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I am an experienced male sub,once 24/7 with a lifestyle Mistress.I was her chastity slave for over five years.I am a rubberist,and love rubber bondage,but also love leather,satin,pvc,etc'.I am seeking a truly dominant female to chat to,and hopefully serve one day.I did most work around the home for my ex 24/7 Mistress,inc'general maintenance on the property,decorating,gardening,joinery,etc' and also made bondage stuff for the Mistress to use on me in both wood and rubber,ie stocks,bondage bed,and in rubber a one piece body sheath,hoods,etc'.I am 100% genuine in my desire to find a new Mistress to serve,and would like ideally to be a 24/7,total house slave again,though not a must.I would relocate anywhere if given the chance as I have no ties.Thank you for your time in reading this profile.