Vertical Line

I desire to serve, to show my spirit and creativity, to please,and to be used. This aspect of my personality is my most submissive, the lust for the pain and pleasure of my Dom. To seek the fun and games of control, and to also obey and respect. To show my will is given from my desire and my longing is to please. My interests are heavily into bondage, sex, and pain. I'm not a sassy disobedient type, but my will is confident and strong. I'm not passive *smile* I'm submissive. I do not disobey to get punishments, I delight in being good at obedience. Pain is a reward. Punishment would be disapproval. I also have a fulfilling and independent life outside of my SM interests.

I am not open to relocation.

3/11/2010 8:30:28 PM

It had been a couple of days, but the memory was not fading. She felt the hot tears well up in her eyes, as the thoughts of “The Weekend” came back to haunt her again, as it had so many times in the last 72 hours. God how she hated those tears. The tears that always seem to forsake her, when she tried to hide her real self so deep inside. The same tears that had caused her so much shame on “The Weekend” that she couldn’t forget. The weekend that had left her question herself on so many levels.

“Earth to Kaitlin” snapped back to reality by the librarian sitting next to her, she hurriedly looked around the table to see if anyone had noticed her mental absences. What would all her fellow teachers think if they really knew what was on her mind. To them, she was just the friendly co-worker that laughed at all their jokes, listened to all their mundane stories of their husbands and children, and cheered them up when life was hard. But now her life was hard, and where was their encouragement? It seemed to never occur to them, that this girl who shared so little of her life could ever have problems. After all, she was always the chipper one. The one they could count on.


“I believe that was your phone” the librarian spoke again. Kaitlin quickly picked up the phone and glanced down at the screen. Message from MJ. MJ….codeword for Mistress Jo. Even that was a cruel reminder that she lived and perhaps belonged to a very vanilla world. Her heart skipped a beat as she opened the message from the one person that even though they had known each other a very short time, knew more about her than anyone else had ever taken the time or earned to trust to know.


“You nasty, filthy cunt. You have shamed me too many times…this can not continue! Pick me up tomorrow at 2:00 pm at the bench in the park where we met that first day. There will be no more chances!”


So, this was it….this was the way the woman who she so adored would tell her of her unworthiness. She had known it was coming, but figured it would just come in the form of no more communication. No more emails, text, or phone calls, but she should of known better. Her sadistic Mistress would derive great pleasure in seeing her sub burn with shame, while being told of all her shortcomings in a person to person meeting. The only question that remained now was if she were “man” enough to show up and subject herself to such humiliation….with very little thought, she knew the answer was yes. It was something she had to do for herself. Tomorrow seemed so far away….


As she pulled up in the parking lot, her emotions were in turmoil. She was so happy to get another chance at seeing Mistress again, but knew the emotional high from the meeting would be short lived because of the scorn she would be shown.


Mistress Jo dressed in black, strode confidently to the car and slid gracefully into the passenger seat. “My disobedient whore…You are late!”  Kaitlin anxiously looked at the clock that was now reading 2:03. She started to explain, but knew it would be fruitless to tell her Mistress about the mix-up at school, so quietly she uttered “Yes Ma’am…I as so sorry Ma’am” and sit back to take the rest of the verbal abuse she knew was coming.


“Drive down to the second cabin on the left” Mistress Jo instructed. Knowing she had not reserved a cabin, but dreading the verbiage that that would rein down if she spoke up, Kaitlin put the car into drive and headed toward the cabin.


“Kaitlin, my sorry excuse for a sub, today I’m going to show you not how my inept subs are treated, but instead show you the rewards that are given to my most pleasing slaves.” A little confused, Kaitlin pulled in the driveway, and turned off the car as Mistress Jo continued to speak.


“Inside, are four of my most prized male subs, for three months now they have been completely celibate. By doing this, they have shown me the adoration and respect that I deserve! Today…I choose to reward them with you, to do with as they please. I expect your submissiveness for me to be transferred to them for the next two hours.” Leaning down and kissing her unworthy sub on the forehead, Mistress Jo finished by saying “I hope you won’t fail me again…there will be no more chances.”


Weighing what she had just heard between her wiliness to serve Mistress Jo and the fear she had to walk in the cabin…she knew her choice was made as she reluctantly pulled the door handle and begin walking up to her chosen fate.


Just as she put her hand on the doorknob, the door was jerked open, and she was grabbed by the hair and pulled into the dimly lit room. Instantly she was prodded into the middle of the living room area and ordered to strip down to just her panties. Not working at the speed that was apparently desired, she felt a huge hand grab the front of her shirt, ripping it off as buttons went flying. Next, she was pushed to the floor as her jeans were stripped leaving her on her back with nothing but the sheer nylon panties covering her wet and throbbing cunt.


“On your knees” she was ordered as the first male unzipped his own jeans and released a massive thick black cock that was already glistening with pre-cum. “Suck on this you white bitch whore” he said as he forced his dick into her mouth. You will not disrespect Mistress Jo without suffering the consequences.”


Gagging as she felt the cock being thrust deep into her throat, she suddenly became aware of two other sets of hands picking her up and leading her over to a handmade bondage device sitting off to the side. Using the strength they had, they bent her over and fastened her arms with cuffs to one side and spread her legs before tying them to the other, exposing both her opened ass and her dripping pussy.


As the shock of the moment slowly wore away, she became aware of the smaller of the men crawling underneath the device, and spreading her cunt with his rough hands in order to lick at her swollen clit. She felt his unshaven face burrowing into her pussy, while plodding and licking with his unrelenting tongue. From behind a large hand was smacking her ass cheek with enough force to bring tears to her eyes. It was then for the first time that she questioned the choice she had made, but realized she would endure whatever to be able to serve her Mistress again!

Grimly she felt a hand spread her ass, while the man behind her begin to rub his cock up and down the crack of her bottom. Fear overtook her once again, as she realized what was about to happen. It was something she had craved for so long….but not like this. She was hoping her first experience would be far more sensual instead of the brutal ass fucking she was about to encounter. Suddenly, the cock which she had been sucking and licking for what seemed like forever, violently began to shoot its load….she could feel the hot cum hitting the back of her throat. It was at that moment that the man roughly kneading her ass decided it was time to take the plunge. His hard cock had now grown to a very intimidating 8 inches. After spitting on her ass he put the mushroomed head of his engorged manhood at the entrance to her ass, and violently pushed into her. Kaitlin let out a scream like she had never heard from herself before. The uncaring man behind her only seemed to gain more power from her pain. He thrust brutally in and out harder and harder, burying himself 8 inches deep into her ass. He pumped until her ass was raw from the pain. Finally, he released a jet of warm sperm up her ass, before pulling out and shooting another load on her back. Hoping this was the last of this torture, Kaitlin again was brought back to reality, by the man that had been licking and sucking on her labia for so long. Instead of using his tongue, he was now forcing his huge fingers into her sloppy wet cunt. She felt her body begin to quiver, and she realized she was about to cum all over his hand. How could her body forsake her and climax in a moment like this? Could it be that she had actually enjoyed all of this….these questions were still floating in her head when she felt her pussy contracting and exploding all at the same time, sending ripples of pleasure through her worn out body. She then passed out from pure exhaustion.


When she woke up, it was dark. She knew she was laying in the bed, but someone else was with her. Turning over, she saw the smiling face of her beloved Mistress Jo. “You have done well, my forgiven slut.” “I was very pleased with your performance, and I will always remember being able to watch you sacrifice for me!” “Yes, I was there” she replied to Kaitlin’s puzzled expression, and I must say…you finally did me proud.” “All I can say is, I hope you had enough sleep, because now it is my turn to use my faithful pet as I see fit” she stated while showing her devious grin that Kaitlin loved so much. It was going to be a long night….but Kaitlin couldn’t wait…..

3/7/2010 7:27:15 PM
Well, the meet happen..... regretfully, i'm still looking.  Sigh

3/7/2010 8:53:19 AM
Today is the day....We finally meet!

2/28/2010 12:17:14 AM
I completed a checklist tonight, if you are interested, feel free to check it out.

9/10/2009 2:25:32 PM
I'm still learning so much, I need a Master that will take their time and train me well!

9/8/2009 1:41:07 AM
I've been listening to a new artist i found and one of her songs really express my feelings.  Thought I would share some of the lyrics:

Leave Your Mark

Leave your mark
Just leave your mark on me
Leave your mark
Just leave your mark on me

So if we part
I can still remember you
Leave your mark
Just leave it somewhere on me

So that I can always find you
When I have you on my mind too
Even when you're far away

Don't leave your heart
I wouldn't know what to do
With such a part
I'm no good at following through

Leave your mark
That is good enough for me
Leave your mark
Just leave it somewhere on me

9/5/2009 4:37:13 PM
I have updated my profile so maybe you can learn a little more about me.  I am open to both male and female Doms as well as couples.  I practice and expect safe sex play.

Vertical Line

 Age: 18
 North providence, Rhode Island