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And the fakes just keep on coming on this site. LOL. I have finally figured it all out. These sites are 98.5 full of fakes and because of this blog, I get very few responses anymore. ARE YOU REAL...OR ARE YOU FAKE? If you are on. if you are NOT real, then you shouldnt waste your time by reading this profile. A fake is a person that plays at this online and never intends to meet for one reason or another or puts up a false profile and is married or has a significant other they are sneaking around on. Im not into fakes at all. Fakes like a lot of chat, but like 14 year-old boys, they are just masturbating. Im kind of glad I dont get many responses, because all the fakes are a waste of my time. Dont waste your time or mine if you are fake. I have no time for an adult going through another stage of puberty. A 1.5 average of real people on here means your odds are 66-1 AGAINST actually meeting someone on here. Go to a casino and play roulette...your odds are better and youll have more fun.




I am Mistress Cosette, a dominant transvestite and I am not a pro, (you want a pro, then go see a pro and have yourself soaked dry) but I have 40 years of experience in BDSM. I seek active submissives of all kinds for REAL situations where I am your Domme for at least TWO nights... (TWO NIGHTS...or more...I DONT do quickies)OR(under ideal conditions) your permanent Domme for life should you be interested in a long-term relationship. (there are MAYBE ONE OR TWO of those out there among the several million who have viewed my profiles on these sites and I havent found one that wanted it for more than a week, so that means that in my world, they dont exist...thats too bad for those that THINK they are real,

I love to have sexual control of my subs and slaves for my pleasure USING THEIR FANTASIES. Edging a sub or slave to near-orgasm and holding them there with the use of their fantasy scenario is one of the things I love the most. Whether its mild stroking with my hands of a sub or heavy beating on their butts, I love to use the subslaves fantasy for total pleasure control even if it involves pain for them. Whatever gets them off is what I like to use for my Total Power Exchange. If you dont know what Total Power Exchange (TPE) is, then you shouldnt be here in the first place. Thats what gets me going and eventually gets me off. No, you dont get my pussy unless we happen to get married. Im a virgin and will remain that way until I have that commitment, so dont get any ideas in that direction. Everything else is on the table except heavy scat, children, animals, and branding. I do everything else that floats your boat for my pleasure.

I dont mind friend requests, since it only takes one click to take care of that. I answer 200 emails a day and most of them are totally lame. Lets face it, most of you people are on here are just FANTASIZING, and you fantasize about having a dominant Mistress. This wastes time that could be well-spent chasing a REAL submissive. (There are very few of them on these sites and the pursuit of them is like trying to find some rare gem...go figure) They act like 14 year-old boys in puberty or they think they are getting away with cheating on their significant other by doing cyber-sex. (Wow...give up the relationship if you arent getting what you want. Its just not worth it.)

If you cant write MORE than one line, you are thinning the gene pool of intelligence, and you will CERTAINLY be ignored or blocked if you DO write JUST one line. Show me your brain, and I might be attracted to you. (demonstrate that you have more than two brain cells...I dont Domme dummies)

REAL subs and REAL slaves actually show up for a meeting, they dont waste my time with endless emails, and then get to know me IN PERSON. I am not into the chatty-cathy, getting to know you bullshit that so many of you lonely idiots need. You need someone to talk to and you are lonely? Call a suicide prevention hotline or pay for one of those pros who talk sexy to you on the phone for a ton of cash. Dont do it to me. I have no use for types like you.

I smoke cigarettes and there is NO COMPROMISE on that, (it adds several fetishes to my own sexual stimulation) so PLAN ON MY ENJOYING MY SMOKE ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE I SO CHOOSE. Get used to it, because its been a deal-breaker in many situations and Im sick and tired of people THINKING they can negotiate me out of it. It WONT HAPPEN. I do it for extreme sexual enjoyment, (no I dont burn people with them...although the occasional ashtray has come along for me to use, but I dont demand that) SO...its a deal-breaker IF it offends you or makes you sick. (although some have WANTED to be made sick by it...thats This is about respect for MY needs, and not yours.

I dont do sexy chat, online dominance, or phone sex. Ive listened to too much garbage, been lied to repeatedly about meeting, and been treated far too rudely to do otherwise. I used to be very polite up until a few months ago, and it seems that I get trampled on far less when I take the rude path. I am not apologizing for it, I am simply explaining what has happened to me, and I am DETERMINED NOT TO LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN IF I CAN HELP IT. If it rubs you the wrong way, then we WERENT compatible in the first place.

I CANNOT HOST AT THIS TIME. (Got that part?...good) There is a motel near me that still allows smoking and we can go there. That way, we can play and find out if we are compatible.

Ive had 4520 serious inquiries in the last 5 years (actual phone contact, a meeting place and time set up) and all of them except about a hundred have cancelled or stood me up. I find it quite amazing that I was the 1 hottest T-girl on two different sites for the ten months I cammed a few hours a day and cant get a date for a meeting more than once or twice a month. Is it me, or are there THAT many fakes and flakes out there? As of this writing, I KNOW its the fakes and flakes.

The odyssey I have been on for the last 5 years chasing around the country has left me broke three times. I dont want your money. I want you to be real about meeting. It gets real old listening to pious platitudes about worship, devotion, and commitment from potential subs and slaves who simply want to fantasize about having a Mistress when all they want is to satisfy their masturbatory fantasies and waste my time to the tune of 200 emails a day. I used to actually try to be polite and answer them all.I am no longer going to be polite. Obey, submit, be HONEST AND REAL. If you cant, then dont waste my time or yours trying to meet me. I am sick and tired of fakes. You want to play games? Go to the kiddie playground. This site is for adults, so act like one. If you arent an adult who is submissive, then get lost.

Id like to run into a situation SOMEDAY where there is a real slave out there who REALLY wants a live-in Domme for the rest of his days AND DOESNT JUST TALK ABOUT IT. (I KNOW there most likely arent, so Ive pretty much given up on that idea) I will be GLAD to provide that, as long as I can keep autonomy in the relationship and live-in at YOUR residence, NOT MINE. You CANT come and live with me. I do not have the means to support you, and I dont own a home. Those incredible few that really want a situation like that will pursue me with vigor. Like I said...there are most likely none out there. I havent found one yet.

So, I play with people IN PERSON on a temporary basis. There are those that are regulars and they are the loyal ones, but its getting old now, and my zeal for all of that is waning because of all the fakes and flakes. It drains me of the energy, and Im on my last legs and am quite sick