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My name is Kevin. I am 30 years old. Many of those years have been spent thinking about kink. I have been active in kinky communities for the past 5 years. My involvement grew from curiosity to helping run a large active group.

I started my journey into BDSM with wide eyed curiosity. My personal nature is submissive. At first I identified solely as submissive. In fact I did not think I could bring myself to hurt someone else at first. After learning more about myself I have found that enjoy I switching even though my nature is submissive.

Submissive: I enjoy service. It does bring me great joy to help other people at many levels of my life and that certainly applies to kink. Bondage is another big hitter for me. I do really like the helplessness of bondage, not to mention possible discomfort and certainly the vulnerability. Punching, canes, and a well aimed single tail are just a few other activities I enjoy. I have played in more casual scenes, that have allowed me to find what pain or sensations I like and dislike. Casual play or scening can be very enjoyable and rewarding, but my desires are for more then a casual play partner.

Dominant: I tend to think of myself as a service oriented Top. What that means is that I get gratification from giving others what they want, not constantly pushing them into the things they don't like to do. Like I said before I am very into bondage. I love binding people up. I have many ideas and application of predicament bondage. Some tested and some untested. :-) Canes are a personal favorite instrument for me to use. I like that I can touch the person at the same time the cane strikes, I can feel their body react.

I love cooking, especially cooking on the grill or smoking. Computers have been an ongoing hobby of mine since 95' and certainly have taken up some free time. More recent hobbies are cycling, exercising, and general fitness. One of my all time favorite past time is watching TV and movies on the couch with my wife. My Ideal Person: I am married to (purplelotus1). She is my life. I encourage and frankly expect anyone interested in getting to know me better to get to know my wife better also. I am not looking here or any where else without her knowledge and encouragement. I would like to meet people for a number of reasons. I am always looking to meet friends. I am kind of a people person and very much like meeting new people. I am looking to play with people that I feel I am compatible with and that the experience will be mutually rewarding. I am not looking to play with anyone the first time I meet them. In a nut shell I am searching for a person that purplelotus1 and I both feel comfortable with. Yes, she has a big say in my kink life. A person that she is comfortable with me playing with is a big key. From there I hope to build a friendship and trust that can allow for a deeper and more fulfilling connection during play.

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 Age: 28