Mature Sub... passed its prime. The spirit is moving but the body is slow. its former master used it mostly as simple labor grunt and now can no longer take long hours and and hard work. It was trained like a slave to obey and listen to its owner and accepted that master knows best for his slave. Healthy and fit for its age and seeking to at least re-live its past experiences thru communication with others who are submissive or slave owners.

4/1/2024 9:13:02 AM

Reported to Master David on Saturday. He is an excellent trainer and it is so fortunate to have a good master. It mentioned that it had received a few inquiries from people who follow its journal and asked if he would give permission to update its latest report on its training. He was surprised that anyone would bother to read what it wrote.

However, he wants it to do a survey and report to him on next Saturday what,if anything, its readers think. The question is:

Do you think that Master David's slave should be marked with the word 

SLAVE tattooed on its body?  and if so, where would you mark on its body.

Your comments and answers are to be sent to this slave for reporting on the results to its Master.


3/19/2024 7:05:37 AM

The last few weekends have been very exciting although with a lot of work tasks to do. Master has been busy making sure that seasonal tasks are done as the weather has been warm . Now that seems to have changed a little as winter has returned for another bout of cold weather.

Have settled into a routine of a kind for each visit. Arrive and enter the sun porch, get undressed and wait for Master. He may inspect me and then go to the training room in the basement. Exercises for a time as Master diraspects, list of work tasks to do and put to work. Usually left to do the work with Master only checking now and then to make sure things are getting done in a timely manner.

Later more personal services are required by Master which includes cock sucking practice. It is improving,at least it thinks so but Master is still not pleased and uses his riding crop to beat its rump to encourage it.

It does not complain and Master is lenient in giving the lashes, and he may read its journal so this not to criticize. It accepts its Master's right to whip his slave when he feels it needs it, and thanks Master for his training efforts.

3/4/2024 6:12:40 AM

finally Master relented and gave his permission for it to post to its journal.

the last few meetings were pretty much the same as previously ones.

A lot of exercises,personal services to master, some manual work, and humiliation.

He removed its chastity device, feels great, and informed it that now that the weather seems to be getting warmer ,he wants it to report earlier. Starting this weekend it is to report on Saturday morning to be put to work outside in the yard. Master has several jobs for it to do.When it  asked what time it would be dismissed,he simply stated whenever he feels like it, but it should expect the usual time,which means around 10 or 11 pm. that will make for a long day, but it did not say anything about it.

2/16/2024 9:21:07 AM

This entry is late and apologize to those who were looking for the update.

Last Saturday night it reported to Master David and as usual it undressed on the sun porch. It can be a little embarrassing as the windows go almost to the floor and anyone who is looking from the neighbors can see into the room. It rang the buzzer and waited for Master to come. He checked it over and took it to the training room in his basement. He had it perform a series of exercises as he sat there supervising. In the beginning they were not to hard to do but it soon was sweating and breathing hard. Finally Master must have gotten bored or decided to give it a break. He inserted an anal hook in its rectum as it squatted there and tied the end of the hook with a cord to the back of its collar. This kept its back straight and unable to stand.Arms were positioned stretched out to its side,palms up and a dish was placed in each palm. Master stood in front of it and ordered it to open its mouth and suck his penis to get him hard. It did as he ordered but it was very hard to do as its arms soon go sore from holding them out. When Master finally climaxed in its mouth,it held his cum till given permission to swallow. He did some other things to it after that and was told to report this coming Saturday, told to get up to the sun porch,get dressed and was dismissed for the night.It arrived home late, after midnight and went to bed as it was very tired.

1/23/2024 6:10:18 AM

It drove to Master's place last Saturday and shoveled snow from his driveway. He was not pleased as it arrived late according to him  and needs to learn to be on time for the future. it was a long,tiring day and was punished for displeasing Master. It thinks that it took pictures of it when it was hanging there by its hands and hooded. It heard him talking on his cell phone, chatting,laughing and making crude comments. When it asked him about it, told not to ask questions. 

It reports this Saturday for another session and hopes no more is ready for spring to get here.

1/15/2024 7:40:54 AM

Reported to Master on Saturday for training. It did exercises, read rules for servitude, and gave master a list of limits and talked about issues.

Master took the list and said he will read and consider them. If it snows this week,he ordered it to report and shovel the snow from his driveway.

One of the duties for his slave in service to its Master. He gave it a lesson in discipline using his riding crop. Admit that it is not easy to remain still and quiet  down on all fours with one's head locked between his knees as he beats it's ass.He said he was being lenient but felt like he has a heavy hand. It had to thank him and give him a blowjob in appreciation for training it. It was dismissed and sent home wearing its jean backwards so the zipper was up against its ass and a butt plug inserted into its rectum.

Its next training session is next Saturday.

1/7/2024 8:43:53 AM

The weather was lousy driving to Master David's place. Parked in the driveway.Back porch is actually a kind of sunroom with windows all around.Prepared myself as instructed, rang the buzzer and knelt down.

Master David came out shortly,put collar around my neck and led me into the house,down the stairs to the basement. It is divided into two rooms,one is an entertainment area with couch and TV and the other is an exercise room and with a work bench. He calls it his slave training room. He had me do a series of exercises and soon got hot,sweaty, and breathing heavy. The actual inspection was intense and quite detailed,exploring all over my body. It was rather embarrassing and humiliating to be put in to some of the positions. Master David said that i was not his ideal candidate for his slave but that it might be fun to put it through its paces and see what he can make it do.

He made it very clear that "it" , if it wants to be his slave, it must consider itself to be a mere subhuman, a piece of property and dedicate itself to serving its master in all things. He put it on a diet and exercise routine to tone its body. It currently is an anal virgin and was told that it has a tight hole and needs to have it opened for master's eventually use.

The inspection ended with it providing oral service to Master David, for which he said it needed practice to improve its skill. It was dismissed,allowed to get dressed,minus its underwear for he does not permit any of his slaves to wear underwear, and sent home. 

He will contact it when he wants to see it again.

1/6/2024 5:46:32 AM

Received order from Master David to report to him later this afternoon at his place. He sent directions and instructions on what to do once there.It is to wait for him on his back porch till he takes me inside for inspection.

Hope all goes well and will report here on what transpired after the inspection.

1/1/2024 9:08:30 AM

It has met Master David and he has agreed to give it the opportunity to be inspected by him. it awaits his message to report to him for consideration. further updates will be recorded here as they develop.

 Age: 25
 Florida, Florida