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I consider myself a normal person who just has a massively kinky side that I need to embrace and explore new things without judgement or shame. Being reasonably shy and private as I am, I dont like the idea of going to events, but hope I can connect with someone who lets say, is a monster in the bedroom, but also someone who I admire both physically and intellectually when out for dinner or with friends.

Personally, I think its vital to share some common interests beyond kink and generally i'd find it difficult to find the right connection with someone unless she has interests, a personality, a dry sense of humour and can talk about random subjects. I love to laugh, look for nice and interesting things, enjoy life, good movies, be outdoors, relax and love to cook, especially something amazing on a Sunday afternoon.

I like to travel, but am based in London so if you are local, please message me if you would like to know more

I'm beginning to think this site is a waste of time.  Are there any "normal" women here that are just kinky and experimental? (And by "normal" I mean, stable, have a good career, friends, is attractive, can have an intelligent conversation)