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I am a mature Domme and own my own slave of 20 years (husband).? I am interested in?connecting with couples who?share?the same.? Encourage conversation with Dommes and slaves who wish to conduct themselves in mature conversation.? ? If you are a sub and wish to chat, I don't mind, but you will not be answered unless you address this Mistress the proper way. It seems the most frequent question I receive is how long I have denied my slave orgasm. Those questions can be directed to him. His user name is ownedbyMD. ? I am?quite pleased with?my submissive husband, so please no messages for me to be your Domme. ? Orgasim Denial is my favorite!??I like to play rough but not into hard core.? ? ? ? ?

2/1/2016 10:47:58 AM
For over 20 years my sub, husband, and I have been together and off and on again in the lifestyle. There have been many high points and some difficult hurdles to go through while trying to raise 2 children. Communication is absolute key if you want to be successful. I told my sub this weekend that we loved each other too much. That in no way is a bad thing, it's an amazing thing to have. However, you can be held back by it at the same time. We sometimes wouldn't say things we were thinking or feeling afraid of hurting the other emotionally and it really held us back. Once you open the lines of communication and keep an open minded approach your world can change immensely! I consider myself VERY lucky to have my sub as my husband and the relationship we have developed over the years!

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 Age: 19