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So after being on here for the months that I have I decided to update my profile. When I read my original profile I realized that I should probably just redo it all together since one of my main complaints about other peoples profiles is the lack of information in them. I concluded that I was no better than them and figured that if you were looking at me I might as well give you something to read and hope at the very least it entertained you. So here are a few short paragraphs about me. One of the first questions people ask when you first meet them on here is how long have you been interested in this lifestyle. Well, when I say for almost my whole life I actually mean it and I know exactly when it started. When I was in first grade, yes first grade meaning around seven years old, I was watching the great TV show Macgyver. In that episode he was trying to save a woman and when the woman was showed she was tied up being slapped and berated by her captor. I have no idea why but that was the proverbial style seed being planted. When I went to school the next day I actually fantasized about my teacher, who I had a crush on, in the situation. Basically, I got turned on by this long before I knew what it meant to be turned on. Going through life with those desires in my head kind of made me feel like a freak until I was somewhere between 16 to 18 when I found the internet and all the wonderful porn sites it offered. Obviously I started with the normal looking for naked celebrities but after a while I started finding more and more pictures of women tied up and people playing out the fantasies I had in my head. Not to be dramatic but it was sort of like me seeing the world for the first time. So lets fast forward to right now and that's how I got here. I have studying this lifestyle ever since and now I have just over five years of real life experience, three of which was with one submissive woman who lived with me. That relationship unfortunately ended but the experience was well worth it. What am I looking for? Well that question is easy, a woman. A sexy, physically fit woman with a kinky side that she is looking to explore in a real world relationship. Be it submissive or slave I don't care as I'm sure we will find a symbiosis that meets all of our needs. After that, I can't say what I'm looking for because that will greatly depend on the woman that I find. My interests are in the same boat as what I am looking for. I've changed my major in college three times so far and now I am currently studying psychology. This has greatly helped me in the fetish world especially with training. If you've ever studied Pavlov, you know that you can basically control someones behavior, and more specifically their arousal, through the right stimulants paired with basically what ever action you with. In essence, with the right training, the sound of my belt coming undone would spike your libido and cause you to become sexually aroused with out any manual stimulation. Another reason why my interests vary is because I pretty much like everything but if for example, the woman gets really turned on by the cane and loves it, then it would be pretty ineffective as a punishment. Or if she hates playing the role of a pet then it would be stupid to keep her like that and then expect her to be loving it and ready with desire. Well this has gone on a lot longer then i thought it would but I found it was pretty cathartic. Thank you to everyone who read all the way to this point I hope you enjoyed it. Also, I'd appreciate any feed back you might have. On a side note, i love talking to anyone so feel free to message me even if you are just looking for a friend. I prefer using yahoo so if you'd like my scree name ask for it.

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 Age: 30
 Hazelwood, Missouri