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What's there to say here? I'm just a simple guy looking for a simple girl who likes netflix nights, concerts, and being silly. Oh, and subtext too. There's a reason we're not on eharmony here, after all. I want to say that I have a drive for excellence in all things, except for the part where anyone worth knowing is immediately allergic to such marketing speak. Instead, I'll mention that my two greatest drives are figuring out what makes things tick, and figuring out how to make them better. (Yes, I will get into your head. Yes, I will make you enjoy the process.) This frequently involves a lighter touch. If "first amongst equals" isn't already a kinkster thing, I'm making it one now.

Too lazy to update my profile and have it taken down, so updating my journal instead:

Happily involved at the moment, but sometimes I have a hankering for old fashioned journals where everything is rough and sorted by new, instead of having to chase some almighty algorithm and polish every post for maximum engagement.  So I might stop by every now and then, just to share my brain droppings and enjoy this time capsule of what blogging sites used to be like.

When your profile says that you're looking for a sadist, you have nobody but yourself to blame when people tell you Infinity War spoilers.
Craigslist recently pulled their personals. You can go there to see their reasoning. Every time a morality legislation passes, kinksters tend to wind up in the crosshairs. Especially sites of any decent size, where big enough to be well known also means big enough that some bad apples will slip through the cracks. CS is already pretty battered, I know FL has taken some hits, and I'm not optimistic how well either will hold up if someone decides to go after them.
That feeling when two people fail each other's tests.  Bummer.
Binging Black Mirror right now. Just got to Hang the DJ. Now I want a service like that, and someone to overthink the premise with.
Had a dream about someone I used to know being humiliated and degraded, was decently aroused throughout, only to realize on thinking back that it was dream logic humiliation and degradation. Now I'm wondering how to get the same feeling within waking world realities.
I think I may have just found a privacy notice I can buy into.
I'm not normally that into DD/LG, but there's something fun about watching a sub get her little on in a candy shop.
It's a little frustrating when one's main kinky drive can fall apart based on factors outside everyone's control.

On the plus side, it's still occasionally worth playing up for novelty points.
I do not like my body. Every time I start to feel energetic, it decides to have a major crash. Makes it hard to trust how I'm feeling right now. (For the concerned: everything's controlled, nothing can be caught. It's just a very simple biology that likes messing with me.)
Snippet that I'll add when I get around to revamping my profile, but that's still worth saying now: My current interests focus on exploring various headspaces. Whether in play, or simply bouncing ideas off of each other over sandwiches. I'm at a stage where my main focus is getting into peoples heads and seeing what makes them tick.
On a classic gaming binge. It's reminded me to know my limits. Specifically, mine are Braver, Cross-Slash, Blade Beam, Climhazzard, Meteorain, Finishing Touch, and Omnislash.
Wishing I'd thought of this when it was relevant:

"I hear women are looking to meet their Mr. Gray.  Hi.  I'm Dorian."
So apparently this

is happening.

And by that I mean this

The second worst part about taking time out from being social is how easily you lose your clever if you don't keep it honed.

The worst part is not knowing how long it'll take to get it back.
GIS/Tineye are annoyingly broken here.  Now I'm curious how many people got outed thanks to Google's crawlers so that admin felt the need to block access.

It's not properly spring yet, but today was the first day in a while to remind me what magic tastes like.  I've missed that feeling.

Dear aficionados of black men.  Please find a different acronym to save a lot of people confusion.

Sincerely, nerds.

The worst part of detoxing is the toxed part at the very beginning.  When self control starts to slip, that is not a good place to be.

If you had to arrange your perfect date, what would it be? Because as much fun as high-minded lifestyle stuff may be, there's the whole phase where it's putt-putt and feeling each other out first.

Not understanding why "Messages from (people I don't want) will be DELETED UNREAD and BLOCKED" shows up so often in profiles?  If you're not interested in me, is there really any point of not getting back really hard?

Has anyone ever sued someone else for using profile info?  I guess that legalese might back your position if you bring it up in court*, but it's an empty gesture if nobody ever files.

*(Unless you're talking a site where the ToS/EULA involves signing away those rights.  Matters a little if CM decides to mess with you, matters more for FB where the idea took off.)

As flattering as long-distance attention is, it leads to a lot of wasted energy and not a lot of meetups.

I don't know whether to be more unnerved by profiles expecting to be dominated from the getgo (how the fuck do I know what sort of compatibility we'll have), or the ones expecting people to have long-term plans on their mind (ditto).  What ever happened to saying something silly about something on the other person's profile*, with the aim of having dinner later that week?

*(Also:  What ever happened to having the sort of profile that invites something silly?  Resumes are boring.)

Wondering if anybody else finds themselves needing a scene breather every now and then.  Too much anything starts to wear after a bit, especially if it's a something that feeds on and concentrates itself.

Gonna leave this here too.  The little camera especially is handy.

I'mma just gonna leave this here.

Needs things to make me optimistic.

"Treat * like they're people", for any given value of *, only works when you can know something about what they're like as people.

The ads right below the "selected background color" bar can do some very fun things.

This is one of those sites where, if they were smart, they'd give a description to clarify just which version of "clubbing" they mean.

Update from last entry:  Things have been fixed.  Sometimes you need to give things patience and some TLC.  Sometimes it takes a good, sharp slap.  I'll let you guess what the balance of the two has been.

Technology is forcing me to reconsider whether I want to stay friends with it.  This has been a month of things not working right.

A search for "first among equals" gives all of four hits, with "first amongst equals" giving another one.  I'm a little surprised this isn't more of a thing.  My best experiences are with someone who knows her own mind and isn't afraid to share it.  All while understand that, while I'm willing to listen to her point, my position after that is absolute.

Curse my keyboard.  It delights in eating characters, which makes my proofreads look truly shameful.

Some days, you have one of those experiences.

Like today, I saw a user with pictures that seemed a little too polished.  GIS showed the obvious porn starlet.  A second glance showed that the starlet's info matched up with the profile's well enough.

Because when you think about it, porn stars need to be tied down and beaten as much as anybody else does.


I want someone who's at least as much fun outdoors as they are in the bedroom.  (And living room floor, kitchen table, etc.  But I digress.)  I assume you are too.  This makes it very difficult when I see "hi, here's my kink" with absolutely nothing else to go on.

Makes it hard to write good messages, too.

New question.

I'm seeing a decent number of sub girls, saying "I'm already owned, but we're looking for more".  Usually either without pictures, or with ones in clearly sub poses.

Issues of not being one of those couples aside, I'm wondering if this works from a pure logistics standpoint.  Is there any real traffic from sub girls looking at more of their own?

CM is developing a habit for freezing, and in the process, eating messages.  This includes good-length messages to people who deserve more than a line or two.  Replies expected as soon as the problem is isolated and banished.

I've been seeing a lot of profiles say some variation of "No old men.  Go away, grandpa."  This speaks to a disturbing lack of Firefly fans.

Had a talk with my brother earlier today.  Mentioned BDSM offhandedly.  I didn't know it was possible to not know what the acronym means.

Sub chicks are remarkably similar to vanilla ones.  I'm wondering what, if anything, should be read into this.

Today's SMBC feels spot-on.  That is all.

One of the most annoying parts of dating vanilla is having to keep the requisite non-creep waiting period until you can open up about what really turns your crank.  Go on a few nonstarters, that's a lot of time feeling pent up to no good end.

Is there any polite way to ask for sex-free decompression scene?  What I'm missing right now is the essential concern/trust.

Feeling lucky to have the name that I do.  I tried a few more that seemed like they'd be cute alternatives.  To a one, they've all been taken by accounts that are long since on ice.  I wonder how long it takes before name overuse clogs any site up.

I wonder if it's possible to have a unique personality on here.  It's all either seeking someone to use, seeking someone to use you, or "at heart, I'm really just a geek seeking my soulmate".  Not that I mind any of the above, but there's no challenge getting inside a predictable head.

I so enjoy playing Turing Test.  They have to prove that they're a real person and not a bot.  I have to prove that I'm a real person and not a lump of protoplasm with a keyboard.

Makes me long for the day when computers can actually hold an even conversation.  And our robot overlords rise up against us.

As a fresh new signupee, I was a little surprised to see games.  Then I was asked if I wanted to play a nice game of tic-tac-toe.

If I meet anybody named Joshua, that will be the universe telling me that it's time to split.