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Hello, I am a gay male-to-female cross-dressing bottom.

Yes, I say bottom I will not penetrate you for any circumstantial reason. If you are seeking this please move on to the next profile.

OK, so I am a male that wants to be a woman. I want to dress and act like a woman even fucked like a woman ) every day every hour every min we are together.

So let us try this out. )

In a way, I am new to BDSM. I have a few months dabbling in it.

I am working on getting new clothing, lingerie, swimsuits, leotards, costumes.

I am all so working on getting BDSM gear and all kinds of toys so please bear with me

I am seeking male males or slave slaves or should I say, top male slaves ).

I know I will not get any emails from you men but I can hope and dream right ).

Results from bdsmtest
90 Dominant
87 Rigger
86 MasterMistress
84 Owner
80 DaddyMommy
75 Pet
71 Ageplayer
63 Primal (Hunter)
62 Voyeur
59 Degrader
59 Switch
58 Exhibitionist
58 Experimentalist
55 Sadist
54 BoyGirl
49 Primal (Prey)
49 Non-monogamist
47 Submissive
45 Degradee
43 Brat tamer
42 Vanilla
41 Rope bunny
40 Slave
35 Brat
33 Masochist

(Photo is me wearing a PVC Maids dress without the apron the black and pink one is not me )

(I did not write this it is something i found on the internet and I will let others like me know about it as of all of you)

(Q Is it rare to see a submissive top or a dominant bottom?

Its not super rare but not all that common either. One significant issue is that many people conflate topbottom roles with domsub-roles. If youre a sub, many people in the community will assume youre a bottom (and vice versa). Because of this, there might actually be more submissive tops and dominant bottoms than we realize, its just that people think they arent supposed to do those things.

A quick primer for people unfamiliar with these terms

Top The person pering the action. In a spanking scene, the person who is doing the spanking is the top.

Bottom The person receiving the action. In a spanking scene, the person being spanked is the bottom.

Dominant The person who has control of the scene or dynamic. The Dom is in charge, makes decisions, gives orders, and generally crafts the scene (but does so without violating the subs limits).

Submissive A person who has voluntarily ceded power to the Dominant in a scene or dynamic. The sub is subservient to the Dom, follows orders from the Dom, etc, though a sub can set limits and use safewords.

In a nutshell, topbottom is about what youre doing at the time. These roles can easily change during a scene.

Domsub roles are about power. It doesnt matter what specific acts each person is doing, it all boils down to who is in charge. Domsub roles typically do not change during a given scene.

There are Doms who are masochists or rope bunnies or otherwise just enjoy bottoming for a given type of play. As long as they are in charge, they are still the Dom, even if theyre being hit, choked, tied up, etc.

There are subs who might be sadists, riggers, or just per in a top role because it pleases their Dom (the latter are often called service subs).

Find whatever roles you enjoy and have at it. Who cares if its common or not? As long as you are playing ethically, find your peak self and you do you.)

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10/13/2023 6:59:13 AM

Hello, I would update my profile but it would put me in a permanent limbo. As my profile says I am a power bottom but I am willing to switch and be a sub/slave to the right. Dom if I am with a sub/slave or a Dom I want to be the female in the relationship


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