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MsPurrmeow - photo 2

Right now, I'm only in need of a companion for conversation, a few activities and maybe some social events. We can go to lunch or dinner (dutch) or take a walk around the Portland area. Conversations can lead anywhere if you can be honest and open with me. You'll find that honest and open is the only way I know how to be.

You are not obligated to play any role, nor will I accept any obligation of roles. There is so much to learn about another person that there is no need to move any faster than that. I do not allow drama and stress in my life, so don't bring any with you.

(If) After a relationship of friendship, service and trust is established, you may find that I am trained, talented and experienced with many forms of kink play. I particularly enjoy participating in play-styles that are a bit more athletic, such as flogging, rough body play, whips, canes, etc. I deserve the endorphin rush as much as anyone else. I enjoy bondage for the artistic value as well as the mind-play behind binding a willing body in creative ways. I love the kink community in my area and attend occasional munches and a few play parties. The easiest way to inspire me to my favored types of play is through building trust, exceptional service and intelligent conversation. Neediness, desperation and demands are a turn-off. Passive-aggressive behaviors are worse than a turn-off. Just say no.

If you approach me with your shopping list of services you want me to provide to you (ie, fetish lists) the conversation will end abruptly.