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This user profile was created for me and is monitored by my loving Mistress and Wife (aka DenialDomme). Mistress has full access to my profile and monitors all incoming and out going messages, so please be respectful. She does allow me to talk with others both sub/slave as well as other Dommes. i am open to chat with almost anyone as long as you are sincere, real, and most of all respectful. If you wish to talk to Mistress directly, Her online collar me id is DenialDomme.
And the answer to your question is yes, She loves to deny me from having orgasms. This slave typically goes months at a time without being permitted to orgasm. This slave is not permitted to touch himself in any way other than to clean and use the bathroom. Mistress very seldom ever touches Her slave's cock unless She is teasing or torturing it. This slave's useless cock is not permitted to enter Her sweet and ever so powerful love box. In addition i am not permitted to touch Mistress on Her breasts or love box without prior instructions to do so.
I am not here for online play or cyber. i am here only for chatting and meeting new friends. W/we are both very interested in chatting with other FemDom couples, especially Mistress Wife/slave husband couples.
I love my Mistress dearly and am devoted only to Her. Mistress is the only One i submit to and will not submit to any other Dommes unless instructed to do so by my Mistress. I will show you all the respect you deserve and expect the same in return.
If you have any comments or complaints, You may contact Mistress. Her id is DenialDomme. Mistress also has instructed me to start keeping my journal up on a regular basis, so please feel free to check it out. Feel free to send me comments or questions as well. W/we are definitely interested in making new friends.
Thank You... WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects or personal use-you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications to the fullest extent of the law.

1/1/2018 2:12:13 PM
Today is Jan 1st, 2018 and hopefully this will be a very good year! 2017 was indeed a good year for the most part. Mistress and i became grandpapents to a wonderful little grandchild. Between that and a few other family issues we had to deal with throughout the year, our D/s roles had to take a backseat to everything else for a while. Unfortunate as it is, it is what it is and other priorities took over for a while. I really miss feeling the tight restraints of Mistress. Feeling totally helpless and unable to move away from Her advances or implements is such a great feeling that words can not express. Not just your typical tie up and fuck nights, which are fun of course...but Mistress at times has very creative ways to restrain me in ways that one body part moving an inch causes another body part to be pulled mercilessly. Mmmmmmmm. Not to mention the fact that Mistress loves teasing and tormenting my cock as to when She will finally allow me to cum during a session. Right now as i am writing this all i can picture and imagine is the following: arms and legs spread wide and tied tightly, and my balls are tiec and pulled towards the foot of the bed. Mistress kneeling over me licking my nipples making my body twitch. She slowly strokes my hard cock until i start getting close. At that point She stops, puts nipple clamps on and unhooks my right hand. Still kneeling over me She guide my hand to her soaking wet pussy and has me finger fuck her into clamax. As soon as She is finished cumming, She then rehooks my right hand once again, and then temporarily removes the nipple clamps. The pain is intense as the blood rushes into them and my moans are muffled by the scarf She used to tightly gag me with. Then round two begins... Her nails, toungue, and teeth tease and torment my body from light sexual licking and kissing to biting. Every once in a while pulling my gag out to kiss me... slowly stroking my cock on and off stopping each time with me just short of cumming. Once Her pussy is good and drenched again, She unhooks my right hand again, replaces the clamps, and has me finger her again... mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmmm.mmmm

6/18/2016 4:15:45 AM
Well it has been quite a while since i have been here to chat or to update my journal. Due to numerous family occurances over the past few months W/we had to put many things on hold for a bit and our D/s was one of them. Now all the issues have been worked through and seemed to have fallen in to place, so now hopefully W/we can get back into our D/s. Even if W/we can only do it part time, i cant wait to get back into it. As i sit here writing this all i can think about is being used and abused by Mistress. To feel Her leather as it wraps tightly around my wrists and ankles, the feeling of utter helplessness as She pulls my arms and legs apart and pulls the ropes tight holding me wide open in a vulnerable spread eagle position. I can almost feel her tongue licking my nipples as She yanks my balls and smacks my cock for being hard as She continuously teases and torments me for hours. Needless to say this is all after She has her own pleasurable orgasm. Before She takes the time to tease and humiliate her slave, She grants him permission to finger fuck Her to an explosive orgasm. The only question is will he get to cum...this is one thing i never know the answer to. I have really missed our "special time" Mistress, and i am glad we are at the point of being able to get back into the ropes and chains...winks Love You MD.......mitch

3/10/2016 3:49:45 PM
21 years! Today Mistress and i celebrated O/our 21st anniversary. It is hard to fathom that we have been married that many years. It seems like only yesterday that we were first dating and getting to know each other, and boy is that a story in its self lol.. Most people don't believe the story of how we ended up together. But thankfully we did and the last 21 years have been a wonderful ride!! I love you Mistress with all of my hear. I am what I am because of you and i would be nothing without you. Here's to the next 21 years..... I love you Love mitch

2/16/2016 3:21:29 AM
   Well it has been two days and I am so confused.  Mistress and I went out for a very nice  lunch on valentines day and then for a short ride around afterwards.  It was a great time and everything seemed to be going well.  The later in the evening while Mistress was working on one of Her projects, She cuffed and chained me and left me alone to sit there while she continued to work on her project.  Then just about an hour later without a word She got up took all the cuffs off and put them away.  Since then, Mistress has not hardly touched me at all which is very unusually as She thrives on keeping me hard as much as possible.  I cant figure out if by not touching me and leaving me along if She is punishing me for somthing.  If She is, then what??  I have been racking my brain trying to figure it out.  Not to mention that my body is aching just to be touched by Her.

   I love you Mistress!

2/6/2016 6:29:51 AM
   It has been two days already since Mistress graced me with the pleasure of having a full blown actual orgasm.  It is always unknown to me when the next one will be permitted.  It may be a week, numerous weeks, or months.  She varies it depending on Her amusement and my actions and how well i have pleased Her with servitude.  I am very stiff right now as I write this, but I am not thinking about my next orgasm.  My thoughts are where they should be which is on making sure Mistress is happy, and not thinking about my pleasure.  It is 100% totally up to Mistress to decide when it is time for me to have each orgasm that I am allowed, and I am fine with that and accept that without any hesitations.  My biggest enjoyment is making sure Mistress is pleased and i find no greater satisfaction than willingly giving up my wants and replacing them with Her wants and needs.
   I love you Mistress!

2/5/2016 5:08:52 PM
Let me begin by saying that I love my Mistress so much. Last night She came into my room after She had taken her shower, and She allowed me to finger her pussy and ass. It was such a sweet sound hearin Her moan and watching Her wiggle around as She allowed me to pleasure Her. She had me finger Her until She finally peaked and exploded into orgasm in bliss. It was awesome to say the least. I love pleasing Her so much. Then to top it off Mistress surprised me and let me actually have an orgasm last night. After I fingered Her, Mistress then climbed on top of me and screwed me so hard. Needless to say it didn't take long to get to that poit, and the hearing Mistress say "let me have it" made me just lose all control and I exploded inside of Her! Thank you Mistress!!!!!

2/2/2016 11:56:44 AM
Today sucks! There is absolutely no other way to put it. Mistress and i both started feeling I'll last night and are both home today in separate rooms feeling yucky. Thank goodness it is only a cold we have and not the flu, so hopefully it will be gone tomorrow. But today sucks. Oh how I long to be kneeling in front of my Mistress and waiting for Her to decide what use She might have in store for me. But no, I am stuck here feeling like crop and She is in Her bedroom feeling the same. I love you Mistress and i hope You and i get better soon. I am so anxious to be of use to You again.. Love, mitch

1/31/2016 5:41:23 AM
   Great night last night!!  After spending a great day on an outing with Mistress we arrived back home and a short while later She treated me  by letting me service Her into two orgasms.  Of course before She allowed me to touch Her anywhere near Her pussy, She put me through quite a bit of teasing just to ensure that i was overly aroused.  Not that the teasing was needed for that mind you, as i was already extremely aroused.  As stated before, Mistress very seldom lets me have a true orgasm so staying aroused is definitely not an issue.  With that and then spending the day out with Her and the talks we had during the day already had me in a major state of arousal.  Not to mention the fact of getting to look at Her all day and to see Her in one of Her pairs of sexy high heel calf boots..mmm...LOVELY!
   During our day out Mistress and i went to a sports shop where She had me buy a pair of tight fitting compression shorts along with an athletic cup for me to wear.  She liked the thought of the cup keeping my balls and cock tightly compressed and snug up against my body.  As soon as we got home i put them on for Her.  It wasnt too bad at first, until i started to get hard again.  Let me tell you that you can not achieve a full hard on in a cup!  At best it got about 1/2 way erect and then got very tight as my cock tried to extend against the hard shell of the cup and the lack of room in it that was filled by my balls. 
   After much teasing me, Mistress finally allowed me the pleasure of using my tongue on Her ever so sweet pussy. Kneeling in front of Her unable to see from the blindfold She had put on me i anxiously got busy servicing Mistress orally.  So excited to be put to good use for Her along with the tingling my body was still feeling from all of the teasing i had just been put through had my cock throbbing against the cup as it tried to extend.  It couldnt extend, it couldnt feel any touch as the cup kept it from feeling anything.  All i could feel was swollen throbs!!  The harder it throbbed the harder i wanted to lick Mistress' pussy. The harder i licked Her pussy the more my dick throbbed and ached for freedom which.  What a tormenting and yet ever so exciting cycle of emotions to say the least.  As soon as Mistress exploded into Her first orgasm from my oral servitude, She immediately forced my hand between Her legs and ordered me to make Her cum again to which i eagerly started to finger Her swollen wet pussy.  True to Her form, Mistress didnt just let me take off and finger Her to orgasm right away.  She continuously gave direction on how to finger Her in relation to speed, how hard, etc.. It was intense!  And finally Mistress said "give it to me now slave and make your Mistress cum" which i know means finger fuck Her hard and fast.  Pounding and thrusting my fingers deep inside of Her She let out lovely loud moans as She exploded once more.
   Then after a short few minutes break i that Mistress needed, my shorts and cup were removed.  Oh the feeling my dick first felt when it was released from its captivity was nothing short of relief.  My erection was finally able to fully extend.  Next thing i knew i found myself cuffed to the bed and the teasing began again.  My cock is not overly big and Mistress loves to tease it and torment it since it is really of no other use to Her.  Unable to move, Mistress slid Her pussy down this slaves pathetic cock and held it there inside making Him feel Her hotness while reminding him the entire time that he was not going to fuck Her or cum.  Several times of doing this in addition to continuous rubbing my sensitive nipples i was about to cum, which i told Mistress.  Mistress always makes me inform Her if i am close to cumming so She can stop.  As soon as i was close, Mistress pulled off and proceeded to jerk this slaves little cock right to the point of orgasm and then She stopped and squeezed it ever so hard causing a ruined orgasm.  Oh my god the pain was intense!  My throbbing aching cock being squeezed so tightly that the cum came oozing out with no orgasm relief.  Afterwards, Mistress kissed let me loose and kissed me goodnight as She left to go to Her room to bed.  
   So here i am the next morning writing this journal page remembering everything from last night and being so pleased with myself that i was able to make Mistress satisfied last night.  And I am still extremely horny and hard as i am writing this page. But i am committed to keeping Mistress totally happy and if keeping me aroused and unable to have a real satisfying orgasm, well.., that is good enough for me!!
   Thank you for a wonderful night last night Mistress.  It was a great pleasure being allowed to not only touch you but to service and please You.  Thank you for making me feel so wonderful and for keeping me as Your slave.  i dont know what i would ever do if i ever had to be without You. 

I Love You Mistress.......

1/30/2016 4:04:55 AM
   Mistress was not pleased with me at all last night.  W/we were having a good night as usual up until Mistress decided it was time to check my messages, and things went sour very fast.  Now, Mistress does allow me to chat with others and has no problem talking to other Dommes as long as i am respectful of course.  W/we are both always looking for friends who we can talk with that share both of our interests in the lifestyle, so She has always allowed me to chat freely with others.  Plus She at times checks to see what i am writing and i always tell others who my Mistress is so they can contact Her if they wish to chat with Her or to report any misconduct from me to Her.  Well, everything has always been fine until last night....

   This slave let his stupidity take over and had made a comment to another Domme that Mistress considered way too flirtatious, and She was not pleased with me at all.  I admit that i am normally very careful as to what i say to other Dommes as i do not want to come across that i am looking for Domming from them.  But this time i did make a mistake by sending one Domme a message that i thought she had "gorgeous eyes" from her picture.  I really didnt think much of it at the time and had really forgotten about it until Mistress saw the message last night.  Then in addition to that, Mistress then told me that She had seen a couple emails between one of my ex girlfriends from years ago.  To be truthful in my opinion there was nothing bad in those emails, as were were just catching up on what each has been doing over the past 25 years.  Mistress saw it entirely different and let me know very quickly that i would not be emailing her anymore.

   By the time we were finished talking it was too late and Mistress was too mad and She said punishing me right then might not be the best idea.  So She just made me go to bed.  I am not sure what if any punishment is coming, but i am very nervous to say the least.  W/we have a day trip outing today that we had planned, so this may be a very long ride to and from... I hope Mistress isnt as mad today and has forgiven me!

  I love you VERY much Mistress, and again I apologize for my actions.. Love,  Your mitch

1/29/2016 2:00:27 PM
Mistress came in and layer with me for a short while in my room last night as I laid down to go to sleep. Yes, we do have separate bedrooms and unless given permission I am not allowed in Hers. As we lay in my bed Mistress rubbed my erect nipple and teased me by pretending that She was going to rub my cock. Needless to say She didnt. My cock was left throbbing as She kissed me goodnight and left my room. Then about an hour and a half later Mistress came back in and woke me up to rub my nipple one more time as She told me that She had been in Her room and had vibrated Herself into orgasm. The She was off again and I was left to try and go back to sleep with a throbbing hard on and dripping cock! Thank You Mistress!!

1/28/2016 3:03:59 PM
   Last night was very nice to say the least.  Mistress and i had a long conversation off and on during the day about some things we felt like we needed to sort out and make some adjustments to so to speak.  It was awesome because we were able to discuss some things we have both been keeping inside and nervous about bringing up to the other.  Dont get me wrong, we are very open and honest with each other but at the same time we have both had reservations at times of mentioning certain things and each of us just held back a little.  We were able to clear all that up and get things out in the open yesterday and i am not sure how Mistress feels for certain but i know that i feel like a huge barrier has been lifted and now we can really work harder and dive much deeper into our FemDom relationship.  I am very proud to say that i am a submissive husband to a Dominant Wife.  It has taken us a bit longer to get where we are at than others i am sure, but with us sometimes hesitations or life would get in the way of being able to go deeper into the lifestyle and we would have to take short breaks.  Now we are able to move forward even more and i am really excited and looking forward to serving Her more and more.

   After we talked Mistress wanted to take some time to do one of her hobbies that she enjoys.  But before she started she came walking down the hall and that lovely familiar sound of chains jingling came along with Her.  Before I knew it i was cuffed and forced on the floor in front of Her while she sat to do as She wanted.  Occasionally She would reach down and rub my nipples to make sure i stayed extremely hard.  i have to admit..., it was such a great feeling being back at Her feet, just where i belong and feel most alive.  She rubber Her nylon covered legs across my shoulders and back.. MMMMMMM!!!!  She knows how much i looooooove the feeling of Her hose and leggings.  Of course She knows...She owns me and knows me!  i love my Mistress deeply and i look forward to furthering our D/s roles as we are able to do now and serving Her.  i know from the chats we had recently, mostly yesterday; that She plans on training me harder than ever before.  Am i nervous.., yes; but at the same time i am looking forward to it.  i look forward to having Her push my limits and train me to be the slave SHE wants me to be.  But most importantly, i look forward to pleasing Her as much as i possibly can.  She can be nice and loving, and She can be strict, wicked, and cruel.  i am a very lucky slave and i am honored to be the slave to Mistress.

   If you care to chat please feel free to message me, but be forewarned that Mistress does randomly check my messages.  If you care to talk to Her directly, you may find Her on collarspace under the name DenialDomme.  And for all of you that wonder...yes, Her name does stand for orgasm denial and yes she does deny me!!!

   i love you Mistress and i am devoted to You.  

Sincerely,  Your little mitch

1/10/2016 7:15:59 AM
                                       A Lesson In Control Part 1

Helplessly lying in the middle of the bed, he can do nothing but listen to his Mistress moving around him as she puts on the finishing touches of the restraints binding ever so tightly.  Leather cuffs and ropes pull his arms and legs spread wide to each corner of the bed allowing him only minimal movement.  A leather blindfold keeps him completely in the dark and unable to see anything his Mistress is doing,  while a couple silk scarves are wrapped and tucked into his mouth and tied tightly behind his head to keep him quiet and rendering him speechless.  His body trembles slightly as the anticipation of not knowing what is coming next begins to make his mind race.  Is it going to be a sensual and loving session with a bit of teasing followed with his Mistress fucking him and allowing his long overdue release,  or is it going to be an intense training session he wonders and he listens hard for any clues as to what is going to happen next?

   Suddenly he feels the hands of his Mistress.  She knows all to well the overly sensitive nipples her slave has, and that is where she starts.  Lightly rubbing them at first, followed by little pinches and then back to rubbing them.  Her warm tongue runs across them making her slave squirm as much as he can.  She knows how much pleasure he is getting from this, and she continues alternating between licking and rubbing them.  His moans of enjoyment start to get louder with each lick of his hardened nipples.

   Then out of no where he feels her grab onto his stiff cock and squeeze it hard. "What's this" she asked?  "I dont think that I have given you permission to you to have your cock get hard yet did I" she asks firmly?  All he can do is shake his head no and moan in agony from her tight squeezing.  "It seems to me you need to learn better control of that little cock, as well as learn what happens when you let it become erect without permission from Me" she said with force.  "I think it is time for a little reminding that you dont own that useless cock, I DO....

10/21/2014 8:10:29 PM
Fantasy story for Mistress... There i am lying on the bed in my bedroom. Yes i am in my own bedroom as Mistress does not allow me to sleep in Her room. i am tied tightly to the bed, ankles and wrists pulled wide apart. Mistress squatting over me pressing her wet pussy on my mouth. Her crop landing across my legs each time my toungue slows down from its job of pleasing Her. The nylons from her stocking rub down my sides as Her heels dig into the flesh of my shoulders with each thrust back She makes as my tounge goes deep inside Her. Her body tightens as She explodes into orgasm. Rocking Her crotch back and forth over my face. As soon as She is done climaxing, She hops off and begins rubbing my nipples to get them rock hard. She places the clamps on them making sure they are squeezing tight. Grabbing a piece of rope, She ties my balls and pulls them tightly towards the end of the bed. She then climbs on top of me and slides Her still soaked pussy down on the erect cock. She begins to fuck it slowly at first. Each thrust causing my balls to stretch. Then faster and harder. Repeatedly She pounds down on the cock with alternating speeds. As the pressure builds towards release She roc k s harder as i moan from the clamps and balls being squeezed and pulled. She explodes into orgasm one more time. She gets off laughing and tormenting because the entire time She was fucking me i couldnt feel it at all. Right before She tied me to the bed and fucked me She made me put on a hollow dildo so my (HER) real cock was unable to feel any enjoyment and left hard and horny. She teases me more while untying me and then She kisses me goodnight and makes me go to sleep as She heads to Her room.... I love you Mistress...

10/17/2014 2:45:14 PM
Today was a day off from work and Mistress and i spent the day together. I was up and out of bed at 5am and immediately started cleaning so that it would be finished before Mistress got out of bed. Once she was up and ready Mistress allowed me to taker her out to breakfast. Back at home Mistress put me in my ankle and wrist cuffs and clamps and was ordered to stay kneeling in front of her while she messed around on her computer for an hour or so... Later as a reward for cleaning, Mistress lead me to my bedroom and proceeded to fuck me good. Evidently it was too good as i mistakenly came and forgot to ask permission first. She was definitely not happy and paddled me afterwards for doing so. I love you Mistress!!

10/10/2013 6:58:14 PM

   On Monday night Mistress suprised me with letting me touch her and please her.  She ordered me into her bedroom and had me lie down on the bed right beside her.  She allowed me to start fingering her private area.  Slowly i massaged her outer lips, up and down then in small circles.  I could feel her warm juices start flowing from her now swollen area.  My fingers slid up and down as she used her massager on her clit.  Listening to her moan was driving me crazy as it always does.  Slowly i slid one of my fingers into her tight as.  Making circular motions with it.  Once it was open enough to accept the another, i slid my second finger in with my first and began to slowly fuck her ass with my two fingers while letting my other two glide up and down her pussy lips as the same time.  It didnt take long before Mistress was exploding into a wet orgasm.

   Afterwards, Mistress rewarded me yet again by allowing me to climb up and fuck her.  Oh my god it felt great to say the least!!  After months of my(HER) cock not being allowed to enter her pussy and over a month of no orgasm period, it didnt take very long to build up to that point of explosion to say the least.  I quickly asked permission to cum from Mistress and no sooner than she said "yes you may" i exploded inside of her.  It was a very hard and powerful orgasm i must say and it felt absolutely wonderful!!!!!

   I dont know whn i will be allowed to do so again, but i truly was honored and appreciated being allowed to do so the other night.  I hope that Mistress knows how lucky that i know i am....  I love you Mistress!

10/7/2013 3:50:09 PM

   Today was a bit of a humiliating day to sum it up.  One of the first things i was instructed to do by Mistress was to find one of our Domme friends if she was on line today and write her an indepth apology for a major mistake that i had made.  Long story short, Mistress had sent me a comment through messenger and i forwarded it to our Domme friend.  And what Mistress mean as an inside "joke" was taken wrong when i sent it.  Or Mistress was afraid it might have been taken wrong.  Needless to say i got into a bit of trouble.  I first got paddled for it, followed by making me write the apology the next time i saw our friend online.  Luckily i was able to explain it all and make ammends and clarify that i had made a huge mistake!!!  Mistress is in the other room right now reading my sent apologies while i am here in my room doing my ball gag training....

   Which leads us to my second punishment for the day.  I forgot to do my ball gag training last night, so needless to say, Mistress is making me double my time with it tonight.  Thankfully my punishments with Mistress havent been too severe lately.  Dont get me wrong, she definitely punishes me for sure,  but thankfully they havent been too harsh or severe lately...

   I LOVE you Mistress!!

10/5/2013 3:46:48 AM

   Up early this morning to head out for a multi family yard sale this monring.  I certainly hope we can unload a lot of stuff that we just dont need or want anymore.  Once again i have woken up so very horny.  I can understand it when Mistress teases me or has me service her or anything like that.  That is a sure fire way to go to bed horny and wake up even hornier....But last night i was left alone and not used and i still woke up this morning so extremely horny.  I dont understand it!!  I know that Mistress will love it as she thrives on keeping me as horny as possible most of the time.  Was it my thoughts i had as i was trying to go to sleep last night? Was it my subconscious taking over?  Or was it my cock just saying "i really want an orgasm"?...i dont know... all i can tell you is that when i woke up this morning, and even now while writing this, my cock (Mistress's cock) was and is hard as hell and tingling.  My over sensitive nipples are tingling begging to be touched as well... oh this is going to be a long long long long day i have a feeling!!!!!


10/4/2013 9:23:47 PM

   Well here it is midnight and i am lying alone in my bed with just my thoughts.  Mistress and i had a great day as stated in my earlier journal post.  I thought for sure that Mistress would end up using me tonight in some way to pleasure her.  Whether it be oral servitude or fingering her I wasnt sure..., but I was certain it would be one or the other.  But alas, that is not the case.  As the night went further along and the hours got later i started to realize that the liklihood of that happening was becoming more slim with each passing hour until i finally realized that Mistress would not be using me tonight.  So off to bed i went and now here i lay unused and unneeded while Mistress if off to bed in her own room.  Trying to go to sleep is gong to be difficult!!!

10/4/2013 8:34:37 PM

   Today after breakfast, Mistress decided that i needed to spend the rest of the day completely shackled.  Leather wrists cuffs, leather ankle cuffs, collar, and several lengths of chain connecting them all together.  She got quite a few laughs at my expense while watching me struggle to walk while carrying her coffee, fixing and bringing her lunch to her, and doing her laundry.  It is very humbling and humiliating  being restricted in such a way that makes it very difficult to perform the tasks she instructed me to do, and Mistress definitely seemed to enjoy embarrassing me.  It was all worth it though because it pleased Mistress and i got to spend the entire day with her!!!

   I Love You Mistress!!

9/29/2013 3:35:27 PM

  Yesterday Mistress allowed me the pleasure of sitting beside her on the sofa while she worked on our business website.  During that time she graciously allowed me to slide my hand down between her smooth legs and rub her silky panties over top of her pussy.  For those of you reading this journal, you may not know how much of a great thrill that was for me because i am not allowed to touch Mistress's breasts or pussy area without her permission first.  So having her grab my hand and slide it down there was very nice indeed. 

   I was able to rub her panty covered pussy like this for about a half an hour before she got up and instructed me to follow her into her room.  She laid down on her stomach on the bed and began to massage her clit with her vibrating massager(her favorite way to do that).  The instructed me to finger her.  Oh my, I was in heaven!!!  You just dont know what it means to me to be allowed to touch and please Mistress.  As she massaged her clit, my fingers slowly worked in and out of her dripping wet pussy.  As her moans became more evident, i knew that meant she was ready for both holes, so at that point i slide my two middle fingers deep into her pussy as my index fingermade its way into her tight asshole. In and out slowly, then a bit faster... twirling my index finger and lossening her tight asshole enough that my second finger could accomapany my index finger and slide in too.  Her body began to shake and her moans got louder and louder.  My cock hard as a rock and pressing tightly in the panties she makes we wear begging to be touched. With another loud moan, her body started to shake as she exploded into an enormous climax.  It was such a great feeling not only to be permitted to touch her there, but to also be allowed to help Mistress achieve such an intense orgasm.  Doing that made me feel almost as good as i imgainged she was feeling at that moment.

   Afterwards, Mistress cuffed me to the bed, blinfolded and gagged me. She placed clothespins on my nipples and then whipped me for a couple of minutes with her flogger.  The all of a sudden she just left me there.  All i could think about was being helpless and remembering the moments that had just transpired just a bit earlier.  I dont know how long i was left there in total.  Mistress would come back in there every few minutes or so to check on me.  I could hear her enter the room but that was it.  She did not speak to me and did not touch me.  She would make sure i was ok, and then leave again...leaving me there with only my thoughts...

   My (HER) cock and shaven balls encased in those snug silky panties, me unable to go anywhere, and just wishing to be touched!  And for those still reading and interested, it has now been 1 month and 3 days since my last orgasm(which i had to do myself after given permission).  It has been months since my (HER) cock has been touched by her in a sexual way or been allowed to enter her restricted areas.  I dont know when of if i will get another orgasm in the near future.  As frustrating as it is by not being touched or allowed orgasms,  i can fully understand and appreciate what Mistress does or does not allow me.  It is all about Mistress's needs and pleasures only.  I love my Mistress and i love the way she takes care of me and treats me.  In truth, i feel it continues to bring us closer together.  And as bad as i would love to explode right now and on most occasions, if giving up total control of my orgasms and not having any is what makes my Mistress happy, then i am happy to do so.  Frustrated but happy to do so.  The one thing i can say i do miss though is her rubbing my (HER) cock occasionally.  It has been a very long time since Mistress has paid any kind of attention to it at all, pleasurable or torturous... Mistress is becoming little more extreme/sadistic and even more of a disciplinarian lately as well.  I look forward to her future teachings and training.

   I LOVE you Mistress!!!!

9/21/2013 3:11:01 PM

My suprise finally came in the mail and Mistress gave it to me.  I think the only words to describe it is GULP!!!!!!  She bought a cb6000 chastity cock cage for me.  She has just finished putting it on me right after she gave me a pretty darn good paddling with one of her leather paddles... 

9/19/2013 6:48:19 PM

SUPRISE!!!!  Mistress told melast week that she had ordered me something for my birthday and that it would be here in a few days.  Well it arrived today, and to my complete and utter shock it was a new chastity device. She purchased a cb6000 for me. All week long she teased me with what it might be as i asked for hints and clues.  No way did i ever expect that she would be getting me a chastity device.  She has told me that we are going to being using it this weekend. I am soooo very nervous!  I cant imagine what it is going to feel like having my cock secured and locked away.  I know that Mistress has wanted to do this for a very long time and I know that she is looking forward to it.  I just hope that Mistress enjoys it as much as she has thought she might.


Also had to spend a little bit of time alone in my bedroom tonight with the ball gag firmly in place.  I wasnt being punished by any means, but Mistress has instructed me that I must spend a certain ammount of time in my room wearing the ball gag each night from now on for a while.  I really forgot how much a ball gag makes you drool..very humiliating!!


Laughing  I Love You Mistress!!!

9/10/2013 4:36:27 PM

   Two nights ago i was chatting with one of our Domme friends and we were having a nice conversation until i made a huge mistake of not ending one of my sentences to her with Ma'am.  Without hardly any hesitation she messaged my Mistress and i was soon being punished for being disrespectful to our Domme friend.  Next thing i know Mistress instruced me to type "i am sorry for being disrespectful to you Ma'am" 25 times to our Domme friend.  Little did i know that our friend was going to be checking for all spelling errors, and each time She caught one She messaged Mistress who in turn made me start all over again.  The original 25 ended up being somewhere around 65-70 times!!  THEN, Mistress made me type a more personal and formal apology to our Domme friend.  My fingers were tired to say the least..

  I must say that it was a bit of a shock and a little humiliating having one Domme tell on me to my Mistress for my mistake.  But at the same time it was kind of erotic and a little bit of a turn on.  The next day when Mistress and i discussed it again, She said She had the same feelings about it herself....definitely something we had never done before!   I LOVE you Mistress..... 

9/8/2013 5:06:04 AM

   As stated in previous entry, Mistress and i had a great day/night date yesterday!  Once we got home, Mistress spent some time with Her online slave and She allowed me to chat with one of our FemDom couple friends while She did so.   A short time later it was bedtime and Mistress came into my slave's quarters to tell me goodnight.  She ended up lying there bedie me on the bed, slowly rubbing my nipples(which She knows drives me crazy!) and kissing me.  She then slowly moved her hand down and grabbed "HER" cock and slowly massaged it. Gentle slow strokes followed by squeezing...mmmmmmm it felt wonderful!!  Grabbing my hand, she pulled it down to my crotch and forced me to masturbate slowly while She alternated between rubbing my nipples  pulling and squeezing on "HER" balls.  Of course, Her voice penetrated through me and made my entore body tingle and She instructed me "do NOT cum"....  Mistress stayed with me for a few moments more before She retired to Her chambers leaving me with a so extremely excited with a raging hard on and my body tingling all over aching to be touched by Mistress some more.  To be honest, as weird as this sounds, I was almost to the point of begging Mistress to spank me just so I could feel Her touch for a few more minutes before She left!!     Thank you for another great day and night with You Mistress.....

   Well, that is all for now.  I have to get back to the laundry so it will be hopefully finished before Mistress wakes up this monring.   I LOVE You Mistress!!

9/7/2013 6:28:14 PM

Just got back from spending the day with Mistress and having a dinner/movie night.  It was a great day/night!  We had lots of long conversations about our relationship and where we have come from and where we are heading.  We truly had a great time!!  I love you Mistress!  Thank you for a great day!!

9/6/2013 2:47:01 PM

I am so excited about tomorrow!!  Earlier this week i asked Mistress if i could take Her out on a date this weekend and She agreed and said yes.  She is planning out what we are going to do and where we are going to go, so at this point i am unsure as to what the date will entail.  All She has told me is that She wants to go out to dinner and a movie.  I have no idea where we are going to eat and probably wont until we start heading there tomorrow.  I am there to pick up the check and provide company for Her, which is totally fine with me...I am just happy that She is allowing me to take Her out and that i get to spend the time with Her...  I cant wait!!!!!     I Love You Mistress!!  Laughing

9/1/2013 5:08:18 AM

   Yesterday was a long but fun day. Mistress and i headed around Virginia Beach shopping for some new items.  After we were done shopping and returned back home, Mistress invited me into Her bedroom and allowed me to service and please Her. It was wonderful!!!  I relish every opportunity that Mistress allows me to touch Her and please Her.  Afterwards She kissed and rubbed me a little while She had me stroke HER cock a few times,  including smacking it a few times.  Mistress loves making me smack Her cock when it is swollen and throbbing. Then She told me She was finished with me and that it was time for me to leave and She sent me out of Her room and into my room to go to sleep for the night.


   This morning...up at 5am and started in on my chores.  Taking a break right now while laundry is running in washer and dryer. 

8/31/2013 5:12:01 AM

   I must say that I have a new found respect for what alot of Women go through each day.  In the past Mistress has shaven me down below once in a while and once in a while i would do it myself just to suprise Her, but it was never an ongoing thing.  Well a couple of weeks ago all that changed.  From out of the blue Mistress told me that i must keep HER balls and cock area clean and smoothe every day.  It shocked me at first, but i thought "ok, no biggie"....  I couldnt have been more wrong on that!!!  Mistress has on and off kept Her own secret area shaven and She knows i love it smoothe there.  Not that i get to touch or feel it very often, but i do love a smoothe vagina and how sexy and sweet HER vagina is when smooth...mmmm...  Anyway, i never realized how much effort and work it is to keep that area smooth.  Once in a while isnt a big deal, but keeping it smooth daily is a lot more than just a notion.  And Mistress says She will pull suprise inspections at any time...  In no way make any mistake by thinking i am complaining because i am not.  It is humiliating having to keep it smooth of course, but the rewards are well worth it.  It feels so much better down there when there is no hair.  I must admit, even though it is quite a bit of work, i get very aroused while doing it because i know how much Mistress likes it, and pleasing Mistress is the biggest reward of it all!



8/23/2013 4:10:23 PM

   Last night was great!  Mistress rewarded me twice last night.  The first, She led me to her chambers and gave me the priviledge of touching and fingering Her pussy and ass. Her instructions were short and sweet.  She said "stand behind Me with that cock in one hand while you finger Me with the other".  As she bent over the bed with me standing behind Her, She massaged Her clit with Her favorite vibrator as i fingered Her in both holes.  With Her free hand, She reached back and grabbed hold of "HER" balls.  As she pulled them and stretched them, Her nails dug in and made me lean forward against Her nice warm ass.   It didnt take long and Mistress exploded into a massive orgasm...  

   The second reward came afterwards... Mistress said I had been very good for the past bit of time so She gave me permission to not only masturbate, but also to orgasm!!  She made me take a shower and take care of it myself.  After a long time of no orgasms, it felt wonderful to finally explode.  I have to admit that it was a very strange feeling being made to masturbate.  I have never been told to do that before by Her.  I only wish Mistress could have helped, but that was a no go.  She said i could do it and if i wanted to do it, then i had to go in the shower and do it myself.  Just a little humiliating to say the least.  But i am NOT complaining, as it did feel good.  And it was a very long time since my last allowed orgasm, and i have no idea how long it will be until the next allowed one.

  However, nothing beat the feeling of being allowed to service and please my Mistress. That is the best feeling of all.  To be allowed to touch Her and please Her...what more could i ever ask for....

   I love you Mistress......

8/17/2013 5:19:29 AM

  Mistress is having what seems to be a very good time talking to Her new found Domme friends and slaves here on collar me.  From what She has said, She is getting lots of fresh and new ideas.  Last night from out of nowhere, She instituted a new mandatory bedtime for me each night.  I was in shock to say the least!  I have never been told when I "had" to go to bed since I was a kid.  The worst part is I wasn't even tired, so I had to lay there in a dark room hard, horny, and trying to make myself go to sleep....Oh these are going to be some very long nights from now on I am certain!!

  I got up early and took care of the chores Mistress wanted done so I will be free to help Her at one of Her fundraisers later this morning.  I hope it wont be too boring...But I will be with my Mistress, so that makes it great!!!

8/11/2013 6:58:33 AM

This morning i woke up at 5:30 am and got myself out of bed to start a few chores while Mistress slept.  By 9:00am i had the following done: Dishes, cleaned the kitchen counters, swept and steamed the kitchen floor, a load of laundry, folded Mistress' items that came out of the dryer, and vacumed the house everywhere except for Her Chambers...



8/11/2013 6:54:41 AM

   Last night after my shower Mistress ordered me into my red silk panties and do a few chores for Her.  The silk felt wonderful against my smooth shaven area below.  After the chores were done, Mistress allowed me to enter Her room and service Her.  She commanded me to finger her through two powerful orgasms.  The entire time "HER" owned cock was throbbing and pressing against the silky spandex of the panties, and it felt wonderful i must admit.  Throbbing and aching to be touched, "HER" cock was left unattended to.  Mistress has become very good at ignoring her slave's manhood and leaving it unused and untouched no matter how hard and ready to go it becomes.

   As soon as Mistress exploded with her second orgasm,  She kissed her slave and then ordered him out of her room and back to his slave quarters to go to sleep.  I laid there for what seemed like hours with a hard aching cock and dreaming of my Mistress until i finally drifted off to sleep...  I love You Mistress!  love, sb

8/9/2013 3:39:09 PM

Last weekend Mistress started me on a weight loss program with weekly weight loss goals and weekly scheduled weigh ins each saturday.  Tomorrow will be my first weigh in and i must admit i am nervouse a bit.  I had a goal of 3 pounds to lose this week and I am not sure if I have or will make the 3 pounds or not.  Since She said that weigh ins are each saturday, i havent weighed myself during the week because i didnt know if doing so would be wrong. 

   Mistress said that She will reward me with a back scratch each week that i meet my weight loss goal.  it is no orgasm by any means, but i do love and miss Her back scratches.  Her nails on my back just sends me into sheer bliss!  The bad part i am worried about is what is going to happen to me if i dont make the goal, so i have been nervous about it all week.  crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!!!

8/5/2013 5:08:47 PM

Last night Mistress entered my slave quarters and decided to lay down with me for a short bit before She headed off to Her own bed.  I was in heaven having Her lay there beside me and let me hold Her.  Her silky panties rubbing up against HER stiffened cock.  It was great!!  She left to go to Her chambers and left me there relaxed yet totally aroused.  Thank You Mistress...

8/5/2013 5:03:12 PM

Well this is a little late getting on here for new news but here it is anyway.  About three months ago Mistress officially moved me out of what used to be O/our bedroom and has moved me into my own slave quarters in the smallest of the spare bedrooms. Per Her rules, I am no longer permitted to enter Her bedroom at anytime without permission, however She may enter the "slave's quarters" at any given time for any reason.  I didnt realize how much I would miss sleeping beside my Mistress when She first brought up the topic.  But after three months so far(which I know isnt long to others), it is definitely difficult and hard to get used to to say the least.


   It is also very humbling to be moved out of Her bedroom and moved into my own.  This is just the latest aspect of Her showing Her authority and the control She has over me.  She has been taking away little by little any control that I once had, and breaking me down from the man that I used to be and turning me into Her total 100% controlled slave.  And I am so thankful every day that we found each other and She accepted me.  I truly love my Mistress...

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 Age: 28
 NYC and vic, New York