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Strong hand seeking a submissive woman who gives up control, within a safe and trusting enviro
Male Dominant, 60,  California










Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 5' 10"

 170 lbs




 45 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

Strong hand seeking a submissive woman who gives up control, within a safe and trusting environment, in exchange for love, protection, support, and more.

Scammer Alert: Not interested in a scammer or con artist, anyone with a criminal record and/or financial, legal, or mental health issues. A background check and MMPI test may be required before you are taken into service.

If you think we may be a fit, your first response must include an explanation as to why you are interested in my profile.  Then provide missing details about what you offer (domestic, business, professional, technical) your current situation (work, health, issues), and commitments (housing, kids, legal). If your profile does not list your likes or limits, include as well.

Not into drawn-out emailing so here's what I require: we exchange two emails each to confirm compatibility with the above information; next you send clear face and body photos; then I will send mine to confirm mutual attraction, next you send your phone number; then I will call you; next we meet in person; if you are not local I will pay to fly you here for a visit. I will provide photos and more about me if I feel we are a match.

I do not waste time with any sub wannabe who demands that the Dom share personal information or photos as a first step.


I am a successful, kind, fair, and loving man who understands what a woman needs and wants. I seek a woman who is local to me or willing to relocate to me. She loves to travel with me on local, national or international trips.

Looking for someone who is real and will actually show up, literally and figuratively. Many here are not truly subs or slaves, just playing around or scamming so if you are a convicted felon or con artist do not bother connecting with me. She must be honest and trustworthy or else I will see right through her.


She must be smart, sexy, and submissive, willing to provide submit to a dominant man once trust is established. She is intuitive and knows how to please me without being told, she knows what she needs and wants. She knows who she is in the world and is a lady in public--someone who can dress up, dress down or undress with class. She does not smoke or is willing to quit. 

I am an alpha who seeks a life partner, a real-time, live-in, with a connection on all levels. I am a seasoned professional with a solid career.

People tell me I am attractive and youthful, both in energy and appearance. Because of my high profile career, I will only provide face pics, phone, and work status when appropriate.

I seek an in-person connection RT/LTR so am not interested in email or chat friends or online sex.

I do not give out my email until I am convinced you are for real so if you ask, it means you have not read this far and I will not engage with you further.

If you reply with a one line instead of providing the info listed in the third paragraph, it means you have not read this far and I will not engage with you further.

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