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Gay Male Submissive, 52,  Sunbury, Pennsylvania
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I want to be your little boy. I want us to melt into the dynamics
I am looking for a rugged masculine daddy, and will role play-- my best to be his little boygirl. I am partial to the southern accent. We will build a special friendship- that only you and I will know about. There will be a regular banter component to our journey- as we can explore, learn and ponder the meaning of life. Our closeness will be immense, and lifelong. I will not make promises and then have you disappointed- so there is no moving in with anyone. I can be the son you never had. I am a good listener and have talents in many areas. Our closeness will be via email and then by phone. Our spirits will meet when we sleep and take on the intense release.. if that is what you want. Cash to and from is not going to happen. I dont want to be filmed- so forget about that. I will teach you to cum harder then you ever cum before and in doing so- I will learn the same. So- our online relationship will be ours and ours alone. I want to take you higher then you ever been before. Remember- I am not promising to move in with you. No one is moving. If you want your dreams to come true, maybe they can. Anyone can look at xtube- I want to put my hand into yours and you moan- and gyrate. I want your to express your animalistic highs- but grunting, verbalising and coaching me to do it right....

Expertin giving excruciating eye popping head!! me names, mess and pull my hair- drive my skull like a steering wheelWhip it into my face! Gag me with your hot throbbing pulsating cock!
Good head should...YOU. mmm yeah!Tight azz and nice legs here! Would you like luscious succulent lips around your cock? ....a good orgasm can last 40 minutes, a good blow job can go on for hours! Cherry red moist lips, to worship your entire cock.Do you like to caress legs?Lick Lick- wants practice bj to gain laser proficiency. customizing technique so you are hard for most the day and just the thought of it sends your mind racing. verbal abuse turns me on. the scene is new to me- so I am somewhat cautious. Goals on this site are two-fold.A stimulating mind.












 Submissive Male



 5' 8"

 155 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Sub / Slave Male

Switch Male

Male Dom Couples


Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Role Playing (Expert)


 Rear End Play (Beginner)

 Hair Pulling

 You deciding what I wear

 Country Music

 Feng Shui




 Exhibitionism (Beginner)

 Being allowed to be obedient to you

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Eighties Music

 Curious About:


 Blindfolds (Beginner)

 Body Worship

 Bondage (Beginner)



 Foot Worship




 Masks on Partner (Beginner)

 Orgasm Control (Beginner)

 Sensation Play

 Sensory Play

 Spanking (Beginner)




 Lifestyle BDSM

 Hard Limits:



 Landscaping Professional

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Journal Entries:
2/11/2016 1:10:12 PM
It would be really nice if some of these guys would update and complete their profiles. If you are chasing a woman you have to give them something to go by. 

2/11/2016 7:19:57 AM
I updated my profile. This includes pictures. I dont know why they did not load tho. 

12/23/2008 5:19:05 AM
If I looked at your profile, please don't be offended.   Sometimes I simply get curious.

There is plenty about me on CM site.

6/13/2006 5:56:15 PM
Hello all,

Feng shui is expensive? If we keep buying feng shui items, of course it is expensive.

Here are my few suggestions:

1) Feng shui that does not cause a single cent at all:

a) Clearing clutter- helps to refresh the chi in the house.
b) Sit facing and sleep with head pointing to your auspicious directions.
c) Do not sit/sleep under toilet/bathroom.
d) Do not sleep with feet pointing towards door.
e) Do not share a wall with toilet/bathroom when sleeping.
f) Always sit/sleep with solid wall/background.
g) Do not sit with door at the back.
h) Use an auspicious door for entrance (ex: If your house have two entrances, choose one that is better accoridng to kua number. (west group people should use west-group doors (W,NW,NE,SW) while East group people should use east group door (E,SE,S,N).
i) Do not eat too near the main entrance (wealth tend to seep away)
j) Remove mirrors from bedroom
k) Do not place auspicious objects, water, books, food under staircase.
l) Place stove with its mouth facing auspicious direction
m) Do not place water beside or directly opposite the stove.
n) Do not place fridge beside or directly opposite the stove.
o) Place tv set/stereo at W/NW sector
p) Do not sit/sleep under overheadbeam
q) Wish list- write down your wish on a paper, sign it 49 times each day and burn it (do it for 49 days)
r) Change your signature into auspicious signature (begin with upstroke and end with upstroke).
s) Not enough money to buy feng shui books? Spend some time and read it at bookstore instead (but I personally prefer to have a few collections such as flying star and four pillars for reference).

2) To overcome annual afflictions:

a) 5 yellow- if you can't afford to buy 6 rod hollow metal windchime, use 6 I-ching coins tied with red/gold ribbon instead to hang it at 5 yellow area. I-ching coins are cheaper than windchime.

b) Three killings- If you can't afford to buy 3 Chi Lins to combat the three killings, just make sure that you do not sit with three killings at your back.

c) Grand duke jupiter- If you can't afford to buy the brass Pi yao to appease the grand duke, buy the one made with resin instead. If you really do not have money, just make sure that you do not sit facing the grand duke jupiter (Tai Sui).

3) Cheaper ways to enhance wealth:

a) Sit facing and sleep with head pointing to sheng chi direction
b) Place three I-ching coins tied with ribbon and place it in wallet/purse.
c) Flying star - place water feature at water star 8. If you can't affor to have the rotating crystal ball or aquarium, hang painting of fishes instead. You don't have to buy the painting, browse into internet, print it out and enlarge it. It is much more cheaper than buying oil-painting. But if really do not have money, place moving objects such as electrical fan at water star 8.
d) 8 pa kua aspirations- Place plants at SE to enhance wealth. If you can't afford to buy plants, get it from roadside (hehe..just joking, not auspicious to steal), you can grow the plants instead. Buying seeds is cheaper than buying grown plants.

4) Cheaper ways to enhance health:

a) Sit facing and sleep with head pointing to health/Tien Yi direction.
b) If you can't afford to buy big wu lou, buy a small one instead, wear or carry it along wherever you go.
c) 8 pa kua aspirations- Plants at E to enhance health. Again, if you can't afford to buy plants, grow your own plants instead.

5) Cheaper ways to enhance love:

a) Sit facing and sleep with head pointing to nien yen/love direction.
b) Activate SW corner- If you can't afford to buy lamp, use candle lights instead to light up the area.
c) Mandarin ducks at SW- If you can't afford to buy the crystal made mandarin ducks, buy the wooden one. (In M'sia, the wooden is sold at RM20 and the crystal ones at >RM60)
d) Paint SW with red/pink- If you can't afford to buy paint, use red/pink cloth instead. Cover the table with red/pink cloth and put it at SW area. You can also place the mandarin ducks on top of it.

6) Cheaper ways to enhance career:

a) Hang picture of mountain behind where you sit at work. If you can't afford to buy the painting, get it from internet or draw it yourself (mountain picture is not too difficult to draw).
b) 8 pa kua aspirations- activate N to enhance career. If you can't afford aquarium, hang picture of fishes or waterfall at the area. Again, the picture can be downloaded from the internet.
c) If you can't afford to buy brass dragon tortoise and place it at north, you can opt for the resin one.

7) Cheaper ways to enhance relationship:

a) Flying star- always choose a bedroom with good mountain star, preferably mountain star 8.
b) Place crystal/boulder at mountain star 8- if you can't afford to buy crystal or jade/diamond boulder, use rocks instead. (Rocks can be collected free from seaside..etc).
c) Or hang a picture of mountain at mountain star 8- (draw the picture of your own or get it from internet if you can't afford to buy the picture).

Cool Cheaper ways to enhance study luck/inspirations:

a) Sit facing and sleep with head pointing to growth/Fu wei direction.
b) If you can't afford to buy crystal globe and place it at study table, you can buy 7 level pagoda made of clay or porceline. Cheaper than crystal globe.

9) Cheaper ways to enhance fame:

a) Activate South area- If you can't afford to buy a lamp and light up the area, use candle lights instead.
b) If you can't afford to buy horse figurine, you can use picture of phoenix and place it south. The picture can get from internet or scan from book.

10) Cheaper ways to enhance happiness:

a) Speak, think, do, and hear no evil.
b) Helping people (it can be in a form of small donations or helping people with problems).
c) Filiel Piety
d) Practice virtues.

11) Cheaper ways to enhance good chi:

a) Make sure that the the chi meanders and not moving in a straight line. If you have doors in straight lines, block the middle with a board.
b) Space clearing- if you can't afford to buy the singing bowl/bell, burn incense instead.

Practice feng shui does not mean we need to spend a lot of money on it. It is up to our own wisdom and creativity to make our feng shui not only effective but cost-saving as well. Laughing Cool Wink

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