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Pan Female Submissive, 23,  SF Bay Area, California
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Hey, thanks for checking out my profile.

First off, do NOT bother messaging me with Do you want to be forced to live in my cage, I am going to face fuck you, or anything like that. I am not a live in slave, and I am not a pain sub. You will not use me for that. NO PLAY WILL OCCUR until we have talked. Do not message me asking for immediate onlinephone scenes. I will say no and BLOCK YOU.

I am looking for a Dom(me) who will do fun piss play stuff with me. But I am also looking for more. I want a Dom(me) who cares about me, who plays with as more than just a disposable toy. I am looking for a long term playmate relationship. Not the kind where I live in your house and dont get a life, but a kinky relationship. I am also down with switches. Check out my journal for a list of fantasies, see if you like what I like to have done to me. )

Message if your interested. )

DISCLAIMERI do not drink piss, and I am not a toilet slave.I do not like online or phone only play.I am a BBW.I do not shave anywhere and have PCOS.No vaginal intercourse.











 Submissive Female

 SF Bay Area 


 5' 11"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Switch Women

Switch Male

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 Breast Play

 Being Massaged

 Hair Pulling

 Role Playing





 Massage (Giving)

 Curious About:

 Cane / Crop Discipline


 Medical Play

 Mental Bondage


 Suspension Bondage

 Wax Play


 Orgasm Control

 Speech Restrictions


 Corner Time


 Outdoor Bondage


 Hard Limits:



 Electrical Play

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Fire Play




 Knife Play

 Needle Play

 Sensation Play

 Public Play


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Journal Entries:
3/16/2018 8:59:54 PM

My list of fantasies (with brand new additions!)

Bold = Deep desire! 
Underlined = Has been done (but let's do it again!) 

  • I want to be tied up (fully clothed, in like a cute outfit) and forced to drink a lot of water. Then, I would hold it until I wet myself. The person would then piss all over me.
  • I want to be tied up (naked or clothed whatever.) in like a fetish club, and whenever someone has to piss or cum, they could do it on me.
  • I want someone to do the hand in water trick while I am sleeping, so I wet myself in my sleep.
  • I want to have a large group of people pee on me all at once (or at least multiple at once) Gender doesn't matter as long as they are clean (no STI's).
  • I want to live in a place where when I have to pee I have to just squat (or not) where I am and let it go, no matter what I am wearing. (Or who is watching.)
  • I want to wet myself on someone's lap.
  • I want to be tied up while wearing a diaper. We would watch television or something while I sit there, needing to piss. I would keep wetting the diaper until it overflowed (I would drink a lot), and then I would be punished.
  • I want to wet my bed
  • I want to wet the bed with someone.
  • I want to cuddle with someone and piss all over them while we are spooning.
  • I want a person to put their cock (or a funnel) in whatever I am wearing on my legs (diaper, panties, pants, tights, whatever) and pee in it while I piss myself. We can wet my pants together.
  • I want to have a holding contest.
  • I want to watch someone piss ALL over themselves.
  • I want someone to wet themselves on me.
  • I want to be on all fours, while someone pisses across my back.
  • I want to be on all fours and have someone eat me out from behind (ass or pussy) while someone pees on both of us.
  • I want a partner who won’t let me use the toilet. I want someone who will make me piss myself everytime I have to go, or I have to go in a weird place (sink, garage, garbage can, backyard, etc.)
  • I want a partner who will surprise me by pissing on me around the house. Just sit in my lap and let go. Come up behind my and piss on my back.
  • I want someone to lock the bathroom and make me wait until I can't hold it before unlocking the door. I would lose control before I could make it to the toilet.
  • I want to have my pants tied closed, with lots of locks and complicated locks so I can't get them off in time.
  • I want a person to cum all over me.
  • I want many people to cum on me at once.
  • I want to have a large group all cum on me and then piss all over me to 'clean' me off.
  • I want to find someone who like piss like I do.
  • I want to go to like a kink dungeon and have lots of people fuck me in the ass until they cum, and then fill my ass up with piss. Maybe some of them can fuck my ass until they are about to cum and then let it all go on my back and then piss it clean. ;)
  • I want to suckle a lactating person and drink their milk.
  • I want to lactate, and have someone drink from me.
  • I want piss myself while being suckled. Maybe also have them piss on me at the same time.
  • I want to spanked.
  • I want to spanked while I have to pee, then I would have a accident before, during and/or after.
  • I want someone to doodle all over my body. It doesn't have to be "SLUT" or something, I just like the feeling.
  • I want someone to eat food off my body.
  • I want to try splooshing or something similar.
  • I want to be in porn and/or be a stripper.

Just some things that turn on this kinky slut. Ciao. Also, DISCLAIMER: These are just fantasies, there is no need to insult them. I may not get to do some of them, I know that.


1/19/2017 5:31:11 PM
Today, I was so horny at work. I masturbated in the bathroom of my office. I can't believe I did that!

4/23/2014 1:20:58 PM

Another wetting story:

Today was quite a day. I got back from a road trip feeling really horny, so I immediately went to my room to have some fun. I stripped down to just my underwear and pulled out my vibrator. The underwear I had been wearing at the time had been on it's last legs, so I decided to give it a final salute goodbye. I put my vibrator against my clit and relaxed. I started wetting almost immediately and I switched on my vibrator. I masturbated as the rivulets of piss ran down my thighs and onto the hardwood floor of my bedroom. Normally I wouldn't piss in my dorm, but I was just so horny! I orgasmed and finished wetting all over the floor, rubbing myself to feel the after shocks. It was really hot, but it wasn't enough to sate me, so I made a plan.

I drank several glasses of water, and lay down to take a nap (which i needed). When I got up, I already had to piss really badly, but I wanted a more full bladder, so I got up, drank another glass of water, and got on here for a little while. When I started to get really desperate, I put on the jeans I was planning to wet, curled back up on to my bed, and watched some videos of people peeing. Every splash in the videos made me have to piss even more, and soon, I decided it was time.

I wrapped a towel around me and grabbed my vibrator; it was time for round two. I stepped into the shared bathroom in my dorm and hurried into the shower stall, trying desperately to hold my piss in. Standing had made me even more desperate, and for a moment, I was worried I would have a real accident

When I got in the stall, someone came into the bathroom to piss. It was a man and he was tall enough to see over the stall wall of the shower (the badly designed stall only has walls that are 6 feet tall). I voyeuristically wished that he would look into the stall and see me. I was only wearing a pair of dark jeans, my tits were bare and my nipples hardened from being so horny. My hair was all messy masturbating and napping, and I was clutching my vibrator in my hand. What a sight I must have been. Sadly, he didn't see me, and just left.

As soon as the door closed behind him, a small stream of piss squirted into my jeans. I gasped with need and arousal and shoved my vibrator down my pants (thank goodness it is waterproof). I turned it on and let go a little. Piss leaked out of me as I masturbated, and I came hard. When I finished masturbating (for the fourth time since I got home), I let go completely and soaked myself.

My pee spurted out of me and it felt heavenly. It streamed all the way down my left pant leg, soaking it, and then my right (after I adjusted). I must have pissed for a full minute; I had been holding so long that I just couldn't stop. The shower stall's floor was a huge puddle of slowly draining piss, and my feet were splashing around in it. When I was getting close to done, I pulled my pants down a little and let the piss splash around my legs. I like to watch the stream as it flows from my pussy into the pants and saturates them.

As the last droplets of piss dribbled down my legs, the door to the bathroom opened again. I quickly turned on the shower to wash away the piss, but I couldn't wash my jeans because it made a noticeably different sound than water on skin. I stood there, blushing furiously, in piss soaked jeans, in my dorm bathroom as someone did their business on toilets. It was super scary. I was worried they would notice the smell of piss or see me or something. They left with no comment, and I finally was able to clean up.

I took the shower head and rinsed off my pants. At one point, I put the shower head down my pants so I could feel it run down my jeans like piss, and it felt amazing. After my jeans were clean, I peeled them off and hung them on a handrail in the shower. I showered and washed my body before gathering everything and hurrying back to my room. After that, I did a load of laundry and masturbated one more time.


4/23/2014 1:19:54 PM

A short wetting story:

Today, I watched the movie 'I Love You, Phillip Morris.' It is a very compelling movie, and I was drinking a powerade all the way through. When I finished the movie, I got on here to reply to some RP's and messages, not realizing how badly I had to piss. After a few minutes, I felt a slight need, but it wasn't a big deal. What I didn't realize was that I was sitting on my bed, bending at the waist, so I couldn't feel how badly I needed to go.

I was wearing skin tight yoga pants, grey, white panties, and a black tank top, with no bra. 

After I finished taking care of business on here, I stood up so I could go to the bathroom, and it hit me all at once. I almost wet myself right there. I shuffled toward the door to my dorm room, trying to make the decision: pee in my room or go to the bathroom. I decided that I didn't want to clean up the mess today, so I headed to the bathroom in my dorm hall.

About halfway there, a spurt of piss escaped me. I gasped, bent over, and clutched myself, trying not to piss myself in public. There wasn't anyone in the hall then, but there could have at any time. I kept shuffling over to the bathroom door, wishing I had just done it in my room, then at least no one would see.

When I opened the bathroom door, another spurt of piss escaped me, this one bigger. I stopped again, beggin my body to just wait the few more steps it was to the toilet, and it seemed to obey.

I got into the stall and felt relief flood over me; I was there. That was a mistake, and I started to piss my yoga pants! I didn't want to make a huge mess on the floor, so I quickly hopped over to the toilet and sat down, pants still on. I pissed for a solid minute before I finished, and both my pants and my underwear was soaked. I dried them off as best I could with toilet paper, and left the stall. I don't think anyone saw me run back to my room, but I won't know because I wasn't looking.

4/17/2014 12:50:51 AM

Today, I decided that I wanted to wet myself. I hadn't done it for a while, so I figured it was time. I drank three big glasses of water and a hot chocolate (for a small caffeine/diuretic benefit), and got ready. I wore a pair of dark blue jeans, cotton blue panties and a tank top, no bra.

For the first half an hour, I sat on my room, on this website, reading and writing naughty fiction to get myself hot and ready. Then, the water started to take effect, and I could feel my bladder starting to strain a little, so I put the computer down and walked outside. It was night time on my campus, so it was relatively dark, with a street lamp here and there to keep it from being pitch black. Not many people were walking around at that hour, and most people were walking towards me since I was leaving the dorms.

I wandered around the campus for a while, listening to my music and feeling the pangs of my bladder complaining as I went. This was at about 10 pm my time, and I hadn't peed since 4, so the three glasses of water caught up to me very quickly as I was walking. My brisk pace kept the imminent accident at bay, but I knew I wouldn't last long.

I wanted to have an accident, a real one. I have wet my pants many times before, but I have never really lost control before. I always go in a controlled environment, somewhere with a hardwood floor or tile, and I let it go on my terms. I decided as I was walking that I would keep holding it the whole time, not letting go until my body finally gave up on me. Luckily for me, my campus is pretty empty at night, and my jeans were dark enough that no one could see, so I still had some small control over the situation. I am not into wetting in front of people that don't want to see it.

After about 10 minutes, the first pangs of REAL desperation hit. The ones that tell you to find a bathroom right now, no more waiting. I ignored them and kept walking. I walked by several bathrooms as I went, and as I passed each one, I considered giving up and just going inside, but I stayed strong.

About ten more minutes passed, and the urge was impossible to ignore. Every few steps I would have to stop and clench my thighs together to hold it in. The pain in my bladder was getting unbearable, and I was tempted to just let go right there, but I held it. I had my hands pressed into my crotch most of the time at this point as well, trying to hold the piss in whatever way I could. 

Five minutes after that, I couldn't walk anymore. I was stuck in the middle of the path to the science building with both of my hands jammed firmly into my pussy, and I was jumping up and down in place. My bladder was screaming at me that it wouldn't take this anymore, and i knew I would lose it soon. I stayed there for a minute and regained my bearings before shuffling forward, hands still in my crotch, wetting imminent.

After a few steps, the first spurt of piss leaked out. I squeaked, stopped, and bent over, trying to hold it all in me. i imagined that I was walking through campus during the day, that I was almost to the bathroom, that everyone could see me and I didn't want to piss now. That helped a little, and I kept shuffling forward.

A few more steps and another spurt came out, this one longer. I dared to peek at my pants and saw a small, quarter-sized dark spot in my jeans, and I could feel that my panties were already soaking. I jammed my hands back, and kept shuffling. My goal was to get behind the science building, where I wouldn't be seen at all. I knew this pee was coming out soon, so I just had to get there.

I took one more step and a huge spurt of escaped me, and I gasped. It hurt so much to hold it back, but my god was I loving this.

Every step I took after that one released a little more piss into my jeans. At this rate, i wasn't going to make it to the science building before I completely soaked myself! After a few steps, I stopped to assess the damage. My hands were coated in piss, and my jeans had a very big dark spot that went half way down each thigh. I bent over again and squeezed tightly, trying to push the piss back inside me so I could keep going.

After a little while, I felt safe to shuffle again, and I shuffled quickly to the back of the science building. As I walked, huge spurts of piss escaped me, and when I got there, both pant legs were soaked almost to the end. I didn't let it go just yet though. I stood there, in my soaking pants, clutching myself, and bouncing, trying desperately to hold it back.

Suddenly, a huge pang of need hit me, and a small spurt escaped me. Except this time, I couldn't stop it. The small spurt became a big one and then a torrent. Piss ran down my legs and puddled beneath my bare feet as I stood in the dirt and had a real accident. The warm pee cascading down my legs turned me on, and I stuck a hand down my pants as I went to play with my clit a little. When I finished wetting, I had peed so much, that almost all of my jeans were soaked; it had spread so far from the back and the front that it was almost touching at the seem.

After I finished, I quickly left the area and ran back to my dorm room. By the time I got there, I was dried enough that I was no longer dripping piss everywhere, which was nice. I immediately went into a shower stall near my room and masturbated until I had a huge orgasm in the stall. When I was done, I wet myself again. I used my hands to scoop piss onto my tits and rub them into my hardening nipples. Then I turned on the shower while I still fully clothed and rinsed myself off.

It was fantastic and writing this all down makes me want to masturbate again.

4/14/2014 8:23:46 PM

Beth and Him Part 4

“Hello,” the woman said, “My name is Adena.”

Beth said nothing.

“Oh right, you probably can’t speak until spoken too. What is your name?”

“Beth, Mistress.”

“Nice to meet you, Beth. Do you want to play?”

“Yes, I would love to, Mistress!”

“Perfect, first, let’s make sure you are clean.” Adena gently lifted Beth’s skirt and pulled her panties away from her. She then took the shower nozzle off the wall and rinsed the cum from Beth’s panties and from Beth’s wet pussy. Adena used her deft and narrow fingers to clean the inside of Beth’s pussy as well, and accidently ran her fingertips over Beth’s sensitive clit. Beth jumped and let out a moan.

“Are you horny?” Adena asked sweetly.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Oh poor honey. Orgasm control doms? Well I can fix that.” Adena started on Beth’s pussy with her fingers, gently rubbing it. Then, once the area was fully clean, she put her face between Beth’s legs and used her tongue to tenderly lick the sub’s soft petals and swollen clit. Beth moaned and whimpered. Adena’s licks became quicker and sharper and so do Beth’s moans. Two fingers were added into Beth’s vagina, and they swirled around the g-spot. Beth cried out and orgasmed, squirting all over Adena’s waiting face.

“Good girl,” Adena coos, licking the juices from her fingers.

“Thank you, Mistress!” Beth gasps, as she hits the wall, shaking with aftershocks.

“You’re welcome. Now, it is my turn. On your knees, please.”

Beth eagerly got on her knees, ready for the pussy she was about to receive. Adena pulled her short shorts and panties aside and revealed her waiting and soaking wet pussy. Beth kissed Adena’s thighs, starting up one side and down the other, going just over Adena’s hot pussy, teasing her. On the way back, she kissed around Adena’s cunt, and licked the sides of it. Adena moaned with impatient excitement. Beth then dove right in, and started to lick Adena roughly. Adena gasped with the sudden pleasure and held Beth’s face between her legs. Beth sucked on her clit and stuck her long tongue into Adena’s waiting hole. It did not take much to make her cum. Beth kept licking as she heard her Mistress shriek with pleasure, and then Adena exploded, not with cum, but piss. Adena let go of her short shorts and panties and pissed all over Beth through them with fire hose force, coating the sub in warm golden showers. Beth leaned back and let the piss caress her soaked body, and she got horny all over again.

When Adena finishes, the last few drops hitting the bathroom floor, she asked, “Do you have to go, Beth?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good.” She lay down on the floor of the stall, and pulled Beth down onto her torso. “Piss on me, all over me.”

Beth smiled and let go. She had not realized how badly she had to go until she let go and the torrent was released. She pissed through her panties onto Adena’s clothes, tits, and tummy. As Beth was running out, Adena pulled Beth over to her head and let Beth piss onto her face. She licked Beth to another heavenly orgasm as Beth finished pissing on her, and let her go.

“You are a good, slut, aren’t you?” Adena said as she stood up.

Beth sat on the floor and recovered from her third orgasm of the day. “Thank you, Mistress,” she replied shakily.

Adena pulled the shower nozzle off the wall and rinsed off Beth, and Beth rinsed off Adena. They brought each other to orgasm one more time, before Adena took her leave.

Beth lay on the ground, curled up in an orgasming ball, and waited for the next person.

She was fully recovered from orgasm when the next customer arrived. Or customers. A group of 5 men all walked into her stall, all of varying size and stature, and closed the door behind them. All of them made a circle around her, pulled out their cocks, pointed them at her, and started masturbating. All of them came in rock hard and ready to cum.

The one directly in front of her came first, and the rest came right after. She was soon coated in semen, and the used their cocks to rub it into her clothes and body. They left their cocks against her body and started pissing, all at once, and she felt the five individual streams cascade down her body. She leaned back and relished it. There was no regret here.

When the last cock stopped pissing, they left one by one, except the last who rinsed her off quickly before leaving as well.

She was alone for another few minutes before her Master came back. “Did you have fun?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir, I did!”

He slapped her with the back of his hand. “That’s too fucking bad, it was supposed to be punishment, bitch,” he growled. He untied her and dragged her from the room. “Now I have to show you real punishment,” he hissed.


4/14/2014 4:37:18 PM

Beth and Him part 3

Beth didn’t get to clean up after her humiliating wetting. He untied her from the chair, but made her leave her sodden and jizz covered clothing on. She relished in it. A dirty, filthy, piss slut was wearing those clothes, and she loved it.

He tied her hands together, made a lead from the rope he had just taken off of her, and led her out of the room they had been in. As they walked through the door and onto the street, he took a water bottle out and put it to her lips. “Drink,” he commanded.

She sipped it tentatively at first but was soon forced to gulp the iced tea as he turned the container upside-down. She finished one bottle and then another, with barely a dribble down her already soaked torso.

They had picked the hotel because of its proximity to Pandora’s Box, a kink dungeon that he had chosen. He pulled her by the length of rope that was around her wrists and led her inside the dungeon. There were some people waiting by the door, who stared as she was pulled past.

He led her straight to the bathroom, which was unisex here, and walked her into the last stall. Instead of a toilet, there were two metals rings in the wall, about a foot off the ground. He tied one hand to each ring, with a couple feet of rope so she could put her hands on her lap or stand up. She was however, completely stuck inside the stall. It looked relatively clean, and a drain sat in the center of the room.

“Enjoy, my little slut,” he said as he left the stall.

She sat there, legs crossed, and waited. After a few minutes, she had her first customer.

A man slammed the door open. “Oh sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be in here. It has been empty for like a month.” He was average height, weight, and looks, with dusty brown hair, brown eyes, and a goatee.

She didn’t reply; she wasn’t allowed to unless directly asked a question.

He took out his cock. It was slightly below average and half-erect. “Pull on the binds a little, show me that you are trapped.”

She tugged on the ropes that held her in place. They gave her a lot of slack, but they were well tied. She wasn’t going to get out until her Master let her out.

“Perfect,” the man murmured. His dick quickly became erect, and he started to masturbate. “You’re already soaking in piss, aren’t you?”

She nodded, shamefully. She was disgusting, covered in her own piss and cum as well as another man she barely knew, and this man would coat her next. The worst was, she loved it; her pussy was soaking wet, and not from piss.

He stroked his cock leisurely at first and then faster. He saw that her eyes were pleading, and he thought she was begging him not to. She was actually begging him to. She desperately wanted to be coated in it, all of it.

He didn’t last long, and she didn’t mind. He came all over her; the first squirt landed in her hair, the second on her tits, and the last big one in her lap. He grunted with pleasure as he finished, and rubbed the last drops out onto her cheek.

She smiled up at him and he gave her a toothy grin back. With his cock still in his hand, he pointed at her hair. At first a few drops dribbled out of his head, and then the piss came out full stream. He doused her head with piss first, then aimed for her tits, soaking each individually.

Suddenly, he stopped pissing, and a devilish grin spread across his cheeks. “Stand,” he commanded.

She cocked her head to the side, but stood.           

He took his cock and slid it deeply into her panties. His piss hit her pussy and pooled in her underwear before dripping down her legs. It felt like she was pissing herself, and she loved it. She almost begged him to fuck her, but she remembered she wasn’t allowed to speak.

He finished pissing her and pulled his now flaccid cock out of her dripping panties. “Thanks,” he mumbled. There was a shower nozzle on the side of the stall, near the drain, and he rinsed her off with the lukewarm water before leaving. He didn’t bother to wash himself.

She sat alone and soaking wet. She wasn’t cold, but she was ridiculously horny. She wasn’t allowed to masturbate, so she just sat and waited.

Another man came in; this one was lean, muscular and he had short dark hair and big brown eyes; he looked at her hungrily.

“You clean?” He asked

“I have been rinsed, Sir,” she replied.

“Good.” He grabbed her skirt, yanked it up, and he pushed her panties out of the way. He took a rock hard cock and shoved it into her waiting pussy.

She gasped, and tried to position herself so he would hit her g-spot.

“No, you don’t get to cum unless I let you.” He growled. He fucked her roughly as she stood there, and she got little pleasure from it. He pounded her from the front, then flipped her over and took her from behind. When he finished, he grabbed her hips and held them against his groin as he pumped his load into her pussy. She expected him to leave after this, but he did not. Instead, his cock twitched inside her, and she felt herself filling with a warm liquid. He was pissing inside of her! She could not believe how much this turned her on. She begged him with her mind to let her come, but he couldn’t hear her.

When he finished pissing, he told her, “Hold it in you until I tell you that you can let it go.” His cock slid out of her pussy and she squeezed her muscles immediately so she wouldn’t let a single drop out.

He put her panties back and pulled her skirt back down. Then he watched her. She was having trouble holding it in. Her pussy’s muscles were strong, but they couldn’t hold liquid this long. She pleaded with her eyes, but he refused to release her.

A dribble escaped her, and she squeaked.

“Did you already fail, slut?” he demanded

“Only a little, Sir,” she mumbled.

“Too bad. You may release the rest, but you don’t get to orgasm from me.”

She groaned, and let go. Piss poured out of her pussy and again, it felt like she was wetting herself. Her clit was hard and sensitive, and she wished that she could touch it, but she knew her Master would know, so she didn’t.

The man watched, satisfied, as she soiled herself with his juices, and then left without rinsing her. She didn’t think she should do it herself, without someone’s permission, so she sat back down, feeling his jizz squelch between her legs.

After about ten minutes, the stall door opened slowly. A beautiful woman stood there, with a short bob cut of curly red hair, big green eyes, and a spray of freckles across her nose. She was lean, but not too skinny, with strong arms and legs revealed by a tank top and short shorts, and she had perky B-cup tits. Beth was in awe, would she get to be with this beauty?


1/20/2014 9:36:55 PM

Bethesda and Him Pt 2

(Sorry for the long wait)

The growing pangs of desperation slowly became less and less ignorable. That first dribble that had escaped as he pissed on her had not helped her situation, it had, in fact, made so much worse. She was almost tempted to let go everything and do the plan, but the idea was so terrifying. 

Even more terrifying was how much it thrilled her.

She knew she was a dirty piss slut, but she couldn't be that filthy, could she?

With her mind absent, another small dribble of piss escaped her. She squeaked and squeezed her legs together. He looked up from the erotica he was reading, but seeing nothing he looked back down. His signal was when it started to drip out of the chair, then he would know she had had an accident.

"Twenty more minutes," he warned without looking up again.

Shit, she thought, I could have sworn I had less time than that! She squirmed in her seat, moving as much as the binds would allow, to try and relieve the pressure, but she could see that it was a losing battle.

He knew it too, that is why he was doing this. He knew she secretly wanted to be 'punished.' Otherwise, why would she have added those parameters to their agreement?

"Fifteen minutes."

She almost cried out. She had drunk 4 huge glasses of water on an empty stomach. The pain was getting unbearable. She kept accidentally letting little bits out, and she was afraid it would start to drip into the floor. Apparently her skirt was super absorbent.

She decided to let a little out, to relieve the pressure. Her skirt had been holding well so far, and he would never notice. She let her guard slip and allowed a small trickle to escape from her. Oh god it felt so good. She had to stop it though, she could feel the seat filling with piss. She tried to squeeze her pee hole shut, but she couldn't. The stream came faster, and she groaned. This was a huge mistake, and there was nothing she could do now.

He came over as the drops started to splatter onto the ground below her chair. "Couldn't hold it, huh?" He pushed his fingers between her legs and felt the hot piss gushing from her. He rubbed her clit as she peed, and she moaned with pleasure. She peed and peed, so much inside her, and he stroked her sensitive petals and played with her clit the entire time. As the last drops escaped her, she was close to orgasm. He undid the bindings on her legs and pushed his cock between them. Piss exploded out of his cock and she came as it hit her clit. She shook with pleasure in the chair, still bound, and tossed her head back as she gushed all over his now rock hard cock.

He stroked pulled his cock from between her legs and aimed the piss at her face, while he stroked his hard member. As the he finished pissing, he started masturbating over her, until thick ropes of cum spurted out him, landing on her cheek and soaked tit.

She panted, gasping for air after the intensity of her orgasm. Her head was leaned back against the chair, as she relaxed, when he grabbed her by her hair, and brought her face closer to his. 

"I hope you realize this means we go through with the plan," he whispered menacingly into her ear.

She nodded, wide eyed with fear.

To be continued, hopefully soon. :)

9/20/2013 5:48:03 AM

If your message is kind, I will respond with kindness. If you call me a raging bitch, you will get a reply from a raging bitch.

So as you may have noticed, my profile is really blunt and rude. I don't apologize for that, but I can understand how that can be frustrating. I am really an obedient subservient person, however my limits stand no matter what. There are good reasons behind it, ones I am not willing to put out into the public forum, but good reasons.

Please understand that the limits are there, but that I am not inherently rude. I wrote those after a particularly awful encounter with a Dom to make sure it didn't happen again. Please know that I don't hate all men, all Dom's, or anyone really. I am just making sure everything is clear.

Thanks, and have a good day. :)

8/6/2013 5:53:56 PM

Beth and Him 1 (Erotica by pissbitch4u)

Bethesda wasn't sure of this now. The blindfold let through a little light, revealing the muted paisley pattern, but she couldn't see through it. She had agreed to this, but hadn't been able to see for the better part of an hour (that was her best guess) and she was starting to get nervous. 

Her bindings weren't making her uncomfortable. There was one wrapped around her rib cage and arms and another around her thighs. Her hands were tied behind the chair, pushing her breasts forward and out. She had heard him say he liked his sluts to be on display. She was actually rather comfortable, but there was a feeling growing in her bladder that she couldn’t ignore.

Then the blindfold came off, and he was standing there, shirtless. She gasped in surprise and strained against her binds automatically. A sly grin spread across his face; he loved that she was helpless. He unzipped his dark blue jeans and revealed his cock. The grin grew as her eyes widened. “Already?” she asked. “You have been waiting.” He replied.  He held his half-mast cock in a strong hand, and directed it at her breasts.

“But I am still dressed!” she exclaimed, as the first squirts of piss hit her. The stream hit her left breast and moved to the right one, soaking her blouse and her DD’s immediately. Her panties were wet before the piss could drizzle down to her crotch. She blushed, and he commented “You like this don’t you slut.” Her blouse had become see through, revealing her black lace bra. Her black pencil skirt was next, and the piss dripped through her skirt and into her hot woman hood, leaving a growing puddle under her full ass, and then on the floor beneath her, soaking her pantyhose clad toes. He aimed the final spurts at her long, dark chocolate brown hair, leaving a few piss rivulets running down the wavy strands. She hadn’t tried to fight it, closed her eyes, and relished every drop as slid down her form.

“Still have to go?” He asked, winking. Her eyes popped open again. He had reminded her, and now it was a pressing need. She squirmed in her seat, and the piss sloshing around her made it even worse. “Don’t go yet, or we will need to go with ‘the plan.’” He remarked casually, though the threat was threaded through it. “Oh no, not the plan” she gulped. “How long do I have to hold it?”

“Half an hour more.” He smirked deviously. She squeezed her legs together, but she had already let a small squirt go, and she knew half an hour wasn’t going happen.


To be continued. Maybe.

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