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So, you actually looked up a profile! Congratulations. Now, you have some reading to do. 
Bisexual Dominant Couple, 30,  Ontario, Canada
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 Dominant Couple



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So, you actually looked up a profile! Congratulations. Now, you have some reading to do. 

If you are looking for mainstream and conventional, you’ve clicked on the wrong couple. Although our lifestyle is far from “mainstream,” we know who we are and what we expect of life and partners.  Consequently, we have provided a transparent and comprehensive (though not exhaustive) explanation of who we are and what our philosophy is. Please take the time to read it and consider if our needs and your meet.

We are a strong confident D/s couple. We are polished, educated, self-aware, disease free, and committed to practicing safer sex.  He is straight and she is an experienced bi-sexual. We have been in a secure 24/7 relationship for 2 years and she is now His slave. We are seeking a slim submissive/bottom/switch woman to join Him or both of us. We are ultimately looking to expand our core relationship to include a third (potential co-primary), however, we would accept finding a partner for Him outside from the core relationship with His slave.

Further, we are polyamourous not swingers. We continue to learn and grow through our experiences with each other and others. Our “poly” philosophy is such that we believe that extended relationships benefit all members, that growth occurs through experiencing deep emotional connections with others and that others’ experiences in life and the scene will enhance our individual and collective lives.

We believe in honest communication and complete transparency. We believe that partners outside the core relationship have the right to have their time, emotions, needs, and wants respected. Likewise, we expect that the core relationship not be overtly threatened or sabotaged by other relationships. We believe that all members of a poly relationship should be aware of one another (and ideally meet each other). Although we do not feel it necessary that another partner date both of us, we do expect potential partners be honest about us to anyone else in their life (husbands, boyfriends, other people in the scene with whom they are involved). 

If you are interested in exploring your bi-sexual side, then she can be involved. If you are not interested then she need not be involved. 

He is a self-assured, creative, secure and intelligent professional with a passion for life. He plays as hard as He works. In addition to His successful career His diverse interests include listening to and creating music (plays bass in a band, plays guitar, has a music recording studio), driving motorcycles (owns and drives a Magna 750cc), D/s, and the outdoors. As a Dom, He is demanding yet fair, has very discerning tastes, although rarely expects more of others than He does of Himself. He has dark wavy hair, a polished exterior and sophisticated manner, yet is uninhibited and adventurous. His 4 years of experience in the Southwestern Ontario scene has provided opportunities to DM at various venues  and establish credibility as a man of integrity, who possesses a sense of humour, a desire for adventure, and a commitment to SSC.

she is a young (30 years old), articulate, confident, and adventurous woman with a good understanding of who she is and what she is looking for. she is sensitive, sensual and committed to practicing safe sex. Friends would describe her as a tall (5’ 10”), slim (125 lbs), attractive woman with long, curly strawberry blonde hair and high standards in all that she does. As a graduate student in the arts, she has a demanding yet flexible schedule (the daily yoga she does helps with the flexibility *grin*).  she enjoys the arts, underground music, pop culture, and sparkles (gotta have sparkles!). she is politically aware but would like to be more polictically active. she has 3 years in the southwestern Ontario scene and has just recently begun DM-ing at events

Preferably, you are between 25 and 45 years of age, without children at home or children under the age of 18, and slim (normal or low BMI).  You are sociable and charismatic in a crowd, yet affectionate and sensual when alone in my arms.  you are comfortable in your own skin, articulate, independent, educated, self-aware, and a submissive/bottom/switch. At a minimum, you maintain good hygiene, are disease free, employed, educated, literate, and sane. Ideally, you have diverse interests, an active life outside of the D/s scene, and know what you want from a relationship.
If you fit the minimum requirements, want to be more than a “bedroom submissive,” are not obese, a poser or player, we would love to hear from you. We will exchange photos with series enquiries.

W/we are confident that you will not be disappointed.


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