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i am SATANS witch. *s*

i am a 24/7 slave in Surrey, BC. W/we are always interested in meeting new people, at His discretion. W/we are NOT satanists, so don't go there. i am, however a witch, or pagan, etc. SATAN took possession of me March 1, 2002, and by May of that year had moved to Canada to possess me in r/l. He is my teacher, my torturer, my lover, and my friend. i wear His steel around my neck with the knowledge that my trust is safe in His control, and i thank my goddess every day for the time W/we share.

it occurs to me that while before the age of the internet, it was difficult to connect with O/others in the Lifestyle, it is even harder now.

Now, while O/one can meet dozens of people "into" the Lifestyle online, when it comes right down to the face-to-face nitty gritty in real life, M/many wouldn't know the business end of a singletail from a flogger.  Now this may seem harsh and judgemental, i know. Unfortunately, it is often also true. 
Happy Holidays!!

i hope E/everyone enjoyed Christmas this year, however Y/you celebrate it.  Master and i wish all O/our friends the best for the New Year. 

Season's Beatings, A/all!!

*live free, die enslaved*