I have no desire to engage others in any activities, but seek a friend, companion, partner, lover/submissive. I am both visual and tactile and seek to share the beautiful sight and feel of a restrained woman, with the intention to take her mind and body to the reality of her imagination. Communication, trust and respect are an essential element so that the full potential of "our" fantasy and kinky needs can be achieved over time. I seek someone whom is willing and able to take up a life with me in a relationship, so that both vanilla and kink can be explored as and when the mood/setting presents. Being conservative, outwardly conventional and private, only a vanilla relationship will be on display in public, and/or in the company of others. Perchance any prospective partner held a need/desire to "play" with a girlfriend, I can imagine that being accommodated within the relationship, however such "play" would not be open to the inclusion of any other males. As we all know, life is basically routine and so much simply requires repeated attention and presents as mundane chores. There is no escape from these tasks, however they can be arranged to be attended to by the most appropriate person, so long as both contribute in their own way. If you have read this far, I thank you, and welcome correspondence should you feel you may be interested in finding out more about me, my situation and how you could possibly fit in. Wishing all the success of your own search. Peter
 Age: 26
 Lafayette, Louisiana