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I am really only interested in real time interactions with people in the Metro Atlanta area or are able to travel relocate on my schedule . My schedule personality does not do well with long distance type situations.

I do go to 1763 and Whimper. If you want to meet, that is a good place.

Life is so very sweet and I plan on enjoying it. I am a bit of a free spirit. I am settling into the Atlanta area and have a nice home. My current emphasis is creating a nice social network and friendships .

I am lifestyle, which means I have a nice stable,vanilla career and kinky interests. I have absolutely no interest in pro domme work. My kink interests are a part of me, as is my professional life and my hobbies. Kink is an important interest, but it balanced with all my other interests.

Ideally I am looking for a relationship dynamic that will progress toward TPE or FLR. This is a big undertaking on both parts, requiring talk , planning and all that boring real life stuff. I am looking for a proactive person with a good head on their shoulders - as I like the dynamic of personal assistant . I do not believe that the desire for TPE means that I want a person who give up all of their opinions interests. I want a person with past experiences, opinions, the ability to think.

I am into macro level of control vs micromanagement. I want someone who can manage my calendar vs someone who wants me to make sure they are doing their tasks . That type of follow up is just not one one of my kinks interests. I tend to like people with a geeky or artistic streak. We tend to get each other.

Personal things I have a huge geek streak. I have a whole list of Scifi and odd little interests that keep me happy. There is usually some sort of project going on in my life. I have Celiac disease - which means a strict gluten free- modified paleo diet or I get rashy and ill. If this is an issue move on by. I am allergic to latex, so there will be NO latex around my person. I am well versed in safe sex, sans latex. I provide all dildoes , strap ons etc, as I need to keep myself safe.

BDSM things. I am a realistic top. I have a fluctuating list of interests that change with my moods. I use this as an avenue to be a bit hedonistic and selfish with my wants. I do not like to yell. I feel if I have a yell, there is a dynamic problem. I am more of an impish sadist who will say sweet things while I hurt you.If I am feeling sensual, I will tease and then take you. I feel humiliation is a dance with intimacy .I am a lover of service . If you can make a GOOD pot of tea, I may fall in love. I feel loved when my things are kept tidy. I am a hedonistic recipient of foot rubs and worship.

Ds things. I feel that there is a beauty and elegance in the offering of service and devotion.I believe in a teaching period to set up systems, then I feel it is up to the bottom type person to maintain said systems. I believe it is the bottoms job to protect my things - including themselves. I need a person who has decent communication skills. Without communication it all falls apart.

Sexuality things . I am queer, pansexual ,evolving or however you want to label it. I have had long term relationships with males, females, intersexed ,and MTF transgendered people. I have not been attracted to FTM people historically. I like male bodies to be hard. If I have the urge for soft skin, I prefer someone who has boobies. If you are actively homophobic- we probably will not get along.

I am not interested in being monogamous. I would like someone who supports this and will make breakfast- or at least serve coffee tea. I believe that love and devotion are additive to life. I do not believe in subtractive s of love.

You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You dont try to forget the mistakes, but you dont dwell on it. You dont let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.Johnny Cash

12/7/2023 9:15:46 PM

Another spin around the sun, this makes 54. In my 30's I dreaded this decade. Funny , now that I am here I am happy. Life is good. 

12/9/2017 4:25:17 AM
A quick note on distance : I am not putting in the emotional labor to try to cultivate a distance relationship. In ordered to be considered for play or a relationship you will need to live with 2 hour drive from Atlanta or able to do weekend visits. You must be available to meet for a coffee/ drink in a reasonable amount of time. If you cannot meet my needs for in person time, it will be a friendship only.

A quick note on married men. I am not interested in married men. That dynamic just does not meet my psychological needs. 

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 Age: 34
 London, United Kingdom