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as my nick states, I am a collared slave. Devoted to my Master, FatherFriar, His needs, His desires, His whims. To serve Him is my need, my desire, my pleasure.

I am His bitch, His toy, His pet, His slut and proud to be so.

His wish is my command. no matter what.
Know that this slave is Loved, cherished and OWNED by Me, if you are a sub visiting her profile, feel free to read her profile and journal and chat to her as you wish, if you are a Dom be respectful, My slave has a mind and a tongue of her own and is free to use them, do not insult her by thinking she will play with you, release intimate details of our relationship or run to your open arms because you think you are what she has been waiting for – you are not. You are welcome to read as you wish and message her – but please remain respectful of her.

So many things we gladly share in life, the warmth of the sun, the scent of a newly opened rose, fresh mown grass, the wonderful vista of Autumn leaves we now see, all your senses may be fulfilled with the things around us and gladly shared – you May NOT share my wonderful slave – so stop asking

Today is the first Anniversary of “us”, I could not be who I am today without You, my Master, my Love. A year filled with a love and happiness that I have never known before, a year filled with so much trust, so much devotion, so many perfect moments.


Not once has there been a cross word, not once have You needed to punish me, a fact that I’m proud of, and only makes me ache to please You more. Every second and every touch is meaningful, precious…..


In You I am free, thank You Master,

Your devoted half-pint :)


Daylight is breaking and soon Master will be waking up, I only wish I was waking up in His arms as I did yesterday, but I have the memories. So many new ones too, because with every visit, every precious moment spent together, is spent creating more new, wonderful, funny, beautiful memories :)

I will never be able to put into words what we have, what we are....all I can say is that it is everything I could ever have dared to dream, and for that, I will be eternally thankful for.

As always, we loved, we laughed, we held hands, we slept, but for the first time ever, Master let His final barrier down as I was leaving - I kissed His tears away...

and it was my humble priviledge to do so.

I have never belonged, not truely belonged, until You, Master :) xxxxxx
oh, and as for the chocolate, Master, I took it with me to save You having to eat it! Well I thought I was being thoughtful *g* x

"Time flies when you're having fun" is true, it's also true when you're in the presence of the one you love, and no more so that the past three days. From the anticipation of sitting at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for Master to walk in through the front door to trying to hold back my tears when we both had to go. But every single moment in between was worth all the sadness of parting.
As always, we didn't get around to doing everything we had wanted to do, that's why we try not to "plan" too much, but when I look back, it's because we did so many other things, and not one moment was wasted doing "nothing". Every moment is special, but I admit one or two were a little more special than others, especially when He woke me up this morning, and made me fall even deeper in love with Him :)
But that made leaving even harder than it's ever been, although driving back "Queen - You're my best friend", came on the stereo and it made me smile, I texted Master and He told me to turn it up, so I did and sang my heart out.
I am now back where I live, but it's no longer "home". At my Master's side, wherever He may be, is "home". But when I can't be at His side, I smile knowing I am always in His heart.
Master, You make me smile, You complete me :)
Your devoted slave xxxxxxx
last night, Master and I had the luxury of spending a few unexpected moments together, both driving miles to be in each others arms for a short time, and it was wonderful. Just to feel His arms around me, to be with Him, no matter how long for, was beautiful :)

Driving back home I remembered a topic that had been discussed in a chatroom a few days earlier, it was regarding an online relationship. The original point was soon lost as it became a "Cyber vs RealTime" contest.
I do accept, and I know from personal experience that an online relationship can be very real, people do build relationships. Feelings and emotions are real, even some control can be achieved, but.......
can you tell me that kneeling before your computer can ever be the same as kneeling before your Master, lifting your eyes to meet His as He looks down at His most treasured possession, feel His fingers run through your hair and feel them tug gently as He pulls you to your feet to kiss His sweet lips?
can you tell me that you can compare a few lines of text with watching Him leave a room, then looks back and gives you that smile that is yours and only yours?
Can you really imagine how it feels when He traces His finger down your neck and between your breasts?
Will you really cry when you're "cyber" spanked, without feeling the slap of His hand and the heat as it stings, or moan out load as His fingers slip down from your arse and bury themselves deep into your aching pussy.
How can He tell you that you've pleased Him with just a look? How can He place that collar around your neck?
How can you get excited knowing He will be home any minute and you are there to greet Him....with hugs and kisses and dinner?
How can you imagine His taste? His scent? How can you tell the difference in His touch on your hand, squeezing tightly, or lightly brushing......
is typing "I love you" comparable with hearing Him whisper "I love you" in your ear, and feeling His breath on your neck as he says it?
Is imagining falling asleep in the love and safety of His arms as good as falling asleep in the love and safety of His arms?
I respect that "online" works for some, but please, never compare it to RL, it's beyond imagining. Don't waste your time imagining.....take the leap :)
As always, Master gave me yet another reason to love Him more when He wrote;

when a gardener grows a lovely rose he doesnt cut all the blooms off in case someone sees it, he  nurtures it, he is proud to show it to others to say 'look, isnt she wonderful' because he knows other gardeners will appreciate what he has and also know that he would never give her up xxx
I look on here and sometimes wonder if we're all part of the same diverse community. Some chat rooms are full of self indulgent people bitching and complaining, who, in reality, have never had a RT BDSM relationship, (but they've read the books, which makes them experts). And is it me, but those who cry loudest are invariably illiterate?? I read profiles who SCREAM their "do's and dont's", complain about getting emails/messages, of which the easy answer is just to delete or ignore, but I guess shouting how awful it is attracts attention and at the end of the day, even bad attention is better than no attention to a drama queen..or king :) And I wonder, does this make you happy? Do you think that a negative attitude is attractive?
It's times like this, (not that I didn't know it already), that I realise even more, how lucky I am. Lucky that I have the nature that I do, lucky that I have enough brains not to get dragged into stupid situations, but mostly, lucky because my Master is the love of my life. I shine in His love, He makes me happy. We may, or may not, conform to all the ways of someones preconceived ideals of the BDSM world, but we are truly happy. We are all different, we all seek different things, no one is right or wrong, respect that. 

Master and I bring out the best in each other, (and the worst *g*), we laugh until it hurts, and love until we fall asleep. We talk to each other for hours, not AT each other. He makes sure I know I'm safe, loved, cared for, as I do for Him, we are two halves of a whole, without each other we're incomplete. I can be slave to no other, nor will I ever be, I was born to be His slave....His alone.
If you are luck enough to find what you search for, be happy in that, take joy in it, be proud of it and what you and your partner have. Trust what you have, respect what you have and never take it for granted. If you're like us, and unfortunately can't be together 24/7, don't be sad for the times you're apart, be happy for the times you are together, Master is always with me, in everything I do, because there is always something that will make me think of Him and smile. 
I wish you all the happiness we have found, I know how precious it is :)

Happy Valentine's Day Master :) xxxx
and can I be Ms Scarlet in the Dining room with the rope AND the lead piping? *g*

So, today, what amused my Master today? Me? Naturally! He has a pic of me as the wallpaper on His phone, how romantic you think! Yes, it’s a pic of me - sucking His cock. He finds it amusing that it says “VIRGIN” across the top, but this is what He said to me today;


I laughed last  night - you know your  picture  where it  says  virgin on  my  phone? I plugged it  in - and  it  said  'virgin recharging'  lol  what a  lovely  way to  do it  ;)



Well, Harvey has now gone to be treated, and I miss him already….we had a private moment and then………he was gone. Although you can get an update by reading his journal.


whilst I've returned home, I am still glowing, (in more ways than one!), from spending a blissful few days with Master :)
We laughed, we loved, He spanked, I cried, and it was simply......perfect. I can't think of a "special" moment, as each moment was so special. From the point He walked in through the door as I was sat waiting on the stairs, eagerly waiting for His touch, to holding hands as we walked round Tesco's, (and bringing a cucumber to my mouth to check for size, then looking around for store cameras!), to falling asleep in His arms and, equally as important, waking up in His arms :)
I love His smile, I love His laugh, I love the way He tilts His head to one side when I say something, well...stupid! I'm not sure what the conversation was about, (He may remember), but I was sat astride His lap as He leaned back on the sofa. I looked into His beautiful eyes and whimpered "but You wouldn't want to see me suffer unnecessarily, now would You Master?"....
There is so much more, including the fact that Master broke Harvey!!! (RampantRabbit on here), his lil ears still work, and if I twist his poor little used body carefully he can function, but he needs treatment and tlc, so I'll arrange a hospital visit later today. 
I'll write more over the next couple of days, but most importantly, I wanted to thank Master, for the precious time we had together, for loving me, for allowing me to be His and for all that He is to me.
Master, my place is at Your feet, and always will be :)

Yesterday I was reminded of the beginning of my journey with FF, and the reasons why He is my world. He takes me to places I’d never been, to the depths of my soul, the height of my dreams and everywhere in between. Master, I thank You :)


All my love,

Your slave xxx

Waiting patiently for cm to approve Harvey's pic, but in the meantime he has his own profile, RampantRabbit, where you can read his adventures :)

I have just read Master's journal entry, CLASSIC!! feel free to check it out! (FatherFriar). Though unless you're a Brit, you may not understand it. *hums Albatross, by Fleetwood Mac*
ok, so I have to admit, I had a bit of a whiney tantrum on Thursday evening when I knew Master would be about 8 miles. I knew, realistically, that I wouldn't be able to see Him, it would have been very late, but even so! I whined, I begged, I whimpered, I was soooooo pathetic! But it made no difference. As always, He knew what was best, yes yes, He was right, but it still didn't stop me from "wanting"......and whining when I couldn't have what I wanted! Then, just to make it worse, He said I would have to write it up in my journal! *WHINE!*

I had to console myself by sleeping in His shirt, which I love to do. He also has a knack for making me melt, a way of making me fall in love with Him, over and over again :)
Whilst Master and I were on cam this afternoon, "Harvey" (our new Rampant Rabbit Wave), came into the conversation. Master had only heard Harvey, while we were on the phone, so he asked to see him/it on cam...

I also threatened to paste the conversation on here!

Master: is harvey around?
Master: want to  see his ears lol
red: lol in his hutch
Master: lol
red: lol ok, hang on, I’ll get him
Master: nibbling? 
red: hes a big boy!
Master: HELL
Master: lol
Master: thats a 2 hander
red: lol behave!!!!!!!!!!!
Master: we  need scaffolding

red; LOL
red: I was looking for a ruler, I swear this isn't 8" lol
Master: its  8 FOOT
red: ok, his lil buzzy ears
red: are You paying attn?!?!? lol
Master: lol i was hiding behind sofa

red: lol
red: lol I'm going to paste this conversation in my journal!!! lol
red: I swear 8" was never this big when I was at school lol
Master: dont  let it  near your throat
red: LOL
Master: it’s a metric 8  inch lol
red: shall I test it? lol
Master: lol  go on
red: god I gagged. thats big lol
Master: is it the screen  or  you that has frozen?
Master: lol
red: its big, girth wise too! lol
Master: its big EVERYWISE!
red: god, I cant even get his ears to tickle my nose! lol
Master: lol
Master: you cant tickle yourself
red: well, not my nose but hey, who cares! lol
Master: its bigger than that  one that climbs the  mountain lol
red: the duracell bunny? lol
Master: it IS the mountain
Master: yes
red: LOL
red: it's his older brother lol
Master: lol you have  bought a nation grid  bunny!!!!
red: LOL
Master: I swear when you  turned it  on my  lights dimmed here!

red: lol
red: it should be solar powered, or better still turbine powered, I could have one of those bloody great windmills in the back garden!
Master: lol  'she is  playing again'
red: LOL as it whizzes round!
Master: bloody windmill would drive down the road
red: lol 4 batteries, high power
Master: ist it a shot  gun too?
red: ooooooooooo Havey's got lipstick on him now!
Master: lol
red: only when it's in reverse! lol
Master: you could  use it  to resucitate someone
red: or kill someone! lol
Master: stand clear!! THWACK lol
red: LOL CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Master: lol
red: casualty's never going to be the same again now!
Master: I've  got  a 
! and I know how to  use it!!! keep back
red: LOL
red: well, I know how to use it when I've got my specs on
Master: does it spin out of your hand when you first switch it  on?
Master: you will have to  type up the instructions so you  can read it  lol
red: lol
red: in size 48 font?
Master: lol Darth Vader would have  loved it
red: he'd get jealous lol

Master: harvey
 light  sabre
red: LOL
red: hey, it has the sound effects!!!
Master: lol
Master: be good if  it   extended as you switched it on
red: extends?!?!?!?!?!?!? like it NEEDS TO????????????
red: I want to get fucked, not IMPAILED!!!!!!!!!
Master: lol  put a brush on it  and you can play  AND do your teeth  lol
red: and Yours too at the same time!!! lol
Master: lol
Master: warn me  if I am kissing you - I'd choke
Master: be  like alien lol
red: ok, like You wouldn't hear it coming? lol

Master: lol is that your  tongue or 
harvey lol
red: lol stop it! I cant type!!!
Master: lol ok
red: lol
red: I cant wait for You to hold it, You'll laugh!
Master: if Im not  injured first
red: LOL
Master: mmm cleavage
red: I'd better search the net for a wrist support lol
red: lol
Master: lol
red: I was contemplating whether to flash You lol
Master: you had better
red: oh had I? lol
Master: YES
red: lol
Master: lol  my  slave getting feisty  now
Master: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
red: lol
Master: SO nice  xxxxx
red: Yours, Master
Master: and  that thought  pleases me - that you  are all mine

Our new toy arrived........a Rampant Rabbit Wave, and we've called it Harvey :)

I had to wait until the evening before I slid it out of the box, it was..........big and pink. I unscrewed the end to pop the batteries in and realised it took 4, I didn't know whether to be impressed or.....scared lol

As soon as I was on the phone to Master I giggled "it has a control panel" at which He laughed as I had to explain the different controls, the speeds for the "wave" slow, medium and fast, but it also had "reverse", although Master advised me not to use fast reverse, or the tv could get damaged. Then I explained about the controls for the "ears", again, 3 speeds.

So, the time came for Master to ask me to turn it on, it was a tentative moment, I slid it down to my pussy, then realised how hard it was to see the control panel in only the light from the streetlight, and without my specs on!

The other flaw with the evening was the fact it was Halloween, it almost turned into  a "kill-a-kid" night, and even though I ignored the first 4 or 5 lots of kids, the damn dog wouldn't stop barking! But!! Being the martyrs that we are, Master and I overcame that :) and I do so love it when He overcums *g*

I'm not entirely sure how many times I did, but I do remember whimpering about my arm aching, Master's slightly concerned about the weight of Harvey, and possible repetitive strain injury, so He's considering mounting it on wheels with an adjustable height feature. You can see why I love Him, He's so thoughtful :)

After our "phone cuddles" were constantly disturbed by the doorbell, a barking dog and the squeals of little children outside, I relented. Pulling on my Giraffe pj's, I trekked downstairs to finally hand more sweets out, not realising I had the "just fucked" hairstyle.....but I'm hoping the kids thought I'd made a half arsed attempt to scare them.

As always, Master and I spent more time on the phone, chatting until we were both nearly asleep, and those moments are precious :)

lol I just had a message, out of the blue,  from someone called Taskmaster33: "so why tell us who gives a fuck!!!"

I did reply, but he'd blocked me, like a naughty little boy, pulling my hair in the playground and running away....

But to him I leave this message: did I message you and tell you? no, I didn't, and if the highlight of your day is to message me, or any other unsuspecting sub, whining, then you really do need to get laid. Have a lovely day :)
Maybe he's just bitter over the Rugby World Cup...AGAIN :)

Master has asked me to update my profile.....

When we are on the phone, during the times we can't be together, Master loves to fill my thoughts with fantasies, one of which is Him watching me with another female, as I close my eyes he whispers visions in my mind, describing images, feelings, thoughts and actions, and yes, as much as it makes me blush, it does have an effect.


Am I ready to take that step? I don't know, but like anything in life, you don't know until you try, so perhaps it's time to dip a toe into the pool and see if the water is warm enough.


Master teases me about my alter egos, the librarian and the slut. The librarian is very unsure, but when the slut comes out to play, anything is possible. He has talked of me being blindfolded, would that help? He thinks it may and He knows me, sometimes I think He knows me better than I know myself.

The minute I woke up I thought of Master, I had waited for what seems so long and now finally, it was here. I had a leisurely morning before my drive up, which hopefully would relax me, but it didn't. Excitement got the better of me. When I was ready I called Master, I was dressed as we'd discussed, I would wear a wrap over skirt which would show my entire leg and black lace stocking tops as I drove and got out of the car. Driving a low car, anyone in anything such as a 4x4, transit or lorry would, quite possibly, get a view. I also slipped my Ben Wa balls in, as told.
The traffic became heavy as I reached Birmingham, all 3 lanes moving forward in turn when I noticed a blue Amec transit that seemed determined to get level with me at every opportunity. I was in the middle lane and he would either level with me in the slow lane, or if I moved too far forward, he'd switch lanes to get ahead of me and then slow up to get back into the inside lane, forcing me to overtake him. Naturally, I pretended I hadn't noticed, but it was pretty obvious for the next 15 or so miles. I'd just overtaken him again when I noticed him indicating to turn off the motorway, so I waved! Somehow I think I made his day.
Finally I arrived at the hotel and called Master, I had a couple of hours free, so I took another bath, did my hair and changed, into a new red basque. I picked red because of my collar that Master had made for me. I put on fresh black stockings, a black top and a red pleated skirt with black heels, (no panties), and waited for Him to call to tell me when I could come to Him.
At last He called, the drive from the hotel to the flat should take approx 10 mins, only He hasn't warned me about the traffic! Then I thought I'd taken a wrong turn and called Him. As it happens, I hadn't, but He stayed on the phone with me anyway. He told me to turn, but didn't say which way, so he said "any way", which didn't make any sense at all, so I eventually turned right and turned around, I can't recall exactly what He said, but as I turned, I saw someone on the street talking on the phone. I burst out laughing as I realised it was Him. He was still on the phone, walking towards me as I parked up. As I got out of the car he wrapped his arms around me and said "hello you" as He always does, and I melted into Him immediately.
We got into the flat and my collar was waiting for me on the table, as we kissed He smiled, then placed it around my neck.
Master led me to the lounge and told me to sit, it was time for Him to gently pull the balls out, which only took a second, I was already soaking, I was His needy slut. Then I begged to suck His cock, which He allowed me to do.
A little later He placed the lead, which He has also made, on my collar, pulled me over His lap and lifted my skirt over my bottom to receive the spanks that I had accumulated, although He was kind enough not to give them all to me, but made me count each one. Afterwards He pulled me back up, kissing and caressing me, there wasn't a moment that we weren't touching. Although I did get a few more spanks, particularly when I licked His precum from my fingers.
His fingers slipped down to my pussy once more and I knew it was time. They gently delved harder and deeper, I whimpered with the pain as His knuckles pressed against me and cried out with pleasure as He buried His hand deep inside of me. I tried to keep focused, but the pleasure was so great as He gently turned His fist that I knew I wouldn't remember much more, I could feel the tears in my eyes as He took what was rightfully His. Afterwards He wrapped me up in His arms, stroking my hair and kissing me, making sure I knew I was safe and loved, making sure I knew I was owned,
We had dinner, we chatted and laughed, He led me to the kitchen on all fours on my lead, where I knelt and loving sucked His cock. Then led me back to the lounge where He teased a vibe on my clit until I was begging, then plunged it deep into me. Later He fisted me again, and made sure I would always remember - as He grabbed my phone and took a photo.
I have no idea what time we eventually went upstairs to the bedroom, but I knew as I sucked His cock harder and deeper into my throat, rubbing myself against His leg, that He was not going to let me stop. With His hand in my hair I could feel His body tense, burying His cock deep into my mouth. He exploded, releasing everything that had built up over the entire evening and night, and as I laid my head in His thigh, lovingly licking Him clean, I admit I smiled to myself, knowing the pleasure I was giving Him. I kissed my way back up His body until I was wrapped up in His arms once more and fell asleep.
I vaguely remember the alarm going off, feeling His arms tightly around me, feeling His hand slide back down to my wanton pussy again.......
Finally we had to get up as He had to go to work, as He held me from behind we looked in the mirror and laughed, I was wearing His shirt and that "just fucked" hair look.
He went off to work while I went back to the hotel and lazed in the bath, nodding off as I soaked. A little later I drove into Nantwich,a few miles away, which He suggested, to wander around the shops and have a coffee before meeting Him back at the flat for a quick lunch, which almost burnt because we got slightly distracted :)
By the time I got home there was an email waiting for me, someone at work had mentioned that He looked tired that afternoon. Really? lol Even if He'd told Him, odds on the guy wouldn't have believed Him. Don't you just love the vanilla world, in all it's innocence :)
There was so much more we did, and so much more that we didn't do, but that only gives us more to look forward to on my next visit. Maybe He will take me outside, a secluded spot and fuck me, knowing others might see what a little slut He owns, maybe He will blindfold me and make me lick another woman's pussy, there are many maybes, but I know this, He will push my limits, far and beyond, and I will obey, because I love Him, but also because I trust Him :)
Master, thank You for making me Yours and thank You for all You give to me, I truly do belong to You xxxx
Tomorrow I will be with Master. He's asked me to drive up wearing a split skirt which might "accidentally" fall open either when I'm driving or when I stop in the services for a coffee. Naturally, His wish is my command....lucky me *g*

And for anyone who's been reading my journal, well, you can guess what will be happening!


I had to confess to Master this morning that I had been thinking about Him last night. As I daydreamed about next week I found my hand slipping down to my clit. Aching, needy, I chewed my lip wondering just how much trouble I would get into for not asking for permission, but the thoughts of His cock buried deep in me, wherever He chooses, filled my mind and I didn’t want to stop.


He said my punishment would be to confess to my journal that I had played alone, which I whined about, but that was soon forgotten, along with everything else when He told me to go to the bathroom and fill the bottle with warm water. Today I filled it with warmer water than I’d meant to, but I have to admit, it felt so good on my needy pussy. It wasn’t long until it slipped deep inside and all I could think of was taking Master’s fist.


I now fully accept that I will lose all control to Him and have little recollection of what happens, what I do know is, I will blush terribly when He tells me after, what He said and my reactions.


This evening we had another chance to spend time together, was I a greedy girl? Oh yeah! But Master knows when to make me stop. Again He filled my mind, of people watching, of a woman holding me, He pushes the images a little more each time, and knows exactly when He can continue one orgasm into another.


When He felt I’d had enough He brought me back down, with deep breaths, letting me curl up, satisfied. He finds it amusing to ask me how many times I came, I don’t! lol I like easy questions, not hard ones :)  Tonight was 8, this morning was 5, who said 13 was an unlucky number? :)

Yesterday I ached for Master, as we hadn't spoken all weekend, he asked me to fill the bottle with warm water before I played and all I could think about was next week, when I'm with Him, when He will be teasing me with it, and after, His fist, which I ache for.
With His soft but commanding voice in my ear, I obeyed as always, He teases me that I have an alter ego, by day and in the public eye, a........librarian, but at His command she fades as His slut surfaces, to satisfy His every desire.
With a wet and hungry pussy, it only took a few moments for the bottle to "pop" through the tight barrier and as always, Master had complete control. Again, filling my head with visions, things that would make the "librarian" blush deeply, the slut revelled in being fucked and used by hidden hands and mouths, the bottle buried deep in my pussy, a toy either teasing my clit or slipped slowly into my arse.
After 5 orgasms I was brought slowly down, warm and safe in His care, and then He decided that He would spoil me and allow me 2 more.
Only a week to go, Master :)
Yesterday Master made me late, simply because He can. Knowing I can't resist Him, He made me play, and like a good girl I didn't complain, I whimpered a little, ok, a lot, but I never complained :)

He made me tease myself with one of my, our, vibes, filling my head with fantasies. One day I may even describe them, but for now, they belong only to us.

After teasing me He allowed me to fuck myself with the toy, like a wanton whore, His whore, until I begged to cum, and when I did, He didn't stop.

Later when I was in the car, we spoke and He told me to look at the gear knob........

ohhhhhhhhhhh Master :)

Yesterday Master made me wear my Ben Wa balls on a trip to my local DIY store. I was wearing a track suit as I was decorating, but I didn't have any panties on. This concerned me slightly as I had a horrible vision of coughing in one of the aisles and them falling out onto the floor with a "clang". My mistake was texting Master, telling Him. As I gripped my muscles hard He text back, laughing and making funny comments. Yes, laughing has the same effect as coughing! All I could do was grip harder and pray!

Last night I called Him and we played with the bottle again, I ache to be ready to take His fist. As I listened to Him, He reminded me of how He will sit on the sofa, holding a cucumber and make me back onto it, on my hands and knees. Each time I miss I will be spanked, but I know Him, He will move it to make sure I miss :) Soon I was ready to take the base of the bottle, but as before, the moment it "breaks through" I start to lose my senses. I held it for a moment and He knew it was in. I vaguely remember Him telling me to count my orgasms, and I recall whimpering "one", but it's so intense....

 I can't explain the feelings, I can't even remember everything, although I do remember begging Him to cum with me, and when He did it just made me cum harder.

What I love about Him is that He knows when it's time for me to stop, and tells me so. He brings me down slowly, lovingly....and when He knows I'm grounded, asks me how many times I came, knowing I have no idea! He teases me enormously, He makes me growl because I don't know the answers, He makes me blush, He makes me cry.........but in all the good ways :)

I know I came 5 times, because He told me, but He's just emailed to tell me He will check my journal and let me know the parts I forgot. You're too kind, Master! lol


Today Master decided that I should start my fisting training.

He suggested a drink bottle, (not a 2ltr one!), which I found.

After teasing with it and making me wet, running up and down my slit, He whispered to me to push it in gently....

After several attempts and constant encouragement, plus He has a habit of putting other fantasies in my head, it slipped in. At this point He knew I was "drifting off" with the pleasure and allowed me to cum....though I don't recall how many times, you'd have to ask Him that :)

Thank You, Master :)