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I am an experieced professional and lifestyle dominatrix based in NC. I enjoy bondage, cross dressers, inflicting discipline, hypnosis, golden showers and much much more.

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9/11/2004 2:43:49 AM
I am over 9 months pregnant. Still waiting. I am not taking in person sessions at the moment but still doing phone and web cam training. I am also taking applications for submissives and slaves for My use in the near future.

8/21/2004 5:06:25 PM
I've got some new preg pix of Me at 8 months!

7/6/2004 6:41:20 PM
Take the time to read about ME and My interests before you respond to My profile. 

6/19/2004 9:25:28 AM
I am looking for a female slave in the NC area to serve Me and husband. I am not looking for 24/7 only   for someone who can be available a few nights a week to play with. As usual I am always taking applications for submissive clients.

5/24/2004 11:39:05 AM
I am in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. I am still looking for generous submissives and slaves to pamper Me throughout My pregnancy.

4/17/2004 10:41:51 AM
I am back in NC!  New Orleans was ok but I was sick during half of the trip. I am 16 weeks pregnant and still looking for submissives and those who have a pregnancy fetish.

4/13/2004 11:52:20 AM
I will be back in NC next week. I am looking for submissives with pregnancy fetish and interest in ABR.

3/18/2004 6:12:33 AM
Most men do not realize what women go through when they are pregnant, how much they have to sacrifice in order to bring life into the world. I think every woman is a living representation of the goddess and deserves to be worshipped.

3/1/2004 9:04:07 AM
I am excited about the prospect of finding new slaves in the New Orleans area to serve Me whenever I visit, which is often. I love real life sessions but web cam sessions will do in a pinch. I want a sweet submissive to take Me and maybe My sexy friends on a shopping trip. I need new leather, vinyl and lingerie to fit My beautiful new pregnant form. I also need pain sluts who can take all I can dish out.

2/27/2004 8:16:39 AM
I had a good time during Mardi Gras despite the lousy weather. Today I am going to get My hair and nails done. I take good care of My feet and I specially love treating Myself to professional pedicures. I haven't done any sessions in over a week. I am starting to get cranky because of it, I crave the rush that comes with an intense scene.

2/20/2004 3:12:46 PM
I broke a paddle on My slave's behind last night. I am a little sad about it because it was one of My fave paddles given to Me a long time ago by My ex husband as a gift. It had a lot of sentimental value attached to it. However, My beloved shiny paddle couldn't have been broken on a more worthy slave or for a more worthy cause.   I was giving My lovely assistant, Mandy, a lesson in corporal punishment when the paddle broke in action. I was doing a  demonstration on a longtime slave. Slave is Jeff, one of My  most trustworthy slaves a true pain slut perfect for practicing on.
Even so I am a little bummed about losing the paddle. I think I will use what is left of it as a cheese tray. 

2/18/2004 6:37:27 AM
OMG!!! I wonder if I am pregnant with twins! I don't remember swelling up like this last time. I am trying to figure out what clothes to bring to New Orleans and hardly any of My fetish clothes fit. I own a lot of  fitted one piece leather and vinyl dresses. My breasts just will not fit in the clothes. This is after losing 5 pounds since being pregnant. I need to find some generous subs who will take Me shopping for fetish gear in New Orleans. The snow and ice are delaying My trip but once I am there I plan on staying for at least one month.  

2/16/2004 10:22:32 AM
I am going to New Orleans for a month to visit My friends and family there. I hope to do sessions while I am in town.

2/12/2004 8:57:29 AM
I am on a serious search for special submissives male, female or couples who have  a pregnancy fetish. Novices are welcomed to apply as long as they have some knowledge of BDSM.  I recommend
The Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt.

2/8/2004 2:44:40 PM
I just found out that I am pregnant! My husband and I are super happy about it! I will be posting new photos of Myself as My body changes. I have a beautiful glow. My skin is perfect. My silky hair thicker at the root.  My breasts have grown 2 cup sizes all ready and I am only 5 weeks along. Amazing! The rest of My body has become even more taut, probably because I have given up the empty calories from drinking alcholic beverages.
 I am taking care of  Myself and hope I to find some submissive gentlemen ( women ) to pamper Me during this pregnancy.     

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