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Hetero Female Submissive, 55,  Indiana
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ok fellas.. please DON'T contact me if you are married or in a relationship. too many on here have and want to keep it shush shush from the old ball and chain LOL AND i am NOT bi so i am not interested in hooking up with a couple.. just sayin.. thank you
ALSO: do NOT ask me for "something to jack off to" that is a personal problem not mine. i will not send any kind of material for your use in that way. a "true dom" has to be in control of their own actions and behaviors and urges BEFORE he can even think about controlling me or mine.. geezus the imature assholes on here.. growlingggggggg

i am a 55 yr old woman. i lived as a babygirl 24/7 for 4 years, i've been out of the lifestyle since 06.
i am looking for a Daddy Dom.. one who is kind and able to forgive since i am human and not perfect.
i have a couple of medical issues that require me to be careful with the activities i do. i would love a partner that wouldn't be scared of starting out slow with me to build up my tolerance.

i am willing to spend a night or two a week rt to work on a relationship towards 24/7.
i will answer any questions you may have.
thank You seddie










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 Submissive Female


 5' 6"

 270 lbs






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Dominant Male



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 Vacuum Stimulation

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 Plastic Wrap



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 Hair Pulling


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