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Hello Aall, Im Breann from California, 23 years old. Im not looking for subbies on here, so please do not contact me looking to be Dommed, Im looking for friends only. I am kinda looking to move out of California, but not that seriously.

Im also ts, post op. If you have a problem with it, thats your right, but please dont message me to tell me about it. Im aware that other people have opinions.

Ive always felt dominant, and BDSM gives me an excellent outlet to show that. Im currently in a relationship right now with my beautiful vanilla girlfriend, so Im not exactly practicing, but I like to stay connected to the scene.

I love meeting new people and sharing experiences, and Im always open to chat with anyone ) Please say hi if youre looking to start a conversation, but please dont think that Im looking for a subbie to Domme, and please dont pm if youre looking to be Dommed. Im just here to chat. Not looking for anything!

We all have our stories, and we all have our pasts. With trust, Id love to share my experiences and past with you ) Ive met some amazing people on here, and had the honorpleasure of hosting a few. CS can be pretty awesome, but only with a lot of patience!

Take care, and be safe everyone!