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Pansexual Female Submissive, 41,  Sussex, United Kingdom
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 Submissive Female


 United Kingdom

 5' 8"






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Journal Entries:
12/4/2014 5:52:28 AM
My oh my!!!!!!

7/21/2014 12:40:14 PM
A sneaky threesum on a sunday afternoon well fun all round, be sad to go, but pastures new.
The south beckins sure I can find some fun.

3/11/2014 1:51:03 PM

Had some fantastic sessions with Master, an been really pushed amazing been strapped to thebench and tied to the chair, all I can say is OMG I was gone, cant ask for anymore thank you Master

2/11/2014 3:21:53 PM

Wow a fantastic session other week a few new pics if they have gone up, but loved been pushed an got there thank you Master

9/2/2013 2:15:02 PM

Please its not much not ask to divulge you are female on the phone is  it, oh sorry faker  alert forget it  lol :)

8/24/2013 10:55:33 AM

Typical wet bank holiday so far lol

8/8/2013 1:17:37 PM

Well time out me thinks be easier cant cope at moment, unless its my friends.

7/17/2013 6:36:39 AM

All I can say is what a fantastic morning with a fantastic guy. WOW!!! Wonderful marks on my arse, and exceptional pleasure as always :)

7/11/2013 10:23:22 AM

Well you can but try on this site.

3/28/2013 2:32:22 PM
Was a special treat to serve My Master today as it was his birthday. slut loved every minute of it. Thank you Master.

2/27/2013 11:59:47 AM

Fantastic day on tuesday with Master, made slut cry mascara all over my pillows now, and lots of orgasms, that wand is ace mmmmmn thank you Master.

2/21/2013 4:40:30 PM
Well that was an interesting task insert hard boiled egg in Master's cunt. Slid in easily thought it may come out with coughing, moved a bit. Then thinking how the hell to grt it out. Busting for a pee when got home and out it popped splosh lol. Thank you for the task Master, slut was thinking maybe not to push it so far in could be a challenge next time.

1/31/2013 6:58:45 AM

Had a fantastic session today with Master, oh how slut loves to feel the pain for Master's pleasure, well worth sluts own pleasure.

Presented in corset collar, ankle and wrist restraints as per norm, had borrowed a friends nose hook which was interesting humiliating to wear, slight discomfort but tolerable. Master did the corset up tighter when Master arrived as slut had said can only do it so far. Few slaps on breasts with hand then crop owwww, and crop on arse, then Master started to masturbate his cunt oh was good, and slut did want to cum asked but was refused, slut was soaking a dirty slut as Master called slut, which slut is.

slut was supposed to be camming for someone but it never materlised so Master put slut through some more painful pleasures, breasts were bound tight and then nippe clamps put on, was asked did it hurt, repied yes but slut will tolerate the pain Master, sluts breasts were then cropped as well as sluts bottom, Master used a flicking motion on sluts arse and back which was painfu but good, sometimes tolerated better than others, Master then played with his cunt again, slut was disgustingly wet and was not allowed to come, the process with the crop was repeated and slut was masturbated by Master again and was allowed to cum after asking, was good.

Master then took the nippe clamps off much to sluts relief, then cropped breasts somemore slut was jigging about as it hurt, they were then untied and Master squeezed sluts nipples owwww. Master said slut was a painslut so slut said Master slut is a painslut as the pain gives slut the pleasure.

slut received more cropping of arse which hurt but felt good.

Master used the cling fim wrap to hols sluts arms out of the wasy and used the crop again.

Then came the dreaded chillies slut was ordered onto all fours and Master placed two fingers in sluts arse with chilli on oww woww that hurt like hell, and made slut want to wee, slut didnt and Master took his fingers out then used ice on sluts arse and cunt that is good but not good, sure slut came again in the process.

slut then got pleasure which sut loves and came a few times again, thank you for a great session as always Master, slutty painsult. sluts new name.

1/15/2013 2:35:01 PM

11/27/2012 1:52:27 PM

So loved the verbal abuse from a jumped up male prick of a driver tonight, even got out his car and came to my window,  and mouthed off at me and lots of finger gestures, just said to him yes i am a worthless cunt at times,  pmsl he walked away, couldnt resit given him the fingers as he did to me, dont think he was quiet expecting the reply and in a calm manner, did mouth that he had no balls after, but then again been in uniform as was working had to be careful, wonder what he would have said if i was off to support his  parent, total twat!!!!!!


11/5/2012 10:10:36 AM

New pic of My Master's cunt and fuckslut is proud that Master wants to show his cunt.

Frustration for fuckslut though as still not allowed to mastubate as they say all good things come to those who wait.

11/3/2012 12:40:51 PM
A year since fuckslut first had a session with Master, and fuckslut knows over that time that fuckslut has pushed limits and at times Master with its attitude. Couldnt be happier with been My Master's property. Thank you Master.

10/31/2012 12:59:35 PM

Dont you just love halloween!!!!

10/14/2012 10:27:09 AM

An interesting barrage of messages on Friday night, some people need to grow up and get a life, couldnt help PMSL!!!!

9/28/2012 7:56:42 AM

fuckslut has had left nipple pierced today, fucksluts mark of Master's ownership thank you Master.

fuckslut is very happy with it and knows in time will suffer but its worth it to please Master.

 Wasnt too bad, throbbed a bit after, similar feeling to having a nipple clamp put on then taken off.

Master will in due course be having fuckslut wear a larger gauge bar.

9/27/2012 1:49:59 AM

A visit from Master with a list of tasks to do also.

Bitch presented knelt on floor  head down wearing knickers and usual restraints, collar and hood with gag and blindfold on.

Heard the door open my whole body shivered it’s the not knowing as Master comes in my breathing was heavy nervous excitement as was also thinking about the tasks that had to be done.

A slap on each cheek on arse oww, then a squeeze of the left nipple and then right., then told to stand and the hood was removed, and Master pulled his bitches hair and told bitch to look at him whilst bitch was spoken to. Bitch then had to give Master some pleasure using mouth, always a pleasure for bitch to suck Master’s cock, bitch does like to please.

First task was to do a photo with a carrot in arse and then Master’s cunt, and also doubled plugged carrot in arse and cucumber in Master’s cunt, that was easy and  not painful, then moved on to the second one, a photo of bitch with nipple clamps on and caned tits, knew this would hurt  and it did lovely marks soon came up, and was added to by the tawse, small break then whilst bitch sent the photos.           

The session then resumed  bitch had to again pleasure Master bound bitches breasts and ran rope between bitch’s legs tightly, and then put weight on labia rings, the nipple clamps were also put on and weights  and gagged,,Master made bitch insert the small butt plug in Master’s cunt which had deep heat on, this was awful  bitch felt very spaced from the pain  Master then used the cane and used it on upper half back, front sides and arse and breasts again, then swapped to the riding crop could feel my body heighten from the pain and was struggling to not cry and keep a straight head, kept feeling self  going, as the pain seared  through bitchs body, the tawse was also used on my breasts again, Master then used the tawse really hard on bitch’s arse causing bitch to dance about a bit, and swear so was in trouble for that, Master told bitch 4 more could bitch take them, bitch nodded and bent over,  2 hard ones on each cheek, then told to spread cheeks apart, Master hit right in between made bitch stand, then a 2nd but bitch moved so there was a third , omg that was a stingy and bitch stood straight up from the pain  could have very nearly cried , master then removed the clamps were taken off that pain had passed as the pain from arse and breast hurt. Bitch was untied and told  to go upstairs and on all fours on the bed, Master had already told bitch that bitch would be fisted. Not sure how many fingers Master got in as it hurt a bit, bitch wanted to come as felt so good, but was not allowed, Master fingered his cunt, ohhhhh did like and asked to come and Master allowed bitch to come. Lots of fingering and g spot massage and bitch was in heaven and the pain was gone over took by waves of pleasures, and a few orgasms, Master did say that his cunt was very wet, bitch does like to please Master and suffer for his pleasure, but its worth it when bitch gets the pleasure.

Thank you for a great session Master, and owning your bitch.

9/25/2012 4:23:04 AM

When swaping mail last night bitch was very turned on and thought about masturbating but knew without permission would be in trouble, so this morning bitch asked Master if bitch was allowed, Master said yes but was to stand and have large butt plug in and nipple clamps and hold clamp chain in mouth and pull on them for added pain. bitch hates the nipple clamps anyway and to have to pull on them made it worse, but as the oragasm began to take hold it counteracts the pain and flows to be pleasurable, as bitch was cumming was pulling has hard as could, made for an intense orgasm and bitch squirted and Master's cunt was soaked, and nearly managed to pop the butt plug out, when bitch had calmed down can then feel the pain return to the nipples so was glad to take the clamps off with another big oww, they still oww now but it was worth it, thankyou Master for giving bitch permission to masturbate.

9/8/2012 3:55:15 PM

Such fun ask to verify run a mile, i no im real and will cam and phone to verify i dont need long winded chats on here not only via my Master but others too.

Is hoping not pissedMaster off.

9/6/2012 2:14:54 PM

A nice surprise for it today a visit from Master this evening. it had dropped itself in it today buy saying it had masturbated this morning without permission, text it will be punished, it knew that ans was it avaliable this evening, it could be free, it thought it would be a skype punishment, either way it was looking forward to hearing Master,s voice, was then told that Master could visit but it wouldnt be for long. it was really pleased to know that Master would be visiting as not seen Master since the school holidays started, so was excited even though a punishment loomed, and was told no pleasure, it wasnt bothered it was seeing Master which was good.

it presented naked usual restraints collar, gag and blindfold on knees.

Master pulled its hair and told it what a worthless useless cunt it is at times and why it was been punished, it knew why for masturbating without permission. Then Master squeezed its nipples then got a few hard slaps on it,s arse, and then told to stand, where Master squeezed its nipples again making it squirm and go on tiptoes and then pulling them downwards. It hurt nothing more than it deserved.

it was then told to lay on sofa and wrists were tied to ankles and nipple clamps put on, it had been told to have the tawse out, not the clamps, but it got them out not sure why as they were used, the first one went on and it didnt hurt as bad as normal, so was expecting the other to hurt as one is slightly tighter than the other, surprisngly they didnt hurt as bad as normal think was because Master had allready sueezed its nipples really hard. Bloody hurt when master pulled on the chain, the tawse was then used on its thighs hurt a lot, and then more pulling on the nipple clamps and told what a worthless cunt it is at times. Master removed the blindfold and told it to look at Master as Master pulled one clamp came off off and then un did the other relief, then went back to the tawse oww owww it really hates it has it hurts a lot it stings, also got the sole of each foot slapped. No like that at all, then a strange sensation on the backs of thighs unsure at first to what it was then Master used it on my feet its hairbrush, note to it dont leave hairbrush about tickled its feet, but bloody hurt when been tawsed on backs of thighs. Master pushed it to try make it cry, it couldnt deep breaths and muffled owws its really hardto try cry with the gag in it finds. Master told it there where to be 3 really hard ones, whcih there where, then told a 4th and ask for it so a muffled asking for the 4th hard one, yowwwww owwww.

it then did receive pleasure from Master and had 2 orgasms asking permission this time, it does like Master,s fingers in Master,s cunt.

it was really pleased to see Master and receive the punishment and is glad Master was pleased with it and a good girl for doing do it has sore legs now a plesant reminder, it knows it must suffer for Master,s pleasure and it gladly will. it loves the pleasure after thank you Master your sometimes useless worthless cunt. it is really pleased to have the time this evening with Master.

9/6/2012 2:41:03 AM

This journal entry is from a recent session it had with a female Domme and male sub, we met in a hotel room.


We played a scenario out to help us all out, that I was the maid and had been caught rummaging through there bags I was stood looking at all the ‘toys’ when they came in and she grabbed me by my hair and asked me was I was up to,she then pushed me to my knees and told me to take a good look as they would be used on me.

I was made to strip and bend over the bed then she spanked mevery hard, then made me stand and squeezed my nipples, she took great enjoyment in doing that through the course of the evening hence they were sore for a good few days after, a nice reminder.

She then put a collar with cuffs on behind my back, that was uncomfy so she later removed the cuffs and hood with blindfold on on and told to lean over againand felt her fingers inside me which was nice, I was repeatedly told I was not allowed to come unless I begged to. Which was refused, she inserted a vibrating butt plug in it's arse which yes I did enjoy and really had to stop my self from asking to cum, then I was made to suck subbies cock whilst she used her strapon me and fucked Master’s cunt that was good, and humiliating been fucked by Miss it again begged to cum but wasn’t allowed. I then had to pleasure her using my tongue which I think she enjoyed.

Got some more spanking, I asked to go to the toilet, she said yesbut pee in the bath more humiliation, argh not easy but managed todo it.

it then had to pleasure Miss again whilst her sub then fucked my arse it really wanted to cum then but couldn’t ask very well as she had my head held between her legs.

He was told not to cum too, she then released my head and I had to suck his cock again he had had a condom on. He then fucked her and I had to lick him clean, she then used a vibrator on me and teased me about wanting to cum and I begged to eventually I was allowed and it was good. She scrathced my back and left some nice red marks.

it throughly enjoyed been used by Miss and her sub.

8/27/2012 3:46:55 PM

it has had a break and pleased Master with the fun it has had recently, it is pleased to have Master's attention as it has missed it but it knows that it will have to be very worthy to Master and be there as when needed which it is happy to do.

7/26/2012 11:24:00 AM

Holiday break 

7/19/2012 6:27:17 AM

Master came to see his fuckslut today. A well-earned thrashing for the holidays.

Had to present usual restraints, hood with blindfold and gag on, and fucksluts new chastity belt, and shoes on stood in lounge and told not to move what ever happens.

Thinking OMG I am not going outside like this or will he bring someone with him.

Stood waiting the tv was also on, did hear the door go so knew Master had arrived, its not knowing what will happen and when, when Master came in the lounge he grabbed fucksluts nose so was only able to breathe through the gag this hasn’t been done before was weird he then pulled the chastity belt about. Had to place hands on head, Then came the nipple squeezing owwww  that bloody well hurt, was trying not to move. Master than started to smack fucksluts arse, not lightly either that did hurt just couldn’t wait for it to stop, the hood was then removed and right nipple squeezed again had to bend knees slightly as it was been pulled downward, whilst I had the hood on honestly thought it was a nipple clamp on right  nipple as Master pulled it about. The left wasn’t squeezed as hard, still made fuckslut squirm.

Fuckslut had to kneel on the floor and head down,Master put the blindfold on. Had been told to have a chili available so knew what was coming, surprisingly the heat wasn’t as intense as it has been before, Master’s cunt was hottest and even then bearable, the ice was good though cooled it down, whilst in this position the cane was used, some hard ones then the continuous tippy tappy which is bearable and quiet nice, a respite from a full on whack.

Fuckslut  started to feel a bit heady so asked for a drink, after was told to kneel on sofa, the cane, tawse and flogger was used bringing tears to fuckslut, was determined not to cry still hade the blindfold on for a while, which Master then removed and fuckslut was told to look at him, the tawse flamng well hurt fuckslut accepts the suffering for her Master as fuckslut nows who controls her.

Master flogged fucksluts back for a bit then some hard some soft liked the softer ones felt good,  more with the cane on arse, could probably have spaced on my back been flogged. Master then used lots of ice which was really good, just slightly unbearable after been on clit for a while.

Then had to lay on back and Master tied wrists to ankles and caned the inside thighs this hurt  a lot this was a new position and punishment, it bloody well hurt wasn’t going to cry had tears but really tried to keep quiet so Master didn’t have to use the gag. The flogger was used to which was whippy but ok, then the tawse again wacked twice, then told ten more could I take them, just said will try Master got to 6 could feel my body wavering between pleasure and pain at this point and needed it to stop which it did, thank you Master didn’t burst into tears, my face told Master that it was painful and hurting. Master put ice on that hurt too, the marks are great Master. Fuckslut then got her pleasure always worth it fell tired now though, thank you Master for a brilliant session and fucksluts sore arse and legs Master.

And forgot to add when asked is Master cruel did say yes a bit today no more than fuckslut needed and deserved good day all round thanks again Master.

7/18/2012 1:18:15 PM

Some Dommes need to grow up goddess as she puts paid servies mmmmm  look at yourself i dont have to charge hahhaahah

7/18/2012 10:13:22 AM

fuckslut has her chasity belt wee hee, al ready tried it withthe butt plug and sent Master a photo, it wasnt as comfy then, and it also made Master's cunt very wet.

7/12/2012 5:41:45 AM
bitch has had a wonderful lunchtime with Master even if it involved pain, humiliation the pleasure is well worth the suffering, thank you Master
bitch had been told to present dressed up make up, hairdone, shoes and nce underwear, bithc had a long dress on stood in the lounge. Master was pleased with his bitch, bitch had had a few texts that morning and earlier in the week Master may say he may take bitch out, this morning a tet said nice day for outdoors, mmmmm bitch thought involving what and told to drink plenty. bitch is thinking been made to wee outdoors hence a full bladder.
Master arrived and pulled bitches hair back and said Good morning bitch nice day for a walk. Before that bitch was told to bend over and wait Master went and got some toothpaste and put it in bitches arse, dont mind that its not as bad as deep heat or chillis, just uncomfortable for a while its bearable. bitch got a few slaps across the arse too, they hurt as its tender from yesterday.
Master then told bitch what they were going to do, bitch was to walk round the block as there were some workmen, lift her dress and touch Master's cunt, Master would phone bitch when to stop so he could see from a distance that bitch did it, then continue behind him and that Master may choose to make bitch do it again.
What was humiliating was that bitch had her collar on so was trying to hide it as bitch walked past someone she knew, that was worse by been near home, so made it to the first phonecall and touched Master cunt, the workman was bent over near the fence i dont think he saw, but then two more appeared got to say humiliating but very exciting too. Carried on master rang bitch again further up street to scratch her arse across road from 3 people but make sure they saw it, luckily for bitch they walked off, so master told bitch to go down the snicket pull knicers down and hold dress up, Master then said someone had entered the snicket it made think have they as bitch culdnt see the entry point, no body had but bitch let her dress down still with nickers round knees, Master told bitch to come out and meet him and we walked off down the road, Master wanted bitch to stand outside a friends house count to 20 while touching Master's cunt, bitch liked that still humiliating but exiting again, as we walked back after doing it passed a girl stood who had a good look at bitches collar, bitch felt very proud to be out with Master and wearing the collar, it didnt bother bitch in the end. Whilst walking back we went into the playing fields and bitch was told to bend over and lift dress and pull knickers down so her arse was on show, Master gaave it a few good slaps again, and then Master walked round the building, bitch wasnt bothered been in this postion not sure how bitch would have reacted should someone else appear though, bitch was told to take her knickers off and stand back against the building, Master played with his cunt and knew bitch would have liked to cum, but bitch was told no and that she was a slut and whos slut was she, bitch knows she is Master's slut to be used as Master see's fit.
bitch did like the humiliation think it was made easier as Master was there watching it excited bitch been on show.
Back at home and bitch was ordered to strip for some punishment, Master asked bitch why, bitch said as Master can do what he wants with his slut/bitch. Master gave bitch a couple of strokes with the cane on legs and breast. Then made bitch suffer with bitches nipples, squeezing them really hard, Master gagged bitch, and sqqueezed them about a dozen times and lifted them it hurt bitch so much that bitch was stood on tiptoes which is a first and  was made to look at Master whilst this was been done, it hurt bitch was told she was a good girl, Master then bound bitches breasts and put the nipple clamps on and used the tawse on them and also a few fine marks at the front of bitches thighs, Master didnt hit bitches breast too hard as it soon built up that every whack hurt and bitch wanted him to stop Master knew bitch wanted to cry and would stop when bitch did, have to say its really hard for bitch to cry even harder with a gag in but bitch managed some tears and bitches breasts are sore thank you Master.
Master removed the nipple clamp and unbound bitches breasts and told bitch to bend over and use the tawse again on bitches arse that hurt as tender but bitch took it and darnt shout too loud. Master then put the butt plug in and made bitch sit down oww as it went in and told to lay down so it then popped out, it was ok, bitch then received her pleasure from Master it felt so good and asked for permission to cum which was allowed and bitch did, bitch was so pleased with her pleasure she cried mmmmmmm the pain and humiliation is so worth the pleasure thank you Master.
bitch has really enjoyed today Master and when you asked if Master was cruel, bitch said theres been worse, maybe bitch shouldnt have said that master thank you again for aloowing bitch to serve Master.

7/12/2012 12:32:21 AM

bitch had to sleep with breast bound and collar on  last night, bitch knows who has the control Master, the bound breasts wernt too bad as had done that the other week but the collar was annoying more so felt hot and bitch really wanted to take it off in the early hours, but didnt and suffered till morning. It did feel good feeling very submissive whilst in bed and knowing bitch was pleasing Master, and making sure bitch knows her place as a three holed whore and fuck slut were the names called yesterday.

Purely there for Master's pleasure and for bitch to suffer. Really excited today as well as Master is visiting and bitch does like seeing Master.

7/11/2012 10:43:15 AM

Chastity belt on order more control for Master's slut

7/8/2012 10:59:53 AM

bitch has blown a Domme yet again!!!!! but on a good note Master wants to put me in chastity and bitch is so looking forward to loosing that side and master having more control plus having nipples pierced and when they healed up Master will streatch them couldnt ask for more.

The use of chastiy will to be keep his bitches holes plugged to show who has the control and owns the bitch.
bitch know who own this bitch Master does and loves to have more control a big step but so looking forward to it Master.
Thank you for taking your bitch to another level in bitches submission, find a Domme to fulfil both our desire mine in play so bitch can report back just knowing and having and feeling the Dommes contact wanted even before bitch met Master, bitch knows Master wants his bitch to suffer too.
Thank you for been a great Master and  moving bitch on in bitches journey.

7/2/2012 5:25:01 AM
A task for today bitch was go out with bells on piercings and no knickers, and send Master a photo, easy enough, Master then said as bitch had been good she may masturbate while out and leave a voicemail, as bitch saw the text come up bitch thought, lucky bitch permission to masturbate, then saw the rest and thought oh fuck!!!!
That was awful humiliating, thought it may be easier to do but it wasnt, as its only a small set of toilets and anyone on the floor can come in worse been that people know who i am, it wasnt a very good effort bitch will have to keep trying, not knowing who may walk in.
Maybe ikea will be easier as its larger toilets and less chance of been recognised.
The bells did jangle whilst bitchwas masturbating, not very comfy to sit on thou on a hard chair, still bitch knows who has the control so suffered them, and is allowed to take them off when this has been posted.
Thank you for the task Master, bitch was humiliated as bitch should be and bitch hopes to improve in doing this task.

6/28/2012 11:42:42 AM

bitch knew been the worthless usless cunt that bitch is at times for Master that for not doing the public humiliation task that bitch would be punished, so bitch misses out seeing Master so thats bitches own fault. bitch also has to ask, can be Dom/Domme to cam with bitch and punish bitch on cam.
The task was for bitch to masturbate in the toilets at ikea and ring Master for him to hear.

6/28/2012 8:17:42 AM

bitch is a usless worthless cunt and not worthy of Master,  yet again chickened out of the public humiliation task.

6/20/2012 11:29:10 AM

Its ok having a break but not a day goes by thinking about it i need the control back and to feel the pain for your pleasure Master.

5/26/2012 3:17:06 PM

Eurovision is more painful than a visit from Master.

5/26/2012 2:54:38 AM

bitch was told last night that bitch had to ask for the toilet as soon as woke up, bitch knew why, to be humilited and poo for Master.

There were a couple of options one poo in knickers or dont wipe and keep soiled knickers on for a lenght of time.

It would depend on how long bitch could wait to go and how well bitch begged Master. Bitch was given the option of which so bitch choose to poo in knickers, even alone and doing it is so humiliating and awful. Can cope with the weeing but not the poo, yuck!!!! but had to be done. Thinking about it after and it disgust me but if bitch had failed there would have been a punishment.

bitchknows who has the control and more is been gained both mentally and physically Master.

Still the public humiliation task to complete at somepoint.

Still have lovelybruised breasts from the other day and they still sore thank you Master.

5/23/2012 8:37:41 AM
bitch had a feeling todays session would hurt!!!!!
bitch had to present kneeling with hood blindold and gag attached and have a pair of nickers on knew why would have to pee for Master.
Knew Master had arrived then whaack, owwww and again about half a dozen and i was hot and owwing behind the gag, nipple was then squeezed just the one owwww. More whacks but the blindfold and gag where taken off more serious owws and it hurt the pain cut through and i felt tears in my eyes, the mask was then removed which was good as i was hot reason it was removed was so Master could see the pain in his bitches eyes. Master then pleasured bitch but its teasing as bitch did ask to cum but ws not allowed. bitch was aware how her breasts hurt and then saw the marks owwwww.
Had been told to get some chillies so thought better go get some, knowing that they would be used and if bitch didnt get any would suffer for it.
Master put chilly on but plug and dildo ow owwwwwww, hot hot hot not good, as the but plug was only pushed part way in bitch couldnt keep hold of it so Master used his finger with more chilly on that was not nice, if bitch weed Master said he would stop. bitch then had to masturbate and bitch did ask to cum but was not allowed, it was hot oww owww, Master cooled it down with some ice which was nice, then bitch got some more whacks on arse oww oww, before then pleasuring Master, which is always an honour for bitch.
bitch then lent over sofa and Master used the crop and twase then the cane, prior to the cane been used bitch had teards in her eyes as it hurt, but tried not to move about too much. Master rubbed some ice on mmmm nice, then bitch got 6 with the cane and had to thank after each stroke, they hurt like hell and bitch was crying but only just, as still find so hard to let go with my emotions like that, but its getting there. bitch then got some wonderful pleasure from Master and was allowed to cum, bitch was feeling light headed after that mmmmmm thnak you Master.
bitch knows she deserved it today for been cheeky last night Master.
So bitch has a sore arse and even sorer breasts, well it dosnt matter as its bitches reminder of who owns her Master owns his bitch.

5/23/2012 12:13:51 AM

bitch had to ask for the toilet yesterday evening. bitc asked to go and was told no, so bitch begged Master, was then told have to wee through knickers and send Master a photo, bitch was told she was lucky not to have to keep the wet knickers on too.

For failing to do the journal last night bitch had to wee on her hand, humiliating.

Thank you for the task Master.

bitch was also disrespectul and cheeky last night to Master and is serving Master this morning, not looking forward to that as have to get some chillies!!!!!

5/18/2012 8:33:42 AM
Visit form Master this afternoon, present usual attire with hood and blindfold, leaned over sofa ass spread wide. Also metal bedframe laid on floor with cushions on, bitch knew this was going to be used if bitch got it upstairs into sons room!!
A few whacks on bitches arse when Master arrived, yowww made bitch stand up they hurt, there where about 6 spread out but each one hit home and made bitch stand they hurt.
Master then masturbated bitch, bitch wasnt allowed to come though, Nipple clamps were put on next,owww, have to say its no where near as bad initially when Master puts them on to when bitch does it to self. Wierd i no, it must be a mental thing you know its going to hurt but when Master does it you cant stop it. he then pulled on the chain owwww, and pulled bitch by the hair to pull head back, and slapped bitches face, and asked why bitch dosent like it, bitch just doesnt like face slapping in general, its never hard, and tolerates it. More nipple pulling owwww, then to knees and the honour of sucking Masters cock and balls, bitch does enjoy that and hopes Master does. master then removed the clamps relief hate them.
Laid down on bed frame then and was tied down and hit with the tawse, on breasts and tops of thighs oww owww owwww owww, more pleasure but not allowed to cum, Master then pulled bitches breasts up by the nipple and hit the underneath lovely marks but dosnt hurt as bad as bitches arse does.
bitch then rimmed Master, do like doing this.
Upstairs to be anally fisted mmmmmmmmm, before that more whacks from the riding crop i think whatever it hurt.and Master threatened the gag.
Just love been fisted though mmmmm and was allowed to come, then Master pleasured bitches g spot wo wow owo woww wooooowwwww mmmmm awesum and squirted.
A good session and master did push bitch, which is what bitch needs everytime. Thank you Master for todays pleasure and pain. bitch is now has a fantastic marked arse fromMaster, and everytime bitch sits down it ouches, also lovely marks on breasts, mmmm proud to have them.
bitchslave knows who owns her that is Master.

5/14/2012 5:56:14 AM

bitch was feeling very submissive towards Master this afternoon, and decided to inflict some pain on bitches breasts, although bitch has started binding them tight for about 5 minutes on a night and does like the pain factor from it, so stepped it up one today, bound them tight and then round again and put nipple clamps on for about ten minutes and held the chain in mouth so they pulled even more. bitch knew she ws suffering for master's pleasure even though bitch took it upon self todo it. Master was pleased. bitch was thinking it ould have been even better if Master had been there and used the riding crop the marks would have been great. No doubt be marks soon.
The new pic shows what bitch did.

5/5/2012 10:10:52 AM

Todays task was to ask for the toilet, first time bitch asked was allowed togo, second time had to wait an extra 30minutes, was starting to suffer by the time bitch went, but manged to hold on, third time of asking had to beg Master to be able togo, after reapeted begging via text to Master, bitch was then allowed to go about 50 minutes later, but had to send a Master a photo of bitch weeing on bitches hand, humiliating for bitch but none theless held on, but yes was suffering a lot this time togo, Master has the control so bitch has to obey Master.

Master has also been looking at chastity belts, bitch is happy about this idea, as bitch knows then that master would have even greater control of his bitch from a distance, Master was looking at metal ones than bitch would still be able to wee and poo through but not masturbate unless it was removed, but also that bitch would be able to be plugged and they would stay in whilst bitch was out.

Its a degree of control that bitch would like Master to have to prove bitches submissiveness to Master.

4/29/2012 12:56:05 PM

HM!!!! male female im not sure if you wish to get your rocks off go elsewhere without giving the game away!!!!!!!!

4/25/2012 12:16:12 AM
bitch recieves a text saying that Master wishes bitch to suffer today, as bitch was allowed to masturbate last night, bitch repl;ied back with what Master, been told ask when can go to toilet and be prepared to suffer. At 9.04 asked toilet was asked was it to wee or poo, reply wee Master's, answer no, asked agian later still no. bitch was starting to suffer now, then received another text saying when bitch felt to be reallysuffering for Master's pleasure, bitch was to insert large butt plug and ring Master, which bitch then did.
bitch was told to lean over the bath and fuck arse with butt plug whilst wanking clit, bitch asked to cum, was told no, this was repeated twice whilst leaning over bath, bitch then had to stand in the bath and do the same, again asked if could cum, no, fucked arse again and wanked clit, Maste asked a few times if bitch was suffering bitch was, Master told bitch that bitch may cum but then must wee, well bitch came, but couldnt wee. So bitch was told that if bitch didnt wee in the next two minutes, bitch was togo for a walk and wet her knickers and send a pic, well bitch had to do this then take some pics one with hand in nickers and wet nickers in mouth when bitch got back in, bitch found this humiliating and degrading, but bitch knew it was been done to please Master, and Master does like to humiliate bitch. Thank you for humiliating bitch Master, and bitch is glad Master was pleased.

4/18/2012 6:47:50 AM

Master visited bitch this afternoon, Master has left his marks on bitch, as bitch is there for Master's pleasure's and Master owns and controls, mentally and physically his bitch.

bitch was to present usuall restraints on, hood with blindfold laid on back arms above head knees bent and spread apart. bitch had been told to pay attention and streatch her arsehole more as Master would be fisting bitch on this visit.

Master came in even though bitch couldnt see, bitch sensed Master's presence in the room, Master squeezed and pulled both of bitches nipples one at once, bitch tried not to let any noise out but hands and body moved as the pain ran through bitches body. Master then put clamps on, later turned out to be clover clamps that master had brought with him, at the time they hurt as Master pulled them about and bitch did owww at this, the clamps were on for a while today, and bitch was aware of there presence and the pain from them. Whilst still laid down Master hit bitches inner thighs with the tawse bitch thinks. Master then made bitch suck his cock, and pulled on the nipple clamps as well, bitch likes the honour of sucking Master's cock. Master removed the clamps and that sent another pain bolt through.

bitch then sat up and Master bound bitches breasts, and again squeezed nipples, bitch was asked who controls bitch, bitch replied Master does and so Master can do what he wants to his bitch. bitch was then told to go on all fours and Master used the crop and tawse on bitches back, arse and tops of legs, this hurt and Master threatened to gag bitch, Master then allowed bitch to suck his cock again, inbetween been hit Master played with bitch, but bitch controlled it and didnt ask to cum.

bitch then presented to Master on the bed for him to anally fist bitch, this was a first for bitch, Master placed the mirror and bitch had to look it into as Master fisted bitch. Master said if its too much he would stop and bitch knows Master will. Master kept asking bitch if it was allright, well it must have been as bitch had three anal orgasm which were good, bitch manged to take the four fingers just over the knuckles, so can work on more next time.

Master then tied slave so arms and legs were restrained and used the riding crop hard, and hit bitches feet that was punishment for failing yesterdays task, Master knows bitch hates this more than anything, Master also used the crop on bitches back and arse, this did hurt and bitch cried and begged Master to stop, which he did, Master asked bitch if Master was cruel, no Master bitch replied. bitch now has extremely sensetive nipples and a very warm arse.

After been fisted Master placed the cold anal hook in which was cool, as it had been in the freezer.

bitch then got pleasure from Master has he fingered bitches g spot which bitch loves, but only had one oragasm from this as was tired and getting cold from the endorphin rush as the pleasure and pain kicked in. bitch really enjoyed today thank you Master for having time to see bitch.

4/14/2012 8:09:38 AM

Recieved a text from Master, he was feeling extrememly dominant, replied was out, bitch buy some chillies!!!!!

Didnt like the sound of this so knew was in for a task when got home using them. Even remotely bitch knows Master has the control, and it was not going to be a plesant task, but then again tough for me, if bitch dosnt do it bitch will be punished. So had to slice  chillies in half and plave in nickers seeds up and keep them on, sent first text at 15.21, felt cold but the heat was just starting to come through, slowly increasing, OMG, laid face down on the bed legs a part over edge still didnt take the heat away, as it gradually increased.

Master told bitch ten mins then use ice aand may masturbate.

Another text to ring Master, time increased to 15, bitch was asked why, bitch thought she had something wrong on phone, no easier answer, as Master can thats why bitch.

It was getting hotter and totally unplesant, but bitch knew that bitch was suffering for Master's pleasure, knowing Master has that control on bitch.

15 mins was a hell of along time and even now at 16.00 its burns like hell, havnt even thought about masturbating yet. Although bitch did find a bottle of cold beer fits perfect when sat to help takesi t off for a while then starts to hurt as it does now, bitch really dosnt want to do that task in a hurry. Thank you for setting bitch the task Master, and bitch knows Master has the control mentally andphysically on his bitch.

Still burning like hell!!! This is painful!!! bitch is suffering Master, but bitch knows that even at a distance that Master controls his bitch, and bitch only answers to Master. bitch loves speaking with Master as well.

4/11/2012 6:13:30 AM

bitch is hoping to get the new labia piercings done next week if time allows, also bitch may have a clit piercing, Master has said he will enjoy leading his bitch around with a chain attached, not only indoors but possibly to be tehtered in public, its humiliating for bitch but also an exciting thought, been led on a chain by Master, for Master's enjoyment. bitch is happy that Master is allowing the new piercings though, thank you Master.

4/6/2012 3:21:45 AM
slave served Master last night on cam. slae had been told top have a full bladder, in preparation for weeing for Master, slave thought bladder was full, slave had to use butt plug to fuck arse with and then try wee in bowl, didnt happen, so then had to apply some deep heat on peehole owww, and stand against the wall with hands above head and was told that was a worthless cunt, whch slave was, this was a new postion for slave and made slaves arms ache, slave then had to put gag and nipple clamps on, slave was to say yes or no by slapping left breast for yes and right for no, think thats was the right way round, and resume postion, arms hurt more than nipple clamps, makes a change, then slave had to lift breast up and let them fall, then shake them, Master asked if if hurt slave just shook head, it didnt, was allowed to remove them and then had to stand back against wall, this was worse as arms ached, wasnt there for long, but a new one more stressful. It was then back to weeing and slave had to stand there until slave went, eventually managed some, think Master was expecting more, but slave really tried, its almost as if that part totally shuts down its wierd, as when slave had finished on cam, went straight to the toliet and weed loads. slave was then allowed to masturbate for been a good girl. slave like it when Master does new ideas, but found the arms above head stressful.
Thank you for allowing slave to serve Master.

4/2/2012 1:44:10 PM

If you cant verify on pnone or cam dont bother messaging  me.

3/30/2012 2:34:47 PM

Thank you Master for allowing your bitch  to have more pirecings, bitch couldnt ask for a more understanding caring Master.

3/27/2012 12:40:16 PM

Carpe diem!!!!!!!

3/24/2012 12:21:40 PM

This afternoon meet with Master, slave was to present usuall collar restraints, for use later. Also hood with blindfold and gag, stockings supender and have Master's cunt tied open with rope, hands on head legs apart, with tv on, stood in front of.


The build up was good but slave was very nervous as has not seen for sometime, so was ready then stood in position on guessing the rough time Master would arrive after recieving a text. Master told slave to text when ready, try text when nervous and hood nearly with blindfold on nearly in postion, managed it.

Thehood and music distractsfrom surrondings, so slave was unware when Master came in, only then to feel a knife slowly run over slaves body, sklave was now hot behind the hood and loved the fact Master was present. slave then got breasts slapped so did react from behind the gag even more so when Master slapped slave's arse. slave is not sure but thinks master did put a nipple clamp on slave's left nipple, was aware of something sharp Master had squeezed both slave's nipples, sensed more, May just have been the after effects.

slave was then bent over and still had hood on and Master slapped slave's arse again, slave it stung. Master then removed the gag and squeezed slaves nipples again and hit them with the tawse, could tell that as the way it landed, still had blindfold on, that owwwed, no easy way to put that, and made slave move. Master then played with his cunt and slave did like that but wasnt allowed to cum, deep heat was then applied a lot on clit and in Master's cunt, slave really felt that and it was hot, slave is there to suffer for Master's pleasure. The hood wa then removed which was good as slave felt hot underneath it, dont mind having it on now its just hot.


Master squeezed slaves nipples somemore and slave knew about that as did oww again, then slaves breasts got hit and slapped and arse again. Master then made slave go to knees and was face slapped for answering Master inappropriatly, didnt like that at all, slave then had to suck Master's cock and move towards as Master moved slave didnt do a good enough job, so then had to rim Masters arse hole. As Master felt slave was not worty of Master's cock.
Went upstairs and slave was led to the stairs on all fours on a lead, but allowed to walk properly up then, when in the bedrrom had to lie on back and Master restrained slave to the bed different to normal so slave couldnt close her legs, when the crop was used, slave was subject to the crop on inner thighs and breast, then Master put the nipple clamps on, been honest they didnt feel as bad a s normal as the stings form the crop hurt more. Master insereted the inflatable dildo which pushed the deep heat up higher so as it was inflated didnt feel it, but its the best buy. The butt plug was then inserted and more with the crop on slaves breast and inner thighs, tears but its me in general find it really hard to cry but did, Master t hen gave slave some pleasure and was told to beg to cum was refused. Still good Master hit the g spot as Master always does. More with the crop more tears and was then gagged for a short while, but Master even though slave told him today he was cruel, slave knows Master isnt and only pushes slave so much, or if slave says stop then Master will. The gag was removed slave received more pleasure and was allowed to cum, slave was feeling intensive at this point, and was on the verge of sub space, slave was told to go on all 4's and recieved the cane some lovely marks Master thank you, after this Master made slave cum again twice, slave was on the verge again of sub space, so is pleased with self for feeling that, just need to let self go.
slave thanks Master for today and Master's pleasure is slaves pain, but for slave the pleasure outweighs the pain.
New pics to go up shorltly too, thank you Master.

3/23/2012 11:48:21 AM

Met with local couple today went well have arranged to see each other on Monday, Master had instructed slave to wear a skirt and have chain with bells on hanging from Masters pierced cunt. That was humiliating as when slave stood up in there house Sir heard them. NOt quiet so bad as if a stranger does who dosnt understand as to why you are doing it.

slave cant wait for tomorrow as Master is visiting, been a while since we have seen each other, and slave cant wait to have Master's marks again..

slave has to sleep with the large butt plug in tonight but has permission to masturbate thank you Master, and slave is sorry for using 'you' in an earlier text Master.

3/21/2012 3:37:32 AM

Yesterday was the big task public humiliation, masturbate in a public toilet leave voicemail, and then leave pants hanging on backof door after wiping Master's cunt with them, wait by sink for someone togo in.

FAILED manged to leave a short voicemail but couldnt cum, bad enough, doing that but made an effort maybe next time slave will suceed in doing it properly. Master had to punish slave, slave was allowed to choose a punishment, slave suggest deep heat on buttplug and clit and 5 mins with nipple clamps as hate those. Master uped the nipple clamps to 10 mins and hold chain in mouth. Awful as it hurts a lot, slave is going to have to try harder with tasks so that slave dosnt get that punishment again.

slave needs to get head round the public humiliation too.

Thank you for the punishment Master slave will try harder.

3/20/2012 10:10:08 AM

slave will update on task later but just needs to say this!!!!!


I do wonder at times we all have to learn and gain experience, and that is no disrespect to Master who i am fully 99.9% of the  time  subservient too. slave does refuse  or cant do occasionaly.

3/13/2012 11:10:04 AM

slave is a useless worthless cunt, and does not deserve to be slave to Master, failed the public humiliation task again.

Get so far then bottle it.

Dont think can do it anymore been A totally shit day all round!!!!!!

3/12/2012 1:00:33 PM

slave is sorry for been disrespectful to Master, and will do the public humiliation task tomorrow.

3/9/2012 4:32:58 AM

Todays task, Master asked if slave was going out, slave wasnt has had the gas man coming for the annual check, so one of those waiting around days, he's been and gone so thats good.slave told Master what slave was upto, the task came humiliation, attach the chain with bells on to rings, great not ok when alone if they jangle. Gasman came and had to go round front to let him in, jingle jangle, slave was aware of the noise and embarrased and humiliated, not sure if he heard, but when got back in house im sure he heard something so slave blamed the cat, and just sat on the sofa until he had finished.

An easy but humiliating task thank you Master, and sorry for using 'I' earlier.

3/8/2012 12:41:50 AM

slave slept with the dildo in Master's cunt, it took a while to get comfy but did eventually as it felt wierd with it been full, slave did try to attach rope from toe to ring, but pulled one quiet hard when trying and was bit scared about pulling one out, so text Master and was a good girl for trying.

When slave woke up the first thing slave noticed was that Master's cunt was still full which felt nice knowing it had stayed in, and in knowing it had been used to please Master even in a remote sense, but knowing Master is in control of slave.

Thank you for the task Master.

3/7/2012 10:20:51 AM
Third task, this is for tonight.
Master has ordered slave to sleep with a dildo in Master's cunt so it dosnt coe out slave is to tie it in using labia rings, straightforward enough, can cope with that, then reads rest of text message and thinks ARGH!!!!! slave then has to tie rope from a ring on either side to each big toe and sleep with legs bent, so obviously if slave tries to straighten legs its going to pull on the rings and hurt like hell, this will be interesting to see weather slave can make it through the night, not looking forward to it!!!!!!
Thank you for the task Master, slave has missed them but todays have been hard. slave knows who is in control and owns slave, it is Master.

3/7/2012 5:46:22 AM

Two tasks today, firstly ask Master to go to the toilet, second not as good. Place deep heat on end of large butt plug and insert, then kneel in front of mirror for 30mins to show Master slaves submission, in the timescale the nipple clamps have to be worn for 15 mins and chain held in mouth so they are pulled, slave only just managed to hold in mouth for 15 mins it was painful, but slave knows that the pain slave endures is for Master's pleasure for slave to suffer, That pain kicked in first from the deep heat doing its job and making the butt plug very uncomfortable as it gets hotter, it helps distract slightly from the pain of the nipple clamps. slaves arse is still hot and nipples hurt. slave hopes Master is pleased with slaves efforts and slaves submission to Master. The task was both physically and mentally painful, if it had just had been the butt plug with deep heat it wouldnt have been as painful, its not nice but its a different pain to what the nipple clamps cause, they were awful and they bite in its really painful, mentally slave couldnt distract from that pain to try thinki of something else. slave knows slave does it to please Master and provre slave's submission to Master.

2/28/2012 11:52:44 AM
Todays task masturbate in the toilets whilst at Meadowhall and leave a voicemail, make sure both cubicals are full and leave knickers hanging on door, and then wait for someone else togo in that toilet, humiliation embarrssed dont even get close, 4th attempt and  still couldnt do it. Going to try tomorrow. Punishment slave hates failing so deserved it, slap each breast thirty times and think about why, know why failed, slave used the wooden spoon still awful as it is so hard to do it to yourself, slave knows breast have been hit though, just hope they red enough.
Hate to fail Master but it is such a humiliating task im determined to do it and nearly did sorry Master, but that vocemail will be done.

2/25/2012 8:31:24 AM

Master has ordered his three hole bitch to perform on cam to a certain Dom on here, so three holed bitch will be messaging the Dom later today, also the Dom may have Master's three hole bitch to do what ever he wishes.

The message has been sent.

2/24/2012 12:37:06 PM

three holed bitch slave needs to say to Master. slave offers total submission  and will accept whatever Master choose to do to slave for slave to prove that when the time is right, Master knows what three holed bitch slave means by that.

2/21/2012 2:29:53 PM

Master's three holed bitch.

Nothing more to be said slave is.

2/20/2012 2:19:37 AM

slave had toilet task asking for permission to go, slave asked to go and Master asked had slave been for a poo, slave had. slave had to wait for 45 mins before slave was allowed togo, slave did beg permission inbetween too, slave was told that whilst slave was suffering to go to remember who is in control, slave does know who is in control and that is Master.

slave was allowed to go, with conditions attached, slave had to slaves knickers to wipe Master's cunt after, then place on face for 20mins, and send a pic. Unfortuently slave forgot to thank Master for allowing slave to go, so Master made slave wee in knickers and put on face for 20mins. It was horrible and humiliating for slave to do this task again dont like it and it smells too, even though slave is alone, slave knows Master still has remote control over slave, and that slave is suffering for Master's pleasure.


slave must remember her place, and that Master has control of both slave's mind and body.

Thank you for the task Master.

2/19/2012 6:31:37 AM

Ouch Ouch OUch failed the task, which was to beg in a message to someone for online humiliation on cam on dilation, Master had said slave must do a good message and receive a reply, well slave got a a nice reply but not what slave wanted, but hope to learn something and chat further. So Master is to punish slave nettles in knickers, and may flog slave with them too, really really hope Master has a change of heart as slave dosent like nettles at all and reacts to them, may have to go put lots of weedkiller on the ones in the garden, will update as to the punishment when and fingers crossed it dosnt would do anything else but the nettles.

Thank you for the task Master, slave is sorry to have failed it.

2/17/2012 3:19:30 PM

The worse task kids wanting todo just dance then cludo lol , the but and there is a but can i play just dance, katy perry eat your heart out LOL :)


2/15/2012 5:03:06 PM

Been a quiet a week school hols but thanks for messages off folks hope your all well.

2/8/2012 1:59:53 AM

slave had to sleep with pink butt plug in last night not the first time slave has had to do it, its not too bad the pink one, slave just switches off from knowing it is in slaves arse, and goto sleep, woke up forgot it was in till slave sat up and oooh!!!! Didnt mind the ooooh, slave then had to masturbate stood up with the butt plug in, but had to wait another hour, as was not able to do it straight away.

Standing up to masturbate is totally different it is a bit harder as your not as comfy with been stood so creates a different sensation for slave anyway, but nice with the butt plug in as the orgasm grows slave feels slaves arse get tighter round the butt plug, and likes that feeling, as usual when slave came the butt plug pops out slaves likes that feeling, Thank you for allowing slave to come this morning Master.

2/7/2012 3:00:32 AM

slave completed the task on cam with a Dom which was to masturbate for him as instructed by Master, it did feel odd doing it for someone else, slighty nervous about doing it, but did, Master's cunt was wet before slave started to masturbate, slave knew that slave was pleasing her Master, and was responding to the control Master has on slave.

slave knows it was a task to test slave's submissivness towards Master as to wether slave would carry it out, Master was pleased with slave and slave is pleased Master is.

Thank you for the task Master.

2/6/2012 10:40:58 AM

New task slave has to cam or chat and masturbate for someone by 12 noon tomorrow, so if anyone willing to help, slave apprieciates that, tomorrow morning is better. All you have to do is order slave to do it on cam for you. Thanks slave sally

2/6/2012 10:40:20 AM
New task slave has to cam and masturbate for someone by 12 noon tomorrow, so if anyone willing to help, slave apptrieciates that, tomorrow morning is better. All you have todo is order slave to do it on cam for you. Thanks slave sally

2/5/2012 5:35:22 AM

slave served Master on cam last night, which havnt done for a while so slave was pleased to do so, but before slave even got to cam slave put her foot in it again, with bad texting using 'you', for Master.

Anyway usual start slave shows Master breasts, cunt and arse, then slave had to put 4 pegs on inner labia for punishment for using 'you', its not nice painful they do pinch on slave's inner labia, slave knew it was for punishment so has to suffer for Master's pleasure, slave was then allowed to remove them stills owwws. Next the nipple clamps oww owww still dontlike they hurt, Master had slave lift slave's breasts up and gthen let go so that athe clamps pulled more, slave did this about ten times, it was awful and by the end slave could nearly have had tears, certainly anymore and there would have been, slave is there for Master's enjoyment not her own. Master was then in two minds as to weather slave could have pleasure, for serving Master, slave was allowed to masturbate and cum, as Master wanted to see slave masturbate.

Thank you for the punishment and allowing slave to serve last night Master, and slaves pleasure after Master.

1/31/2012 11:19:48 AM

Todays task wear a skirt no knickers, and attach chain and bells to Master's pierced cunt not too bad a task just cold for a skirt, and send a photo, slave didnt send photo till late on as a friend round, Master reply what if slave had been ordered to show her friend. slave for the first time did say no to Master, slave didnt like doing this, some friends slave could show but not this, slave decided it was better to say no and why, rather than lie and say yes Master slave did show friend, and it come out at a later date. If it had been for real slave would have said no and accepted the punishment also knowing that slave would have displeased Master, but slave wont lie to Master. slave was told slave was a good girl for replying in the way slave did, thank you for todays task Master.

1/30/2012 2:36:40 AM

slave was given the option this morning did slave need a task or leave it,diffficult circumstance, slave chose todo the task mind occupation, they were ask for toilet and the public humiliation, cant do that one as not going out.

slave asked for toilet was told could go at 9.15 then it went to 9.30 luckily slave wasnt busting to go, reason for time change as slave asked if photo was required, slave should not need to ask that, but with the time change slave then had to wee in knickers and wear them till 10, yuck yuck, didnt like wearing them, humiliating sending the pic. As Master told slave she is there to be humiliated, then more had to put wet wee knickers on face for 10mins, which was increased to 15mins yuck yuck again and they didnt smell nice horrible horrible task, really didnt want todo this darnt say no though. Then and send a pic to Master sending the pic is the worse, but slave did it, was horrible and didnt like it, but slave isnt supposed to like it and has been humiliated this morning. Thank you for the task Master.

1/28/2012 8:25:30 AM

Task done and photo sent, totally humiliated and emabarrasing, but slave did it, didnt want to but slave accepts that Master is in control, of both slaves mind and body mentally and phyiscall.

Master was pleased so slave didnt get the punsihment of dirty pants for the day.

Thank you for the task Master.

1/27/2012 8:32:13 AM

Just received a very humiliating task from Master, to show slave her place and for been a worthless cunt at times, really dont like to do it, but have to, its so humiliating argh!!!!! but slave agrees slave needs to know her place and that Master has the control on slave. Have to poo in a bowl and send Master a photo in the morning, and if it not good enough i have to wear dirty knickers all day, not looking forward to it at all.

slave will update with how it went tomorrow.

1/23/2012 3:04:40 AM

slave sent a message yesterday to someone and didnt tell Master about it, slave had to think of a punishment for been disrespectful yet again to Master, but slave had chance Master decided to teach slave a lesson on cam.

slave had to bind both breast tight then pull out slaves nipples, ouchy ouchy, then put the nipple clamps on a nd attach a weight, they were on for about 5mins and slave just hates them and they hurt, even more so when slave had to lean forward and backward. slave was allowed to remove the clamps and then untie slaves breasts at 11am, they hurt slave has done the right tighter than left. They still hurt from from been tied now. slave knows that Master had to punish slave, slave needs to learn that when slave is disrespectful or naughty that slave will get punished, and slave suffered for Master's pleasure this morning as slave deserved it, sorry Master for been disrespectful, and slave thanks Master for the punishment. slave needs to think more about slave's actions.

1/22/2012 11:02:42 AM

Oh dear slave naughty again, Master not pleased slave had to endure 20 mins with 2 pegs on each inner labia, ouch ouch no like but suffered, the sandpaper in nickers oww owww and take dog for a 15 min walk, dog loved it slave didnt, slight reprieves as slave was going for a bath and didnt have to put sandpaper back in, thank you Master, slave has to remember to think before speaking and texting, slave knows this week that slave had been naughty and displeased Master, and slave doesnt feel good about that makes slave feel worthless and useless and slave dosnt like feeling like that with Master. slave was hoping to reddem slaves position and doing the public toilet this afternoon but that didnt happen. Master slave is very sorry for this afternoon and hopes slave is forgiven Master.

1/21/2012 12:21:45 PM

This is slave having a rant and letting off steam some people better be careful who they mess with and slave's rant is totally vanilla just feel better for doing it!!!!!!!!!

1/19/2012 7:30:58 AM

Todays task ARGH!!!!!!!!
Not quiet what slave said, masturbate public toilet leave voicemail message and make sure Master hears on voicemal other voices. Have not refused or said no as slave wouldnt dare, but honestly has not been anywhere that was busy enough to do it.
Master is not pleased with slave for not doing the task, and bad texting again from slave, and slave was unable to provide a decent photo of when the new inflatable didlo came out of slave's areshole. Not been a good day, slave hates it when Master isnt happy with his slave. slave feels bad for failing and useless, and the worse is the texting it happens at least once a week, really have to concentrate as slave will face the worse humiliation ever from Master, and that slave does not want. slave knows she is a naughty slave Master and is very sorry for displeasing Master. And yes slave has to buck her ideas up or face the worse that Master has threatned, it wuld be the ultimate humiliation if it was carried out and really really dont want it Master, but its not for slave to say.
Sorry Master slave will do the public toilet humiliation task as soon as slave gets the chance Master.

1/17/2012 12:41:43 AM

Yesterday salve was on toilet task, ask everytime slave needed togo. First few times of sking slave was allowed think it was the third time slave asked in the morning, slave was told to wait, till a set time if slave needed to do slave was to wee in a bowl and send Master a photo, it was nearly time up when Master extended it again, slave couldnt hold on anylonger so had to wee in the bowl, its humiliating but not as bad as when slave has had to try and wee infront of Master as slave had to do last week and didnt mange it. slave dosnt mind this task infact slave likes knowing that Master has that control, thnak you for the task Master. There was one time in the afternoon when slave asked and didnt get a reply so had to go, but slave wasnt punished as Master had not seen the message, good job slave went other wise there would have been an accident.

1/13/2012 1:51:38 AM

This is so humiliating to have to do this entry, slave had to ask for toilet yesterday and forgot to,so slave told Master that slave had forgot to ask, good girl for been honest, but a punishment was set. When slave went for a poo this morning slave culdnt wipe her arse had to put knickers on and sit in them until Master says slave can remove them and worse ever photo send totally embarrased and humiliated send a photo of slaves knickers, it has made slave think that slave needs to pay more attention and remember to follow orders. slave dosnt wish to repeat this punishment not nice. slave thanks Master for the punishment task though and slave has thought about slaves actions. At the time of posting slave still has the soiled knickers on, horrible. slave knows Master is in control.

1/11/2012 9:26:53 AM

slave has had a series of remote tasks set today, had to hang bells from labia piercings and no nickers, then was rewarded with been able to masturbate, with the big black butt plug in and by whatever ever other means slave wanted fingers are good, catch yes leave a voicemail, that wasnt too bad this time still wierd to do though. The most humiliating was the asking for the toilet, first few times was allowed or given a time, this afternoon asked to go, and messed a text up again so slave had to wee in a bowl very humiliating and very submissive, knowing that Master has remote control over slave, next time slave asked to go, was told to wait 20 mins nearly didnt manage it, but to then wee on slave's left hand both these tasks had to be photographed and sent to Master, slave has been totally humiliated at a distance today, knowing that Master has the control over hisslave to do the tasks. slave knows that if the tasks are failed slave will be punished. Apart from the humiliation with the toilet task, slave does like having to ask Master to go its part of the control element and proves slaves submissiveness to Master.

Thank you Master for setting the tasks for slave today

1/10/2012 1:47:18 PM

Wish slave had of cried at boyzone been easier than how slave feels now ARGH! Sodding Genesis whats worse yes im an emotional wreck today but its Jan so sod it and the marks hurt Master, but its what slave needs.

1/10/2012 6:34:39 AM

The time change this morning made slave even more nervous about this session, as the clocked ticked away the hour grew ever closer, stomach doing sumersaults, stood in middle of room usuall attire naked, restraints collar, and the awful hood with blindfold and gag in, slave had to keep the tv on added ,to loss of senses with the hood anyway, slave could only the tv, so didnt know when Master came in until slave felt the ice, which was a new sensation over slave's body. sent shivers after a while and tickled, slave liked that part. Master then inserted the ginger, this took a while to feel hot, also added deep heat to slaves wee hole that gets hot quick and added rather a lot of wieght ot hang from one ring. Then the dreaded

nipple clamps and hung a wieght from them for added pull for the count of five that was enough, that did hurt slave, added to the fire building up in Master's cunt and slaves arse now ouchy ouchy and riding crop on slaves breasts, as per norm some cracking marks. Master removed the clamps, relief.
Master was also wanting slave to wee throughout the session slave kept trying, and Master kept punishing slave with the cane and riding crop, Master also played with his cunt and salve was desperate to cum, but was not allowed, again asked to wee and couldnt. More with the crop, Master then bound slaves breast and then the ginger popped out so Master inserted the anal hook, so unable to move slave was asked to masturbate and look at Master, slave finds this humiliating, and again was desperate to cum, Master also cropped slaves breasts again and slaves inner thighs, Master was pushing slave and could see slave wanted to cry, slave could have cried at boyzone on the radio when concentrating on weeing but didnt. slave couldnt at that point, salve was still masturbating and was allowed to cum.
slave tried a wee again no luck, Master took the riding crop again on slaves inner thighs and breasts, it hurt and Master was pushing slave to tears and yes this time slave cried, Master just pushed a bit more, then stopped, slave know Master would never push slaves limits too much in one session and slave knows Master would never hurt his slave unduely. Master pushed his slave today so slave could prove slaves submission to Master, slave finds it hard to cry anyway let alone infront of Master, but have done and slave is glad Master pushed his slave on this. Master needed to see that slave could submit for him in this way and to show slave that Master is gaining the mental control over his salve now.
slave had to masturbate again and wanted to cum and Master said yes but slave just couldnt quiet get there, as the pain just outwayed the pleasure at that point, slave then tried to wee again and thought and thought and managed a dribble.
Master then gave his slave the pleasure she craved for, mmmmmm 'the cat that got the cream' always worth the pain, slave only receives pleasure if slave pleases Master and today slave was a very good girl in taking the punishment and pain from Master, thank you Master for today, slave is glad slave pleased Master.
slave knows that Master is in control and slave is really pleased to have a caring and understanding Master who knows just how much to push his slave. slave needs and craves Master control and knows the humiliation and pain slave suffers is all part of the journey with Master, to aide slave into becoming totally submissive to Master.

1/9/2012 7:57:44 AM

slave has been asked by Master to add to the journal on what slave feels that tomorrows session will involve. slave knows there is a punishment due for been disrespectful last week, which may involve ginger, cant be any worse than chilli so if there is slave will grin and bear that one.

From messages exchanged today slave has big feeling it will involve orgasm control. Master has asked a lot over the weekenmd if slave wanted to masturbate, sometime slave said no which was good, other time slave said yes, and Master said no, slave had to control her feelings over not been able to masturbate. Also Master mentioned last week more bondage.

slave was also asked to leave Master a voicemail message explaing how slave wishes to submit to Master, so two and half hours later slave left a message, slave knew what slave wanted to say it was just saying it right, so slave wrote it down.

It is not going to be easy controlling slaves self tomorrow, as slave will show a different set of emotions in front of Master, the real life is different and will be harder.

slave is looking forward to pleasing Master tomorrow and taking the punishment which is due.

Thank you Master for giving slave your attention.

1/6/2012 5:16:39 AM

For those of you who follow slave's journal, slave was to have a punsihment for been disrespectful yesterday, circumstances didnt allow. However this morning slave's lack of attention again in a text, had to suffer an hour with the nipple clamps on, slave never manages long with them as they hurt like hell, so Master reduced it to 25 mins in total, it then led to slave having to insert something large in slave's arsehole and send Master a photo, well struggled on this nothing wanted to go in slave's arse this morning, but eventually managed to find a suitable item. slave deserved it.

slave also had to complete a task from Wednesday, which was to have nipple clamps on with a tight top and no bra when slave went out, plus hang a chain from labia rings with bells on, the most humiliating part of this was the top half as slave had to keep coat open, when in the computer shop it was busy and slave was conscious of surrondings, dont know if anyone noticed, the chain wasnt too bad more annoying but again slave was conscious of a little tinkle every now and again, also went in the bank but dont think the clerk noticed.

As ususal slave brought it on slaves self with the punishment, and is going to have to be even more careful when texting and remember to address Master properly. Thank you for the punishment Master.

1/3/2012 10:07:43 AM

Please help, slave will  be punished either way.


slave is seeing Master on Thursday morning, and slave begs anyone who reads this to offer a suitable punishment for slave been disrespectful yesterday, if slave dosnt get any ideas from anyone Master will punish slave for not getting any ideas off anyone, slave begs you all who read slaves journal any forms of punishment will be considered by Master. Message slave or Master collarme profile forager666.

Thank you

1/2/2012 6:19:54 AM

slaves put her foot in at again! So to speak. Sent a txt and then thought! Disrespectful slave, very very sorry Master.

Suitable punishment sought

Master has decided that slaves punishment for been very disrespectful, is for slave to ask all those who view slaves profile and or journal to suggest a punishment more humiliating the better, Master will then pick one to, subject slave to on his next visit, and photos will be put on slaves profile to reflect the punishment, Master has asked that he be messaged personally with details of a suitable punishment for a very disrespectful slave , his collarme is, forager666.

slave is very very sorry Master.

1/1/2012 6:47:50 AM

Yesterdays task turned out quiet well only had to lick the toilet seat once as my friend went out for the evening with another friend, its was still humiliating todo though, but did it to please Miss and Master, so that was the last task of 2011, we shall see what 2012 brings, thank you for the task Miss.

12/31/2011 7:04:51 AM

Another humiliating task from Miss, bells on rings, and lick the toilet seat clean when friend has been. Accepted humiliating yes, thank you Miss for humiliating slave.


Im interested to know how many of us have set New Year resoultions lol, mine is definetly stop smoking as slave nearly did.

12/31/2011 1:48:26 AM

Would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and slave is looking forward to continuing the journey into total submissivness with Master in 2012.

Lets see if slave can get through the last day of the year without a punishment task!!

Have fun everyone x :)


A very humiliating task set by Miss, ask friend to put chilli on butt plug and insert and hang wieghts from labia piercings, well friend wouldnt insert the butt plug but did hang one weight on, took us back to years ago. Was even more humiliting this time round as slave was under orders todo it and slave hates failing when tasks are set.

As per norm the chilli burnt, but then it passes and becomes pleasant added to the urge to wee as well, the weights were uncomfortable this time as one of the rings was a bit sore not sure why, but they wernt on for long so suffered the discomfort as it please Miss, and Master for slave to suffer.

This task was the worst by far at the moment for humiliation as it was a friend involved. slave undertook the task, and friend obliged with part of it, its a good job i love my friend to bits.

Thank you for setting the task Miss.



12/29/2011 12:27:55 PM
slave managed to acquire a punishment yesterday for questioning Master, very silly of slave to even consider questioning Master. Punsihment to plave sandpaper in bra against nipples and a piece in knickers so it was next to Master's cunt, yes oww oww in knickers, especially as slave was out and walking around. The bra wasnt too bad.
This is not a punishment slave would like again, but then slave knows Master was pleased as slave suffered for Master's pleasure.
slave needs to remember her place, thank you for the punishment Master. Not slaves best journal entry but Master does understand slave's situation thats why it working.

12/24/2011 1:55:57 PM
It so much easier been owned, than playing, santa claus lol, just,want to go to bed tv crap lol night and merry chrisrmas All,all xx

12/23/2011 11:09:01 PM

A tasks yesterday from Master, slave has her friend staying for xmas, and had to sleep with the pink butt plug in but had to ask her friend to take a photo of it in slave's arse, very humiliting for slave, but did it, my friend is not the best photo taker. What was an humiliting task then brought back some good memories for us both from years ago, when we shared a house and had some mad parties, my friend's late husband then confessed to his fetish with dressing in pvc, and he had a few toys. So my friend wasnt too shocked with slave's butt plug. slave will say though that was shocked intially when Master set the task,and thought how mean he was, but was not going to refuse doing it.

Happy Christmas and Best swishes everyone.

12/21/2011 9:19:06 AM

slave would like to wish everyone who reads slaves journal a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year, and hope santa is kind to you All/all xx


Master visited slave today, slave had purchased Master a new toy to use on slave, so both slave and Master managed to meet up.

The new toy was an anal hook. Master had given slave a shopping list banana and chillies, slave also got some proper deep heat, slave knew it would be a hot session. slave left these in the kitchen for Master, and had the other toys ready.

slave was positioned on all fours head on the floor ready to present when Master arrived, with restraints collar and hood on.

slave heard Master arrive and it then seemed ages till he entered the lounge, and even when slave felt his presence near slave was a while before anything was done then thawck, a few with the twase on slaves arse. Master never spoke to slave, and a little while later Master so kindly for his pleasure put chilli on Master's cunt paying attention to slaves clit, it dosnt take long to take effect and boy did it it burnt, then Master placed the analhook in slaves arse and tied it to slaves collar, slave thinks Master put deep heat on it, but the effect of the chilli totally over ruled any hotness in slaves arse, Master then put more chilli on slaves clit and Master's cunt this was unbearable and then Master started to give slave pleasure, slave did have an urge to pee as well, Master's cunt was really burning and hurt, slave was allowed to cum, but it didnt take the pain and discomfort away, Master then applied more deepheat to the anal hook, again slave was marignally aware of a slight discomfort, but Master's cunt was on fire, Master kindly applied some ice wchich helped a lot, for a while, he then took the hook out and fastened slaves wrists to ankles and made slave count 100 strokes with the cane, they were at steady pace and slave has put a photo up.

Master then asked slave how she was, slave replied that Master's cunt was on fire again so ice was applied much to slaves relief again. slave then got some more punishment with the riding crop and paddle. Master then wanted slave to suck his cock and arsehole, first time for slave in rimming, slave was happy to do this wasnt easy and if slaves has the pleasure again, then slave will try harder, slave was encourage by Master with the threat of a whipping, slave hopes Master was pleased with slaves efforts.

Master then gave slave lots of pleasure which takes away the pain, and slave was allowed to cum again. Master then wanted his cock sucking again slave likes that honour and hope Master was pleased.

Master then put the anal hook back in and fastened wrists together, and bound slaves breasts and cropped then so slave has some lovely marks from Master, Master asked slave how the anal hook felt, it was nice it was cold, vould feel it pulling slightly especially after slave was made to squat then get up again. Master cropped slaves thighs whilst trussed up. The hook was then removed and Master cropped slaves arse hole, that hurt. slave remembers Master asking her if he was cruel, and slave siad no, but felt Master had been with all the chilli.

Master than gave more pleasure to slave, massaging slaves g spot which is just heaven slave was content with Master doing this and was able to cum again, Nice and plesant feeling, the discomfort in Master's cunt had subsided and slave was happy and pleased to have served Master Merry Christmas Master and thank you for allowing slave to serve you, slave does like Master.

Absoultely hated the double dose of chillies though Master.

12/20/2011 1:13:07 PM

slave is very happy to have a wonderfull Master, he isnt cruel or sadistic, just knows how much to push his slave, been understanding, caring and kind, yet still getting to know his slave :) its a lifelong learning experience is this journey and slave wants to submitt totally to her Master.

12/20/2011 2:12:22 AM

slave served Master last night, have ready 2 pints of juice, but plug, dildo deep heat stuff which slve has, not as good as deep heat though, weights,nipple clamps, slave hates though and a pair of pants.

slave drank the juice, then put weights on labia rings, than had to put deep heat all over butt plug and insert, got the usuall hot feeling but not as intense as when a chilli or like the other week with proper deep heat, then put on wee hole, and insert dildo and put pants on, Everything was starting to burn now slave was sat back on sofa and then Master told slave to press on bladder, and kept asking slave did slave need to wee, not at first but after a while slave got the urge, asked culd slave go, Master said yes, wsant doing it where was. slave than had to put the nipple clamps on oh owwww owww, sat back on sofa pressing bladder concentrating on not wanting to wee, which wasnt very easy, with the urge to go, and the pain from the nipple clamps, and discomfort from butt pug, deep heat on wee hole and dildo in Master cunts, wasnt sure which was worse. The urge grew Master said slave could go, slae wasnt going to so held on, not sure how long in total had nipple clamps on for but slave asked if slave could remove them, which is as bad as putting them on. By now slave was just starting to fidget with everything below, it wasnt painful as the burning feeling had worn off, just discomfort, did slave need a wee or what, slave was just concentrating on not even with an urge.

Master then told slave to remove pants and use the dildo to masterbate Master's cunt, which slave did, still had the butt plug in so double penetration so was tighter. slave was enjoying using the dildo,. and asked for permission from Master to come and was allowed, and when slave did, wow wow slave managed to squirt, something slave had not done in a very long time, so was very happy and content, and Master was pleased that slave had squirted.

So today slave's new name is squirting slave thank you for last night Master, a mix of humiliation, pain and pleasure, but not the usual pain. squirting slave did enjoy it Master

12/19/2011 5:29:38 AM
slave had another online session with a Domme on saturday night, purpose to be humiliated not to endure the amount of pain that slave did, left slave very upset, slave kept asking for some respite but no, slave had been online for nearly an hor and Master text, slave just told him cant do it and was in tears, Master told slave to go on skype, to find out what had gone on, slave was in tears to Master, and Master was totallly unimpressed by this Domme, putting his slave through what she did, Master consoled slave, and slave callmed down, slave didnt want to give up with Domme as slave didnt want to have failed Master, Master told slave that slave hadnt failed him in anyway, and felt that this Domme had absued her postion in been allowed to humiliate slave online. Master was pleased with slave and will never let slave be in that positon again, the only person allowed to give any pain to slave was him Master no one else, humiliation is more about mental than physical pain.
slave is really thankful that Master is so kind and caring, but most of and the important one for slave is that Master understands slaves needs, and respects when slave is not in a postion to serve particular online, as has happenend.
Master was pleased when slave had a smile back on her face, slave dosnt want to go through what happenend on saturday again, and Master wont allow his slave to.

12/17/2011 2:01:48 AM

Master asked slave if slave would like to masterbate this morning, yes please Master. The task had some humiliation attached, slave was to use fingers only then after slave had cum to wipe fingers on slves breasts and then lick them clean. Even though slave was alone its still humiliating todo, also Master has asked slave to start and streatch slaves left nipple, so slave has put two bands on today, they arnt too tight, but the nipple is staying erect.

Thank you Master for this mornings humiliating task, but most of all allowing slave to masterbate.

12/16/2011 5:56:30 AM

Today was a punishment task, that slave had to do from disapointing Master yesterday for failing a simple task, Master was very very disapointed so slave became a useless cunt for a while.

slave was going out this morning to have hair cut, so slave had to bind both breasts, and put nipple clamps on, nipple clamps didnt stay on for the 2 hour duration as slave cant handle them. Also slave had to have pink but plug in with some deep heat on, slave manged to keep this in just about.

Master had said use bondage tape, but slave used the new red rope acquired in B&Q marvellous place, it dosnt cut in as much either. The purpose was to humiliate salve which it did, as slave was at a relations house, so slave was self conscious of the bound breast, slave suffered as slave had to prove to Master that slave could do and take the punishment and hope Master forgave slave for yesterdays failure. slave sent the photos and master forgave slave for yesterday, slave was pleased as slave hates it when Master gets cross with slave, it makes her feel shit and useless and slave wonders if Master may say thats it, you cant do the simplist of task so why should Master bother. Master forgave slave, which makes slave happy and in a good mood again, slave wants to crave the need to totally submit to Master, and hopes that the journey continues and slave dosn't slip up again over a simple task. slave likes Master a lot, but when he gets cross with slave, slave dosn't like it, it makes slave in a bad mood, and then slave has to go all out to reedem slave so Master forgives slave. On the scale of 1-10 love been 10 hate been 1, slave likes Master at 8, there is a proper psychological scale for this, but slave is not going to go into detail. To Love someone takes time, but you can hate someone straight away thats the difference. slave looks forward to the New Year and seeing how the journey continues.

slave wonders how Master feels about his slave?

Thank you for the punishment and forgiving slave Master, also for the time and effort you put into slave or the useless cunt at times Master, and been kind, caring and strict.

12/15/2011 5:25:32 AM
usless cunt has just a failed really easy task, so now Master is very very disapointed with useless cunt. useless cunt is very very sorry Master and awaitsMaster's decision as to what he choose to do.

12/14/2011 12:16:23 PM

slave welcomes messages from subs, its good to share experiences and find out what others like dont like.

slaves Master is kind, caring, very considerate and most of all extremely understanding to slaves needs, and circumstances. So slave has sung Master's praises on the other hand Master is extremely strict with slave which she needs, as slave does lack attention to detail at times, Master is not cruel or a sadist by any means, each session he just pushes slave that little but more, and slave has now shown the tears, yes a sign of emotional weakness, which Master needs to break, to enable his slave to fully submit and crave that submission all the times to serve her Master and be the best for Master, slave is proud and happy to have embarked on this jouney with a fantastic Master Forager 666. slave hopes to keep making Master proud of his slave and  totally submitting to Master.

12/14/2011 9:45:46 AM

So apart from a few who have read my latest journal entry, you will see that this morning slave was to pee in the bowl for Miss, then added to that a very humiliating task from Master, slave had to rinse hands in the bowl and washface tehn lick hands dry, ok ok slave has never said no to a task, and would try. So later that afternoon, after trying to pee whilst Master was here but no luck, slave managed to go in the bowl, that bit was easy thenext not, sl lave stood there contemplating the next move wash hands in pee, slave set camera to self time and proceeded to do that part, not pleasant, yes totally humiliated, second part wash face, ok ok deep breath wipe hands reset cam, wet hands again managed to pat on face, soon as pic took, slave washed face and hands, and forgot to lick hands clean, Master still expects that done, for total humiliation, slave is pleased to have managed 2 out of the 3 aint bad. Master was pleased with slaves efforts, so slave is pleased, thank you for the total humiliating task Master, and slave will do the last part.

12/14/2011 7:01:35 AM

Double whammy for slave today!!!


slave had a nice surprise text; Master was free for a while to come over early afternoon if slave was avalible at short notice. slave was it was only a quick visit, slave was getting double punishment today then Miss and the humiliation this morning now Master. There were no instructions as there were normally, as Master wasn’t sure on time of arrival.

Master arrived and took the tawse in hand, slave knew why this was chosen and told Master slave is a worthless cunt at times, slave took the tawse punishment for falling to have the item out for Master's use on Monday. So slave has some nice marks on her arse again, thank you Master.

Master also face fucked slaves mouth, for his pleasure, but slave had the worse to come, more chilli in slaves arse, and lots of it, oww oww owww, slave needed a wee again Master suggested slave try go in the bowl as slave hadn’t yet managed to do that from this morning, Master said come on slave or more chilli, slave tried had the urge but it wouldn’t come, so Master got more chilli, slave arse was hot as Master fingered slaves arse hole, slave was writhing around in discomfort pleasure totally unsure, slave knows it was pleasurable and painful, still slave couldn’t wee, slave begged Master to remove his finger and he did after a while, slave arse was on fire, and still is and its worse when sat.

It is an awesome feeling when the chilli hits though those endorphins kick in and slave knows she came as Master's cunt was wet as it always is when slave see's Master.

slave is sat on a very hot arse hole and was really pleased to see Master this afternoon, thank you for the punishment Master; slave didn’t need any extra pleasure today the chilli does that.





This morning slave was to be humiliated by Miss on cam; slave had received some instructions, to have ready 3 pints of water, a bowel, towels and chilli.

slave had to strip and stand and wait then had to squat with hands on head, Miss then commented on slaves bruised breasts from Monday’s session with Master, which Miss was pleased with. Miss then wanted to see the marks on slave’s arse, which would have gone as slave's bottom doesn’t hold mark as easily as the rest of slave’s body. Slave then had to spread slave's arsehole for Miss to see, then use the double ended dildo and fuck both holes and cum. its fiddly getting the dildo in both holes to begin with, but managed in the end and then came for Miss. This was the first time Miss had seen slave use toys, and it was humiliating for slave, slave was conscious of doing it right for Miss. slave then had to lick the end that had been in Master's cunt, slave doesn’t mind doing that, it just horrible on the dildo. slave then had to drink 2 pints of the water and then bind slave’s udders. slave used the bondage tape to do it with, ten Miss had slave suck each nipple for the count of 30, then squeeze, pull and shake each one for the count of 60, slave was humiliated doing this, as doesn’t like squeezing slaves nipples as it hurts, slave then had to slap each udder 20 times, didn’t like having to do that has it hurt with the bruises. slave then had to put chilli on the butt lug and insert in arsehole, oh oh oh struggled a bit as the pain hit, and slave got the urge to wee, and then had to sit on it, oww owww hot feeling and a pleasurable wave hit, Miss was pleased with slave as slave was showing obedience, slave felt a bit cold so asked to put her dressing gown back on, slave always starts to feel a bit cold as the endorphins kick more, slave was allowed. Miss the instructed slave to put chilli on her clit and pee hole, and fuck Master's cunt, with the dildo and cum, oww owww again as the chilli started to work, the first wave as it hits is mind blowing then an intense feeling of discomfort, eased by the fact slave was fucking Master's cunt with a dildo, and then been allowed to cum again. slave then had to lick the dildo clean and try deep throat it, not for want of trying just tastes horrible, Miss told slave to practice this every day. slave drank the last of the water and fucked Master’s cunt and came again, Master's cunt was very responsive this morning. Miss commented on how good slaves bladder control was, saying that others would have pissed themselves by now. slave was pleased not to have asked to wee yet. slave then had to stand and wee in the bowl, however hard slave tried it wasn’t going to happen even after 3 pints of water. Miss told slave that Master had added a nice twist to the end of the task, when slave had pissed in the bowl Master wants slave to put her hands in it and rinse slaves face then lick hands clean, slave was humiliated at the thought, and didn’t say no to the task, as slave knows better than to say no, but slave would try as and when slave managed to go. Miss allowed slave to masturbate slave’s clit and cum again, slave was very happy and came very quick.

slave had to put the new bells on slaves rings and go out with knickers on more humiliation but slave did it and went out, heard an odd noise don’t think anyone else did, not very comfy to wear when sat though, but slave put up with them. Miss told cunt she had done well.

Thank you for the humiliation this morning Miss, and taking the time to humiliate slave.

12/13/2011 12:24:25 PM

Todays task ask for the toilet was ok today, but Master realised slave forgot to put the tawse out yesterday so ouch ouch self inflict on slaves arse, not good the 5 asked for turned into about 15 so it showed on cam, tingley arse after for slave. Cant complain on tasks today and fullfiled the shopping list, just have a photo to send Master with the bells on Master's cunt rings.

slave will do tomorrow and acccept the punishment for not doing them today Master.

12/12/2011 3:00:37 AM

slave was ready at 8.15 to serve Master, stood in middle of lounge, usual restraints in place, collar, gag, hood and blindfold, toys readily avaliable. Its humiliating standing there naked ready to serve but soon passed once slave knew Master was presant.

slave dosnt like the hood and blindfold, as it takes away the senses, so is then unsure of the surrondings even though it was in slave lounge. Master arrived slave sensed this it seemed a while before slave knew Master was near her, Master attached the weights to slaves rings, and swung them, this was fine. Master then tied slaves arms apart in line with slaves shoulders, that seemed ok to start with. Master then felt slaves arse hole and slave got the smell of deep heat, or similar, been applied just in side it, Master also put some on slaves clit and nipples, the nipples went cold really quick the rest was hot to start with and made slave quiver intense heat there. Master removed the gag early on in play. Master then used the riding crop and paddle on slaves arse, some hard ones ouch, Master then played with slaves clit, oh oh oh slave did beg to cum, but was not allowed, the mix pf pleasure and by now the coldness numbness from the deep heat was hard to control, but slave had to. Master then removed the hood, which was a relief for slave,as could now see what was going on .

Miss had asked Master to flog slaves breast or udders as Miss calls them, so Master bound them with bondage tape tightly and flogged them, slave didnt like this but slave is not ment to like it, so endured the pain from Master that Miss had asked for, Master then used the riding crop on slaves breasts, again very painful and slave know bears Master's marks, Master then gave slave some more pleasure, the pain from slaves breasts been eased by concentrating on not cumming, slave asked again if slave was allowed to cum begged Master to cum, the answer was again no. Master used the riding crop on slaves arse and inner thighs again, he then asked slave if slaves arms were ok, slave said no and Master untied them and let them down, another relief for slave, slave then asked if her breast could be untied as they were hurting, and Master did so, Master then proceeded to pleasure slave again, and asked slave if slave wanted to ask something, slave asked to cum, the first time was no, slave thinks it was the third time of asking that Master allowed to slave to cum slave had to look Master in the eyes as slave cum for slaves pleasure but knowing it also pleased Master.

Master then led slave upstairs by slaves rings, slave laid face down on the bed, and Master used the cane and riding crop hard, slave was told off for moving legs about and warned not to do it or they would be restrained, as usual Master hit slaves foot hard, slave really dosnt like this, Master then took the butt plug with deep heat on, oh owww, that was horrible far worse than the chilli slave was used to, even though it was only on the bottom of the butt plug, it was very unpleasant, Master asked slave how it felt, answer worse than the chilli Master, slave then had to insert the dildo in to Master cunt and keep them both there, whilst slave gave Master some pleasure, it was an honour for slave to give Master pleasure and thanked Master for allowing his slave to pleasure him, whilst doing this both the dildo and butt plug came out, slave was warned to keep then in or more deep heat would be applied, Master didnt though, Master then used the crop and cane on slave, and pulled slaves head up to look at him, Master asked if slave was crying slave was, and told Master because it hurt. Master cropped slaves thighs a bit more then told slave to turn over, and open legs, slave hoped it was for more pleasure and it was, absoultly awesum as usual, Master massaging slaves g spot, pure ecstasy and slave came uiet a few times and had tears of joy in slaves eyes, and kept thanking Master. slave wanted to stop but Master asked maybe there is one more orgasm, slave agreed and there was, a truely magical moment, just about subspace its getting there. Master asked slave how she felt, slaves reply content Master, thank you.

A very good session slave had lots of pleasure and pain, Master had said there would nt be much pleasure todo it was going to be a pain session . slave knows how much Master cares about slave and knows that the pleasure takes the pain away, lovely marks on slaves breast Master, and thank you for this morning, slave's feels quiet on a high now. slaves arse hole is still quiet cold from the effects of deep heat, a plesant feeling now.

12/11/2011 1:48:38 AM
Last nights task, quiet a long one, and for been a total slackarse twat in messages again the butt plug with chilli on was added to the task.
Put weight on rings and 3 pegs on each inner in labia, along with chilli on clit and wee hole again owwww!, Then ten pegs on each breast crop using riding crop on hit each nipple twenty times then chilli on nipple and repeat.
slackarse twat is getting used to the chilli on the butt plug, still dosnt take the instant hit away that is intense, given the fact there was also chilli on clit and wee hole with added weight, slackarse twat was in a bit of discomfort, well a lot to start, wasnt sure how to hold it together, especially after having to drink two pints of water, it just makes you want to go more, but as before it passes and its then a controlled level of pleasure and pain. The added discomfort of the pegs and weights didnt help though, the weights were ok, the pegs awful there is always one that just bites in more, its humiliating, to think maybe you may wet yourslef, but exciting too.
slackarse twat then cropped each nipple 20times and placed 10 pegs oneach udder, then had to sit still for 20mins,oww owww owww, the pegs slip off and again bite in more, so after 20 mins and took off very much a owwww, then rub chilli on nipples, and repeat with riding crop, slackarse didnt feel any like when applied to clit or arse though, just seemed tingly warm, hot sensation, pleasurable as against discomfort.
The last part of the task was to sit on the toilet and finger fuck Master's cunt and cum, couldnt do this on the toilet so did downstairs in the lounge, slackarse twat did have to have a pee before doing this though, and it burns ow ow dont like it a very hot feeeling. After finger funcking slackarse twat was to lick fingers clean, chilli residue equals tingly lips.
Thank you Miss for taking the time to set the task for slackarse twat, sorry unable to fullfill it all, just awkward evenings at weekends Miss.
slackarse twat hopes Master is pleased.

12/10/2011 6:09:13 AM

Last nights punishment task Master had suggested to Miss that slackarse twat as named till Monday that was for bad spelling again, think of a punishment.

slackarse twat came up with the task of inserting the large butt plug in arsehole and the didlo in Master's cunt, and to hold it in with bondage tape, and sleep in it. slackarse twat did exactly that, whilst it seemed pleasurabe it was uncomfortable, the sensation of been totally filled was different to one slackarse twat was used to, anyway managed to fall asleep, after getting as comfy as slackarse twat could. When slackarse twat woke up the first thing was argh need the toilet like ripped bondage tape off and expelled the butt plug and the dildo slid out quiet nicely too, a feeling of relief, but a lovely feeling when the butt plug comes out, swlackarse twat was quiet turned on and Master's cunt was wet, overall a good task, thank you for allowing me to choose Master and Miss.


Fingers crossed slackarse twat can get through today with out any punishment

12/9/2011 7:30:03 AM

slave did the punishment task's that were outstanding from Wednesday, as slave wasnt feeling very well then, the first from Miss slave had to insert large butt plug with chilli on and put chilli on wee hole, for bad spelling again, and keep in for 15 minutes, ouch ouch as usual when inserted, gives the feeling of wanting to wee, and slave very pleasurable as well, slave dosnt dislike the chilli slave finds it sends a wave of pleasure and pain through slaves body, but yes its not pleasant when that initiall shock passes.

The second task was from Master, to use a cucumber that also had to have chilli on an extra instruction given this morning, slave had to cut the cucumber to a length that slave thought could be fully inserted in to slaves arsehole, so slave took a guess, but failed to get the whole piece in, and really tried, the extra chilli was not good as slaves arsehole was still hot from the butt plug, none the less the cold cucumber did have a bit of relief, slave put more lube on but couldnt get the extra bit in, maybe it was too cold, slave did like the challenge though of that, its the coldness of the cucumber. Thank you to Master and Miss for the punishment tasks.

slave also had to tie one udder really tight so it went purple slave did both as it was easier to do the next part of the task. amazing how usefull bondages tape can be as well as bloody painfull, dont want to have to personally do that again to slaves self again. Its not easy to do it and get it tight but again slave managed and did the task, the other part is to find a way of keeping the dildo in with slaves piercings, still working on that one.

Thank you Miss for the tasks, and slave hopes they are acceptable.

12/8/2011 10:50:01 AM

slave Is so lucky to have such a caring, kind, understanding and considerate Master, {#}

12/7/2011 11:37:53 AM

What a day, another punishment task from Miss for slaves spelling, nipple clamps with weight on attached to nipples and swing udders for ten minutes, then attach same to inner labia and make them swing, humiliated again, hated it, the weights on the inner labia where less painfull than when slave has the padlocks on the rings though.

Another punishment for spelling again for the above task, large butt plug with chilli on and chilli on wee hole owwww again, plus Master wants slave to use a cucumber in slaves arse, so not a good day, have to do it all tonight. ARGH!!!!


12/7/2011 5:29:21 AM
slave was requested by Master to shave slaves pubic hair in a specific way this morning, slave had been expecting todo it at somepoint, slave was more than happy togo do this, makes slave proud to be owned by Master, Master's mark permanent in a way on slaves body which Master owns.
slaves first task form Miss
slaves's intiall thoughts degrading, lowest of the low, and not sure weather slave would be able to do it.
slave put the dildo in Master's cunt and padlocked all 4 rings together, was unable to keep it in though like this as the rings didnt fit across very well, so had to remove it, Master's cunt was very wet though when slave put the dildo in Miss.
slave bound her udders tight as asked, slave dosnt mind this although if slave was in person they probably would be tighter, its not the best rope either. slave then moved on to the next part of the task, one slave was not looking forward to humiliating very, and darnt repeat what slave was thinking Miss.
slave then got some chilli and rub a bit on slaves pee hole, ow ow ow, shock waves of heat, what a different feeling to having it on the butt plug, as that makes slave want to pee, this even more so, especially slave now having a full bladder from the water, wslave stood in the bath Miss and waited five minutes before removing them, as slave weed it was really hot and enjoyable in a painful way, slave didnt use ice to cool it down slave sprayed the cold shower between slaves legs, it dosnt help much, but slave has found slave enjoys the pain and pleasure as the chili wears off. slave failed the task by not going outside so slave is sorry Miss.
slave didnt find it easy to wee in her knickers even in the bath and was humilited when slave did Miss.
If slave had felt better slave would have gone outside Miss, but slave is cold and had to force slaves self todo the task today Miss, not a good start slave knows, but attempted Miss.

12/7/2011 1:10:02 AM

slave has found a Domme to work with online, spoke yesterday with Miss, slave was humiliated and nervous. slave is looking forward to been used by Miss, as it pleases Master and also Miss.

slave was  very happy as it made Master very proud. slave was rewarded with been able to masterbarte and cum lastnight, but slave wasnt feeling very well so didnt even do it.

12/5/2011 6:29:10 AM

Todays task as well as still been called a dirty slut, was to rope between dirty cunts legs tightly, enjoyed this task, found it pleasurable to wear, maybe dirty cunt wouldnt if Master tied it. dirty cunt aslo had to keep it on whilst out, mmmm again enjoyed that too.

Upon arrival home dirty cunt had to place 10 cold pegs on each breast and the nipple clamps owwwww,not nice and large butt plug and masterbate and leave Master a voicemail message, its wierd doing that, have to time it right.

Hated the nipple clamps painful as ever, pegs not too bad, when dirty cunt came the nipple clamps were evenmore sensetive, especially when removed.

Thank you for todays task Master and allowing dirty cunt to masterbate and cum.

12/3/2011 1:34:45 PM

slave served Master for a short while this evening, the pegs on left labia were not very nice they hurt more than the right, also about ten pegs on each breast, and failed miserably in trying to keept the butt plug in.

slave has a very kind understanding Master as circumstances prevail and slave's service to Master came to an end. So slave has to sleep with the large butt plug in and seek permission in the morning to remove it, ans think of a humiliating name for tomorrow.

slave knows that when slave next see's Master it will be painful, Master's pleasure.

Thank you for this evening Master.

12/1/2011 1:43:24 PM

cumslut just served Master on cam, chillli on butt plug hitswhen it goes in and yes cumslut was able to oragasm and quickly expelled buttplug, its like ten mins after  its hot but a strange nice feeling.

Thank you Master for the tasks today and cumslut has spoke and served you.

12/1/2011 11:07:30 AM
As they say honesty best policy, cumslut told Master that cumslut was going out with two of her male friends who are not adverse to humiliting, instructions skirt on no nickers chain from labia rings to 8 inches, measured just about 8, my excuse been a women lol. cumsluts friend took a photo of cumslut wearing them hanging, not so humiliating until the rtest of the bar wanted to know what was going on, luckily not so many, phone was passed aroungs showing cumsluts cunt with chain hanging from the labia, flustered embarressed humiliated, but then the barmaid wanted to know, cumslut offered her the nipple clamps which were used to try, she declined, cumslut will try again when next dowm there, cumslut enjoyed it overall as the men that saw the pic did like it, cumslut and the barmaid had a chat, and hopefully may persuade her to try them. cumslut did like the task in th eend pleasing so many and answering as to why cumslut did it.
cumslut had to serve Master later just hope the beer not kicked in ouch!!!!, Master cumslut did enjoy the task in the end, and liked showing Master cunts off. :)

12/1/2011 5:07:03 AM

Todays task cumslut as Master named slave today. cumslut had to bind cumdluts breast, eventually found some rope and bound them, sent photo, not tight enough, Master had said he wanted them tight, they were to tight to cumslut, text came back, to redo them tighter and put pegs on for 5 mins and send another photo, if they were not tight enough this time, Master would instrut cumslut to put a jumper on and go to the neighbours house, the thought enough of that was humiliating let alone have to carry out the instruction, anyway they were tight enough so that was a sense of relief for cumslut, the pegs hurt though, and cumslut was glad it was no more than g=five minutes.

cumslut enjoyed this task, as like having breasts bound, whilst doing the task cumslut knows Master is in control even though its remotely, cumslut senses his presence in the mind. cumslut knows by doing the task that cumslut is pleasing her Master, who cumslut respects and like to please Master.

cumslut then also had to masterbate with two fingers in arse, thats a challenge on its own, as cumslut dosnt find it very easy, but did it and enjoyed it thank you Master for allowing cumslut to cum.

cumslut is a happy to have served you and pleased you Master

11/29/2011 7:53:18 AM

Todays task, was for bitch to masterbate her clit using a small vibrator in the toilets in Ikea, bitch was going with her male friend, who then had to text Master saying the task had been done. bitch was to wear a skirt and no knickers out. Humiliated very much, having to control the orgasm and make no sound again conscious of people coming and going makes it even harder to concentrate on trying to have an orgasm. Eventually came then flustered and nearly dropped the contents of the handbag over the toilet floor not good, bitch had to send a photo but it was very dark in there.

Came out my friend saw i was flustered then to top it all my skirt blew up in the wind, nearly revealing all, that just topped the humiliation off quick exit to the car. Its exciting doing it in a toilet, but the mind goes wild as its also very humiliating, a good task done, but then bitch dropped a clanger in a text refering to 'herslef', so is now a useless bitch and has to suffer with the pegs on nipples later and possibley serve Master too, and make amends for the lack of concentration again, sorry Master. bitch finds it more humiliting camming with Master when bitch has done wrong too.

11/25/2011 8:45:27 AM

What seemed to start of as a good day turned to shit, slave was asked to choose a name to reflect yesterday, slave choose abase, means to humble or belittle, appropriate.

slave abase did the tasks that were set by Master. Whilst slave was out Master sent slave a text, saying, maybe on another occasion slave abase would have to use a vibrator in a public toilet, slave didnt reply, text Master when home and was given a task to do which was done, which out question, Master then text slave abase and asked what she thought about using a vibe in a public toilet, slave abase replied that 'slave abase was not impressed with the idea', not thinking of it been in appropriate to speak to Master like that, slave abase was saying what slave thought, bad move, Master was not impressed with slave's message and was disapointed with slave, slave abase sent an apology, which was not good enough, and was told, that Master wonders if he is wasting his time in trying to make you a good slave, slaves reply to this was thats slave abase 'begged Master to forgive the use of inappropriate langauge, slave abase is a worthless cunt to Master, and again worthless cunt aplogies Master.'
Master replied' he would give it some thought, but it seems that worthless cunt is either incapable or unwilling to think about the finer details of serving, having been described as excellent by someone on here, and knowing how long slave had waited for this opprtunity, to think how slave would feel without it.'
worthless cunt was very upset and mortified to think that she may loose Master, and actually could have cried, replied back, 'that right at that moment felt shit and a worthless useless cunt, and would only have self to balme if worthless useless cunt had blown it with Master,'
If Master choose to continue with worthless useless cunt as his slave, what would the response be. worthless useless cunts response to this was that ' be extrememly grateful and accept without question what punishment saw fit, be more respectful and attentive to Master's needs as worthless useless cunt should be, to give the very best she can to an excellent Master. worthless useless cunt is extremely sorry for upsetting Master and it will not happen again, worthless useless cunt still feels awful about it all and would be very very upset if Master disowned her this early on in the training, worthless useless cunt is truely sorry and begs Master's forgiveness over this matter, and will in future give her all to tasks and choose words carefully, truely sorry Master.

11/24/2011 9:06:41 AM

What a day, Master made slave serve remotely via text and photos, firstly last nights instructions slave had to padlocks on rings in morning, and ask to use the toilet.

slave was up earlier so didnt text Master on the first toilet trip, so around 8am slave asked to go, Master said yes, then put padlocks on, which were kept on till slave went out about 10am, slave did ask permission to remove them though. Second time of asking for the toilet before slave went out and to go out without knickers not too bad that part just cold, Master made slave wait for about 20mins, before been allowed to go, and then slave had to stand up hands on head, slave had to control herself when going not easy when you are bursting.

Whilst slave was out Master text and told slave, that slave would have to masterbate in a toilet, this was the task from saturday which slave couldnt do, a day of humiliation fo slave, the instructions were that slave had to find a cubicle that was between two others and wait for someone else to be in there, slave did this, humiliated yes mental and physical pain, wondering if slave could be heard, and did slave look flusterd when slave came out, as there were 3 other ladies stood ther, alough slave made no noise which wasnt easy and did struggle to cum, it was exciting but very humiliating, but managed to suceed in doing the task.

Asked again whilst out togo and was allowed. When slave got home though Master made slave suffer, had to go put a pair of knickers on, slave sensed what was coming, and slave tried to hold on, Master told slave that if slave needed to go slave would wee with knickers on, slave tried to hold on even longer, was about 30 mins, in the end slave had to face the humiliation of weeing slaves knickers, slave is just relived that it was in the house.

So an humiliating day for slave one that will teach slave in becoming a better slave for Master, slave knows that Master is in control and is the one that owns slaves body and mind, both mentally and phyiscally.

slave thanks Master for todays tasks.

11/23/2011 6:51:23 AM

slave served Master this lunchtime, an intense session for slave, as usuall slave received instructions on how to present for Master's arrival.

It was almost as if slave read Master's mind as to how present, slave had been thinking about how slave had presented recently and just got a feeling would have to present in the bedroom, and slave did have to do exactly that. Restraints with spreader bar attached to ankles, hood, and collar on and a pair of old knickers, that sent another thought through slaves mind knife play, which again slave was correct with, Master is getting in slave's mind, so the time came and slave was postioned laid face down on the bed, still not keen on the hood as the blindlfold was on, even though i was aware of my surrondings and knew when Master had come in as slave heard the door, to be honest the next thing slave was aware of was the knife running gently over slaves body, it was a nice sensual feeling and pleasurable Master cut the knickers off, then the pain.

cane, riding crop, flogger and paddle, Master hit my left foot again as he knows slave really does not like that, and it makes slave writhe on the bed to Master's enjoyment. Master then pleasured slave, who was not allowed to cum, more punishment and slave has to becareful not to cry out, other wise Master will gag slave, more pleasure still after asking if slave may cum the answer was again no. Master then removed the hood and slave had tears in her eyes, when Master hits slave left foot, it brings the tears to slaves eyes.

slave then laid on back and Master proceeded to punish slave some more, mainly with the riding crop and paddle, Master likes to hit slaves inner thighs this hurts, Master did do lots of short sharp hits, slave dosnt mind thes and finds them quiet nice as they dont tend to hurt.

Master then bound slaves breasts quiet tight, but does always ask if slave is allright, then squeezed slaves nipples and put pegs on, strangly enoughthey didnt hurt like they normally do, Master then told slave to look at him and play with herself and thank Master for everytime he hit his slave, slave was allowed to cum again, whilst stood up, this is harder to do especially when been hit with the riding crop as pleasure and pain very much intermingle and slave is not sure weather slave has cum or not, or just owwwed from the pain again.

slave was told to lay back on the bed and Master punished slave some more again slave has Master's fantastic marks on both breasts and inside of thighs. slave dosnt think Master is cruel to her as Master wonderfully pleasured slave at the end caressing her g spot, which is awesum, slave feels her self go, but didnt do subspace, slave is a little frightenend about going there at the moment, Master asked slave if slave was allright then covered his slave with the quilt, to warm back up. slave loves accepting Master's punishment as it is well deserved and keep her focused for been a better slave to Master, Thank you Master for allowing slave to cum, and slave thanks Master for the punishment.

The pleasure far outways the pain, so slave is happy to have served and pleased Master again today and have Master's marks.

11/22/2011 1:17:05 PM

slave was instructed to serve on cam this evening with Master, here is an account,


slave had been disrespectful earlier in the evening with Master, and didnt ask permission about asking Master not to use his cunt this evening while slave served, slave already knew the chilli would would be used somewhere, and had to insert the cucumber in to slaves arse, slave was surprised how easy it went in, must have been the cold and extra lube, it hurt but not in the usuall way the pain was less intense, slave tried to hold it in postion but couldnt, Master then ordered slave to remove the cucumber and rub chilli over the end and reinsert up slave's arse, oh my god, that was painful hot, slave had an urge to want to wee, but also felt very much like wanting to cum it was a totally different feeling to any experienced before and slave felt extremely turned on, if i had been instructed to cum or asked to cum slave does believe slave could have, its uncomfortable still and hot, but have to admit very pleasurable in a strange way.

Master did leave his cunt alone and slave is very grateful to Master for that, as the new rings are quiet sore today, slave is very happy she pleased Master and endured his punishment, but very thankful he left his cunt alone.

Thank you Master slave is very grateful to you for allowing slave to serve you this evening

11/22/2011 7:05:13 AM

Todays task as slave was expexcting the plumber, Master instructed slave to put pegs on nipples for ten minutes, well it was literally ten mins as thats all he was here,  slave felt extrememly submissive and humiliated, it was more the fact slave had them on and showing him what needed doing, that made then hurt more too as the pegs moved about, slave didnt find it as bad taking them off though as slave has done. Also wondering if he could see a strange shape, slave did it yes it was humiliating all part of slaves training, making her a better slave for Master.

Thank you for the task Master


11/21/2011 8:33:15 AM

How silly has slave just been, cant comprehend what possed me to, chilies, ouch!!!!!! Cut them up for tea, and washed hands throughly still dosnt help does it lol, then went to wiggle my rings ARGH!!!!!!!! silly slave just thought i would share as slave is sure it will amuse.

11/18/2011 5:21:36 AM

This mornings task, to ask when slave needed the toilet, can hear you all say well just text and go, thats the easy way out, to do that slave would be fooling herself and not following instruction, what would be the point, cheating over it..

Anyway slave had experienced the same task at the weekend, the first few went well, text asked to go, Master replied yes. slave asked about an hour ago, 30 minutes later Master allowed slave togo, swapping of text messages whilst sat on the toilet holding on, tap running as well, slavewas allowed togo, and send a photo to prove that slave hadnt been, Master is well and truely in control, slave just felt powerless, helpless, concentrating on holding it,slave can say dont want todo that too often, slave was just begging to think may have to let go and admit failure, but Master dosnt like failure, slave has to please which slave did, thank you Master.

11/17/2011 1:58:20 AM


The wonders of text messaging, slave was just about ready when Master came in, typical 5 minutes later the text Master had sent to say he was here came, so slave was a little caught out, so had both nipples squeezed ouch!!!!!! Master's punishment for not been ready, slave was sat on a chair, restraints on, and hood padlocks on rings.

Master hit slaves legs with the paddle, and then removed the padlocks and tightened the hood up it was wierd, as i couldnt tell what master was saying and a bit daunting he then felt how wet slave was, Master's slave was wet, slave then sttod and leaned over the sofa and Master used the cane, paddle and his hand, slave's head was warm and felt a bit claustrophobic, particularly as slave's head was hanging down, Master then pleasured his slave, Master always gives his slave pleasure after slave takes his pain, slave had to beg to come, slave was allowed, after Master removed the hood which felt good, slave was nearly ready to ask Master if it may be removed, as slave was feeling a bit light headed.

Master then instructed togo upstairs, where slave was restrained on slave's back on the bed, and Master used the riding crop, Master knows slave does not like her feet hit, so uses this as a 'stress test' and quiet of few of the hits on slaves feet did have her writhing in agony, Master then used the gag, as slave was making a bit of noise, Master kindly asked slave if slave was alright, and then continued, Master then held slave's left foot and hit it hard, twice, this did bring tears to slaves eyes and slave felt then run, slave hated this and can still feel a sore spot on foot.
Master then had great pleasure inflicting pain on slave's inner thighs and slave bears Master mark Master again asked slave if slave wished Master to stop she had to beg him, slave took some more with the riding crop, but then asked Master to stop which he did, slave is happy to take the pain as slave again received pleasure and was allowed to cum again. slave loves having the pleasure of Master's fingers inside and loves the feeling of pleasure it brings to take away the pain, but slave will suffer Master's pain as slave knows it pleases Master. slave loves the feeling of been light headed and Master thank you for putting the kettle on again, Master is kind and considerate to his slave and slave thanks Master for todays pleasure and pain.


11/16/2011 8:33:59 AM

slave is seeing Master tomorrow, and a new hood to try out, slave has had a play today and not sure about it, feels claustrophobioc, but nodoubt slave will in time learn to be ok with it.

slave wants to thank Master for allowing her to serve last night and cum, slave does like to make her Master happy.

11/15/2011 12:58:18 AM

slave was supposed to present to Master on cam last night, slave was looking forward to hearing Master's voice, but slave hadnt done her new adds for looking for a Domme, so Master told slave that slave wasnt worthy of his presence, slave only had herself to blame and was upset by this.

Master instructed slave via text then, to take the carrot, as slave had been asked to find a suitable piece of fruit or veg earlier, and use the carrot to pleasure Master's cunt.

slave enjoyed this it was a lovely feeling the coldness of the carrot,  and slave then had to send Master some photos.

slave apologies for not doing new ads and will do them today Master, and thank you for allowing slave to cum last night.

11/13/2011 6:17:30 AM
Todays task, is both padlocks on slaves rings, and to ask Master permission togo to the toilet. Even though the its a long distance task, slave feels extremely submissive and senses Master's power over his slave. So far slave has asked twice to go to the toilet, both times slave was allowed, slave has a feeling next time when asking wont be. slave is happy to be pleasing Master and is loving the journey Master is taking his slave on, thank you Master

11/11/2011 2:30:43 AM

As per Master's instructions from yesterday, slave awaited a text to say Master was near, and be in positin to present. slave was svery nervous and feeling extrememly submissive this morning, not sure why just felt so different to last week, maybe slave was more in control last week in some sense, as we had just met and then Master came back to mine for a session, slave cant expalin fully. slave received the text and presented to Master, on knees head bowed arms out holding slaves collar, which slave gave to Master as a mark of slaves submission, Master then placed collar on slaves neck, slave liked this feeling and was happy to see Master again. A lead was then attached to the collar and slave was lead into the middle of the room on all 4's.

Master then flogged slave a while, slave was a abit jumpy as Master is testing her limits at the moment, so every so often there is a owzer!!! only way i can describe, Master then felt how wet his slave was, and slave was responisve, Master then played with his slave making her wtithe and moan in pleasure, but no allowwed to come, Master then caned for a while, then slave had to insert the butt plug and keep it in place, which is hard as slave tends topop them out, but slave was warned if slave did, Master would punish slave more, so slave held on, wholst Master then pleasured slave again, slave begged Master to come, but no, slave knew that Master wasnt going to let her, slave sensed it so controlled her feelings.

On the third time of Master pleasuring slave, slave was allowed to come, after begging Master to allow slave, slave did enjoy the moment.

slave loves the feeling of been allowed to come it eases the pain which Master has given, but which was deserved.

Master then restrained slave to the bed on her back, totally new expereince, spread eagle, vunerable excited but also wondering what Master would do, slave had the tawse used on iinner and tops of thighs, some owzers again, also Master hit the soles of slaves feet, i didint like that, but slave has to suffer.


slave turned onto her front then and legs restrained, as Master allowed slave to keep her hands free under her head, master caned slave, and during this inserted the large butt plug and slave was told same as before keep it in or else you know what happens slave, again slave struggled, clenching buttocks makes the cane stroke hurt more too, Master gave a some good strokes, slave can very much feel them now on her bottom, and the marks on thighs.

Master then gave slave some fantastic pleasure again by stimulating slaves g spot, slavegoes lightheaded and loves this feeling its awesum, such a pleasurable feeling and taes the pain away, Thank you Master. slave was then cold and Master stopped and covered slave up with the quilt, which slave found extrememly touching, slave said could goto sleep now, Master said well i could but need to know slave is allright, and Master suggest a coffee slave agreed, slave is still a bit mesmerised now from this morning, and looks forward to seeing Master again soon, slave feels very lucky to have a Master who is kind, caring yet very strict, and adores the pleasure and pain slave receives from Master.

11/10/2011 12:11:41 PM

slave is seeing Master very early in the morning, slave hopes will be awake, arghhh!!!! Oh well slave will have a caffine fix just awaits Master on knees ready top present and to offer Master slaves collar, slave has to say ,Master, slave offers you   Master's slave's collar as a mark of submission. Filled with nervousness and anticipation, but overall very submissive slave was in the reply on text and is now, slave is looking forward to seeing Master but still filled with butterflies, and the fact that slave told Master about toys that she had,  could be ouch ouch.

slave cant wait to see Master and suffer Master's pain and pleasure. slave just hopes Master leaves slaves new piercings alone as they are still been ouch is it the fact one is getting  older or second time round on the pain levels.

11/7/2011 2:16:55 PM

slave endure the nipple clamps, it was extremely painful towards the ends not sure how long a good ten mins slave thinks, whimpish to some slave knows that, but slave will build it up and endure the pain, also the fact slave had tears in slaves eyes when slave removed them, slave has to remember to use slave and not I, her, myslef or me, slave must remeber this as Master is not happy with slaves mistakes, Master keeps pulling slave up on messaging.

slave is now happy that Master is happy, as slave endured the punishment.

11/7/2011 12:00:01 PM

slave cant see to go two days without getting into trouble for the 'I' in messaging Master, so i am been punished, slave had to choose a punishment, slave does not like nipple clamps, so choose to wear them whilst she speaks to Master later, and also slave has to think about her behaviour and the pain that she will endure, and make sure that slave is not disrespectful in the future, or slave will receive more punishment and knows they will be more severe, so that slave learns her place.

11/7/2011 4:40:40 AM

Well im back to been just slave now, and have had my piercings redone.

I was going to get them done at somepoint for me, but after meeting and chatting beforehand with my new Master about piercings, he wanted me to get them done for his pleasure also, i was more than happy to do this, as i know it pleases Master that i have had them redone for him, as i would have kept putting it off, it is worth the pain and discomfort for now, as i am looking forward to Master seeing them for real.

11/5/2011 7:49:13 AM

For failing yesterdays task and giving myself the name of worthless cunt, which is what i am, Master gave me another punishment, worthless cunt had to sleep with a butt plug in all night, never done that before, mentally i wasnt worried about this task, as i am used to butt plugs, but not for a long period of time. I put the plug in and went to sleep, when i woke it did feel funny though, and must say pleasurable, i then had to take some pics of the plug in place and as it came out, that was not easy, i do like the feeling though when the plug pops out and i was feeling turned on, but didnt do anymore than had been asked.

Master was pleased with worthless cunts photos and am  good girl, thank you Master


11/4/2011 2:18:32 PM

worthlesscunt has added that todays task that was asked for will be failed on the second punishment wont be though Master

11/4/2011 12:32:59 PM

Oh dear not a good start, i didnt reply to Master's text message on a task, yes i am a disrespectul slave, punishment to give myself a nmae to be called for 3 days, and post on here which i am, i am now a worthless cunt for the next 3 days, and through this i learn not to be direspectful to my Master Forager 666

worthlesscunt is sorry Master

11/3/2011 5:29:31 AM

Officially slave to Forager666, slave is very happy and excited on the new journey she is embarking on with her Master.

slave had her first taste of Master this morning also, slave was instructed on to be ready to receive Master when he arrived, wearing a black boobless basque, wrist and ankle restraint, collar and blindflod, stood facing the door as Master eneterd, with hands on head and legs spread.

slave was then led by her nipples to the middle of the room, slave has sensitive nipples and Master is aware of this, they were squeezed just enough to make slave winch. Master checked how aroused his slave was, slave was wet, and was then ordered to lick Master's fingers clean.

Master then used the flogger on slave and the riding crop, slave had to kiss the crop too,when slaved owwedd a bit too much, Master was kind enough to say that slave must tell him if it is too much.

slave was then ordered to her knees, where Master proceeded to tie her cuffed wrists and ankles together, followed by binding her breasts, so slave was unable to move.

slave was then pleasured by her Master and had to ask her Master when she could cum, which he did allow. Master then used the riding crop on the inside of her thighs, they bear his marks now, and slave is happy that Master has left his mark, but know's it will fade, slave was also flogged in this postion too, Master then removed slaves blindfold and was ordered to look into his eyes, while he spoke to his slave. Master then untied slave.

slave was then ordered to lean on the sofa, where Master spanked and flogged her, again a few big oww's, Master reminded slave that slave must say to Master if it is too much at this time.

slave then gave her Master some pleasure, while he flogged her back again.

Master then had his slave kneel and insert the butt plug, then slave had to play with herself and ask permission to cum again, slave struggled to keep the butt plug in though so the second time it came out, Master told slave to leave it, and continue playing with herself, slave asked permission from Master to be allowed to cum. Master allowed her.

Master then gave his slave more pleasure by playing with her g spot, all slave can say is that it was awesome, and extrememly pleasurable, and she thanks her Master for giving his slave this pleasure, slave did have to say to Master though that she felt a bit light headed, so Master stopped, slave was very happy at this point, even more so that slave had pleased her Master, and in accepting the pain with the pleasure, from her Master, slave has the nipple clamps and is to practice keeping them on for periods of time so slaves nipples get used to them, Thank you Master.



11/1/2011 3:06:12 PM

Well feeling happy at the moment

7/23/2011 3:55:04 PM

No profile kinda dont bother be nice to know something, Doms or so called and yes i no it works both ways am i female last time i looked i was, but anyone can put that LMAO, or should that be LMTO work it out. Oh the joys.................

3/14/2011 1:37:05 PM

Do some Doms not realise how unindated a sub gets with messages, to reply to them all even with a no thanks!!!!

We can all read mail from who ever and wherever, do you always reply post haste, i doubt it, subs have lives too other than to reply to everyting, it may annoy some follk, but im fed up of it all!!!!

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