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Pan Female Slave, 33,  Canada
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Greetings, la pagar kajira. she seeks a Master or Mistress, for 24/7 live in service. Now before You assume anything of this girl, please note, girl realises that Gor, is based from a fictitious series, and does not exist. But the Gorean lifestyle is very real and has been adopted into modern BDSM. this girl was trained in Gorean fashion from a young age. she has been trained to the level of a red silk, has earned the kef tattooed on her left thigh, and has very extensive training in High Protocol, etiquette, carriage, and service. this girl has also trained a few slaves, and sissies in the art of proper service. One of girls favorite reference manuals is "Protocols, handbook for the female slave" by Dr Robert J Rubbel. she has her grade 12, a degree in Graphic Arts and Design, and is currently working on a degree in Counseling. she volunteers at a local women's shelter as a chef, and peer to peer counselor. she has been a Head chef and kitchen Manager for 2 restaurants, and loves baking. she has been told that she carries herself in an eloquent manner, and articulates her thoughts well. she is quite mechanically inclined and enjoys building antique cars. her current project is a 1980 Porsche 931, she rescued from an auto wreckers. she is also a post op trans female, she had full gender reassignment in Oct 2012, she is a fully complete woman, so if You can't get past the "you were a guy" mentality, look else where. So sick of Masters talking to girl saying "oh your so amazing, so talented, so well trained" just to say "oh the attraction isn't there". this girl hopes that the Master who gets to collar her, realises that Owning a girl such as herself, is not just for sex, yes red silk is a pleasure slave, but girl has a great many more uses than just that. if all You are seeking is a sex toy, please look elsewhere, this girl is a slave, not a whore. saforashelby











Last Online:


 Female Slave


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"

 170 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Friends Only

A Poly Household

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