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Hetero Female Submissive, 27,  California
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Just here for friends. No interest in any other man, woman or combination of the two. Married to my Daddy. We are not looking for play partners as our newborn son takes up all of our time. Thank you for the interest though!










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 Submissive Female


 5' 2"

 140 lbs






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Friends Only

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11/1/2015 10:43:02 PM
I have no idea WHY two of my pictures are sideways... This is frustrating.

2/14/2012 1:16:55 PM

Dear Valentine's Day, 

You suck.

Because of your influence, popular media has found a way to weasel into the minds of most of the population, forcing them to purchase gifts for one another to show their devotion. Bullshit! Devotion is not shown in a gift. Oh, you are going to buy women flowers? They are just going to watch them die in a vase. Chocolate? Great, we are going to eat it and gain weight and then feel self conscious about ourselves because "They go straight to the hips"! Diamonds? If you buy diamonds for your woman every valentine's day you are highly unoriginal, which means you have no control over your own thoughts and just buy what the media tells you to buy.

But that is the way society is nowadays. You see it on tv, hear it on the radio, see someone else having one and BAM, you decide you must have it! Shame on you Valentine's day, look what you do to people! You make everyone spend millions of dollars on gifts for their loved one that will probably mean nothing, look pretty for all of a week, or be devoured. If you really want to celebrate Valentine's day do something original, home made, out of the ordinary...After all, you should show your beloved how much they mean to you every day, not just on one day.


Spontaneous gifts are always the most appreciated.

Flowers are not meant for "I'm sorry's".

Chocolate doesn't completely smooth over a woman's menstrual cycle.

And Valentine's day is just a hallmark holiday meant to exploit and control.


Good job consumers, you have aided V-day in it's endeavor.  Stupid holiday that has lost it's true meaning....Don't even get me started on Christmas.....



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