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Satyrnine - photo 1

Dominant yet sensitive male seeks submissiveslave for bdsm. Expect to be deprived of sight and speech, completely bound, punished and used for my pleasure.

I wish I could boil down my philosophy into a few lines, but it is complicated. Empathy is a must for a me as a Dom. Its how I can read a sub and know what she wants and doesnt want. Its not just about the toys, there is a certain mindset required. I may not be what you expect upon meeting, but know that I have been a Dom for several years. I may seem shy and retiring, but within a completely different creature resides... one that I think you will like.

If we decide to play, we will need to get to know each other first so as to establish trust and sense of each other. Once we begin, expect to be completely bound (helpless) gagged and blindfolded. As for the rest... Like I said, its complicated to put into words...

I am beginning to wonder how many of the "profiles" are real and not just "Send me and email so I can send you a link to hot pictures of me (on a paid site of course)." It's quite disappointing and the (non-existent) staff does seem to act on user reports. Still, it's the only alternative to jokes like and