Vertical Line


This happily married gentleman lives with a secret.

Sally is the girl I have closed my eyes to become since age 9. She is now 12, has a wickedly strict mother and is sometimes sent away to an even more strict boarding school.

When sally crosses the line, she finds herself across her mother's knee for a spanking or for the hairbrush and sometimes across a kitchen stool for the strap or even a switch. At school she is often discovered by an angry matron, who is quick to use her hairbrush or governess strap to correct her in the dormitory in front of the other girls.

She knows nothhing of dungeons, restraints or leather clad figures, but occasionally, when a little quarrelsome at school, must have her hands held by another girl while being punished.

Most of sally's punishments happen at or around bedtime - even if bedtime is made to come a little early. Consequently, she is usually to be found in just her nighty and full cut panties or with her little white vest tucked into her panties. She is always in bare feet.

There are no men in Sally's life, nor will be, as friends or masters. It is simply the mature mother, boarding school matron or headmistress that she must sometimes negotiate on her complex and covert journey through life Sadly, most often she must play both roles.