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Hello, i am sub male who is looking to work or per for you as you wish. Agreement is that i work for you and at the end of the day, my reward will be to get disiplined or punished a whatever way you please. Will only be available on the weekends or evenings as i have a full time job. I can per duties such as simple carpentry, yard work etc. I hope to hear from you .

Slave alan
I thought i would share a scene that would typically interest. It goes as so:

This is a scene that would interest me
I come to the location that mistress orders me to. I come dressed in a sharp, neatly pressed suite, all black, something James Bond would wear. I knock on the door. You open the door and i present you a single rose or flower of your choice. You motion me in; I don’t say a word unless you ask me to speak. I am told to take off my tie and jacket, unbutton the top button on my white shirt, and neatly hang them in the closet. I then walk to the middle of the room and kneel. You secure leather handcuffs on each wrist below the sleeve and a collar around my neck with a wide collar. You then pull my elbows together to my back and bind them, rendering me tightly stretched. My collar is then attached to a chain above my head, thus keeping my body upright. Then you rip my shirt open to the navel, exposing my hairy, muscular chest. Then you proceed to make me suffer for your pleasure, which I feel honored and priviledged to do.  You casually walk over to the various stock of whips and pick out a particular nasty cat on nine. One that leaves nice thin, red,  welts. Then you proceed to give me 20 lashes across my exposed chest. I cringe and nash my teeth with every lash which cuts in to my chest leaving that brand me. Lashes in which I can feel the pain from, in the shower, days later.  Or perhaps after you have finished whipping me, you can don a white cotton glove. As I am breathing hard trying endure the pain, you take one elegant finger from the gloved hand and dip it in a bowl of rubbing alcohol. Then, to show me how little effort it takes to make me suffer, you gently and slowly rake your finger across my chest. You smile with pleasure and satisfaction as I scream in pain as the alcohol drips into the open wounds. I know now that you are truly in charge.  But I love it; I need it

does this sound like the session you would like to experience.