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polarbearx - photo 1

What I am
New Zealand, Auckland, North Shore and sometimes Waipu, Dom Top, 47ch, Alpha male. looking to mindf++k train and eventually own beta males farm slaves (nothing extreme or silly, but not afraid of roman slave type hard work on secluded farm).
Someone who needs to be a beta male not a drone and knows the difference!

Interested in maintaining and exploiting the beta high
Uncomplicated life, no drugs.
Fit, HIV- and very safe.
Like to power exchange, mindf++k, spank, safe f++k, beat, bondage, chastity (CB2000) cum control. have gear and own dungeon spank when u are good, beat now and again coz I can
Now have a rim seat looking for regular licker!
Looking for
I am looking for a beta male, who knows instinctively that they need to be owned. Surrendering their power to the Alpha male and belonging to his herd as property. Someone around my age please and preferable someone who has had some practical experience experienced loss, not just phantacy.

Can help with the last bit of the rewiringconditioning.
Someone who looks after themselves and has a genuine interest.
No smokedrugs, hair gel or fetishes!
I now have one live in sub eventually looking for a roman slave to complete household.