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I will not waste your time nor Mine telling you My age, description, likes, dislikes, etc as all of that is on the Profile. I will explain a few things though. First, I am Bisexual. I can enjoy the strong hardness of the male body as much as I enjoy the soft tenderness of the female body. Second, I am a mother with small children in the home ((adopting)) so no you will not be kept nude and in a cage 24/7, nor will you run around the house barely dressed.

I am interested in finding a young lady between 25 to 49 years of age who wishes to relocate to SC for a 24/7 relationship. Your looks are not as important to Me as is your desire and need to serve. I am looking for someone that is well versed in servitude.

I am searching for someone that actually has a mind of their own. I know that may seem odd on here, as most want you to fall to your knees and obey regardless, but that's just not what I desire. An example would be; if I ask that you clean the bathroom, you would know that does not mean JUST pick up any dirty clothes which may be on the floor. You should know that it also means to clean the tub, the toilet, the floors, etc WITHOUT My having to stand over you with a whip in hand.

Also protocol is not at the top of My list. It does not matter to Me if you kneel with your head bowed properly EVERY time I walk in the door. Although it would be a nice touch, after a while it would get rather boring. I would much rather come home to find that you have the house clean and supper ready ((yes you must know how to cook as well)).

Also I am not going to waste My time telling you when you can or can not go to the bathroom, you are a big girl so you know when you have to go. I simply don't have time to micromanage you.

Even though I say protocol is not at the top of My list, it is still there to some degree. When we are in a BDSM setting, I do expect you to act as you should. I will not tolerate disrespect.

I expect to get to know you on line and through phone calls before we, meaning both you and I, decide if this would be the right place for you. There may even be a few weekend visits before you are asked to come on a trail basis.

If this sounds like something you are interested in or if you would like to learn more about Me, just contact Me and ask.

  UGHHH for some reason My Profile disappeared, so I have had to redo it.  It should be up soon.


I am currently looking to fill a 24/7 housesub position.  If you think you know how to clean, cook, do laundry, yard work, etc then get in touch with Me.  Housesub may be male or female.

In exchange for your sevices, you will receive My attention. Be it a pat on the head for a job well done or a swat on the bottom with My cane if I am not pleased.

I will consider your taking an outside job if you need such for insurance purposes.  Details would be discussed at that time.

UPDATE:   Why is it that most submissives do not bother to put up profile pics? Or if they do, most of them are of certain body parts.  Attention sub/slaves....certain body parts you may or may not have is NOT what interest Me. 

On another note, the responses I have received here have been good for the most part. Guys and gals, If you want Me to respond, make your email more than one or two words!! Remember your first impression is a lasting one. Tell me about you
, what you are looking for, your experiences, etc. If it interest Me, then I will get back in touch with you. But sending 5 or 10 emails with just "hello" or "are u there" will not cut it with Me.