Hi all , how goes life? I hope all you have a nice time on here , i will try it .ok , i supose i need a descrption .... well , im a dominat ish girl , seeking to improve into this world . I would love to start interacting with summisives , come on boys and girls , show me what can you offer to me.

11/18/2023 12:02:32 AM

Please , if you want an answer , try to type something interesting , a bit longer than a line and that i can at least supose is not a copy of other women messages. example: hello , meet me on msn XXXXXXX takes me a second to ignore.

11/18/2023 12:01:47 AM

the chat request is something i don´t like , nor the add to friends without a message.!

11/15/2023 7:03:26 AM

Well , let´s give some guide to messages.

Please add details , not silly detail , but your common life details , if you have girlfriend or boyfriend telll it to me , if you have a job , tell me about it, if you live alone , with parents , friends , partner , tell it to me.

If i have no information about you , the reallity is that i don´t feel intersted , so give me detail , i love details.

 Age: 25
 Seoul, Korea