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hi. Im back online after taking a year off recovering from a bad relationship. You know, one of those doms who thought he was always right, everything goes his way, takes doesnt give, etc.

Id like to get to know a true CARING Dom. One who actually LISTENS to sub's feelings and desires. Someone who isnt Dom 24/7. What I mean by that, is show the human side. Let me see you laugh, cry, act like a kid, etc. I dont want anyone younger than 30, older than 40. Ive dated younger and older, doesnt suit me. So if youre not in that age range, DO NOT EMAIL ME. Wouldnt mind a Daddy Dom .. giggles ...

Also, absolutely NO FACIAL HAIR AT ALL (I dont have, you shouldnt either), No tatts or piercings (yucky), and PLEASE take care of yourself. Im not your momma. If youre overweight, YOU do something about it, dont expect me to tell ya. NO SMOKERS or druggies either.

I WANT IT ALL! yes, im a greedy sub. After an abusive marriage, and then a dom who showed his true colors, I want the knight in shining armor, the romantic, the sensual Dom. Yeah I think he exists, wonder if Ill find him here? giggles

Ok, apparently most doms CANNOT READ!  Once again, no one over 40, just not interested in the least. No one under 30 either.

Already been told Im a bitch for saying what I want and that a "true sub" wouldnt have posted what she desires. LOL you guys are hysterical.
Thanks gentlemen for the emails, but remember, NO ONE OVER 40. Im just not interested.

If you wish to chat, as this is soooo slow, I can be found on aol IM as littleme31oh