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I Am a Dominant Male seeking bi female slave. It would make us a more complete Dom knowing I have a girl who likes it both ways.Also cherish lactating females. No gamers or Liars will be tolerated.Do not waste My time. Not in to extreme BDSM Warmest bottom's, Rigid2 still searching!!!!! And seeking a sub or slave that knows how to use a sewing machine to teach Me the art of sewing.

10/29/2004 6:09:54 AM
I wonder if female slaves who put an ad here really know what they want.I took the time to write a slave with the nick of dum-dum.After reading her profile and finding she was supposed to be poly she deletes it unread.HOW RUDE!!.Why is she here and asking for  this living arrangement if she doesn't even take the time to read her mail.I certainlly read My emails here and respond either way.If someone takes the time to respond to your ad.I think it only fair to react to them.Then there are those here wasting everyone's time bragging about their relationships and only seeking friends.I don't care to know about you. But that is rather frustrating when you are searching for someone as a possibile partner in the lifestyle.

10/21/2004 1:34:41 PM
I thought I'd update this. Seems W/we still are searching and now have added to the wants a submissive couple would be nice as well.But the chance of finding such a couple for a LTR and live in seem remote.I wish all who stop and read My profile a glorious day.

9/28/2004 2:56:45 PM
I and Lady Ursula continue the search as W/e always do.Someday W/we will find what W/we seek.In the meantime it's back to the drawing board for Us. Everyone have a great day

9/24/2004 4:49:15 PM

Life goes on as the greek myth about diongennes seeking a honest person.I have so many unopened and unanswered e-mails here I feel like I should belong in some sort of a contact hall of fame.It all boils down to what people say they want in fantasy but when it becomes reality they run and hide.I found a slave here had her remove her profile and started an email relationship with her only to find she just stopped writting emails to Us.A simple "I have changed my mind". would have worked very well.I hate being strung out.

8/29/2004 7:10:11 AM
Well started today with replying to ringed nips.of all the slaves & submissives I have wrtten I can say that many do not bother to reply even with a polite "NoThanks".I want to know if it is just too much trouble to take the time to write a reply. As you can tell I Am pretty hard core about that. I reply with an answer even if isn't what  people would like to hear.

8/28/2004 4:42:56 PM
I can not believe W/we have searched for over 3 yrs. to find a female slave to enrich our lives.Only to be played and fooled around with.Aren't there any honest people around anymore.I think at times what's the use???????.And My significant other and I both being dominant say give it a little longer

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 Age: 23
 Cebu, Philippines