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If you wish to impress me, write me a poem. If you are not willing to wear chastity 24/7 do not waste my time. Back after a break and rethink about life. So looking for worthy slaves.
back for a couple of days an already have a worthless slave :0 life is gooooood

by iwannabeurslave. ty x

you  will  torture me for fun 
like pony under you i will run
i know you are the sun 
i will eat ur scat like bun
my life for you my queen
please kill me in your gun 
i will obey all your needs 
i wll adore you like a nun

by YourPaul. ty x

Harsh Lady London, May I enter your Dungeon? Whilst I read that it's full Is there no chance at all That with this short rhyme I might have bought time To put into motion A display of devotion Or talk and be social Of which either i'm hopeful I hope to speak soon But if not i wont swoon It was worth but a try And I'll just say goodbye.

by subMooshie. ty x

On my knees, I await to please
Those stunning eyes gaze down on me
Under your control and at your mercy
I bow my head and yield for you to see.

by sherryslave. ty x


i'd love to be locked away

in a cell blocked from the day 

awaiting for time to pass by

as I sob and I cry

for having let down my lady

im now dressed as a baby

all for my ladys amuesment

by humiliateee. ty x


as i gaze up at Your splendour from my place at Your feet my heart races, i feel the pounding throughout my being grateful for the opportunity grateful for the time always grateful, and elated, to be near You to be with You to be Yours.

by subswindon37. ty x

I wish I was with you 24-7,

id look in your eyes and see stairways to heaven,

id be nervous, on my knees and so quiet

thinking of you, my emotions run riot.

serving you as best as I can be,

you're running through my veins like a fish in the sea

by Benighted. ty x

The trembling wind Of Your dominion Softly stirs the branches A hush that heralds Altered consciousness To storm force gales The forest must bend Unrecognised the inner scape Although outwardly the same Smart to obey the implanted word A mind splayed wide To Her observant instruments Absolute intrusion Of superior Will Its seed taken and flesh run The levers of emotion Under Her strategic command Shakes the foundations As a hurricane of passion Transmuted landscapes of the mind.

by subversity. ty x :)

waking to a darkness

wrists motionless, chink of chain

mouth dry, taste of rubber

the smell of You is in my brain


memory of soft moist skin

Your shouts, Your moans

as i try to please

to stretch myself as i've been shown


i could feel Your sweat

i could feel Your strength

i can only marvel at Your fitness

all these unseen qualities amplified

in a sea of unfulfilled wanting


one touch from You

and i pulse

one touch from You

and i waste it


i waste it all


darkness and memory

is all that is left

by YouMadeMeDoIt. ty x

this harsh lady of london seems the queen of her queendom, has lots of sluts guessing but which ones oh which ones to press to, the heal of her shoe, the tip of her whip, your ass will get hotter the slower you potter quickly now boy quickly !!

by servantlv4f. ty x


Seeking to serve Seeking to learn Seeking to please Accepting the control Accepting the humiliation accepting the pain Never to have the freedom ever again 

by watledo. ty x

HarshLadyLondon resided in Clapham Junction
And often abused her slaves without compunction
She loved to hear them cry and whine

When she stood them in line
And beat their balls black and blue with a truncheon

by dantesinferno67. ty x

There was a slave from Surrey who was by no means in a hurry, but in his search for a lady who he hoped she might say maybe, he wrote this line in a hurry.

by RealTimeEasy. ty x

Im am Stupid I am Dumb I obey Mistress and Eat my cum

by charminggent. ty x 

There once was a harsh lady from london, who kept all the submissive men coming. There was nothing they could do, but lick her shoe, as Mistress ordered them to. Right little sluts these men were, and only mistress's secret. Till she exposed them all, lined them up against a wall and strapon fucked them all.

by online4abuse. ty x

I'm so out of luck - my arse needs a fuck In spite of my pleas, the Ladies just tease At my profile they letch, but never a sketch Of how they might give me some ease please help..

by hardwhipping. ty x

Ah, see those eyes, Open forever, Ah, see her breathing, Loving and tender. Ah, feel her whip, cruel and relentless. This is the meaning of fear!

by johnnyoung. ty x

You sound like an amazing dominant
I come across as a submissive applicant
Hope to get the privilege of your time
Trying to impress you will be pleasure of mine
Your name suggests you are beautifully harsh
You are in London and I'm in Marble Arch

by boxedup. ty x

Roses are red, violets are blue, a man underfoot, and he belongs there for you

by TobeyUsed. ty x

I once saw a Mistress whose hair was all pink, Dressed up in all manner of leather and kink, She shot me a look and cracked her long whip, So I got on my knees with an instantly hard dick


Clip, Clip went her heels as she marched up to my face, Click, Click went the cuffs as they snapped into place, She said, You're my slut from now on and you'll keep me amused, So I cried, Yes, yes HarshLady, for I am To Be Used

by charleyboy. ty x

roses are red,

the sky is blue

may i kneel, and kiss Your shoe?

roses are red,

the sky is grey

You give an order...and i obey.

roses are red,

the lawns are green

i am a serf, and You are the Queen

by readytoruin. ty x

there once was a man called dave who found a dead whore in a grave, it took him some pluck to have a cold fuck but look at the money he saved!!

by oOdarkstarOo. ty x

Harsh Lady London Back in the City

Some say She's harsh I think She's a Kitty

I'm just a boi So What would I know

I've not had the pleasure Of bowing down low

I've not felt the bliss or the excruciating kiss

The sting of her whip or the lash of her lip

If you would give me the chance I'll dance to your dance

visit me here come check out this boi

I'll serve you well I'll be your little toy 

by Wantsitnow. ty x

he was in stress, Looking for the right door, M now left a mess, On the warehouse floor. Pulled and torn dress, M was tied like a pig, And was whipped his elastic ass, Well, in common, he was in good fig. Helpless and forced whore, M was, The feelings you looking for, In this moveless and weird pose

by TheDevilsInMe. ty x

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Arse in the Air

You'll be Black & Blue

by Holt143. ty x

my arse was pink but now it blue with lovely red stripes all thanks to you.

by bosbos. ty x

A Mistress went to a rave. she found herself a slave. he invited her to come to his home. now the Mistress owns him and his home

by errantschoolboy. ty x

Roses are red, dead bodies is blue, i am Detective Inspector gimp in mask of Fu Man Chu

by lordlaw64. ty x

There was a young lady from Rangina Who could do wonderful things with a miner

by whitesub4black. ty x

there was a strict domme in the city who'd had a bad day and felt shitty she wanted a ditty to say to her kitty and whip her sub into someone witty

by gloryholekent. ty x

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
I'm on my knees,
Ready to serve you

by PutMe2UseOnline. ty x

1,2,3,4 ... smacks to my ass as I ask for more. I lick up all your spit you put on the floor. I massage your feet while you relax in a chair. I worship your ass while you comb your hair and I do everything you say because I am yours all the way

by shortlight. ty x

You can tighten the lock and hold the key you'll own my cock and all the rest of me you can pull me by my lead and beat me for your preasure i can never be freed while you abuse me at your leisure.

another one from shortlight. ty x

She captures my heart with a crack of the whip. Then teases it, toys with it, plays with it and lets it fall. Her stiletto presses down on the skin. Our eyes meet, the blood seeps, her lips curl and she is my all

by slave2hypnosis. ty x

My ass could be red and my balls blue, but I'd still do as you say and always worship you. My duty is to serve and do as you say, to follow blindly and let you lead the way. my wants needs and desires, are put aside to light your fire. This is my poem to you, I hope it made you smile, and now you know I would endure any trial

by domonlineuk. ty x

She asked for a poem even though she didn't know him. The pathetic little slave a crappy poem he gave. She posts it publicly, for everyone to see and I'd love it If she'd write a little poem for me!

by AsianSlaveBoy110. ty x

Roses are red, violets are blue, give me a chance, and I'll worship you

by vwesubman. ty x

roses are red subs should end up black and blue and heres a dedicated sub for you

by dollytoy. ty x

to serve with a smile
it's hard to do for lowly slaves
while they lap at boots

by notfirsttime. ty x


The Mistress held him by cuffed hand Thinking only that he'd understand She chained him back upon his post That one upon which he squirmed most She paused a little with a whip's caress Thoughts of punishment, more not less She tied his ball gag so much tighter watching fear drain him so much whiter and on the post that he hung so wretched She visualised his backside stretch-ed No longer she was satisfied with him teaching obedience with her slightest whim

by tallfunguy. ty x

pain, pain good for the heart

the more you beat him the more he farts

the more he farts the more you beat him

the more he ends up on the toilet seat

by willingbob. ty x

If only she would walk towards me,

with my balls held hanging from her hand

like the cuffs in the drawing,

She will probably not cut them off me,

but I give them to kicks from her feet and punches from hand,

she destroys them and they're hurting.

by TheMaidMaster. ty x

To say she is the sun is pure distress

To say she is the moon is mere affront

Both pale before this shining, cruel Mis-tress

And kneel to serve the wonder of her cunt

by UrPunishmetboy. ty x

He gave up the use of his cock Which She kept under key and lock Boots and jodhpurs he craved A further year She enslaved Wearing to tease and to mock

by thetallguy. ty x

There once was a Londoner Lady
Who drove all the local subs crazy
She'll teach you a lesson
But after the session
Your memories will be a bit hazy

Or a haiku?

Mistress in London
Your cock cage she will unlock
If she is pleased

by spiritualsub43. ty x





Just like the breeze

She will come and go

but is always there

for within Her breath

She balances all to fair


She is the one

that can kiss

and bend a tree

She is also the one

who can ruffle the seas


Like a butterfly

that floats so modest

She is a strong

but loving Goddess

by trueobedience. ty x

sublime serenity, demureness untold

not too young, and not too old

natural assertion, and aura of power

demanding and impish

no shy hiding flower

She knows what she wants, and she gets what she needs

a True Domina and on slavehearts She feeds

So near yet so far, maybe just out of touch

I can dream and can ach and can crave Her so much

by slave1510. ty x

roses are red, violets are blue, i have such a desire for serving you. i would love to meet and have a chance to treat and then i can lay under your feet. would you like to own me i will treat you like the queen bee and if you ask i will gladly pay a fee

by christoph. ty x

Words are nothing but moist air
But can sting like wasps and bees
However, chosen with more care
They are more likely to please

by amsterdamsub. ty x

Writing You a poem is quite a challenge to meet,
it would be much easier to throw myself at Your feet.
In between brackets: with the aid of the Easyjet,
London is a place fast to get....
But the easy way down is not gratifying enough;
it's far more rewarding to please You with words, although this might be tough.
So here's a bunch of admiration from the Continent,
it is to express awe for You that this short rhyme is meant!

by usernameistaken. ty x

there was a harshlady online who i messaged just after 9 so here is my rhyme in case you have time to sit on my face ... no? ... k fine

by crushedorbs. ty x

And what reward were she impressed, knelt before her in a state of undress? Stripped an spread and tied and teased, hoping and praying that Mistress is pleased. Time goes by and sub has grown, the benefits of being Harsh Lady London owned.

by Curioussubinuk. ty x

Roses are red just like your hair , violets are blue just like my eyes, together we sound cute with me knelt just for you.

by onderdanig28. ty x

there once was a Dutch boy,

that became Harsh Lady's toy,

she forcefully changed his gender,

and made him a bender,

gay males came to the honey,

used him and gave Harsh Lady the money..

by shoeloveruk. ty x

Roses are red, violets are blue, you sound so sexy, may i kneel before you?

by rubberjohnny666. ty x

Winged Goddess of Infinite Love We tremble beneath Her soft caress She laughingly whispers a promise to descend into the gold morning sky. My black dream is over I drink beauty and harmony

by u38cg. ty x

A submissive with a deficit of cock
Crawled out from under a rock
For a spanking he yearned
Though he couldn't it earn
For he suffered from poem-writer's block.

by alexfree. ty x

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Hot weather makes me beg,
Beg just to serve you.

poem by desiresagoddess. ty x

I fall to my knees only to please I look into her eyes and can tell no lies I offer her the cane as well as my pain I am hers as she purrs

poem by Eruditesubm.ty x

Silent "H", i wonder ? ... And wander ... Think of Ye olde fav, Sean Connery, ooooh ooooh 7's brogue ... as in "arsche aboot (thigh high, perhaps!) face" ! i am a "play ja list", kinda poet ... and i am more than confident You know just what defines poetry ... if it rhymes, it's down with me ! Full circle back to those infamous boots !

more by eruditesubm

Harsh Loves in Electric London? Ass Play, in which way? Begging, when pegging? Blindfolds, heavy and leather? (The exception proves the rule ... Quod erat demonstratum ) Body Worship, under whip? Bondage sans leaf foliage? Canes and Crops , lollipops? CB T for two, or is it three? Chastity, unless very witty? Collars of rich dollars? Corner Time, circular rhyme?

by sublaidbare. ty x

Roses are Red Mistress is blue i will cheer you up,i will obey you

more by sublaidbare

loyal to my Mistress,true to her name to love and obey ,that is my aim i serve to the end.and bend to her whim sure Mistress will keep me in trim

by cuffedmale. ty x

it is time to confess
my devotion to my new Goddess
i yearn to be on a leash and be led
or be on my knees bowing my head
i will be waiting and with a sigh
cross my fingers and hope for a reply

by saggul. ty x

If femdom is an art then You are Picasso of it. If calrsberg made Mistresses then You are the best

poem by bottomworship. ty x

Without you to hold I am lost
From a distant voice my fate was cast
Within you I feel complete
I surrender all without defeat
A life of love to loving life
There`s no wrong it feels so right
Like a moth in the twin flame
Within silence all is explained
Nothing now will be the same
Pleasure burns as if its pain
So if you want me I am yours
Passions reaction you are adored
Strip me down right to the soul
Bind me to you take control
Locked together without a key
I am you and you own me

poem by boytoy1982. ty x

This slave kneels
Awaiting you Command
Knowing its place
Beneath your feet

This slave kneels
and obeys your orders
knowing its use
to worship its owner

poem by opisky. ty x

When dark dogs play with heavy shadows and the wind finds the way,
Jackdaws fly over frosted fields,
Wolves howl at an empty moon,
and the lonely lady sits on twisted blades of grass

writing by perpetualslave. ty x

a poeme is see You, Mistress, a poem whitout words, that i can exprime whit my eyes completely full of inconditioned love, and total devotion and adoration. You can read in my extatics and worshipping eyes of slave, full of happiness to be owned from a Goddess in heart, the most beautiful word that are never been wrighted. the words of the most great love that can exist. as a dog love the Mistress more much of his life. adog cannot speak, do a poem, but her Mistress understund and read in that eyes all the adoration and love, that are as a poem without words. thank you for attetion , miss. prpetuaslave, from Italy. ready for be Your forever. nomore look back

poem by seekchastity2. ty x

i could send You worthless rhyming.... i could try to send You verse.... would You then consider me for something more perverse....?

poem by seekchastity2. ty x


i wish i could write poems....

i wish i could impress....

to worship You some other way

would really vex me less...

poem by youtouse. ty x

Dear Miss,
You are clearly so delish,

If I had a tongue,
That could make you come,

I'd be in Your service for years!

poem by pervertedsissy. ty x

Leash me hard, Slap me tough, make me kiss your bottom For sure this will push your button

poem by lukas1978. ty x

I'd love to have a Lady like you that is harsh To come with your whip and cane my pert ass I'd lye on the floor so you could sit on my face I'd tongue your sweet hole with the sweetest of grace

poem by IrishSwimSlave. ty x

She flipped me over,
On my back,
Then slid her strap-on,
In my crack

poem by willobey62. ty x

She neither turned her face, nor did she bar the door But looked at him who was her love before As if he was an ordinary man

poem by Maximus69. ty x

She was harsh,

She fucked my bum,

Made me cry,

And drained my cum!!

poem by uxbridgesub. ty x

Mistress poet I am not Slave or slut I can be Want you to paddle my bot And take a picture so all can see!

poem by obedientUK. ty x


Harsh Lady London as the name suggests

is a Mistress who always demands the best

These very first words I am aware must impress

If I can progress to her cane’s caress

I desire Her guidance that will make me whole

And that She will own both body and soul

To become Her slave is perhaps just a dream

If I please with these words that remains to be seen

If my dream does come true I will serve and obey

She will remain in my thoughts through night and through day

As I worship Her being and kneel at her feet

I will know as her slave that She makes me complete

poem by jay2013. ty x

i clicked a profile that i did find.

to a Domme i hope not too unkind.

She may want my poor cock confined.

or have fun with my balls to bind.

but maybe just put a tan to a sore behind

poem by c24t. ty x

Roses are red my cock is small and you look the belle of the ball!

poem by WaywardDreams. ty x

A mere shadow searches, searches for a shining bastion of intellect. A mind forged of passion, a flame to both terrify with all encompassing power and sooth with careful hands that which is most precious. A soul to worship and fear.. My heart yearns.. My mind aches.. My soul searches.. Would you set them free?

poem by beatupbyasissy. ty x

my head is bowed am on my knees,you my domme i aim to please.lovingly i kiss your feet,my body here for you to beat,i know i must never cum unless allowed by you my domme

poem by slaveislife. ty x

A poem i cant write I will try with all my might I hope i can do it right Please be kind and take me at night

poem by ManlySub79. ty x

Your gorgeous lips are red, After whipping arse will be blue, I'd do absolutely anything To worship you!

poem by venicem. ty x

Reading CollarMe
Domme wants to have poems sent
She can have Haiku

poem by wotsit. ty x

There was a sub male who was quick To beg of his domme that she pick When she squatted above him Presenting her quim Which of her holes he should lick

another poem by wotsit. ty x

A domme in the underground aisle
Led her sub on all fours for a mile
Like a dog he did lick
While she tortured his dick
And both went away with a smile

yet another 1 :)

There was a Harsh Lady from London
Who swords crossed those of a false dom
By the end of the night
She'd buggered him tight
And he cried, I'm your bitch, not a true dom

poem by wotsit. ty x

There once was a sub man from Surrey
Who to serve his Harsh Lady did hurry
His face she did hide
And spread his ass wide
And deeply her strap-on did bury

poem by readysub. ty x

Harsh Lady London how long will you linger? In old London Town - what luck will it bring ya? I'd have no more luck, if I was a singer. Hitting the high notes as I swivel on your finger

poem by wormster. ty x

Wormster was a slave dude, he wanted to live as a dog in the nude, he gave up his wage and moved into Harsh Ladies cage, and ate pedigree chum for food.

poem by submissive28m. ty x

Poems are Good, Submissions my food, canes are made of wood, do i continue looking.. maybe i should. i chose to be a slave, it isn't a rave, i do have to be brave, learning to serve is what i crave.

poem by HertsSub. ty x

On my lady, I hope for some luck,

That one day, I will worship you gladly,

And that never any day will you become sadly,

For the hope is a must, and my desire and lust,

In the hope that we may fuck!

poem by Mountainpass. ty x

This Harsh Lady from London 

your heart She will cast asunder

your arse she will righteously plunder.

When bent and tied to her chair, secured and locked in her lair,

my boy, for you it's far too late to wonder....

poem by IAmTartacus. ty x

A harsh young lady from London
Promised a fellow some fun
Expecting a fuck
he ran out of luck
when his ass was impaled on her strapon

poem by BlackVelvetouch.ty x

you are nothing but a bitch

always a zero

always poor

always a bore

nothing more

your new name is twat

and that is that

poem by footfetishforu. ty x

Roses are Red Voilets are Blue Silly pathetic men dont have à clue We may like to act bold, Deep down We love doing what We are told We are Nothing but a slave Humilation and denial is what We crave

poem by perseus12. ty x

He adored her dark beauty

As she made him feel guilty

By cuddling his heart with pain

And blessing his mouth with her rain.

poem by piggyboyslave. ty x

lilies are blue  so are my balls after they are crust by you 

poem by kickmebeatme. ty x

Harsh London Lady, She's back from Kent, For dishing out beatings, she is hell bent, Tied on the floor, she gives me a kick, I scream and cry, as she stands on......My dick : (

poem by SwitchWayStone. ty 

My name is Jay, Goddess's want to force me Gay, I am new to this scene, Let me worship your bean

poem by respecter. ty x

She is back, the Harsh Lady is back,

handcuffs dangle from one hand, and whip from the other

in terms of beauty, She has no lack...

slaves kneel and grovel, hoping Her not to bother

Poem by bodyworshipperuk. ty x

welts are red welts and blue the pain i have I should thank you the steel chain are cold they make me shiver the enduring pleasure given is like drowning in a river just one word make those kneel nothing spoken sat at your heel power and glory for the highest being the undone chores that your over seeing the wimps a creation the wimps below brought upwards for the whip you'll show trembles of fear from the gaze you show the pains forgotten as is the word no

poems by slavewithbigdick. ty x

The goddess that you are 
Will be my desire
My will and choice 
Is at your command and voice


The Harsh Lady from London
Commanding the slave in the dungeon
I am yours to order 
Trembling with fear at your border


Me not worthy of your attention 
Only hoping for your acceptation 
I open my mind and heart willing 
So I am ready for your bidding


The goddess that lies in my mist 
Ready with collar, whip and list 
So strong and feminine as if godly 
Full of passion, heart and powerful in body

poem by subswindon37. ty x


i wish i could see you twenty four seven

I'd look in Your eyes and see stairways to heaven

a smile that cold sail a thousand ships

a kiss that could seal a thousand lips


when im with You i may go droppy and quiet

inside myself my emotions run riot

Your i my head taking over me..

running through my veins like a fish in the sea

poem by latexbound. ty x

There was a harsh lady from London

Who moved to be harsher in Hastings

The move had a plan

To find her a man

Who could handle her handing out pastings

poem by subby2011. ty x

 I love your ass for bad or worse I love your nasty way you curse When you sit down, it's wild how you sit Grind your heel in the ground, the groovy way you spit Ooh, you look good, ooh, you smell good Ooh, you taste good, like a bad girl should I love your boots, your fancy clothes Your bouffant hair, your pantyhose I blow a gasket for your pink jellybean Your picnic basket splits my spleen Ooh, you look good, ooh, you smell good Ooh, you taste good, like a bad girl should

poem by floridabitchboy. ty x

I'll never bicker,, as I'm just a useless pussy licker,, on my knees,, is where i love to be,,with my chastity wrapped cock, forever will i beg to have your lock.

poem by Slave4Boots. ty x

You fill me with fear with such ease
As you order me on to my knees
You're going to use me
Beat and abuse me
And treat me however you please

poem by stevejones555. ty x

i live close to you id even eat your poo and kiss your feet im sure they taste sweet please let me serve i know i dont deserve but harsh lady london i wanna live in your dungeon!

poem by Loo4mistress. ty x

Roses are red, violets are blue, would it please Mistress, if I was your loo


poem by Cagedomestic. ty x

I've long dreamed of visiting London's Harsh Lady To kick me and whip me and truly degrade me Oh how I've longed for one of Her pastings And now to my horror She's moved down to Hastings!


not for long sweety i shall be back in London a.s.a.p xx

poem by Toboshii6. ty x

Click, clack, said her heel,

Not even daring to look up, let alone blink,

You sit there on the ground, forced to kneel,

WHACK! You feel the sting of the whip,

A single tear rolls down your cheek,

Your behind swells up, your ass burns red,

Her mere presence makes you weak,

"Thank you Mistress." is all you said.

And another one for good measure:

My ass is red,

My nuts are blue,

But despite all that,

I sit here and worship you.

lol this 1 made me chuckle, ty lr5sub x

Roses are red violets are blue , I want you to turn my nuts into guewwww

writing by Nick200100

. ty x


It was Saturday and you had to go to the work in the morning and for the most part of the day in order to some work and u wanted me to escort you. There you would work on some stuff and see some partners. I wasnt sure why i should stay there since i didnt have any work to do but since you wanted me to, i said yes. I enjoyed being with you and i was feeling good that u picked me to spend so many hours with you. when we got there i was sitting on a sofa and i was watching you. after an hour you had a break and u came out to me and told me that i should go and buy you something to drink cause u were thirsty. there were other people around so u told me that in my ear. i immediately went out and took you a juice and some water but i wasnt sure that u would like them. when i got in again i gave them to u and i went back to the sofa. u didnt say anything, just ''thank you'' and i wasnt sure whether you were satisfied. anyway i tried to forget about that and i was watching you working. i was admiring you cause u had a great voice and your look and attitude was great also, i was secretly hoping that we could go home so i can admire you privately. after another hour you came out and you told me to bring you a coffee and something to eat. but you also told me not to make too long like the previous time. i froze and i was trying to understand what i had done wrong, cause i thought i was pretty fast. then you told me that i shouldnt be standing there so i went straight downstairs. i brought you  the things and i was trying to be as quick as possible, i was anxious about it. when i got back you told me that u didnt like the coffee and i should go get another one. i was mad ad furious but i tried to hide it, i thought that maybe u do that cause u wanna give me a lesson, that u care about me. so i went back and brought you another one. then u said thnx and that i should go to the sofa again and watch you. i wanted to yell at you but i tried to be calm, i said to myself that shes a special woman so i gotta supress my ego in order to have her, i was feeling weird but i thought that i could try to do as she says so she can be pleased. all this time that u were working u didnt even give me a look, so i was angry cause i thought that you dont give a fuck about me, but then you got out and told me that you wont be late so you want me to be patient and that we ll leave soon. you told that in my ear and your breath got me aroused. i said yes, whatever you want, and you got back in. i was excited cause you sounded so sexy and i wanted to go with you back home if u wanted me to, in fact i was anxious about whether you would ask me to do that. when u finished u came out and you told me that u r very satisfied that i waited for you and you want me to escort you back home. i said yes, it would be my pleasure and i felt excited.

poem by Nickyboy50. ty x

The Lady who now lives in Hastings

She really hates any time wastings

so, a  subbie who tries, and occasions He cries

Will end up with one of Her  ‘ pastings’ !

poem by biohazzard. ty x

She walked into the room with heels so high.
Gazing up to her towering up to the sky.
Standing there for all to see,
By those of worth and those of none and the other including me.

poem by kickmebeatme. ty x

Harsh London Lady, It's all on the name, If she beats the crap out of me ill be the one to blame, I should have be warned, I shouldn't have come back, Now laying on her floor, Half blue and half black.

poem by toeboi10

. ty x

I belong at your feet. to be down there it is such a treat. I'll grovel and plead, whilst down on my knees, as you sit in your throne like seat.

poem by subsussexguy. ty x


submission my only dream , to please a woman and full fill her desires, mine of no importance always 2nd to my Mistress . A goddess, a Mistress , owner! the person who is above all others . i dream of kneeling stripped of my attire before her . Mistress and her obedient sub . the most pure of things . I dream of submission . i hope my honest poem pleases you Ma'am . your michael x

poem by subnige. ty x

Roses are red the sky is blue all I can say is I was sent to please you xxxbowxxx

poem by slave4ever3. ty x

There was a very Harsh Lady from Hastings,

Who wanted to be top of the cruel Domme ratings,

So she went on collar me (not just because it was free),
And found a sissy wimp and gimp like me,
To start her ultimate FemDom fantasy...

I was dehumanised, degraded and ridiculed for being too old,
Castrated and reduced to a eunuch, then trained as her sissy cuckold,
My life was a living hell but I served her so well,
She decided not to have me executed...
Unless she changed her mind in a fit of harshness! (women, eh?)

So, slaves the moral of this story is clear,
Approach the Harsh Lady from Hastings with fear,
She might actually be a real Domme,
And not a twenty year old silly, girly fake 'FinDom', 
So for that we can all cheer.

poem by humiliateee. ty x

a subs journey lost lost and all alone She came to me and enveloped my loneliness She became my beacon She guided me through my emptiness and made me whole She became my all my reason my everything the yin to my yang i am now finally at peace where i was born to be what i was born to be it is complete

poem by Equos. ty x

Her halo promises heavenly delight
She has got the best picture on the site
She has got the best picture on the site

Flaming red hair warns of determined intent
Teasing brown eyes are assured and confident
In her presense all men are obedient
Lest with cuff she constrain and whip torment

Her halo promises heavenly delight
She has the best picture on the site
She has the best picture on the site

poem by handsomealfa. ty x


roses are red violets are blue i shall obey the orders from You roses are red and i crave nothing more than being Your slave

poem by Intriguedbyobeah. ty x

There was a young lady from London, who adored making grown men suffer Every day when it rained, she administered her pain to the beat of the rain hard against the window pane

poem by AlphaRhythm. ty x

There was a Harsh Lady in London where subs lived to make Her life fun with the subs slightest blip She went from zero to bitch and all of his hard work was undone that's why us subs learn so quick

poem by sircool2008. ty x

They should have listened


The harshest Lady London ever knew

Imprisoned the boy’s black and blues, they looked all right before tonight,


They begged, and Begged, “Lady stop,”

But they were bound, blindfolded, ear’s cotton blocked ,

They never knew if She would or not,

“crash” “slash,” “cane,” and “crop”

Again and again the Lady’s whipped whopped,


When She finished, She laughed, and laughed,

“you little pussies are a blast,”
She slapped a collar on one, and a skirt on the skinnier tool


“now don’t forget a thing on the list” as She pushed the girly one out the door,

“Now you collar boy, on the floor” the panicked, dropping to his fours

 She slapped a lease right to his neck


Her red stiletto guided by Her perfect foot,

Poked violently against his skin,

The pain shot right to his kidney

He screamed in Agony, the Lady laughed,

And again shoved Her heel into his back,

And the silly man just had to collapse,

“You’re no fun” She said Her heels clicking as She walked away

A moment of relief he thought, “Snap”, the leash, still attached,

She pulled and pulled as he tried to grab anything,

“haha you only make it worse, my darling,”

She grabbed Her favorite strap, from Her closet rack,

And pushed Her heel again, into his bruising back,

He lay facedown crying, covered in sweat

Forcing a mask over his face,

“your sissy tears will damage the wood, now I’ll ruin yours real good,


She attached Her strap and spank his ass,

Then She pushed it in, the boy tried screaming through the mask
“oh what a sin” she said, pulling out, and right back in

His virgin as stretched open, until it tore,


Stopping, “go clean yourself up,”

And to the bathroom he fled,

“Don’t you dare get blood on my floor”


The girly boy walked back through the door,

Looking his Lady in the eyes, he said, “they didn’t have anymore”

She stomped over to him, yanking back the list,

“you looked, you spoke, my rules you broke”

Ripping his panties off, she gagged his mouth,

She grabbed a flaming candle, blowing it out, the smoke rose

The stupid boy fearfully tried to spit out the gag, but she pushed it back into the back of his throat, “don’t choke” she steamed, pulled up his skirt,

And covered his useless tool in wax, dropping to his knees just as the other got back.

He limped, face gloomy, “pathetic,”
“clean this mess, or you’ll feel the rest” as she pointed to her closet

Pushing the sissies fried penis toward the floor,

Using the bitch as a stool, she watched the deflowered put away her toy’s”

She let Her bitches sit, and undid their belts,


Freeing the boy’s black and blues, they looked all right before tonight,

But now one bled, and the other was burning red,
“Now stroke away, relieve your pairs”

They cried, and they stroked, 

finally they had cum, “okay boys, now we’re done”


Then Imprisoned the boy’s black and blues, they looked all right before tonight,

The harshest Lady London ever knew? Yeah, that’s right.

poem by rimjobjim. ty x

"There once was a harsh lady from London and all she wanted to do was to lock me up in her dungeon; i begged and i pleaded and i thought that i succeeded until i saw the size of her strap on dildo!!"

poem by submissivedandan

. ty x


 I'm a submissive slave I'm twenty four. I dream about the day I crawl though your door. I know your time I don't deserve, For you my Mistress I wish to serve, Im a good little boy and I always obey, Jump and do anything you say, Ill be your slave your sub your pup your boy Make you happy like your favorite toy, Doing anything to make u smile, Always going the extra mile. Please may I have a chance to prove my worth, Ill crawl after you to the end of earth.

this 1 made me laugh, ty dinlondon

. x



roses are red, violets are blue, i'd like to slip into my maids uniform and kneel before you.


poem by youngsissywhore. ty x

Hello Miss
I'm blowing you a kiss
I'm just a little siss
This life is totally bliss

I Just want to be a slut
Because i have a big butt
But I have a small gut
I know my mouth needs to be shut

I'd never run
This has to be done
I'm glad you're not a nun
Because you sound totally fun !

poem by matthewslave30

. ty x




And so strong I am,

that when I need word

i cant create a sky 

with You holding a whip

and love in my eyes.

from puppyboyinkent

 ty x


A hot summers day in hyde park, it seems as if half of london is there. Suddenly they all stop and stare She walks head held high in a catsuit and high heeled boots, dragging a former city boy naked through the park on a leash, she doesnt care. Her body is so tight, she is such a beauty Serving her and suffering for her pleasure is my duty. " snap" theres a tug on my leash She says " keep moving you pathetic beast" To be close to her i am so lucky I am so grateful to be her puppy I bark " woof woof" so everyone can witness her authority. So they know why im crawling in front of 1000s and licking dirt of her soles is because of her superiority

poem wrote by aj1414

. ty x


Though I am strong, 

My goddess is elite,

I am nothing compared

to her flawless feet.


I know im pathetic,

i don't need to be told

I wish I could serve

fit into your mold...

poem wrote by puppyboyinkent

. ty x


Mistress harsh so beautiful yet so cruel.

Watching her slip her foot in and out of her shoe makes me drool.

Nothing could match her cruelty.

Taking subs to debenhams and dressing them like a sissy, To please her through our humiliation is our duty

Please let me serve you, you are so pretty

I really like this poem. ty GirlyTendency1


I know someone that has a cane,
and with it she can train,
Get strapped on the bench,
and dressed like a wench,
And then the strokes fly,
My word would you cry!
Fighting and struggling against the ties
Until the tears start to pour from your eyes
The lady is the one with the power
And you should be the one to cower!

Sick to death of all this. If I reply to your messages over the next few days it means i consider us friends or consider you a potential sub. If however I do not respond to your messages that means I am not interested, take the hint and leave me the fuck alone.

another poem by reefkarkin

. ty very sweet x


There once was a Harsh Lady from LonDon

Who was one helluva Domme

Although I barely knew Her

She gave me quite a stir

And let me expose my great bum...

Another poem from subblyroy

 ty very sweet x



There once was a Lady so Harsh from London Town

Who always used to know just how to swish a cane

And without doubt could bring it down with a thud

Unleashing a high pitched yelp from anyone tied

And that is why my application to poets school

Was very quickly binned and torn I think very Harsh!




This poem wrote by Cagedomestic

. ty very sweet.


On the floor, my naked skin Waits for flaying to begin High above She's glaring down Can't begin to go to town She strikes, I cringe, will there be more Oh Yes, she cries two three and four The blows continue without rest I hope that I can pass Her test An hour goes by, my mind is gel I know I am under Her spell My life has turned another page As now She locks me in Her cage

I do so like getting poems. This 1 was wrote by servingboi

. ty very sweet of you x


Let them be vanquished who love You best

Minds voided of all by You

Souls who are the dishes at Your feast

Seasoned by pains made sweet

That sophisticated Lady may relish

Her luxury and attendant powers

Suave to parade Her slaves and many cucks

That rich fame crown Her regal person

And those bewildered by Her beauty

Be willing mounts to carry Her eminence

Or else behind Her victor’s chariot

Be chained as doomed prisoners of the cage

Or chaste made to govern and render feeble

Those proud egos that build false kingdom

Your realm of mind and vice is gaudy

With the rich toxins of Your pleasures and perfumes.

A poem wrote for me by caveattempter

 so sweet ty 



What compelled me to write, I don't know.
Perhaps for the chance to be 'nurtured' and grow,
Or to prove that I'm real, with a nerve cast in steel,
And a longing that's more than just show.

I should have perhaps taken note,
For the warnings were there in the words that She wrote.
Yet blind to the fact, I offered a pact
To be used as Her throwaway quote.

She summoned me early one day,
To be tested and shown there was only Her way.
My stirring within, She'd not guess my sin;
And I'd fake it to last out the play.

'The truth of the matter,' She said,
As She stood with a boot pressing down on my head,
'is that trying to fool me is inciting the Cruel Me,
And I'll soon make you wish you were dead.'

I woke in a cold sweat that night,
Determined to prove that my motives were right.
Abandon the caper, and put pen to paper,
In the hope that I'd bask in Her light.

A poem wrote for me by UrPunishmetboy

, so very sweet of him. 


In London was a harsh cruel Bitch.

Who cared not if a cock would twitch.
With a male as Her slave
From collared to grave
Obedience kept with a switch


thank you :) x

I am feeling rather evil today lol :)  it is so good to be happy 

So very disappointed. 

Please do not address me as Mistress etc. I do not own you. Feel free to message me without fear of being moaned at. Until I own someone I am just a normal person. I do not require tributes or financial subs/slaves. I just want 1 that can put up with me :)