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i am my MASTER'S

HE is A Beautiful Sexy Black MASTER LORD with A Think 11 1/2" COCK!

i am one of many of HIS slaves... Though, i as several of HIS slaves are allowed to dominate other slaves that crave abuse... So, those of us which are stimulated by abusing those that need it are allowed our natual tendency of sadistic cravings to use and abuse.

i, as all of HIS slaves are given authority over one particular slave that HE most enjoys the abuse of. she is a tiny blond caucasian. We dress her like the baby-brat she is--obstinate and disobedient. she is punished often.

i am given permission to give her out to women. And preferably women which know they themselves are also slaves, but have a natural inclination to abuse that "what" NEEDS abuse.... she has no limits, though, my MASTER, will decide if HE agrees with how you crave to use her.

Contact me and i will share with you anything about this. i assure you that you will enjoy the use of her as much as my MASTER and i will enjoy you using her for the pleasure of Us all.

ONLY women!!!!

(my MASTER will NOT give her to any man.)