profile stuck to my office door (as well as my termination notice) , I think I will pass.I will on the other hand forward a picture upon request (You must say please though)
Where are the "tribute" Doms? I am fit, sincere, and very skilled in what I do, and I know many Doms who are the same way. Why can't we charge for our services?
All I need is a picture of myself all pissed off on a profile laced with bad grammer and even worse spelling listing violent things we want to do to women.. I get it. You can only stomp on MENS genitalia and get paid for it. 

If you hate the opposite sex that much, take the money you earn and seek therapy with it.

I don't expect this to actually end up posted, but at least I will have given the moderator a chuckle in what must be an exceedingly dull job.