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Pan Female Switch, 55,  Cotati, California
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I am not new to this world of BDSM having been a Mistress for more than 25 years. I also have a tendency to be sadistic when the mood strikes me.
In order for me to consider you, you MUST be bisexual.
One of my greatest passions, the use of my strap-on(s). The sight of watching my cock slide into her pussy or ass is mesmerizing, one of the sexiest and most erotic visions to behold. And the look on his face as he gives himself over to me, watching his submission deepen......intoxicating!!
I love ass play of any kind using dildos, expanders, beads, vibrators, fingers, fists and I delight in cock and ball torture... did you overlook the word torture?
If you disobey me I will make you feel the sting of my hand as it connaspects with your ass and if further needed, I will enjoy watching the welts from my whip rise upon your ass.
I love watching submissives suck cock and love giving instructions while they are doing so. If you have no intention of providing me with this entertainment, then I have no use for you.
Now lets talk sounding

I love impact play, the heavy thud sound of a flogger meeting its target is music to my ears and the cries of pain and ecstasy from an obedient submissive a symphony.
Using hot wax is always fun as well as breast and nipple play. And who doesnt like receiving their Mistresses golden nectar, I ask you?
I believe that everyone is on a continuous journey of discovery for myself I find it exhilarating. When we think we are above learning then we fail to grow.
I believe in the adage Before you judge someone walk a mile in their shoes It doesnt matter how you choose to live your life as long as what you are doing satisfies something in you and does not deliberately harm others in the process.
Dont let others decide for you what makes you happy, if they do not like or cannot accept your definition of happiness, that is their problem not yours. You are the only one who gets to choose for you. So make choices for yourself, be or become who you have always wanted to be.
It is okay to have doubts, it is okay to have fears. Worries and fears have one thing in common the fear of the possibility of failure.
If you think what if I fail? turn it around and say Yes, but what if I succeed?
Life is filled with endless possibilities....go out and discover them, you will not fail in living them. Rise up and accept the challenge!

Here is a list of some activities I enjoy

Into anal , anal sex , ass play , ball gags , begging (receiving), blindfolds , bondage , breastnipple play , caging Confinement , candle wax , chains , chastity devices , cock and ball torture , collar and leadleash , dildos , domination , electrical play , fisting , footfeet (receiving), gags , geisha (receiving), genital piercings , handcuffs , high protocol , hojojutsu , hoods , hook suspension , impact play , inflatables , japanese bondage , kneeling (receiving), light bondage , male submission (receiving), masks , massages , medical play , medieval devices , mental bondage , mind fucks , mistressslave , mistresses with strap-ons , multiple orgasms , music , needle play , nipples , obedience training , oral sex (receiving), ordered to masturbate , orgasm control , orgasm denial , otk king , outdoor bondage , paddling , pain , pegging , piercings , pinching , play punishment , power exchange (receiving), predicament bondage , prostate massage , prostate milking , protocol , pursuit, take-down capture , queening, remote-control devices , restraints , riding crops , rimming (receiving), rituals , rope bondagesuspension , rough sex , sadism , scratching , sensation play , sensory deprivation , service-oriented submission (receiving), shackles , shaving , shibari , single tail whips , slapping , slavery (receiving), sounds , king , speculums , spreader bars , strap-ons , talking dirty , tens unit , toes and feet , toilet slave, tongue sucking , total power exchange (receiving), touching , urethral fucking , urethral sounds , vibrators , violet wand , voyeurism, wartenberg pinwheels , watersports , wax , whipping , whips .












 Female Switch



 6' 1"

 288 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Female

A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
1/25/2023 10:42:17 AM

Plans in the works to build a Professional Commercial Dungeon and slave Training Academy in Austin Texas.

Lots of planning and development for this projaspects.

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