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I get asked alot about My inorder to keep from repeating Myself.........I was called "Nutcase' from a friend of Mine because she never knew what I was going to say or do next.
When I'm in the chat rooms, Dom/mes may call Me MN, sub/slaves may address Me as MsN or MisN.

DO NOT invite Me to your friends network without talking to Me, you will be DENIED/REJECTED.

I have no time for players so if you aren't serious in becoming r/t........then move on
if you can't accept what My situation is then you aren't for Me so.................move on
if you can't handle the fact that I have meat on My bones.............move on and finally if you aren't in North America......move on SERIOUS ONES ONLY PLEASE

I'm a very sensuous Domme, but I can be sadistic when needed. Loving one minute and cruel the next. Yes you can say I can have an evil mind when needed, but I do love hugging, kissing and cuddling a sub.
If you want to catch My interest, here's a thought, stimulate My mind.

I believe the title of Ma'am and Mistress are to be earned. What can I say I have the soul of a Klingon, I hold honour close to My heart and respect others.
Now that is out of the way, I'm not afraid to speak My mind and I have a great sense of humour. If you show respect, you will get it in return.
I'm in a vanilla relationship and he isn't involved in the lifestyle so My sub/slave will be totally Mine.
So if you can't handle that then move on....

I'm searching for My one, it can start online and go rt and that is My ultimate goal is to have a rt sub/slave.
If Wwe click then you should be able to prove that you are who you say you are, sorry, pic can be altered and copied. either have a mic or cam.

I'm mainly searching for a female sub/slave, I will take on a male sub/slave if the connection is there and the male sub will know that My husband will always come FIRST
I'm also on under the name, of course, MsNutcase

I have decided to clean up My messngers, it is so easily said than done. I know many of the names come from here but can I remember who is on it and what handles people are. I should just delete everyone that I don't talk to or haven't talken to in awhile and go from there.

so that's My challenge for the next couple of days, weeks and months. lol

I'm still hoping that in My 40th year I will find My one. Maybe I should just stop searching and let her find Me. met alot of great people in my chat room.

hard to believe that in a few weeks I'll be turning 40. geez where does the time go. I would love to find My one by then. what a great present that would be. but I get the feeling that isn't going to happen. oh well, I can still wish for it. lol I can't complain to much, I've chatted with alot of new and great people that hopefully I will meet someday.
Well here's to wishing

I'm still looking for My one. I know she is out there. I will continue to be patient and wait for her.

anyone know where I can get a application to be filled out by potential subs. now that would be so cool. maybe I should create one. but I know they would put alot of bs on those too. shame really, I know there are some serious people out there.

I'm hoping to meet a sub/slave soon. I'm so looking forward to it. Do I dare get My hopes up. she seems to everything I am looking for. time will tell if it happens and cross the fingers we have the chemistry.

I finally bought something I've always wanted, well at least to get Me started on My D/s toys. I bought a cattail whip and I'm so looking forward in trying it out on My sub.

Life gives a person a full of surprises. I was told that My uncle passed away. It just reaffirms that life is to short not to enjoy it. Makes a person realize that you should do what makes you happy and go after what you want. You should never have any regrets. I know that I don't. Though I will be searching for My one with a new attitude, cause I know she/he is out there, waiting for Me and it also just justifies that I don't have the time for the fakes and players.
Fakes are always found out, even though they don't think they will. the truth always finds away in revealing itself.
met a few more subs that have potential, but I'm not counting My chickens before they are hatched. I'm going to enjoy getting to know them and even meeting one or two. but I do have a collar waiting for My one when I find her
well My journey continues, now why is it that I start talking to a sub/slave then after a few days they disappear. I know I don't stink, I shower everyday. lol.........oh well c'est la vive. life goes on and so does My search
met an incredible sub/slave the other day, we seemed to have clicked immediatly. don't know how things will work out but I'm hopeful that she is the one I search. Time will tell.
oh wow, I see they have now added a video greeting portion of the site. Now to think if I should add something or not. Question is will it be a good tool to find My one or just another thing for the male subs to perve and not get what I am searching for. Time will tell.

well here Wwe are two months into 2008 and My journey still continues. I haven't given up  hope. I know My one is out there. Right now I'm enjoying meeting and chatting with new people and who knows I could just meet the sub/slave that is meant for Me.

wow another year is almost over with, where does the time go? My journey will to continue in My quest to find My one. Where the journey will take Me only a the powers that be knows, but I'm up for the venture

well it's been awhile since My last entry......I thought I would take a short break in My search. I have come to the decision to put the search on the back burner and just enjoy meeting new people and if by chance I find the sub for Me then so be it and if not that's fine too.
Oh, for those that knows Me, I won't stop hitting and flirting with everyone. hey that's just who I am. lol

now seems like when I get attracted to a male sub and we seem to click, they seem to get scared and hide, why is that, it does says in My profile that I'm open to a male sub and if I see one that I am attracted to then heck yeah I'm going to intiate conversation. all that I ask it that if you aren't interested then say so. is that to much to ask.

the one thing I hate worse than anything is someone who lies. do they not know that the truth will always come out. I know when someone lies to Me it breaks all trust and most of any feelings that I have for that person, or what worse when they try and hide something. I know I'm not that stupid and My instincts haven't lead Me astray yet. Aren't instincts wonderful. lol

I hate it when I get a topic in My head for an entry and when I click on the "new entry" the topic is lost to the unknown part of My brain and can not be retrieved....just My luck. lol

though one thing I do dispise is one saying that they are your friend and have long conversations with you then next thing you know they are giving you a cold shoulder and avoiding you. What kind of friend does that. I'm not a some delicate piece of china, I'm a strong independant woman that can hold her own against anything someone throws at her.
don't like it then that's too bad, build a bridge and get over it.

when you find someone that you are interested the next step is trying to spend time with them so the bond can grow and flourish.
the differences of time can make it tough, but if there is a will there is a way.

Good news...I recently found a wonderful sub that told Me she was interested in Me because I treated her like a human being first then a sub second. figure that one out. I look forward in knowing her better and never know I could collar her soon.
That is after I was told by another sub that they didn't want to take a chance on the connection we had for each other. Just goes to show that when one door closes another opens in it's place.

well decided to start My journal on My birthday. I've meet some really great people here and getting to know a couple a little bit better, which is always a good thing.
How things works out, only time will tell. I'm a strong believe in what is meant to happen will happen when it's the proper time for it.
well that's it for now. later people